Keeps Me Listening!
I think unfiltereed is so interesting to listen to. Hearing hte backstory of some of the developers behind my favorite games is so great. I listened to the episode with Bonnie Ross and I was all in from there. Keep it going!
Sound Engineering, GO
One of the only IGN podcasts to feature NO microphone blasting. My ears thank the geniuses behind Ryan Mccaffrey’s bar/studio because you figured out a way to keep your gawkward hosts from clanging their flailing bone-sleeves into the microphone at every opportunity. Now to go re-engineer any other podcasts mic set-up because IGN is rampant with these so called professional podcasters who love ear-banging you with a flopping limb crashing into the mic.
Great show
Ryan’s my most trusted games journalist. I think he’s one of the best in the business.
Stop appending these to the Xbox podcast
Soft encounter
Stop appending these to the Xbox podcast
Love it
Always enjoyed Ryan’s work but this is where he shines. Keep them coming!
Good. But shhh.
Ryan, I like this show. You know what you’re doing. But please, please stop screaming at your audience, especially at the top of the show. This is a podcast not a top 40 countdown. Chill out man. It’s jarring to turn on the podcast and be bombarded by your perky classic dj presentation. This is also an issue for me on Unlocked.
Fantastic Interview Show
Ryan does an incredible job of interviewing these high profile guests! He always makes it fee comfortable while also giving due respect and praise to the bodies of work the guests have brought to us. Love the insight and behind the scenes tidbits you can’t find anywhere else.
One of the best podcasts around!
This is one of the most enlightening, professional podcasts out there. Ryan McCaffrey does such a great job in each and every interview. He brings in the biggest and brightest personalitles in gaming. If you want to learn something about our favorite hobby and some of the trade secrets involved, this is a must listen!
Simply fascinating
J Vivona
Ryan has an indellible way of bringing out the best in the movers and shakers of the video game industry. He is incisive, inquisitive, and passionate. Great interviews and great show all around.
This is the best of IGN!
Pat moon
I consume a lot of stuff from IGN and I love most of it, but this show is by far my favorite. Every episode provides amazing revelations and insight. It’s so important for fans of games to connect with the mindsets of game creators. It enriches our discussions of games and our joy from playing them. More Unfiltered please!
More then just a video podcast
This is so much more then a video podcast dives deep into the guest lives and really tries to understand how they got started in this Industry. The host Ryan does an amazing job asking great questions while still letting the guest be the star. 5stars every time it’s a must listen every month.
One of the best video game podcasts
Some of the best interviews in the industry by one of the best and most knowledgeable interviewers. Please keep it up.
One of my favorite podcasts.
I look forward to this podcast every month. Ryan always brings in great guests with great stories.
Excellent, insightful interviews.
I didn’t know this was a podcast
I’ve been listening to Unlocked for close to 5 years, but I never checked this out because I assumed it was only a video on ign. Knowing it’s a podcast, I’m all in! I’m an idiot.
I love this show, and I hope it can find the view s it needs to keep going. People need to hear from these creators!
Best IGN podcast!
Emaloo to you too
Easily the best IGN podcast. I only wish there were more episodes. If you’re interested at all in the people that make games, you really need to subscribe. Thanks Ryan!
Best gaming BTS around!
Golden Child 615
IGN’s Unfiltered have set the bar high for the gaming podcast genre. Each episode has the best guests, and never has a dull moment. Ryan is an awesome interviewer with the way he engages with his guests. It’s also good that you can tell he does his research before each episode and keeps his interviews fresh by asking the right questions. I would recommend this show to fellow gamers or just people who enjoy how things are made. Keep it up Ryan!
Great content
Love these long form interviews by Ryan. Keep up the good work.
IGN at its best!
Ryan’s passion project has delivered a unique, behind the curtain view of game development. I’m always excited to see what / who he has brought into the studio to get a perspective all its own!
Top Notch Gaming Interviews
IGN Unfiltered is one of my top podcasts, Ryan does an incredible job interviewing the gaming industries most storied individuals. Keep up the great work, looking forward to future episodes.
Really unique gaming podcast
Just finished the latest interview with Jenova Chen. I was surprisingly moved in the interview, prompting me to write a review. I love listening to creative minds and never had the opportunity to do so in regard to gaming. Some, like the jenova chen interview, feel like conversations with great artists. It’s wonderful to be able to pull back the curtain on these people and see the inspiration behind some of their works. I can’t wait for more.
The No Clip of podcasts!
Gorthar the Honorable
One of the most in depth, honest look st some of the gaming industry's most influential and fascinating developers and other key figures. Cannot recommend enough.
Thank you for doing what you do! Under appreciated but one of the best gaming podcasts out there, informative, inspiring and definitely worth the every second.
Best interview podcast
I look forward to each episode. Listening to the smart questions that Ryan asks to notable members of the gaming industry is a real treat. I love learning about the personal side of game development and this is a great view into that world. Keep it up!
Great interviews
Love hearing where these game directors come from and what influenced them.
So MUCH insight!
Ryan isn't a great “Games-journalist”, he’s a great Journalist-journalist (period). His smart questions, genuine interest, an rapport with games industry creative types really come across in each interview; even the guests I didn’t have any interest in initially.
So MUCH insight!
Ryan isn't a great “Games-journalist”, he’s a great Journalist-journalist (period). His smart questions, genuine interest, an rapport with games industry creative types really come across in each interview; even the guests I didn’t have any interest in initially.
One of the only ways to get deep dives and fascinating tales straight from devs. Ryan masterfully steers convos with a variety of topics covered
Best video game interview podcast out there!
Enjoy the long form interview
I really enjoy the long format and Ryan taking us through a journey of the people creating games and what they think of the industry
Great podcast!
ac slice
Ryan does a great job going in-depth with the most influential people in the games industry. I enjoy hearing about how these awesome people got their start and the background industry stuff you never hear about. Keep it up!
IGN Unfiltered is the best video game podcast out there!
Sean St.Ledger
I love IGN Unfiltered! This show is an in-depth interview show with titans of the gaming industry and it's truest fascinating to learn how the guests became so influential. It's also equally fascinating to learn how some of my favorite games and even games I've never played get created. The passion both Ryan and the interviewee convey for their craft's within the gaming industry is beyond compare and as a gamer/listener it's a real treat to gain the insight this show provides If you happen to read this Ryan, you are killing it and keep up the great work.
Best interviews
Most interesting stories I've heard in games. Ryan is a great interviewer and is always prepared. He's he Nardwaur of video games! Check out unlocked on IGN too! Thanks for the awesome podcasts Ryan!
Monthly highlight
Some of the most interesting interviews with some of the most interesting people in video games.
Best Interviews Ever
I love hearing Ryan dissect the inner minds of these brilliant game designers. This makes me want to go back to school to get into game design, super inspiring work!
I love the deep dive
Exactly like the title says, Ryan does a great job on this show keep it up!
Wow absolutely amazing
This podcast nails it just incredible interesting conversations keep it up
Ryan's best work
Pauly P0p
The older I get the more I can't stand IGN, and it's shallow take on video game culture and it's poor representation of gamers as a whole, most gamers are regular working class people and just because we don't dye our hair blue doesn't mean we love games any less.... with that being said This is by far the most interesting and informative podcast that has anything to with IGN and is actually very good regardless of who publishes it. I've always like Ryan and he seems sincere. I'm happy he got this gig and I hope they stick with him and this format. I wish IGN would put out more mature content.
Great interviews
really great long form interviews. Great job Ryan
A Fascinating Look From A Different Angle
Ryan does a great job exploring a different side of the industry with people who have such interesting stories, stories that for some reason otherwise go untold. Keep it up. I have loved all 10 episodes so far and look forward to who ever comes next.
One of the best things to see in my podcast feed
This is an amazing podcast, if you have any interest in Gaming, this is a great listen. Ik you've been getting some flack from some idiots on the Internet, but know that this is an amazing podcast, I've listen to every episode, and will continue listening, it's great hearing these stories from greats in gaming. The story about Phil asking if he should quit too, just reaffirmed my belief that he's the right person for Xbox, and a great person to be in the gaming community. Please continue this series.
Amazing Podcast!
Ryan was born to do Radio! His voice is easy to listen to & his interviewing prowess is undeniable. Seriously give this a listen as you'll get a better understanding as to what goes on behind the scenes in gaming as well as the chance to get an "inside look" into these popular game developers heads as Ryan really asks the tough questions. 5 Stars without a doubt!
Top Shelf
Thank you Ryan. It is so nice to get the behind-the-scenes looks and information that your interviews provide.
Amazing Video Game Interviews
I absolutely love this podcast ! Ryan McCaffrey interviews some of the most interesting people in the gaming industry. Each episode is enlightening and entertaining. I didn't originally know much about some of the people before listening to the podcasts and each time left with an understanding and appreciation for their work. I look forward to each new episode and only wish that they were more frequent. If you a fan of video games and have any appreciation for gaming history, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast.
Great show Ryan!
Ryan has always been a great interviewer and this show is a perfect outlet for his talents. Excellent show!!
Long form interviews with top notch people
Holy Shadows
This is by far one of my favorite Podcast not only at IGN but out of the many i listen to weekly. While this is only a monthly podcast, it is worth every minute. There is so much story that never is told outside of closed doors but you sure can expect those stories to surface in an exciting and engaging way that really makes you think. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to hear form top executives in the gaming industry or anyone that just loves a good story.
I love this podcast! Just wish it was weekly.
Interesting and insightful
This is such a great podcast. A very knowledgeable host and great guests. Can't wait for more.
Great interview style podcast
I really enjoy this new podcast. So far it has given me a wonderful glimpse into the world of video game development, and I can't wait to listen and learn more. 5 stars.
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