A must-hear!!
So interesting and funny! I love the guy’s endless questions and jokes, the other guy’s accent and energy and the gal’s laughter. And of course I appreciate the doctors’ knowledge. A must-hear!!
So interesting!
1-A Denverish
I thought I would only listen to true crime podcasts until I discovered This Won’t Hurt a Bit. It’s official - I’m hooked!
Entertaining listen
I really enjoy this podcast. The set up is perf for the average non-med listener, it has trauma doctors with one of the doc’s husbands so as they explain things, he’s there to ask questions to simplify/clarify through the discussion. Fun group of people, one has a really sexy Aussie accent that’s not too bad on the ears too. Fun and relevant topics if you’re interested in this stuff but don’t want to get bogged down or bored of complicated medical jargon 👍🏽
Great information
This podcast entertains as it provides useful and interesting information. Definitely worth listening to
For the Artist and Scientist Alike
On episode three and I adore it. I was a little doubtful at first, I must admit. I'm a college student studying biology, but I'm also an artist, and this show appeals to both sides of me. I wanted something that would entertain me while I draw, but that wouldn't leave me feeling braindead afterwards. Informative and funny!
One of the best podcasts out there!
I’m a Registered Nurse, and I’ve tried to find a podcast that’s informative, funny, and interesting at the same time. Not only does this podcast improve my knowledge of medicine, but also increases curiosity about different conditions and how they came into being. I hope you guys never stop, and keep the new podcasts coming!
I love anything to do with medicine and I just love your show. Very informative and hilarious!! Wish you guys would do more episodes
the more you know
I am a huge fan of this podcast. I am have gotten a lot out of my time listening. I am looking forward to more episodes.
This is one of the best medical podcasts out there, funny and informative and incredibly entertaining. The cohosts clearly enjoy their work and each other, and share that with the audience. So glad I stumbled on this one! Subscribed about 2 min into the first episode.
Entertaining and informative!
Picture taking momma
Love this podcast! I just ran a half marathon and usually listen to music when I run. I took a chance and listened to “This Won’t Hurt a Bit” instead and it didn’t disappoint! I was smiling, laughing and making grossed out faces as I ran! It made the miles and time fly by! So glad I found this one!
Great show!
I love this show! The hosts are really funny and the medical topics are very interesting. I’ve learned quite a bit of new information just from listening to a few episodes. Shout out to whoever does the sound effects - they’re hilarious!
How did I never find this before?
This is a really fun podcast. Even if you have no medical background you're going to love it. And with a tiny bit of science background you'll love it even more!
Informative and gross (in a good way!)
Really fun podcast about medical stuff without being too technical. I love it and I’m a doctor! I wish these guys were my professors in school!
Entertaining and informative!
I just discovered this podcast, and I’m so happy to be able to catch up on all the episodes. The hosts are wonderful and the content is really interesting. Sometimes it makes me cringe and sometimes it makes me laugh, but it’s always engaging.
Such a fun show!
Into medical stuff or just like stories about real life situations with medical explanations plus humor? Well I do. And I like this show. Please make more!!
thoroughly enjoyable
New Yorker 1983
hoping for many more episodes to come
Love it!
Fun learning and great editing! Also love the hosts and the quality is topnotch. Keep it up!
I love how this show mixes education with comedy. I’m already in the medical field and I appreciate much of the humor. I’ve also learned quite a bit!
The best!!!
Zander 🐶
Very informative and well made
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It is very informative, and talks about interesting topics that you may not learn about elsewhere. They do a good job at explaining everything in a way you can understand while not dumbing it down too much. Their listeners are intelligent people and they treat them as such. Much appreciated. I can't wait for more episodes!
Love it
Need more episodes!
What Sawbone Wish It Were
This won't hurt a bit is a fantastic podcast that discusses topics in health and medicine. The hosts are informative, funny and easy to listen to. I binge-listened to the entire first season and now I am having withdrawal symptoms. I hope it becomes so successful it is on weekly or biweekly. I used to listen to Sawbones but found Justin so irritating with his attempts at humor that I had to stop. Sawbones has interesting topics and I likey Sydney, but I just couldn't do Justin anymore. I missed my medical explanation fix though and now I have found it with the perfect balance of humor and education. PLEASE, PLEASE HURRY with Season Two.
We need more! When are they coming?
Forestboy North
Great information in easily digestible bites. Can't wait for more to arrive.
This is a good introductory podcast for understanding medical information.
Gettin' Tanked
My wife and I binged through the entire first season in about three days. She was medical anthropology major and I myself am a financial analyst and despite our incredibly different educational backgrounds we both got a lot out of the series as well as had a ton of fun listening to them. I highly recommend it. Can't wait for season 2!
This is a great podcast
I started listening to Mel on and wrap and my husband was always interested in and wrap as well because of the entertaining quality of the show. When this came out we started listening to the whole thing together. We love it! There's something in it for both of us. I highly recommend this podcast it's one of my favorites.
This Won't Hurt A Bit
Awesome Podcast, when can we expect more?
Great content with touch of humor
I was shocked with the production value of this podcast from the first episode. The medical content is amazing and the mixing of first-hand experience of two docs with rotating experts is a great combo. Dave rocks too as the "everyman", asking the questions I'd want to ask.
Fantastic Listens
I absolutely love this podcast. It’s educational, entertaining, and I’m addicted.
Most excellent. Engaging, accurate, and helpful.
Love it !
Another winner, these guys are great !
If you are college educated and non medical this podcast will answer every burning medical question you ever had! Even as a fourth year medical student there are some great tid bits to be learnt!
Very well done
Mel and the crew have done a great job of taking the world of emergency medicine to the lay person with this project.
I listen to the emrap podcast in addition to this and I find this won't hurt a bit to be just as entertaining and useful in clinical practice. I have used concepts and explanations from this in patient education. Plus it is a great way to spend the long car rides to and from shifts
I’ve been listening to this podcast since episode 1! Love what you guys have covered so far. I’m currently a 1st year med student and we’ve covered pretty much everything you guys covered thus far! Love the creativity and attempts are different formats & such. Keep it up! Also - CLE pride! :)
Great medical podcast for the general public.
Fantastic. Informative and entertaining.
I love this podcast. I highly recommend downloading it. Always entertaining and informative.
Arjuna's apples
If you enjoy awesomeness, listen. If you invest in awesomeness, thank you. Cheers, S
Entertaining and informative
cherokee flyer
Up to date, useful for medical providers and the lay person also. Don’t miss it.
Awesome, interesting, and informative!
Always funny and interesting
I really enjoy the banter and witty commentary on this show!
Sooooo good!!
This podcast is fantastic! Real docs with real experiences and some wicked senses of humor. So excited to hear more! Keep up the great work!
I am an ER nurse. The medicine is sound. Mel Herbert and crew are SO funny!!!! Well done show! Keep them coming!
Lemme tell you about the best day!
My brother is an ER Doctor and recommended this podcast. I am very particular and really haven’t found anything I loved as much as Stuff You Should Know, but then I listened to this podcast and it was AWESOME!! I am learning real world stuff, entertained the entire time, and laugh a lot. What more could you ask for right? Truly worth listening to. I started yesterday and finished the last one this morning. So good!
Great podcast by great people!
I've listened to the first few and I'm already hooked! I can't wait to see what's in store for the future!
Big Fan!
This is a really engaging podcast. I studied biology in college, but work in tech now. I listen to this on my commutes. Please continue to keep making these! There aren’t many good medical podcasts out there, and you guys nailed it. Looking forward to more content. Love it.
N. R. Dolly
Entertaining, informative, and thrilling! So far This Won't Hurt A Bit has become my new favorite Podcast to listen to. I am a student on my way to Medical School and I currently working as an EMT. Since I have a background and future in medicine and specifically emergency medicine, I find the topics discussed in this podcast awesome. I would suggest this to anyone interested in medicine, emergency medicine, health, or just interested in learning a thing or two about what makes your body the miracle that it is. Keep the podcasts coming. Can't wait to hear what is next!
I like the story part of the show
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