Won’t play beyond first few mins
As a previous review noted, 5-6 mins then it starts all over. Disappointed.
Love the podcast but the episodes keep repeating
Repeating opening roughly like 5-6 times and you can’t skip forward, hopefully someone could fix this, i really enjoy listening to this podcast.
Keep restarting
Lately most podcast keep repeating.
Concept great. Execution not so great
Hearing the Justices break down arguments is fantastic. The production of what for the most part should be just uploading a single straight recording is utterly abysmal at times. Looping of certain sections over and over. The missing of entire sides of the argument in others. Going to have to really start seeing if there is pattern/bias because seems to happen to the ones I am particular interested in.
Great idea, love it!
Thanks to whoever came up with this podcast idea! This is easy to listen to/find rather than having to go to the .gov site itself. Thanks again!
Supreme Broadcast
Easiest way to listen to the oral arguments of the Supreme Court. 👍🏼
Arguments skipping
Tried listening to the Becerra argument, and after about two minutes the playback jumped back to the very beginning. I tried skipping ahead back to where I was, and once again, after about two more minutes it skipped right back to the beginning. Please fix.
Granted I’m a nerd...
...but the machinations of these arguments are fascinating
Breyer is ma boii
Unfiltered, organic, raw SCOTUS action. All rise!
So much more entertaining than what passes for news these days. Serious verbal sparring with moments of humor and thought-provoking moral dilemmas.
Hear Notorious RBG for yourself
The best way to hear Ginsberg, Sotomayor and Kagan in all their glory. Did you hear RBG in the Whole Health case last year? Get it girl!
So long as they don’t allow cameras
this is the best way to hear what actually happens in an argument at the Court.
No better way to stay up to date on the Court
Joe Colucci
Even the bankruptcy cases can be fun!
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