This is pretty comprehensive. Yeah are there mistakes and mispronunciations? You can find that with any podcast, YT video, etc... For most of us bio majors, play these videos at 1.5 while you commute and should be totally sufficient for the organ sections of the MCAT. The rest will just come with practice. Even Khan Academy video series doesn’t cover absolutely everything. The point of these video series are a review and to give you enough foundational knowledge to work through problems. Thanks for this video series. It was extremely helpful and saved me a lot of extraneous study time. P.S. don’t change what you’re doing!
Very helpful resource
Liz Colechio
I listened to this podcast while I ran/worked out; it got me a great score on the TEAS (yes, I was overprepared, but that's not really a bad thing) and helped me a lot with my anatomy & physiology class as well. I can be overly detail-oriented when I study, so for me it was very helpful to be able to review the main ideas and concepts while I was out and about!
Consider editing hurtful content out
Realize I’m late to the game but I was shocked to hear the same comments that other reviewers have mentioned (butt-hurt, tr**ny) in the middle of a podcast that’s supposed to be educating future medical professionals...? I can forgive the mispronunciations, but those comments were so unnecessary to the content of the podcast, and even if they were said off the cuff while recording they could (and still should) be removed during post production. These terms are hurtful!
If your a politically correct shrew then go pay for a course
Guy keeps it simple and light. He may not pronounce every word correctly but let keep in mind that this is free so chill out.
Very useful but dude can’t pronounce anything
See above
Appalled at the reviews
It’s a free review that this guy initially made just for himself. People need to stop complaining and be grateful he’s offering these podcasts for free! It gives everyone something to go on. Thanks Van! I’m just starting my MCAT journey and have listened to three already. It seems to be a great review. Obviously don’t just rely on just THIS (who relies on just one source anyway?), but it’s getting my memory jogging again. Oh.. and I’m a biochemist with a PhD & approving of the content as a review. So these people saying “future med school student” and blah blah bashing him for mispronunciations can shove it. I STILL mispronounce words myself after years of experience. It happens. It’s difficult material and literally a second language.
Not very thourough
Doesn’t seem like he knows the material. Reads the Kaplan bio book verbatim with zero outside association. Doesn’t seem like he would be a good example for MCAT prep.
Just Kaplan
This is just some guy (who can’t pronounce anything correctly) reading his poorly written notes from the Kaplan test prep books. I guess it’s better than nothing. But not the most useful resource
All the reviews are true to form. Monotones, mispronouncing words, frequently won't understand all concepts, a little all over the place, crass jokes. "Don't get butt hurt" and "this is how trannies are made." Those quotes were enough red flags to just stop listening all together.
Good, but....
I think it is a great way to refresh concepts you have learned, since it follows the same format as the Kaplan books. HOWEVER, since he is looking at his own notes there are small concepts that he is incorrect about, for example in the nervous system he says that the brain and spinal cord are bother grey matter on outside, white matter inside. The brain has grey matter on the outside, with white matter inside, while the spinal cord is the opposite. Small facts like this do make all the difference when studying for the MCAT, and so I do think he is still a useful guide for certain chapters like the digestive system where everything is 100% accurate. I simply think that one should only use these podcasts when you already know what you've studied, so that you know if something he says is incorrect and can ignore it. ONLY USE THIS AS A REFRESHER, AND USE YOUR DISCRETION IN DETERMINING WHICH ONES ARE BEST TO LISTEN TO!
Ok content, sprinkled with transphobia
"That's how trannies are made [chuckle]." - future medical student, podcast host. I powered through multiple mispronunciations/over generalizations here and there, but couldn't get past this incredibly offensive remark. I hope the host understands the MCAT is a measurement of a person's ability to parse complex mechanisms, including how institutional discrimination like transphobia permeates our healthcare system. I'm leaving this here so people know what they're getting. If you decide to opt out of this podcast, I highly recommend the Khan Academy videos which are far more comprehensive and also free.
Youre reading exactly from the kaplan text book? Are you allowed to make money from this?
Bad but also…bad
gladys borg
I was listening to these during my job to pass the time but it got to the point where they weren’t even helpful or enjoyable anymore because the (countless) mispronunciations were too distracting. Endometrium pronounced with “met” like the New York Mets?? Come on dude. Very basic female biology, how have you never heard the word endometrium? Coming from a woman, you sound uh, clueless. In any case, how hard is it to look up pronunciation of words straight from a 101 level course? Why even bother producing the podcast if you aren’t going to do a halfway decent job? The last straw was when in episode II of the endocrine system, during a discussion of sex hormones, Van graced his audience with a slur used against transgender people for no reason other than just to be stupid, I guess? It wasn’t even a complete joke, just a weird aside where he says Tr***y? The podcast is supposed to be used for educational purposes so I’m not really sure what he was thinking there. It was really weird and off putting. Definitely will not be listening anymore. Anyways, poorly produced with a side of ignorant frat boy pseudo-humor! Bad!
these were awesome! i went from a 20th percentile to - just got my score back - 80th percentile. not the only thing i did differently but listened to these the most and they helped a ton. way better than anything else on itunes. solid concepts and format, highly reccomend!
use to be wayne fan.
Love these. Listen to them while driving and working out. These help me stay doubly productive throughout my day. I want the other sections to come out soon!!!
:D Randomness!
Ok, so he does mispronounce most words...but I don't think that's important. What's important is the material. His material is pretty accurate and helps embed the information to your mind. He helped me greatly improve my bio score on the MCAT. Of course, I also used him in conjunction with some other materials; however, sometimes you just need someone on repeat to keep pounding that information into your head. I really like his explanations too.great work vanfidel!!
It's okay
It is evident that the person is reading right out of the Kaplan book set for the MCAT. It's nice to listen to the information after reading it but there is no further explaination of the concepts. It is word for word from the book.
Not a great review resource
Lots of misinformation and mispronunciations. Very monotonous and does not understand underlying concepts needed to connect one idea to another
Great podcast on the go
I'm actually using this to study for my DAT exam since a lot of the same topics are covered. Wish he would cover the Reproductive System! Hopefully he can do this soon!
Download now! :)
Thorough and really helped me through my anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology class. Along with also my MCAT.
Just what I was looking for!
I love these podcasts! They have been helping me study for the MCAT even when I have to travel for work. Looking forward to the next release!
Thank you! This is great! When do you think the other section reviews will be uploaded?
Thank you!!!!
This is the most useful podcast I have ever encountered! Are your other subjects uploaded too? If so where could we find them? Thanks for sharing 😊
Gr8 Resource!!
Kruz Oliver
Very thorough, accurate, and helpful. I listen to this while I work out, on my way to work, and whenever I've got some downtime. Very knowledgeable, and builds my confidence daily!! Thanks Kruz
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