Good news coverage
I enjoy the dynamic among all three hosts, and I appreciate that they tend to have different takes on the same or similar games. The coverage of the political economy of the games industry has been great—increasingly so since doing the series of interviews on unionizing at GDC 2018. The show is well produced as well as a tight 1hr45min length. I dock it one star because the games criticism misses the mark on occasion. I prefer the media analysis on Waypoint Radio (though that show has been deteriorating of late in terms of general production and editing) and the discussion of game mechanics and the industry on The Crate and Crowbar.
Very decent!
Decent as ****! Jason has always been a little cringeworthy, Maddy laughs nonstop for no reason and it’s weird and annoying as hell, but Kirk is pretty cool. The discussions are usually pretty interesting despite how awkward 2 of the 3 hosts make me feel.
Current state of affairs
Lord Beefious
"Hey Maddy, did you play [insert game here]?" "No, [insert banal platitude]" (breathy, fake laugh) |repeat for length of episode|
Solid all-around gaming podcast
Darin S
Pretty good podcast, been listening for a year or so. I enjoy the mix of both general gaming info and reviews, and more serious topics around the gaming culture and industry. Kirk can be kind of long-winded at times, but is good aside from that. Maddy has veered into Jimmy Fallon territory where she’s constantly fake laughing during and after everything she or the other host(s) says.
Amazing 3 person show
Jason used to make me cringe, but I love the synergy between hosts. Great show and love the games talk. I also really enjoy the end when they talk about other things they are doing or watching.
Three stars
What kind of weirdo leaves 3 star reviews? This kind!
Best video games podcast?
Probably! But I’m mainly reviewing to complain about the preroll ads. They’re so jarring lay different from the episode that I skip every one and they’re obnoxious. I’m listening to a video games podcast, so I’ve already heard of the latest huge blockbuster marvel movie, thanks.
One of the best
This is one of the best gaming podcasts out there, love the dynamic between all 3 hosts and how the content is broken up weekly between different topics, news stories, off topic, and finally the music recommendation. One of the few podcasts I get alerted on for every new episode.
Would definitely recommend!
Really enjoy the group dynamic, the coverage from video game news to casual games they’re playing, as well as the off topic conversations. Would recommend!
Great content
J Nub
Split screen is the best gaming pod around
Amazingly fun until it gets political
A Bored Burger
I’ve listened to this podcast for at least a year and a half and think that when the focus is on games, they have some amazing conversations. Over the past year though, Jason and Kirk’s politics have started showing up in discussions and it’s extremely off-putting, especially if you’re someone like me with conservative view points. They do have a bias and they do color their podcast with it (their website Kotaku is guilty of the same thing), so if that’s not your cup of tea, I wouldn’t recommend it. Otherwise, their game conversations and industry insights can be a fantastic listen.
Much more enjoyable when they’re discussing video games versus pushing social reform agendas.
Shin Malphur
Jason you are great to listen to but man I cringe and fast forward when the topic shifts to labor laws and policy. Sure that’s an important topic with many nuances but I really just want to hear about video games as entertainment when I listen.
My Main Podcast
Every week I’m just thinking about how much I need the next episode. Thanks yall for the amazing podcast.
Stop interrupting each other
Timmy 5
Please , especially maddi
A+ for the new dynamic
Really enjoying this podcast, especially since adding Maddi as a cohost. I dont even play 3/4 of the games they discuss, but the enthusiasm and humor keeps me interested. Only critique is NO MORE 24 TALK! Kiefer discussions should be limited to Stand By Me, Young Guns and The Lost Boys
Out of touch with gaming community
Mars Attacks 172794@737389
Do you guys really not understand why people hate Epic and their games launcher?! Have you not been into any message boards!? Was cool with the show until this latest episode, unsubscribed.
Informative and Funny, Good Stuff
Love the show - nice information on the gaming industry with a side of humor
Smart and enjoyable
I really appreciate the hosts’ reflections on video games. They make me stop and reconsider my own opinions, which I enjoy greatly. Thanks so much for generously taking the time to prepare and contribute on the podcast. You are one of my favorite shows.
Jason is annoying
1 Star for how annoying Jason is.
Unconditional love
Essential podcast for people who like to listen to knowledgeable, insightful, and genuine people talk about video games...even if the chemistry between the three hosts feels like Daenerys, John Snow and Bran Stark having a book club meeting. I love this show!
Love it
hungry hippo
Love the pod
Recent Changes Have Made It Unbearable
I have been a big fan of Splitscreen for roughly about 4 years now. Unfortunately, the addition of the third host has brought the entertainment value down every week. When it was once Jason and Kirk, they had nice, whilesome conversations about everything (even Destiny, a game I do not care about but easily skippable). Then, Maddy joined... her conversations are of not much interest to me and everytime she speaks, its almost as if she is trying to hold back a laugh and it has been getting annoying. Not only that, but her inputs with Jason and Kirk always leads to her "cracking a joke," almost forcefully, and it is upsetting. I was fine with her random pop-ins, but now it is just hard to skip every time that she speaks about something.
I appreciate each of the hosts views as they each bring differing perspectives and opinions but the addition of a third host has really messed with the flow. They seem to always talk over one another and don’t let anyone finish their point. It’s jarring to have all three talking at once and I find myself just deleting the weeks drop from my feed in recent weeks.
Still talk too much about Destiny...
Resident Elmo
You know that funny scene in The Lego Movie where Unikitty is left to stall and says business over and over? This podcast is like that except replace business with Destiny. With the addition of Maddy you think they would talk less Destiny, but I guess they would be incomplete if they didn't.
One of the best
Whenever I have little time to listen to podcasts, I always choose this one. Great, diverse opinions with lots of insight and even pretty good production value
Much better with Maddy—
Because Jason seems to mostly hate Kirk (or, at the very least can’t help but bully the guy every chance he gets) this show was tough to get through pre-Maddy. Now, with Maddy as part of the host trio it’s much better. It’s no longer just two dudes waiting for their turn to speak. Recommended!
Listen every week!
Jason and Kirk have always been brilliant and insightful as heck, but the addition of Maddy has made an already wonderful podcast even better. I’m always interested in heading everyone’s thoughts, especially because all three hosts are so insightful about everything that happens in the games industry. With the genuine friendship, chemistry and subsequent humor that comes from the group, it’s a treat to listen to this every week.
It's alright
Not my favorite video game podcast but will listen if i'm all caught up on my other shows. I don't know that i'll ever understand why the intro music sounds like the opening to SNL with massive saxaphones - every time it plays i keep waiting for someone to say "live from New York!" doesn't fit the show at all. The hosts are fine - they tend to get super negative on games they don't like - even more so than talking about games they like (which one of the hosts only talks about playing Destiny on his PC which is super unrelatable to me and most people). Super snarky - but then again, this was a Gawker company so i guess that's their bread and butter - kind of comes with the territory.
Freaking Patriots - Splitscreen is great!
Even though Tom Brady's stupid handsome face and the Patriots made it to the SuperBowl, I am once again giving a 5-star rating to this awesome podcast. Do I agree with every point or opinion? No. But that's ok. That's the nature of debate, opinion, discussion, etc. The Splitscreen crew brings a level-headed & thoughtful view to all sides of the world of video games. I also might be one of the few who is actually * excited* for more Destiny 2 talk. I'm having an identity crisis because I was a D1 Titan main and now love Hunters way more in D2. Keep it up, Splitscreen people!
talking about bloodborne
More excited about this podcast than ever
Loving what Kirk is up to now and the edition of Maddy. Their coverage of Switch indies is may favorite content lately.
Keeping it Real
Jaren Ward
Great podcast that I have been listening to for over a year now. I was fortunate to find the time to play many of the games up for GOTY this year (did less Destiny grinding this year), and God of War was my pick. However I respect Maddy's take (episode 160) on why she didn't play the game. Keep keeping it real.
One of the best
The hosts all bring interesting perspectives to gaming. If you don't want a left leaning perspective then avoid this one. Anyone else, it's great!
It’s good but...
So much great conversations going on and Jason and Kirk and now Maddy take a little bit of getting use to at first but there are some topics that don’t need to be brought up. Maddy has probably been my favorite addition to the podcast mainly because she has such a positive attitude and great outlook. A lot of the time it feels like Jason and Kirk if they don’t like a game they tend to beat a dead horse continually talk about badly about said game. The reasons why they don’t like majority of the games from my perspective always seems to be the wrong reasons as well. Rather than just talking about the game itself, they touch on topics or references that obviously state their political views without going in depth on what they are. Great writers and love Kotaku articles but idk. I feel different about this. Will continue to listen and hope that it becomes more positive. Maddy you’re the reason I’m staying...for now.
One of the best!
One of my favorite podcasts for all things popculture and gaming related. The main podcast is focused on games and the gaming industry, but they throw in some popular movies and other related topics here and there, never feels like too much though. Glad they added a new co-host! I think she will be a great addition to the podcast! =) please keep them from taking about Destiny all the time ;o
Great weekly podcast
Kirk and Jason host a fun hour of games focused content. Adding Maddy to the mix is great. From talking about what they are playing, to the game industry news to more in-depth game topics, the format works and I look forward to my morning commute every Thursday.
Started decent but has gone downhill
I don’t mind giving your political views as a side note but when it’s overriding the conversation about the game itself, it’s pretty off putting. Also, Jason hates everything.
This is a weekly staple
Jason and Kirk are great and do a great job with gaming info, news, and opinions. Love this show every week. Also, please and Madi as a regular weekly host, she is great!
2/3 liberal rants 1/3 destiny
Too much biased politics and not enough multiplayer games
Destiny? Turn Off the Radio
Kotaku's Splitscreen is one of those podcasts that's enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure. Enjoyable: Jason Schreier, the intelligent talk about the video game industry, the Roomba Report. Frustrating: Kirk Hamilton, the off-topic segments that make you realize the hosts have terrible taste in everything from music to TV shows, and especially the ENDLESS Destiny talk. Nobody cares about Destiny as much as these guys, and if you do, you're probably too busy playing Destiny to bother with this podcast. I'm begging you from my soul, Kotaku Splitscreen, please stop talking about Destiny.
The pod is better with Maddie
My main issue with this pod is that Kirk and Jason feel like a mirror of each other in their voice and personality. The lack of contrast between the two of them makes the podcast a bit monotonous to listen to. But, this week they got Maddie O’Reilly on the show and the banter works so much better. I appreciate Jason’s writing as a journalist, but when he and Kirk get together to chat, we end up with 45 minutes about the minutia in a minor Destiny 2 patch. Please mix up the cast a bit more.
Good Show
Jason Schreier is a press sneak flop and I love it.
One of my favorite podcasts
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I love listening to the two hosts; they compliment each other well & they are so knowledgeable about games & all sorts of other pop culture. I love this podcast & can’t wait for even more episodes!
Just a little too political
When it's about games it's good, but often this keeps swinging into liberal political commentary and it feels like listening to two hipsters talk in a cafe in San Francisco....
More D&D Talk!
Becca Seraph
So cool to see Jason having fun in Dungeons and Dragons! Let’s turn this into a D&D podcast!!!
Get to the point
EDIT 8/2/18: It's okay once you skip the first 20 minutes of Kirk recomending music and books. It's turned more into a political podcast instead of two friends talking about video games. Jason and Kirk have extremly amazing chemistry and are a dominant couple of podcast hosts. The show never feels stale and the insight on issues the two have are always fun to listen to. The show has fun guests every now and then and it always makes Thursday a day to be excited for.
Music recs
Would be 5 but please stop with the music recommendations tho? It’s interesting when Kirk talks about game music, particularly as it’s usually undervalued as part of the overall game experience, but it really kills me when he plays completely random recommendations of Starbucks indie Muzak.
Decent discussion, bad sense of superiority
Venture Industry
Good god I tend to defend Kotaku, but you even clickbait your podcast episode titles. Kirk is good at nuance, Jason has none.
Bias as hell
Periott the clown
Just look at arena net.
I see someone else mentioned what I see more and more. Gaming and tech podcasts and moral grandstanding. Not as bad as some of the people on IGN (unless you agree with the negative comments about Trump/Right). But I really just want to get away from some of this stuff. Jason and the other guy agreed unions should be formed. I’ll just say pros and cons for that.
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