222 F*ck Like A Feral Cat (Feat. Private Parts Unknown)
Published July 4, 2019
57 min
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    What is your spirit sex animal? Comedian Courtney Kocak identifies her podcast co-host Sofiya Alexandra as a feral cat. These two hilarious women write for Amazon's Emmy award-winning Danger and Eggs and host the groundbreaking travel-sex podcast, Private Parts Unknown. In this episode, we chat about how they broke their bad break-up habits, where and how they prefer to get their freak on, and why they're interviewing men who talk about their abortions. We laugh A LOT and discover that KarenLee has a COLLECTION of butt plugs.

    Want to hear about Sofiya and Courtney's sex travels? We get the scoop on Finnish sex (and Sofiya's grandpa's dick) in this week's Patreon bonus episode. Join us at www.patreon.com/sextalkwithmymom to gain access to our exclusive bonus episode and community!

    Check out the Private Parts Unknown podcast. You can follow them on Instagram @privatepartsunknownTwitter @privatepartsun, and their personal social media accounts @courtneykocak and @thesofiya.

    Be a part of our show! What is your spirit sex animal and why? Also, if you're a dude whose had an abortion, let us know about your experience. Text or leave us a voicemail with your answers at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666. We include listener messages on our Monday Morning After Show. You can also now tune in LIVE and participate on the Castbox app. We'll be recording live this Monday at 2PM PT.

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