251 One Finger's Interesting, Two Fingers Too Much (w/ Comics Steve Furey and Frank Castillo)
Published October 31, 2019
52 min
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    Steve Furey (E!'s #DatingNoFilter) and Frank Castillo (Champion of Comedy Central's Roast Battle) are two buddies and Comedy Store regulars. Steve shares about blacking out during a threesome. Frank explains how he discovered that one finger in the butt is interesting, two fingers is too much. We discuss how to use comedy to meet strangers, what it feels like to date out of our league, and adult fist fights on a school playground.

    Want more Frank and Steve? Check out the bonus episode where Frank and my mom roast Steve's and my dating profiles: Patreon.com/SexTalkWithMyMom. Make sure to follow them on Instagram @ScubaSteveFurey and @FrankCastillo, and on Twitter @SteveFurey and @FrankCComedy.

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