Applied Behaviour Analysis - the Basics
Published May 1, 2016
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    ABA Concepts Explained

    Podcast 1 - Intro: Let's Talk Behaviour

    ABA technical concepts covered in this podcast: automaticity; functional adaptation; operant conditioning; parsimony; pragmatism; S-R-S contingencies; radical behaviourism; interbehavioural contingencies

    Presenters - Bobbi Hoadley, Cathy Knights.

    We have a lot of myths and misconceptions about behaviour.

    The science of behaviour has provided a lot of information and insight over the last 100 years.

    I like to read the science and go out into the real world and see how it applies.

    Applied Behavioural Analysis. Good behavioural science should make good common sense.

    Behaviour is about how we act, interact and react with others, and analysis uncovers the underlying reasons why we do the things we do.

    We can choose to change our own behaviour to make our lives work better for us.

    You are never too old to learn new behaviour.

    New ways to think about and understand our own behaviour.

    Your first mistake is you wait until New Years to make changes!

    All behaviour is:

    1. An adaptation, an interaction with the environment. Actions, Interactions, Reactions. There isn't any such thing as stupid.
    2. Functional, having a reason, a purpose. We're all pragmatists. There is no such thing as dysfunctional behaviour, if it wasn't serving a purpose it would stop.
    3. Automatic, occurring all the time. One of the hardest things our brains do is social interaction. Telling isn't teaching.
    4. Learned and shaped by its consequences, typically within the family system but not always. Fussy eaters have mothers who don't like vegetables! Your learning history and family system consist of more than just your mother. Spontaneity and flexibility exist but patterns in our behaviour are measurable and predictable: and so may be recognized and changed.

    Cathy: we've got a lot to learn ahead of us!


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