September 12, 2019
Bobby's children break down the door. Khalyla has Madonna hands. We talk hamburger poisonings, horchata skin, and Don Ho fellatio.   Sponsors: Ship Station: promo code BELLY MyBookie: promo code BELLY Blue Apron: ExpressVPN: Bill Burr's Paper Tiger:  
September 4, 2019
Guest host Andrew invented the shooting stars. Khalyla really wants a FUBU. We talk Smashleys, Eve Teasing, cultural exploration, and a smegma ring. Sponsors: and use code SLEPT and use code BELLY   Bobby and Black Thought on Whiskey Ginger:
September 2, 2019
Bobby introduces a new Murphy. Jamar is old school comedy store. Khalyla is a little Asian. We talk peeling vaginas, peas & carrots, & queefing 'em off the stage.   Sponsors: code BELLY code BELLY   Jamar's Mixtape 'Amerikkka's Nigga'  
August 28, 2019
Bobo is grounded for softcore. Khaloko is a Nightengale. Jon is the new Captain. We talk Romulan Ale, Don't do lists, spraining ankles to escape porn, & the 'best of Khalyla'.   Sponsors: and use code 'SLEPT'
August 21, 2019
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August 14, 2019
Guest host Erik is a falcon wrangler. Khalyla has a three-year grudge. Bobby is a church boy. We talk half-face first dates, tamale eating, & Tom Cruise noses.   Sponsor Links: Download the Postmates app and use code 'belly' for $100 in free shipping for your first week. Watch free movies, instantly! Head over to  Try Ship Station free with promo code BELLY at See what your genes say at   Bonus content at:
August 7, 2019
Bobby earthquake shames. Khalyla wonders where the hot dogs go. David refuses the photo. Geo has respect for no one.  We talk quitting JKNews, steak kryptonite, crafty Koreans, and sexy cousins.    Sponsors: Blue Apron: HIMS: UA-CBD: use code BELLY at checkout for 15%  Manscaped: use code BELLY
July 31, 2019
Bobo has never done multiples. Khaloko & Gilbo take a test. We talk MRSA boils, of Montreal, Blake Giffin, old notes, and a jizz hole.   Sponsor Links: promo code: tiger code: slept code: belly   Khalyla calls her troll, only at:  
July 24, 2019
Bobo sees what he sees and believes what he believes. Johnny has a big reveal. We talk raccoon eyes, Yoshinoya, Rice & Beans, epicanthic folds, and full hee haw. Sponsors: and use promo code 'slept' for 10% off.  Download the Postmates App and use code 'belly' for $100 in free shipping for your first week. Get one month for $5 at For 100% authentic sneakers,    Bonus content here:  
July 17, 2019
Bobby wants to marry Snoop Dogg. Brittany finally meets Guava Juice. Khalyla takes advice from the toilet. We talk demons from another universe, Biblical jerking, drinking your roommates Sunny D, and cemetery neighbors.    Sponsors:  Blue Apron - Try Ship Station free with promo code BELLY at: Get $125 off all mattresses at: 23andMe - See what your genes say at: Bonus content at:  
July 10, 2019
Bobby bombs. Andrew bombs harder. Khalyla takes flight. We talk stuttering lovers, ginger heroes, and the ugliest person in Hollywood. promo code 'tiger' Cut your wireless bill to $15 a month at Download the Postmates App and use code 'belly' for $100 in free shipping for your first week.    Weekly bonus content here:
July 3, 2019
Bobby refuses to take a Wok on the Wild Side. Khalyla takes revenge for a bad phone call. Gilbert tries out a new unhelpful voice. We talk, the wrath of the internet, hammer kicks, China Nights, and the female Brendan Schaub. and use promo code 'slept' for 10% off. promo code 'belly'.   
June 26, 2019
Watch Comin' In Hot on Netflix Sponsor links: code: slept Get bonus premium episodes every week:
June 19, 2019
Bobby is Tommy Lee. Eric gets the butthole pass. We talk overconfident fans, biggest fights, Gook-ish, puffy eyes, and a 900-pound cow. Sponsor links:  Postmates App ( Get $100 delivery credit with the promo code: belly promo code: belly Weekly bonus content here:
June 12, 2019
Bobby is glitter. Mo swims with mermaids. Khalyla seeks the shunk. We talk little glimpses of poo, hat tricks, and 2nd amendment tits. Get bonus premium episodes every week: Sponsor links: promo code: tiger 
June 5, 2019
Steve Byrne and Bobby go titty for tatty. We talk being ragefully tired, Vince Vaughn, MySpace friends, and a body slam.  Watch ALWAYS AMAZING Sponsor links: code: slept   Get bonus premium episodes every week:
May 29, 2019
Weekly bonus content here: Sponsor links: code: slept Get 20% Off, Free Shipping, and a free travel bag with the code BELLY at  Check out Gilbert with Bobby on Family Style. Available on FacebookWatch or Stage13.
May 27, 2019
Gianni tries to break Daddy. Bobby enters truth day. Lix does some archeology. We talk Ruen Brothers resentments, acorn eyeballs, tricky puss, and letting the record play. Bonus Belly brought to you by Ridge Wallet. promo code: slept  
May 22, 2019
Bobby teaches advanced true-lie technique. Brendan wants to remake Twins. Khalyla is the PS4 of relationships. We talk fatherhood, funky smells, avante-garde dick, and have a heated disagreement about Adele.  Weekly bonus content here: Sponsor links:  Postmates App ( Get $100 delivery credit with the promo code: belly
May 15, 2019
Bobby is on fire, but not completely lit. Khalyla mixes dogs and birds. Gilbert watches Million Dollar Man, the musical. We talk Splitting Up Together’s cancelation, new home stress, dreaming of nightmares, Game of Thrones, and Thug Rose. Weekly bonus content here: Sponsor links:  https:// promo code:belly Postmates App ( Get $100 delivery credit with the promo code: belly
May 8, 2019
Weekly bonus content here: Sponsor links: promo code: Tiger
May 1, 2019
  Bobby hides Sarah McLachlin under a mattress. Paul watches the wrong Star Trek. Khalyla makes Bobby pressure sing. We talk RZA self-tapes, off key girlfriends, and ping pong.  Pre-Order Interpol's 'A Fine Mess' Dog Poop Tee available here:  Weekly bonus content here: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY Code: BELLY  
April 29, 2019
Check out our Patreon for more content every Monday.  We take another Field Trip to Koreatown Plaza food court. Bobby address the drama behind his most recent Instagram post which involves a flyer and dog poop. Also Licks or Lix?    
April 24, 2019
Bobby drifts in and out of consciousness. Khalyla can’t fake it. Gilbert is happy and he knows it. Pink Dick has white knights. We talk Bacon & Strawberries, gas mask laughter, Boggy Lee, and colostrum. Check out bonus content here: Sponsor Links: Postmates App ( Get $100 delivery credit with the promo code BELLY Code: BELLY Promo Code: BELLY  
April 17, 2019
Bobby can’t stop asking the wrong questions. Tom is a prophety kinda guy. Khalyla gets to the crunchy part. We talk eating chicken around the world, comedy fighter pilots, pugilistic audiences, and a wedding.  Check out our bonus content: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY  
April 10, 2019
Bobby says yes to Chinese Dumpling. Sosie sings Charlie. Khalyla gives McAvoy a baby. We talk crying fans, Tinder Mahalos, an Olivia Jade redemption, & dingbats. Bobby's green room episode at: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: Belly
April 3, 2019
Dane is the Waffler. Bobby is the truth detector. Khalyla forgives after a foot. We talk football guys, Marc Maron in shorts, shining a light on your hole, & living in a terrarium. Check out our bonus episodes: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY
March 27, 2019
Bobby gets pomegranate rage. Khalyla sleeps in towels. We talk house love letters, Kate Hudson’s gardeners, Apocalypto breakfasts, and American Idol. Check out the Philippines recap here: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY // Promo Code: TIGER
March 20, 2019
Bobby has an emotional shift. Dr. Drew shows his claws. Khalyla pulls something. We talk rage tangles, Jane Fonda, Cappuccino Boys, and powerful impacts.  Check out the Philippines Patreon: Sponsor Links: Postmates App ( Get $100 delivery credit with the promo code BELLY Promo Code: BELLY
March 13, 2019
Bobo gets a gift. Craig is Hollywood’s highest paid actor per word. We talk Lithuania disease, Desmond Tutu, Australian William Wallace, The Drew Carey Show, and Asian Yoda. Bonus Philippines content at: Sponsor Links:   
March 6, 2019
Bobo loves his comfort pillow. Koloko bought a zoo. Our friend Peter Kim stops by and we talk coming out, sashimi style, ugly fine, and one fat organ.   More Peter on The Ajumma Show Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY
February 27, 2019
Bobo doesn’t know Disney. Theo takes 72 days off. Khalyla is the worst superhero. We talk Sneaky Chopsticks, pcp vs pvc, Of Mice and Marijuana, and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY
February 20, 2019
Bobo is happy for everybody. Khalyla Deville wears an eyepatch. Gil gets fired as our research assistant. We talk beet teeth, binget dicks, Bill Cumsky, Kevin Spacey’s house, Earthquake vs Seinfeld, Keanu Reeve’s two dimensions, and the amygdala. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Postmates App ( Get $100 delivery credit with the promo code BELLY 
February 13, 2019
Krystyna gives the edge to Lifetime. Bobo recalls Amsterdam. We talk incels, cowboys, angels, Panera Bread, and Clint Eastwood’s hands. Watch Bobby on ABC's Splitting up Together TUESDAYS 9:30/8:30c Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links:  // Promo Code: TIGER
February 6, 2019
Bobo is Bhagwan. Nick jumps into mud. We talk Wolverine claws, serving tables, empires, puzzles, and getting kicked in the dick. Watch Bobby on ABC's Splitting up Together TUESDAYS 9:30/8:30c Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY Promo Code: BELLY     
January 30, 2019
Bobo is dadcore. George is Kush. Gilb is Kellyanne. We talk hyenas, a friendship with Orlando, and John Athpinktor (the nobody.) Watch Bobby on ABC's Splitting up Together TUESDAYS 9:30|8:30c Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY Promo Code: BELLY 
January 23, 2019
Dillon takes credit for Spider-Man. Bobo gets a fast pass to a holy place. We talk Taco Bell hot sauce, angry yogis, the baptism of Gilbo Baggins, and a bar mitzvah to remember. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Postmates App ( Get $100 delivery credit with the promo code BELLY Promo Code: BELLY  
January 16, 2019
Michael is a cheeky bastard. Bobo is fair weathered. We talk tiny roid ankles, The Church of England, One Eyed Harry, and basketball basketball basketball Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: // Promo Code: TIGER https://www.ridgewallet.comPromo Code: BELLY
January 9, 2019
Nikki tries the curling iron. Bobby reveals his Bird Box vision. We talk singularity movement, Princess Diana, and Chinese finger puppets.  Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY 
January 2, 2019
Facebook Eyes is back. We talk intentional text errors, a fatty poke, shaking nubs, and a boring alarm.  Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: https://www.ridgewallet.comPromo Code: BELLY
December 26, 2018
Dumbfoundead auditions. Bobo auditions too. So does Gilbo...and Koloko. We talk ecstasy daddies, condor shit, a dick bone, and the blue blue sky.  Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY  
December 19, 2018
Bobo recaps Arlington. Santino wants a baby in Chicago. We talk missed baseball opportunities, airline indulgence, and shitty children.  Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY  Postmates App ( Get $100 delivery credit with the promo code BELLY
December 12, 2018
Bobo frolicks with lollipops. Christina crushes on the Filipino James Dean. We talk foreskin regrowth, Rudy, dilithium crystals, and a battle royale.  Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY   
December 5, 2018
Bobo rejects George’s pie. Koloko gets a delayed confession. Gilbert redeems himself by way of pralines. We talk Thanksgiving, conversion camp, Julio the sociopath, and a butthole in the foot.  Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY Promo Code: BELLY  
November 28, 2018
Bobo and Erik are SPUDS. We talk blackheads as a hobby, Theon Greyjoy, and the five final phone calls. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY Promo Code: TIGERBELLY   
November 21, 2018
Bobo is a hot chick. David is Kathy. Koloko does Clint. We talk deforestation, prison barter, an overweight cat, and the history of FunDip. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY   
November 14, 2018
Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: BELLY  
November 7, 2018
Fahim does legos. Bobo is Korean Stern. We talk pet lizards, core competencies, a shroom trip, and a tamale festival.  Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
October 31, 2018
Bobo regresses. Steebee progresses. Koloko gets hacked. We talk haunted mazes, a traffic incident, Red Dead Redemption, and Doctor Choi. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
October 24, 2018
Bobo wants a cookie. Khaloko fear-farts. Gilbo accepts an Emmy. George is White Nothing. We talk personality changes over the years, a coyote hunter, and a panic at the ball. Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY Get $100 credit on the Postmates App with the promo code BELLY
October 17, 2018
Our favorite boys from Scunthorpe, England take us through the ups and downs of their musical journey so far. We talk red papayas, eggplants, Twobacca, sexual foxes, codheads, Paris Texas, Bulgarian night terrors, and a gold robot. We love these boys dearly. Show them some love sleeper fam Bonus content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY 
October 10, 2018
Bobo is in overalls. Felipe is not grand marshall. We talk pizza day, Guamuchil trees, foreign exchange students, and Kalimán-El Hombre Increíble. Bonus content on Mondays: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
October 3, 2018
Harland is Larry. Bobo is Kangaroo Hands. We talk crop circles, Elvis lips, inch worms, and a Subway omelette.  Bonus content on Mondays: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
September 26, 2018
Bobo buys a goose. Rosey get dissed by The Joker. We talk thousand island dressing, rice hacks, sweet Aunt Sadie, and docking as a symbol of brotherhood.  Extra content every Monday: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY Promo Code: BELLY     
September 19, 2018
With a little help from friends, Gilbo, Koloko, and PinkDick attempt to turn their captain’s birthday frown upside down. We talk ligament cakes, a Brazilian body spray, and a Frank Sinatra moment. Premium Episodes every Monday. Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY 
September 12, 2018
Eleanor is the EZ Rider. Bobo plays dirty to survive. We talk shitball soup, a bathroom rumor, and squash a twenty year long grudge.  Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
September 5, 2018
Bobo is a magician. Koloko is pop quizzed. Gilbo turns 29. We talk spiritual awakenings, Oliver Twist, and sing for our beloved Brownskin Foreskin GGboy Gabriel Flat Face Gilbo Baggins. Patreon: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
August 29, 2018
Dave saves the son. Bobo can’t cook rice. We talk charcuterie boards, German Chocolate Cake, oatmeal cookies, beta max, and a Rorschach test.  For premium content every Monday, check out our Patreon: Sponsor Links: $100 of free delivery credit at Postmates with promo code: BELLY Promo Code: TIGERBELLY  
August 27, 2018
Premium Episodes every Monday.
August 22, 2018
Bobo can’t chew and walk. Koloko, Gilbo, and PD are YesMen. We talk Spacey, Code of Hammurabi, and a fancy plague named after the King.  Bonus Content on Mondays:  Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
August 15, 2018
Thomas and Bobo talk Detroit spaghetti, figurative push pins, an egg assault, a Korean Stan Lee, and Gustav the Man Servant. Bonus episodes every Monday only at: Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY 
August 8, 2018
Bobo is a gash. Koloko is v blue. Gilbo is a delivery boy. We talk our insecurities, gold mines, five hundred dollar limits, and a meat foot. Patreon announcement. Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
August 1, 2018
Theo plays chess. Bobo has a kazoo. Khaloko is a plant. Gilbo is on a boat. We talk Inner Light, the dark arts, vagerries, island mahogany, and the top 300 million Christians in the world. Sponsor Link: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
July 25, 2018
Bobo is the Eyebutt Killer. Mike shares the gruesome. We talk an AIDS bomb, premium love, rage blackouts, and talking to trees. Sponsor Links:  
July 18, 2018
Bobo is a cowboy. Khaloko feeds the fishes. We talk the dangers of listerine, a goofy gelding, an energy vortex, and the isle of manifestation. Sponsor Link:
July 11, 2018
Kyle is a Hoof. Bobo gets in the zone. We talk peacocking, choking on stage, sleepers, nappers, and the children of the evermost. Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
July 5, 2018
Bobo sees an aura of diabetes. Khalyla confronts a dude. We talk World Cup, Bobo's bullies, and La Brone. Also we take a break. Recorded 7/02/18
June 27, 2018
Adam has Adamantium. Bobo is a cooler. We talk 711 boner pills, Mr. Atsuki, a third string Wolverine, and the attack of the bushes. Sponsor Links:  
June 20, 2018
Bobo is a squid. Khaloko gets wet eyes. We talk stalkers, ghostdicks, liquid smoke, and how to optimize your dating profile. Sponsor Links:  
June 13, 2018
DILLON FRANCIS IS OUR CW: Bobo has a fantasy. Dillon is McGovern. We talk heroin heartbreaks, rattlesnakes, green bubbles, and a cinema stand off.  Sponsor Links: One month trial for $5
June 6, 2018
The royal couple of H3 stops by to talk kumquats, power balances, courting with steak, the Sun God, hunters-gatherers, glory holes, the evolution of the phallus, and Cliff’s Lumberyard.  Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY & available at Target. Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
May 30, 2018
Whitney commits to truth. Bobo makes a wish. We talk ambush dates, brain plasticity, stocking breads, and releasing shame. Sponsor Links: Promo Code: TIGERBELLY Recorded: 05/28/18
May 23, 2018
Coco and Bobo talk lobster tails, fat balls, Santeria, signs from the universe, and how to make an extra $27 in one night. Sponsor Links:  LEESA: AWAY: Promo Code: belly REBELS REFINERY: Promo Code: tigerbelly & also available at Target.
May 16, 2018
Bobo calmly addresses an operator. Khaloko is scarred for life. Gilbert is Simeon. George is sterile. We talk Laurel vs Yanni, a Catholic dad, and new life perspectives. Sponsor Links:  HIMS: #1 Asian dating app with 500,000 members: LEESA:
May 9, 2018
Bobo phone home. Khaloko is a debunking debby. We talk Mandela effects, a dance bootcamp, and the Guiness Book of World Records GONE WILLLDD. Promo Code: TIGERBELLY
May 2, 2018
Bobo is the Ice King. Khaloko laughs at a funeral. Gilbo is quizzed on his love. George wears a special tee. We talk mental prisons, a balancing act, and a birthday bonanza.
April 25, 2018
Natasha says nay on Bey. Bobo robs banks. We talk the briney deep, recessive genes, the lils, and writings of the wall.
April 18, 2018
Bobo remembers the legendary Mitzi. Khaloko gets an apology. We talk Disneyland, people in cloaks, Gus with the hat, and Bobby home alone. promo code tigerbelly  
April 11, 2018
Bobo bikes. Bert runs. Koloko swims. We talk Korean Math, human prototypes, tongue-less Floridians, and stalactite tears.  
April 4, 2018
Bobo’s lovely work wife stops by to talk chiffon accidents, racist iPhones,  ballet feet, and step-romances.
March 28, 2018
We talk dirty debutantes, lifelong lies, and bathtub crystals. Bobo is muy sleepy. Koloko finds a glass menagerie. Gilbo thinks marital.  Listen to us on Spotify. Promo Code: Belly
March 24, 2018
Jenna is finally here. Khaloko sings salt ducts. Bobo is not Gedde. We talk on-set nightmares, Chicago roots, 15 second crushes, and delusion as a strategy.
March 21, 2018
Oli is a paintball renegade. Bobo supports spines. We talk revenge billboards, elbowing executives, The Eagles, a can of spam, and living in the chaos. Merch available on Follow us on Spotify.  
March 14, 2018
Jonathan Edgar Park teaches Bobo some new words. We talk thin lips, half chubs, rap battles, and spilling secrets to strangers. Promo Code: Belly Listen to us on Spotify.
March 7, 2018
Will is Mystique. Bobo is a jellyfish. We talk shark games, mind minerals, a Shakespearean betrayal, Canadian math, and Ronaldo Chappelle. Promo Code: Belly
February 28, 2018
Bobo finds a million. Koloko slums. George insists on seven. We talk Olympic cons, baby fever, Millie from Vegas, and the Dunning-Kruger effect.
February 21, 2018
Brody is a beautiful enigma. Bobo catches science eyes. We talk positive energy, thinking lean, a tilted pelvis, and hippie dicks.
February 14, 2018
Joe and Bobby have one night in Vegas. We talk bathroom line etiquette, fathers on the run, joysticks, and Geraldine’s.
February 7, 2018
Bobo hits the concrete. Khaloko has trouble guts. Gilbert is back. George mourns in black. We talk Mayan Jungle, Stardew Valley, and master anglers.
January 31, 2018
Tom is first class. Bobo is economy. We talk next lovers, first dates, fuck eyes, and the shining path. Watch Tom’s special “Disgraceful” on Netflix now.
January 24, 2018
Sosie has award winning teeth. Bobo opens for Hung. We talk finance, island bush, Vietnamese phrase books, and a German dog trainer.
January 17, 2018
Bobo and Dante hold hands. Khaloko loves ogres. Gilbo is hungry. We talk park scuffles, defectors, and our beloved Tom Hanks.
January 10, 2018
Bobo gets a lob from the heavens. Khaloko uses reverse psychology. George does a betray. We talk premature balding, centaurs, and Uncle Raoul. #justicewillprevail #dontletthesunfalldown
January 3, 2018
Kicking off this New Year with some brotherly love/rage. We talk wormholes, shine blockers, and ACE scores. Steve's Show  
December 29, 2017
The Best of TigerBelly in 2017, except for all the rest. Video available on Youtube. 0:01 - Episode 77: The Slept King 1:36 - Episode 108: Steebee James & The Waffle 3:33 - Episode 73: Steve Lee is Mr. Pringles 12:33 - Episode 98: Erik Griffin & The One Up 14:48 - Episode 110: Jo Koy is on Tiger Duty 18:02 - Episode 97: Ari Shaffir & The Chocolate Bar 22:01 - Episode 78: Twenty Five Percent 28:15 - Episode 86: Al Madrigal is Out Bossman 35:14 - Episode 84: David So, the Human Grenade 50:54 - Episode 80: Chris D'Elian and Toki the Dumdum 57:14 - Episode 100: A Family Affair 1:25:29 - Episode 105: Pauly Shore & The Chinese Baby 1:27:53 - Episode 85: Jordan Peele is our GOAT
December 20, 2017
Jimmy goes boom. Bobo says a prayer. We talk porcelain skin, Crazy Rich Asians, and running from economics.     
December 13, 2017
Geo knows the lie. Bobo double lies. We talk banker blues, hypothermia in the wild, all year round xmas trees, korean gargoyles, tic tic, and a beautiful birth story.  
December 6, 2017
Bobo is very sleepy. Khaloko double pees. Gilbo gets rice cooker’d. Pink Dick knows Job. We talk death clouds, tentacles, sudden deafness, and brittle bones.     
November 29, 2017
Sam is a young Christian warrior and a nastymouth. We talk salami sex, heteroflexibility, controlled hallucinations, scarecrow’s ass, and selling icecream in the 1950s.    
November 22, 2017
Bobo finds a pebble. Khaloko has turkey day blues. Gilbo goes for the heartburn. We talk the Sin of Onan, broken mannequin heads, and the goosh gash. #smellded #hellven #yeahnene      
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