The plug
outstanding music. Helps ID lots of bangers for future listening pleasure
The best!
My favorite podcast!!! Look forward to listening every week.
Dirtybird 🐣
My favorite podcast, listen every week and I’m never disappointed
Never fails
Ryan Salazar
Herr Vonstroke is a visionary and genius. Every week and every track delivers. Much love 🙌
Future music fo sho!
Great sounds man. Love the guest mixes and Dirtybird. Keep it coming hot fresh & new.
Underground sounds, without the “underground attitude”
Claude bless this show! It’s a mix of Dirtybird stuff and some other, more left-field music he’s digging... but with no pretentiousness, and all humor and good vibes instead. It adds up to an unbeatable combination.
Always bumping
This podcast is a life saver at work! Always coming in hot with massive tunes
Premium satellite radio artist
Love to see the podcast able for download Electric area, bpm are one shot times to here live show so podcast download is the best
Big bird sounds
C0llage R3vI3wer
Weird house music every week yes plz
I have listened all the way back to beginning of last year so far, best podcast EVER!!! Thank you so much for doing this!!!
Claude is Boss!
I was hoping there would be a Dirtybird show someda and the day is finally here! I like that Claude announces the songs, shares a little background info, and laughs it up along the way. He's genuine…no ego…all fun.
Oh my Claude!
Big Papa Slither
Our prayers have been answered! Thank you sir!
5 Stars
Love Claude Vonstroke. One of my favorite live performers. I think he's still getting his feet wet with the podcast format though. I don't know why it's necessary to say "This is Claude Vonstroke and you're listening to the birdhouse" between every track. Also the "do you want to get crazy tonight?" guy is annoying. But the music is excellent.
Turn on, tune in, Dirty bird!
My weekly dose of Dirty Bird
I had a huge treat recently when Claude VonStroke showed up as the opener for The Chemical Brothers in SF. This podcast perfectly captures the energy of his set! I can't hit the clubs as often as I used to, so I couldn't be happier to be treated to a weekly dose of Dirty Bird.
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