Thank you
Thank you for this series. I have learned so much.
Great podcast
Rollie Peterkin
He really makes the history come alive and his passion for the subjects makes it more than just a good history lesson. Keep up the great work Daniele!
I’m an alpine caretaker in northern New England, and I’m not sure how I’d get through my week in the backcountry without the soothing sound of Daniele’s deconstruction of the gore and glory of human history. Perfection!
Crom Laughs at Your 4 Winds
Kinetic Chessmaster
The influence of Italians on western society continues with this enlightening take on history. Come for the art of storytelling, stay for the soothing sounds of Daniele. Remember: “Steel isn’t as strong as the hand that wields it!”
Fantastic podcast
A very well researched and well told history podcast about some of the most interesting people from the past. Came over from the drunken taoist and started with the Teddy Roosevelt series before bingeing through a bunch more. Great for the morning commute.
The best history podcast
Shane E12
Love Daniele’s choices of subjects to cover and his take on each subject is spot on.
Great explanations and an even better experience
Uncle gazpacho
I love history and had I finished college instead of building cars for a living, I probably would have been an anthropologist. Daniele is great to listen to and brings a good sense of humor while staying on topic. Some podcasts focus more on their banter than on the topic and sometimes it’s ok but I also enjoy learning.
Compelling storytelling, fascinating history!
Bartleby the Listener
Every episode is entertains and revealing. I believe everyone will learn something new, see a piece of history from a new exciting perspective and be entertained by a masterful historian and storyteller. Six stars; this is an all-time favorite podcast and I listen to many.
Geek History with Humor
Smashy Smashenburger
He does a great job getting into the details while always remembering to not take life too seriously.
Great Detail And Insight
Daniele goes into great detail painting a cerebral landscape of the historical characters and events he covers.
Awesome and Informative
Always a great listen and amazing, not too overly done, subjects. The accent isn’t too bad. Give it a try.
Truly valuable
I appreciate the fantastic content produced by Mr Bolelli and it’s impact on my daily drives to/fro work. Truly grateful for a podcast of this sort to help me survive some of the more banal parts of my life while allowing me to enjoy learning, thanks Daniele!
Top notch history podcast
Tahani Zee
Bolelli dedicates tremendous amounts of love and time into his research and it’s evident in each episode. He’s not only incredibly bright (nuanced thinker) but also funny which makes for entertaining content. I always find myself remembering his modern day references to historical events/people- he’s a phenomenal teacher and storyteller!
Daniele is a masterful storyteller
Best history podcast!
Daniele is awesome! I could listen to him read the phone book and be entertained, but I’d much rather listen to his amazing stories! The best history podcast out there.
One of the best podcast out today
History on Fire has a high level of research put into each one wrapped around the type of story telling which has compelled me to buy every one of the host books. An excellent way to spend a few hours.
Love the take on history
Daniele does an amazing job of diving into the often missed great stories of history and provides a unique take on what led to the events taking place. Been listening to his podcast for two years and always find them enjoyable! If you like history, you’ll love History On Fire
Brilliant podcast
Brian Shaughnessy
One of my favorite podcasts. Daniele Bolelli manages to pack a lot of interesting info in every episode and presents it a way that is unique and entertaining no matter how heavy or light the subject matter. Bolelli’s gigantic personality really makes this podcast stand out as something unique in the historical podcast genre. I am constantly recommending this podcast to people, it is well worth one’s time and support.
So long
Love the podcast but refuse to cross the paywall it’s a shame wish you the best
Basically Joe Rogan with an accent
Skip the first 12 and last 10 minutes of each episode to bypass the advertising this guy does. I really tried to like this as the subject matter is often intriguing. It’s just too bad the presentation is not.
Show me the green
It’s all about the $ for Danielle Bollelli. If I have to subscribe to a service to listen to you I ll longer listen to you.
Fantastic podcast
Daniele tells a great story.
Make your own money.
If luminary is like the Spotify for podcasts, and you elect to be apart of that, you should study the part of history that you are apart of. Having said that, you’ll probably forgotten to time, anyway.
Get it
The Tombomber
You deserve to be paid properly for all the hard work and fantastic storytelling you provide. Good luck with your endeavors and I can’t wait to purchase a subscription.
Can’t understand and a bit rambling
Semaj Rezob
There is no way this podcast has a legitimate 5 star rating. This is a pretty awful podcast. Don’t waste your time.
Gone to luminary
One of the best podcast out there. Too bad he went to Luminary. Good luck!
Nice guy but
Too many ads to much chit chat and I can’t understand him
the content is irrelevant when the narrator’s accent is so thick that it’s a chore to decipher. how does this have 5 stars?? i’m truly baffled. i’d rather listen to siri read the transcripts, or just read them myself...
Easily one of the best history podcasts out there!
Great history from a great storyteller, clearly one of the highest quality history podcasts out there.
Great Podcaster
This is a great podcast and one of the greatest podcasters. You have a way of putting the historical scenes together to get a good picture of what happened, who was involved, when it occurred and where the historical events took place. You also bring many things from different areas or themes to enhance our understanding. You really do set history on fire. I’m sorry to hear we’ll see less of the podcasts, but I’ll still subscribe to this media. I won’t be following you to the paid subscription plan.
I would rather pay you than Luminary....
I am new to your fact, as a recovering Luddite ,new to podcasts in general. Your presentation is so clear, concise and so very listenable and your content fascinating. After reviewing Luminary's content however I want little to do with them. I would be happy to pay you $8.00/ month for your work but view Luminary as an unnecessary wast of money.......I'm sad to have lost you after we just met. Please come back to you fans.
shark eye dolp smile
I liked this podcast but like most things money gets involved one way or another.... unless you pay a monthly fee you will get two episodes a year..... two while 13 must be paid for. It’s a shame.... Back to other podcast and YouTube vids on history.
Best wishes.
El Presidente Steve
Great podcast. Your way of approaching topics is quite valuable. Your honesty regarding sources, opinions, and guessing is refreshing. I can not afford a subscription service so I shall miss your future content. Best wishes for success in your new endeavour.
Shame it’s going to that
Lost on the trail
It is sad I will only get two a year... I’ll miss you
Hardcore History on Fire
Samuel the Ratingmaster 🥤
Good as h📛ll!
So sad for the fans of this podcast that are not in those countries.
I will miss this podcast!!!
guy fargo
I will miss this podcast!
Bye, & much luck
Loved the free content. Will miss you.
Podcasts going to luminary are dead to us
北 Matt
Podcasts going to luminary are dead to us
Usually great content, and I will miss it.
I’m not sure the point of being a patron for over four years — since Episode 2 — to now be strong-armed into downloading an app and paying $8/month for other content I don’t want and refuse to pay for. I supported you — not Luminary. I wish you well, and maybe once you begin to hemorrhage enough subscribers, you can come back to the core audience that helped build your show and are responsible for its success.
Perhaps you will make MUCH $$$, Mr. Educator. I will pass. This is not the spirit of podcasts. I will delete and forget.
Sorry to see you go
Will miss you on iTunes. Personally don’t want to have a lot of monthly subscriptions and will have to pass on the new platform. Really enjoyed many of your pieces.
Got me thinking
So far I've been 100% free to play on podcasts. This one's got me thinking about jumping the paywall. Value for value, every story is a treat.
Heart broken
not everybody is surgically attached to an i-phone. Only 2 episodes a year? break my heart. Ciao.
Once great... now sold out.
Another once great podcast given over to the black hole of Luminary greed. My great hope is their platform fails and leaves all these sellouts without an audience. Just pass this one by and unsubscribe.
Understandably A Shame
I just found this and got into it. However, it looks like he’s going to put most of the content behind a paywall. Sorry 15 episodes a year is not worth what Spotify basically costs. Wish you found a better way to make money. For now I’m going to listen as much as I can before he pulls his content. I’m not going to knock anyone’s hustle but that stinks.
Marked up
for passion, enthusiasm, and for going that extra bit to bring life into his history. Marked down a star for unmistakable and unfortunate lack of self-awareness manifested in separate ways, which limit my enjoyment of his work and also for him as an individual. Not intolerably so, just unfortunately so. Now behind a paywall?? Good luck, and see you later.
Bedroom voice.
I love his accent and dream to someday transform my dumb American accent into an exact copy of Daniele Bolelli’s sultry cadence. How could anyone ever criticize such a vocal masterpiece? I don’t think my ears could feel such joy if they were being fingered by god himself.
Love it
Daniel presents great content. Being that he’s not American born I feel the information given is less bias in research, no objectivity. Been a long time listener. Best show was Black Hills by far. Listened to it just before my trip to Battle of the Little Bighorn. I enjoy the humor and how he can relate it pop culture TV such as game of thrones or MMA. I also enjoy following him on Facebook.
Sound quality
The information in this podcast is great the down side is the accent of the podcaster but I try to over look it now the sound quality is what frustrates me with all the sponsors and personal income I would think the podcaster would invest in some better equipment or pay someone to review the audio.
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