I hate in my years of listening to podcasts, I only discovered this one after Apple’s recent update & formatting change with categories & how/where they are listed. This is truly one of the best all around podcasts I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to, especially if you love true life human interest stories. With the time it takes & the huge amount of total garbage podcasts you have to sort thru to find these gems, I HATE there are not more seasons & episodes. I am praying that there will be a season 4 & beyond!! With a weekly episode!!! Keep up the great work!!!
An Unorthodox Life
I came across this by accident. I have listened to many podcasts and feel that this is one of the very best. The clarity of the speakers, the music not being intrusive and most of all the subject presented in a caring and non judgmental way. As a Jew I will be in the synagogue in two days for our Yom Kippur. I will think about my family in the coming year-5780-and wish for strength for all those who need it. I will practice tikkun olum and continue to cook for and feed the homeless through my synagogue. My wish is for all those needing a sense of peace, love and kindness to find their way. And may podcasts like this help us to understand each other a little better.
I’m addicted to this podcast
Each story is very different but have a way of locking your attention.
Can't stop listening
This podcast is so so so good! I am so lucky to have found it and am seriously addicted. I think the producers and journalists are so thoughtful and creative. All of the stories are fascintating and I can't stop telling everyone in my life about it.
I love this podcast
I am so glad I came across this podcast. If you like serial, or this American life you will love this one. I only found it a couple days ago and I binged through all 3 seasons. I really hope there is a season 4.
Favorite podcast
Great stories. I need more please.
Head-over-Heels for These Poignant and Thoughtfully-Crafted Stories
This is exquisite, intelligent, touching podcasting!
Sweet, poignant stories
I’m really enjoying these.
I love this podcast! When I listen in the car, I sit in the garage even after I get home because I'm so engrossed. Thoughtful, creative, inspiring. Thanks!
The single greatest thing I have listened to on radio
I am a fan of KQED and learned about the podcast through it. The Leap is truely the single greatest radio program / podcast I have ever listened to. Every episode takes you on a journey into somebody else's life and what struggles or opportunities they face. It provides you a different perspective on your own life, your own struggles and chances, and especially the choices (leaps) you may face to make a difference for yourself or others. I have been listening to every single episode mostly during my commute and I am desperatly awaiting the next season. The Leap is reason enough for me to donate to be a KQED donor.
Really appreciate the thoughtfully crafted stories.
Love it!
One of my favourite podcasts! I always recommend it when people ask me for a new podcast series. Can’t wait for another season!!
Caroline MB Paul
Tight stories that develop character and move the narrative. Impressive. Wish there were more.
Best thing ever!
I can’t recommend this podcast enough, it is literally what gets me out of bed in the morning.
Love this podcast live it Bay Area
Fantastic story telling and it feels like I’m falling more in live with the Bay Area. This has it going on in the Bay Area. My wife hates the other podcast that I listen to but she loves loves this one and my kids enjoy it too . Keep up the great work I’m going to share this w everyone I know .
Captivating and broad ranging storytelling
The leap is engaging and entertaining. It makes my commute fly-by and often keeps me thinking about the stories all day long. Often I can't wait to get back in the car to hear the end! The last installment, "I'm Your Man" was so well produced and completely captivating. Congratulations to the whole KQED team & please keep them coming!
I’m your man
The show is generally great and I never miss an episode. I’d like to specifically mention the new episode, “I’m your man.” It is incredible. The emotion of it tore into my heart. Thanks for telling your story, April.
Wonderful, wonderful.
This is a top notch Podcast for those of us who appreciate really great, super interesting storytelling. I appreciate that I don’t feel led politically in any direction, like I do with other podcasts. It’s simply great storytelling without agendas. Enjoy!
Captivating storytelling
I heard an episode on NPR One and was hooked immediately. I’m working my way through the previous seasons now and every single story is amazing. Love the host, the editing - it’s great!
So glad I found KQED’s ‘The Leap’
I have a long commute, 1 hour on a good day, and podcasts help me stay above grind. I’m so happy to find KQED’s ‘The Leap’. Great story-telling and just the right size. I can hear 2-3 stories and suddenly I’m home. The premise is intriguing and the reporting is excellent. I’m a new fan, playing catch-up on the back episodes. P.S. After reading the other reviews I just gotta say: I LOVE theme song!
Excellent storytelling
These stories can be sad, sweet, bizarre disturbing, triumphant, and always worth the listen. What a great podcast. Thank you.
Already addicted. Definitely my new favorite show.
chauncey platypus
Solid podcast!
I love it
Awsome podcast. Love it
Love The Leap!
Long-time Hoopla user
I am fascinated by The Leap’s story choices...varied, touching, interesting and so well done. Only complaint: theme song at the end. I wanted to like it...but I end up muting it every time. Keep up the great work!
Love the podcast, hate the music at the end
Nilu r.
I love the stories and the story telling. Absolutely fantastic But that song at the end of each episode is just tough hahahahaha
Love this Podcast!
Love these stories about character, life and change. I've been listening (to most) with my fourth grade daughter and she can also relate. Please keep making!
Proud neighbor
Another amazing story from the amazing Judy Campbell. Check out The Leap. It may change YOUR life.
Great to have it back.
JC from Tokyo
S3E1 is outsanding, heartrending.
One of my favorite podcasts
Amy and Judy are great story tellers. I’m looking forward to more of The Leap!
Great Podcast!
Relatively short stories that range from personal to historical - always engaging, always compelling. Great listening!
Hidden Gem - High Caliber Production
Excellent stories and storytelling. Captivating in that way only audio can be. I enjoyed the top notch production quality, which is so rare these days. This show should top the charts, it’s just missing the exposure. Please rate and comment so that others can find it and enjoy.
amazing story tellers with a fresh perspective!
Into it!
Tuning in right now
I just subscribed and thoroughly enjoy! Moving storytelling
Leaping Lizards!
A wonderful show that touches the soul and mind.
Get lost in this podcast
I started listening to this podcast skeptically but have been drawn into every episode and now can’t wait for more. Great storytelling
Love this podcast
I've loved every episode. This is my favorite podcast since the first season of Serial. One idea - I'd love to hear the theme song reinterpreted each season as done on the Wire. Would also love to see you catch up again with some of your subjects. Thanks for such a great podcast!
An Unorthodox Podcast
I really appreciated S2E5: A Unorthodox Life. Henry Kupferstein's story was both tragic and uplifting - and really interesting. Keep up the good work!
Top notch
A hidden gem in the podcast world. None of the gimmickry or coy faux-authenticty you hear on some other shows. Just great stories well told. Actually, the style is most reminiscent of feature articles in the New Yorker!
Fascinating stories
The Leap presents stories about "ordinary" people who have led extraordinary lives. Not all storybook happy endings, but truly fascinating. Each story grabs my curiosity and often teaches me something about life.
Wonderful listen
Lizzie Nolan
A thoughtful and delightful narrative journalism!
Real, honest and captivating
This is wonderful show. It has made me laugh and cry. It's so honest and raw. I love that it feels like I'm watching a movie as I listen.
I love people and have always been captivated by hearing people tell their life stories. The Leap does an amazing job of sharing fascinating/inspiring/moving life stories.
Entertaining and Intriguing
I've just started listening to this show, but each of the episodes so far have been eye-opening and interesting.
Rockridge mom
progressive politics girl
Great storytelling! Love this podcast!
1st-time Listener
Podcasj Junkie
The NPR One app suggested The Leap podcast. I am glad I clicked "Listen Now".
Great listen
I listened to one episode and subscribed. It was heartfelt, informative and down to earth.
Very interesting
The stories are great and the interviews are engaging.
It pulls you in!
The Leap is such an amazing podcast. I am so happy that The Leap got a second season. The stories are personal, honest, and wonderfully produced. Keep up the great work!!
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