In a sea of bias
Ben is a voice of logic and reason.
Best Analytical mind on the Planet
bar none, except maybe Thomas Sowell (the smartest man in the world)
What a guy
Telling the strait facts about how things are, and the best part is he backs it up with morals and well, common sense. And it’s pretty funny when he does “the jewwwwwwws” saying.
Logical and fair
A one-hour review of current events, analyzed in terms of facts and logics. Not just predictable bash on conservatives like the MSM.
klaven for ben
Empathy much?
Narrow minded and fear based assessment of life. So sad for his inability to empathize with others. But he is a survivor because he and others like him are the only ones that matter. Self-1 Humanity-0
He’s a Legend
Liberal BS
It’s good to know that there are at least some people with a brain left in this beautiful country! This guy is about as straight forward as you can get. He’s smarter than most but he’s actually able to use logic and reasoning which is a trait that is long gone in the media. He calls out stupid on all sides and it’s refreshing. I hope Ben pursues a career in politics though i highly doubt he will. If ratings were based on actual followers and not the evil woke worshippers this podcast would be #1.Thank you Ben!
Comically Slanted
It’s as if conservative private interests wrote a script for misinformation and information pollution to keep things the way they were back when. Oh boy. Not good strong thoughtful conservatism.
Great show
Great show fun to listen to in the background been a fan for years now!
What??? What is this truth you speak of??
Ben is great. Why? 1. Truth 2. Common Sense 3. Truth 4. Logic 5. Truth Keep it up Ben. I pray America wakes ups.
USCG Pilot
Have you been sitting in your house this spring saying “what the hell is going on with this country?” I know I have, educational, honestly the most unbiased challenge to the whole destruction of America from both sides. Makes me feel like Americans who believe and fight for this country aren’t alone. Keep it up
Capt dan
jim nor cal
Heard the replay of gary sinise talking about visiting the soldiers in germany . Riveting talk by gary. Unforgettable.
Great show
Very good show! Thought provoking, interesting, funny impressions. The whole package 📦 👍🏽
Great podcast
Ben calls things exactly how he sees them and he does not shy away from things!
Shapiro 2024!
Adam Saladin
Ben Shapiro is a man who relies on intellect instead of emotion. His talks are a breath of fresh air amongst the suffocating fumes of liberalism.
We’re gonna get to the review
... but first! Nord Boll and Zip Branch Recruiter VPN
The best hope for USA
Kid Hamilton
Ben's perspective is excellent. If we have any chance for a UNITED states, his way of facts with grounded world view is what can bring it back together (although I don't think it is possible)??
Still trash
Fear and hate monger
clay niles
I selected bens show in hopes of hearing good political news. Bens podcast is just another sad one sided unrepeatable bunch of self serving fodder. If your seeking news that is well researched and measured bens show will not fulfill those requirements not even close. My search for quality professional pontification of news continues.......
Ben’s Great
Explains everything very well.
Ben’s the best!
He’s a conservative and he’s right.
Ben is daddy
I love that man
Brilliant, Intelligent, Insightful and Hilarious
There is no greater podcast show host than Ben. Not only is he phenomenally intelligent, captivating to listen to, and absolutely hilarious (his wife’s a doctor, by the way), but his fierce yet focused (and perfectly clear and well-said) takedowns of the left and the despicable culture they breed are breaths of fresh air amidst a world of filth and insanity. Truly a conservative fighter and warrior.
Stop pushing left wing Drudge Report
Reformed Democrat
Try the Bongino Report already!!! ❤️🤍💙 I’ll buy your book when you stop pushing the left wing Drudge Report. I listen to your podcast although your too into establishment GOP vs Trump.
Crushing it
Not sure how Ben doesn’t have 5.0. He’s smart as a whip and funny to boot. Gives the Trump Administration their dues when appropriate and not afraid to be critical when he feels they are wrong. Can’t wait to read his new book.
Lies to his fans/false popularity
B S pays a company to promote is content across multiple sites, but he lies about it and claims organic growth. Total contempt for his fans. Plus his desperation to have a popular minority tell him that America has no race problem is enormous. Pathetic.
I don’t always agree with Ben but I respect him, and hearing him speak about issues I don’t agree with actually gives me space to have an open mind, I appreciate this podcast a lot.
Never paid much attention to politics
I am 43 year old Mexican American or better yet American Mexican because I am American first. I have never completely kept up with politics until now. Watching all the non sense going in America right now made me think “what the hell just happened?” Where did all this non sense come from? As a child I don’t remember being taught that America was evil and racist or at least not to the magnitude and exaggeration that is being portrayed today. Ben Shapiro and other conservative pod cast have opened up my eyes. This dude is sharp and helps explain and make sense of it all.
Teens love Ben
I’m 54 year old mom, have always listened to Limbaugh. Both my daughters 17 and 18 are listening to Ben. First I️ was stunned and so happy my 17 year old shared Ben quotes or memes with me that make her laugh, then I regularly hear my 18 year old listening to Ben’s podcast in her room. God is so good. Confirmation we raised them right
Outstanding podcast!
Talking fast and nasal doesn’t make a person smart. Unimpressive regurgitated right wing spin.
*insert pretentious chords here*
Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace, you You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as one Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as one
The King of Conservative Talk Radio
You won’t find a faster, smarter, funnier commentator on the web! Ben is the best!
Shapiro for President
His ability and knowledge to shut people down is profound. So much respect.
The Truth
It is nice to hear the truth about things like COVID-19, the Race riots, and other politics. The one problem with the podcast is that it sounds like it is at 1.25 speed.
If you don’t agree with at least 80% of what he says you’re dumb
Really good news source, just sad how our nation is destroying ourselves within 😞
A Valuable Resource
10 lbs and falling
It’s funny that people complain about how fast he speaks. As if they cannot change the playback speed or replay the parts they didn’t catch. I like that he has a quick mind. And what comes out of it is an articulate torrent of facts, logic and intelligent perspective. I’m glad he’s processing world events for us and not cloistered away in some expensive law firm office. I’m sure that option was there and it would’ve been a lot safer personally and financially for him.
Ben Shapiro is a symbol of logic and common sense in today’s increasingly stupid world. You’ll feel smarter after every single episode. Of course, many people just claim that he’s telling lies or regurgitating information. They’ve probably never even listened to the show. FACTS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS!!!
The best
The best guy in the game! I listen to three hours of Ben daily! Love the show. Helping to drown out the current bs. Keep doing your thing Ben. You really are my hero. I appreciate the objective opinion.
Too liberal
If I wanted to hear complaining about Trump everyday I would listen to cnn
Smug little brat
I am neutral when it comes to politics, that is because I see so much hypocrisy and unreasonable anger on both sides. There are points I agree and disagree with on both sides. I hear much liberal commentary living outside of Seattle’s, WA.. so I decided to inform myself more on the right wing side of things. Ben Shapiro is a condescending and smug know-it-all and is definitely part of the problem in US politics.
The most consistent show there is
Ben is by far the most thoughtful and consistent political speaker there is. Ben sides with truth and facts. There isn’t a better show to listen to. Ben will not bow down to anything other than God and truth. Please give him a listen.
Best show ever
Best show ever
Omg you talk to fast
Ugh painful...
You like him or you don’t
Don’t agree with everything he says, but listening for the last few years has really helped me learn about the why behind many of the founding philosophies. Clearly an opinionated guy, but doesn’t hide it. A good resource for libertarian/conservative thinking!
I hear his wife is a doctor
He also has a pretty awesome podcast, subscribe and enjoy.
Presidents Trumps Power
Can President Trump really incite power over the states to do anything ? Without invoking federal power ?
Smart and rational
To those who say he’s “un genuine” (LOL) ...totally not the case! He is as genuine as a political speaker can be because has a Jewish person he can speak to what it’s like to face discrimination. He listens to arguments and reasonably responds with facts and rational opposed to pure emotion with no substance like his detractors typically do.
Finally....a real conservative voice
Ben is a breath of fresh air. Calls things as he sees them, on either side. Admits mistakes. Predicts the future. Hero to this Texan.
Thank you !!
Thank you Ben for changing my life .. really it sounds a little silly, however this podcast has made my life better .. if you haven’t yet check this out .. Ben gives a dose of reality where it is sorely needed
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