Best Satirist Of the Multiverse!
Andrew Klavan is an underrated satirist, I found him through Steven Crowder and he has me laughing trying to grasp for air with all of his monologues. I’m glad that Crowder interviewed him and I found someone to listen to on my drives on the way home from school/work. No one should miss cable television after listening or watching to Andrew Klavan for at least a week!
What a way to spend some time!
Mary T. from NH
The Andrew Klavan program is terrific. He is insightful and witty. His topics are informative, well researched and always current. It is a great listen!
Great perspective
Enjoy hearing your perspective on issues. Even if you don’t agree with something, you don’t whine about it. Keep up the great work!
My Favorite Podcast Period
Robert Henry Holtz
Andrew Klavan's podcast is always entertaining, but at the same time very enlightening. He is the kind of fun, well spoken, and intellectual conservative you don't get on network news programs. Often he is positive and upbeat, now imagine that, laughing and feeling good at the end of a conservative podcast! Subscribe to this podcast and you won't be able to stop listening. Interesting ideas about truth, Christianity, art, and culture. Klavan's stuff he likes ends every podcast and the recommendations have been great! Simply the best, better than all the rest!!!
Lalalalala! *Boom*
Always makes me smile. Klavan’s a savage.
Andrew has me laughing with his satire and informs us daily how to spell Klavan... What else do you need?!! Ben may be your entry drug, but Klavan will be your drug of choice.
My job blows
I love the show. A great pick me up after listening to Ben.
First time listener!
Today I listened to Andrew for the first time. I’ll listen tomorrow. Andrew you’re now on my daily list of podcasts! Thanks for the show.
Andrew- I truly appreciate your perspectives, obvious compassion for others & your ability to be objective, humorous and dignified. I am a moderate & feel like reason and critical thinking have been nearing lost in our online click-bate society. Thank You for being a lone voice in a crazy world.
Better than Lamestream Media for honest news
Andrew has become a must listen because he does a much better Job than Lamestream Media for honest news. And his humor & wit are just delightful
Beats lame jokes TO DEATH
Ralph and Martha Wright
Overall, the show is smart, and the opening monologue is usually hilarious. BUT....,. The recording of little girl screaming when he mentions the mailbag was only cute the first 3,000 was the “how to spell Klavan” bit. It’s the name of the show, I think we can figure it out.
Better than Ben because you like yourself, your country and God and humankind more after listening
I actually like Schapiro and think he’s somewhat interesting at times, but Klavan is just another level and he is hilarious and has great insight. Ben seems over emphasized and is my least favorite on the Daily Wire. Klavan and some of the others are just more mature & with that more genuinely secure in their views and as human beings. Some others annoy me with how apologetic they are and how much they defend against anyone misunderstanding them or anyone saying something bad about them for what they said l. They seem to obsessed with others liking them or being “fair” or correctly “understood” to the point of being boring, predictable and repetitive. As soon as Ben starts to go into his rants about how he’s not a racist or he sees both sides or he isn’t a trump sycophant or how he has been a victim of white supremacists and pays a million dollars to protect himself from the Jew haters I have to keep hitting the fast forward 30seconds about 3-5 times to get past them frequently in every show. I’d rather hear the commercials. Klavan is so refreshing that often he doesn’t even talk about the same boring stuff every other news outlet left or right is obsessed with covering. He rises above the fray of the crap others argue about. He sees through the lies and crap everyone is debating and shares viewpoints that reflect a grasp of the bigger picture and has insights on the more important top level issues while others are lost in the weeds or debate about some stupid fake issue of the day. They spend weeks talking about stuff that no one cares about or remembers a year later and he has insights that help you be a better person or have greater clarity no matter what the micro issue was last year. He will answer a listener about how to not be in faithful with truth about being a guy even if it’s offensive to the Left. He’s truthful and doesn’t care if he’s going to be attacked for it and some people don’t like him, but he still cares for all people even if they hate him and shows humility. Most news leaves you frustrated and depressed hating half the country. I feel like feel like a better happier person who still Loved those I disagree with after listening. Thanks Klavan
Educating the youth of America
Love love love Andrew Klavan. The most insightful commentary. Oh and he’s so funny without being a know it all jerk. Amazing.
Brilliant and informative!
Andrew is very well spoken! He enlightens whilst he entertains
Unique Insight
I really love his unique views. I don’t always agree with him but I know where he stands and why. Be careful though, you might just have your life changed, hopefully for the better.
Moderate Views
Steven book nerd
Not a blind right wing mouthpiece. Intelligent man that clearly states facts and thought out stances.
citizen if Texas
As a Ben Shapiro fan I heard Andrew Klavan on his Sunday show. He is witty and insightful. If you want a different take from a guy with a Hugh brain check it out
OMG - not a millennial OMG - a real OMG
SLO John
I am so glad I discovered this podcast. I listen to several folks such as Shapiro, Owens, and Adams as well as others. Andrew has the levity and sense of optimism that I sometimes need. Covers a lot of the same ground so it’s not a different perspective. Rather is it different tone and tenor. Sometimes I need Ben or Candice or Scott. And then there are other times when Andrew is the perfect
Best no BS political commentator!
I love how you just come straight out with how you see things. He does not worry about hurting your feelings. If you do disagree with him on a subject, then you will still understand where he is coming from.
We are not a democracy
I think you’re so smart and have been listening to you for quite some time, but please stop calling the USA a democracy. As I’m sure you are well aware, we are a constitutional republic. Thank you.
Came for Ben, Stayed for Klavan
Hilarious and pointed, Klavan is a one-of-a-kind voice in current events commentary.
Great stuff
Andrew Klavan is thoughtful and he is often laugh-out-loud funny. In my opinion, he is doing things with this podcast four-days-a-week that have never been done before. Just the several-minute satirical openings ... could be compiled as a real-time audio-journal of Our Times. Insightful. Concise. Irreverent. Informative.
Reagan Excuses
I’ve been a huge fan for years, but the defense of Reagan calling Africans “monkeys” is too much. Klavan will defend the God of Conservatism by saying that the economy was good, unemployment was low, etc. It’s frankly disgusting, and I can’t believe that I’m listening to the Klavan I grew to love three years ago. If anyone else said this, it would be a travesty and an abhorrent example of hypocrisy and racism, but because it’s Reagan, it’s ok? Not ok, Andrew. I’ve read your books, listened to your show for years, but this is a bridge too far. This is a terrible Christian response considering your wonderful story in The Great Good Thing. Update: Klavan becomes ever more sycophantic to Trump as 2020 nears. You used to be thoughtful. What happened?
Ayn Rand Comments
Brandon_ 2454
After hearing your comments on Ayn Rand I am unsubscribing from your channel. To say that capitalism is the greatest system but that it should be reigned in by altruism is a bridge too far. I assume your view is that a little socialism never hurt anyone.
The best
Love Andrew! First podcast I listed to each day.
Calm, Sensible Logic
Judy Capudy
Love listening to you. You have a soft voice & you don’t talk so fast that I can’t absorb your words or your point. Thank you for your Podcast, I listen to you every evening and it calms my mind & thoughts to know there is sanity in this strange world. Thank you ✨🇺🇸✨
Love this podcast!
I heard about this podcast from a story Red Pilled America did on Andrew Klavan! I am so glad I did. I can’t wait for the next episode.
Elan Hi
Love your sense of humor and stories!!! Absolutely the best
Theeee Best
Well, the best right behind the Dan Bongino Show and the Michael Knowels Show. (I do rank him in front of Ben Shapiro tho). I don’t know how AK does it with these clever witty opening monologues. The shows are very informative and factual leaving you wanting more and hoping you can remember the main points. Definitely give it a listen, I think you’ll enjoy it.
The champion of the multiverse makes politics fun!
The opening satire brilliantly lampoons the left without feeling like bullying. Andrew has a lot of fun breaking down the news of the day, and more importantly, WHY events matter culturally and spiritually (without alienating any non-Christian viewers). He offers difficult truths, honest opinion, and keeps the lighthearted so it’s always digestible. I just wish he’d discuss how to spell his last name.
This one shines
Andrew Klavan is pretty much pure genius all the time and in this podcast he takes on ideas about equality, Ayn Rand, and when Hollywood turned left with bold, clear, and sparkling insight that screams “this is it!”. More, please.
I cannot access your shows anymore
I used to listen to your shows all the time, but it becomes "Unable to listen" recently. Not sure the reason. I tried both home wi-fi, public wi-fi and also thru Verizon. It just kept clocking then gave me that message.
Great podcast-laughed out loud
Best line ‘Gidget goes to Congress’ about AOC! Entire podcast tonight is insightful.
I can’t get your shows to play.
Dr. Nathan M Young
I would like to hear your show. But in my apple podcast none of your shows will play. What’s up with that?
Drew helps us
Not only do we learn about the meaning behind current events but we also learn to spell Klavan . . . Again, again, again and again.
Five stars!
DarkGhost 01
I love all the Daily wire podcasts, this is my second favourite after Knowles. A few things that Drew says I do disagree with, primarily that being a homosexual isn’t a sin, he hasn’t said it explicitly but he has alluded to it. However he’s still very conservative and his monologues are hilarious.
Andrew is hilarious!
Knowles is right more often yet listen daily to Klavan’s show for his conservative wisdom and perspective. Wonderful person and show!!
Don't let the Leftists Get You Down
One of the funniest and best podcasts available today. From the hilarious opening monologue (which occasionally cracks up the writer), to the great interviews with interesting and knowledgeable people, to the final What I Like (athough it isn't called that much any more) - this will give you a great view of the latest #Leftist insanity, without vulgarity or cliche. Highly recommended
Very philosophical
Gotta love Drew Kleeveene.
So much better than Ben Shapiro
Andrew Klavan covers similar topics as Ben Shapiro but without the Trump derangement undercurrent. He often connects historical references to daily subjects and plays back actual audio recordings instead of interpreting and rehashing what someone says.
Andrew is double minded like most hypocritical Christians
You can’t be a Christian and tolerate homosexuality. Your words are so powerful and I know it can help all sinners with all sin. #ToleranceEqualsAcceptance EVERYTHING is taken over by leftists and disguised as love and tolerance. Is still wrong in Gods eyes and breaks His heart.
He looks like Voldemort
He may look like Voldemort, but he hosts a good podcast.
Supreme Lord of the Multiverse
Andrew Kleven is the best!
Excellent Podcast
Love the work of Andrew and his critical thinking of politics. Keep up the good work!
Wait... how do you spell Klavan?
Hilarious Takes on Today’s Politics
Klavan (no E’s) puts an interesting and hilarious twist on politics and the issues we are looking at today. I love the Daily Wire guys.
6 stars
ernest goins
The boys love the show
Try Hard
Tang Zhu
Tried too hard to be like Ben Shapiro. Embarrassing!!!
Your comments on our presidents words
You seem to make comments about President Trumps words in his tweets yet you don’t justify them by the words of our activist media and never trumper’s and demonrats and what they say about him or us patriots. I would like to see what you would say and respond to the 24/7 negative cover that he gets Day in and day out, I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it for a week let alone almost 4 years, this man is fighting for all of us and gave up his life to do so, he already has so many people against him, he doesn’t need his supporters agreeing with the enemy and that’s what you do every Time you call him out. I don’t care what he tweets and I hope he does it more because the truth is not being told and when he tweets the world gets informed, why do you think he says what he does? So the mean stream media is forced to talk about it. I would say that’s a genius if you ask me.
Donatello jones
The most uneducated feeling filled podcast on the internet. Klavan repeats the same thing over and over and states unsupported thesis.
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