Love it!!!
Absolutely LOVE this podcast!! Emily is so genuine and down to earth. She’s funny, transparent and relatable. I love listening to her shows. And I love how she prays for us at the end. She’s a BLESSING!!
Funny & Real
I have never laughed so hard during a podcast than I have during some episodes of Mom Struggling Well. It meets me where I'm at and points me to Christ in the midst of the mess and helps me feel less alone! I love it. Thanks Emily!
Tiffany York | Photographer
Emily... You are my new best friend (in my head). I’m enjoying binging on your Podcast, as I just discovered it. You are hilarious. Your sister is hilarious. I’m here for all of it. Thank you for all the work you put into this show. xo, your bff
Heartfelt and hilarious
This podcast is so comfortable that I forget that I am just listening on the radio. The lessons are often applicable, sometimes life changing, and always real.
My favorite podcast!
valerie vreeke
I love how much this podcast makes me laugh but also how great Emily is at addressing some really difficult topics and pointing it all back to Christ!
My Favorite Podcast!
I love this podcast & Emily so much! She is so relatable and her guests are so inspiring for me as a stay at home mom of 3 little ones. She also tackles hard subjects with love and grace and even laughter! This is my absolute favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to! Thank you Emily ❤️✝️
MUST for Mondays!
Emily is the highlight of my Monday morning routine. She always has an uplifting and encouraging message. Thank you Emily... you make a HUGE difference!!!!
Rebekah Lyons
Sadly I can relate to the panic. The best podcast yet for Mom’s like me. All of the podcast are awesome!! Thank you Emily!!
So Real & Raw!
The first episode I listened to started in the most real way! I love this authenticity and appreciate Emily's take on motherhood.
Love This!
I look forward to this podcast every week! I laugh, I cry, I laugh some more. I can’t say how thankful I am for all of the tidbits I receive from listening. God bless!
Feeling Connected
After I had my son I moved to a different state, I felt isolated because although I was blessed to work from home, I was in a new state away from my home church without friends and not leaving the house with a new born was tough. This podcast helped me have the tools to not feel isolated as well as giving me some connection to the outside world, and keeping me focused on God. It's so encouraging to know there are other Moms out there struggling well. ❤️
Seriously amazing
I love this podcast! Seriously so funny, so helpful, so much community, so much feels! ❤️
Struggling Sisters are the best
Ladies, I love your conversations. I love your humour and honesty. I'm so tired of all the bragging and bolsting on social media. At a time when we all feel so isolated, you are a safe place to gather, get real, and take our masks off.
I love the light-hearted yet deep conversations here, thank you for managing both ends of important conversations.
Exactly what I need in my life
I love this podcast. It’s funny, it’s practical, real life. Thanks for what you do!
So good!
A Feeser
I laugh every time I listen to this podcast, but when Emily prays for us at the end of each podcast, I love it so much. It is so special and I always get something out of it! Definitely in my top 3 podcasts...
Genuine, vulnerable and encouraging!
This podcast is gold! Week by week, I am never disappointed! It is so refreshing to hear the regular struggles and ways we all get through it! I listen on my commute to work and feel like I have had coffee with a friend and my soul is happier for it!
Fun, Inspiring Listen!
Found your podcast a few weeks ago & have been binging on all the episodes. Full of wisdom, ideas, and soooooo funny! I usually listen while I’m pushing the jogger with earbuds- but am laughing OUT LOUD the entire time! Much love from Switzerland 💕
Hey Rebecky! And Emily
I’m gonna need you to get over yourself! Bring the song back! I looked forward to it each month. You can press forward if it bothers you! I’m clearly NOT struggling well with this change imposed on me. 😉 Aside from that, you two are my favorite! Diva Cups and all!
Encouraging and helpful
Emily is a great interviewer and provides actual encouragement on how to struggle well with all things life and parenting. Love it.
So real
courtney s-p
Emily is so real! She asks great questions to her guests, connects wonderfully with Moms, and feels like a friend to all!
So encouraging!!! Emily is so real with the challenges of life. Thanks
I listen to this podcast on the way to work and I love how Emily is so down to earth and she just makes you feel like you’re sitting down having a conversation with her and the guests. I especially love the sister episodes, so funny! Thank you for making this postcast, I definitely am not running away from home. 😉☺️
Confessions of a Binge Listener
I am completely hooked!! Every time I listen, I feel like I've been right there in the room with Emily and whoever her guest is! Such authenticity and genuine joy! While the rest of the world is binge watching TV shows, I have become a Struggle Well Project binge listener. Thank you so much!!
For all the moms!
Señora o
We are ALL struggling, because being a mom is HARD! Emily encourages me to struggle well and not be grumpy 😊. She is very real and relatable. I look forward to all her shows.
So real!
I have fallen in love with this podcast over the last couple of months and cannot stop listening to it! I love how Emily allows moms to talk openly about the areas that they are just struggling to deal with life in! I was a person who was sure that motherhood would fulfill everything I ever needed in my life and when I became a mom as much as I loved my child I found out motherhood was A LOT different than what I expected and I really don’t love it. But I have also discovered that ITS OK! And I’m honestly grateful for feeling like I finally belong somewhere! Thanks Emily!!
Great Podcast
I love how the episodes are grouped around a monthly theme in 2019! Emily is funny and down to earth. I always finish feeling encouraged.
The best!
Episode 170 absolutely had me laughing so hard! It was the first Problem Solved I listened to and I can’t wait to hear more. I live the SWP and how it is so real!
Love it, with just a few critiques
I think Emily offers up a unique voice in the Christian podcast world. She's funny, honest, and a great interviewer. Hands down, the Problem Solved and Struggling Sister episodes are my favorite. This is not a scripture or teaching centered podcast, but it is good fun and honest conversation. Critiques: Like many Christian woman podcasts, this one is saturated with enneagram. Hardly an episode goes by that it doesn't come up. Also, I really, REALLY dislike the spacing of the ads. There are TOO MANY breaks in the flow for them. Please, Emily, if you read this, start grouping your ads together into longer, less frequent chunks.
My favorite podcast!
100% my favorite podcast. There is something to pull from every episode ❤️
Best pod evah
I am so grateful for Emily, for the love and energy she pours into this podcast and community. Every week I am eager to listen and always blessed by what I hear. A favorite part of the show is when Emily prays at the end. The prayers are genuine and simple and have taught me a lot about how to pray. SWP and Struggling Sisters are my favorite pods!! And now I can’t stop calling podcasts pods.
Real and approachable
I love The Struggle Well Project for it’s real and approachable content. Emily has an interview style that brings out vulnerability with a splash of humor to make her content relatable to women of God who don’t always have it all together but are seeking growth in the Lord and as a wife, mom, friend, sister, and woman! My favorite are her Problem Solved episodes with Rebecca. Great podcast and highly recommend to those who struggle but want to grow and be encouraged.
Merry Christmas!
For Christmas, I’m gifting all my favorite podcasts a 5 star review! Thank you for having a great podcast and keeping me company all year! Keep up the good work! 💛
The highlight of my Mondays
There comes a point every Monday morning when I'm moving slowly, starting the day's chores and trying to get into the rhythm of a new week - and then I realize, "there's a new Struggle Well Project podcast today!" and it lifts my spirits. This podcast is encouraging, funny, and challenges me to grow as a mom and Christ-follower. Love it so much!
My favorite place to recharge. All the needs.
Trista Kerber
Being a mom, wife, woman or just human is just not the most spectacular ideal place we wish it was sometimes. Em has created the perfect safe zone to listen in on all of the ponders I’ve got no one else to converse with about them. She also brings great tidbits from guests like helpful books, resources or encouraging music to keep me going when I just don't feel like my struggling is being done well haha.
Great for SAHM
I am a Stay At Home Momma to a toddler and baby so our days are busy but somewhat isolating. I have loved listening to this podcast for the laughter, learning, and mostly the connectedness. Emily is authentic and a breath of fresh air!
Wonderful podcast!
Wow, what wonderful timing for me to stumble upon this podcast. I feel like I’ve really been struggling with being a mom lately and just living with purpose, and it’s so wonderful to know I’m not the only one! Along with the spiritual encouragement, this podcast is such an uplifted. I’m going to be binge-listening to this for a while!
An all time favorite
Amy Lynn T.
I listen to Emily on my drive to and from work nearly every time! I love her witty humor mixed with her love for the Lord! I’m always encouraged, and often re-listen to my favorite episodes! Emily is a gem, and I highly suggest her podcast!
My favorite podcast!!
Love love love listening to this podcast!! I absolutely look forward to the “problem solved” episode each month! Would love to hear more of those! Thanks for opening my ears and eyes to so many things! I also enjoy the lightening round! Continue the good work!!
This podcast is a light in the darkness!
I happened upon this podcast as it debuted a few years ago when my son was first diagnosed with autism and we began driving him to a special needs school an hour and a half away. Now that he is in public school, our long drives are over but I still tune in every week for this sweet encouragement. Thank you, Emily Thomas, for putting your heart into this blessing and for being a beacon of light when I was wading through the darkness.
Thank you!
Emily, Thank you so, so much for what you do! The daily nap time battle (do I sleep or do I clean) is a little easier on Mondays because I know I can listen while I clean!
One of my favorites
Guernsey T
I LOVE Emily’s interviews and have been so shaped and formed by her podcast over the years. I love how funny she is and her questions bring some great lessons from her guests.
Raising Readers
Holly Willis
Loved this episode and the encouragement in it!
Favorite Podcast
I love this podcast. Emily's humor keeps me laughing. Problem solved episodes are hilarious.
Great show—lousy sponsor Daily Harvest
Jessica from NC
5 stars for you and the show no stars for Daily Harvest! Since I enjoy your show so so much I try to do what I can to support your sponsors and use the codes you provide in hopes this will trickle over to you. I thought I would give daily harvest a try. Long story short one of the flavors I selected (lemon matcha) Was repulsive! As a working mom with Littles I had taken the smoothie as my breakfast on a work day and essentially ended up with no breakfast! I couldn’t stomach the drink. It bothered me so much I took the time to reach out to daily harvest customer service just asking if they might replace the two smoothies(Because I still had another one of this flavor in my refrigerator)—I didn’t think that was too much to ask seeing as though it had put a real damper on my work morning and left me without breakfast?! They essentially said to bad so sad and that there was nothing that they were willing to do. Wow really!? I found that pretty disappointing. I wanted to pass along my bad experience because I think they deserve to be reconsidered as a sponsor. I certainly will not give them any other business and I’ve been trying to spread the word on how lousy they handled a simple customer service request. It bothered me enough to reach out to them and your show.
What a refreshing podcast
Hudsons mama
I LOVE this podcast. I cannot wait to listen to it the second it releases. Emily is so genuine + truly loves using this podcast to enrich the listeners lives while bringing glory to God. Download it + listen to it now!
Worthwhile and Life-giving
I was looking for podcasts recently to listen to on my drive to work. This was one of the many recommended to me, and this was the one I landed on after checking out a number of others. It’s the one I can’t go by a week without listening to. I don’t wanna miss any episodes. The topics and conversations on this podcast are so real and deep and genuine and life-giving and Christ-centered. They always point me to Jesus; the best place to be! I also absolutely LOVE when Emily prays at the end of a podcast. More than once, I’ve gone back and listened to the prayer again because the words she prays are just so lovely and timely and just what I needed to hear at the time. This podcast ministers to my heart and spirit in such beautiful ways! And I know it can do the same for you too. Oh also, Emily is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! And it seems to come so naturally to her. Such an uplifting podcast that I would 200% recommend to anyone looking for a worthwhile, uplifting, applicable-to-daily-life and faith-filled podcast. And one more thing: I LOVE the motto of struggling well. Since that’s exactly what we’re all doing in this life, and how we’re reminded it’s okay to embrace that. And also how she asks at the end how the listeners are going to “struggle well” that week, and she always has great ideas!
Love listening to Emily’s authenticity
Emily is so real and down to earth. I love listening to her Chad with guests each week whether I am in the car or on a run. Thank you for the weekly doses of encouragement! I need it.
On the hardest days as a new mom I am so encouraged by this podcast. To know I’m not alone in struggling and the have the help pull me back in is just what I need. My motto has become that I’m just trying to struggle well.
Love this more with every listen!
I don’t know how I found SWP... but THIS is such a sweet gift. I liked the first few episodes I heard and then decided to listen to more ((thx to those recaps))... and then the more I heard the MORE I loved. There aren’t words to explain the blessing this is to me. If only I could go back and give it to new-mom me about 13 years ago! Thanks and keep up the refreshingly authentic work!
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