Amazing Resource for Drummers
Informational, educational, inspirational and many times hysterically funny. Two guys hanging out and talking on a level that can reach anyone and everyone who is studying/playing the instrument. Class act show and no bull...
Where We Can Learn
I felt compelled to write and show appreciation for this Podcast where we can learn about the happenings in the drum industry. In the past our learning came from the magazine, and it still does, but many today don't have time (or take the time) to read and in this modern age we receive information in new and exciting ways. For those that can't get the magazine, the podcast fills that gap providing education, along with helpful tips and turns us on to gear and drummers we may have not heard of, plus we get to hear audio and two guys who are passionate abou this wonderful instrument called drums. Thank you for taking the time to provide this needed resource for modern drummers.
My two best drum friends I've never met
Mark in Ohio
Found this podcast about a year ago, started at the beginning and have listened to every episode while driving to workouts and around town. Mike & Mike keep you engaged with new material, introducing "new-to-me" artists, lessons, techniques, gear and explaining the world of professional gigging drummers. Love the humor and the down-to-earth conversation; after 30+ years of playing, they're knowledgeable but humble about how much there still is to learn. Keep up the great work, guys!
Delivers as promised
This podcast was started to make the listeners feel welcomed to the drum community. Mike and Mike make the audience feel like they are right there with them as they flip through the pages of Modern Drummer, while giving their insight. This is not a product endorsement podcast, they review products, introduced listeners to drummers in the industry, bring us into their personal drum journey, then finish with a pick of the week. If you want to learn more about today’s drumming community or feel inspired, you need take a listen.
Favorite Podcast
Pretty sure Mike and Mike know when I'm driving from one school to the next on a Friday, because like clockwork I receive a new notification that a new episode is available! I love listening to as much as I can while sitting in traffic from one school to another, then finising it off on my drive home. I enjoy how Mike and Mike cover what's in the current issues of MD, and add a little extra to it!
My favorite show.
The amount of things I’ve leaned about the drums from listening to this show is something I would gladly pay for. But they are giving it to us for free. What gentlemen. Thank you very much.
Always inspiring!!
Easily the podcast I look forward to the most every week Thanks guys!
Draws me in...
Scott Hausrath
Mike and Mike definitely succeed at including us listeners in the loop of the drumming world. I’ve been listening for a few months, and these guys keep inspiring me to practice more, and to learn more about playing, players, music, specific gear, and the industry. Their relaxed and genuine presence draws me in, and the breadth and depth of information they share keeps me listening. THANK you both for what you’re doing, and PLEASE continue doing it.
Fantastic for Drumming Fans!
brandonius III
I’ve checked out some other drumming related podcasts in the past but this one definitely takes the cake. Highly entertaining and informative material, great interplay between the hosts, and never redundant. I look forward to this every week, give it a shot and I bet you will too!
Great resource for drummers of any experience
Tom Sawtelle
Started listening to the show a few months ago after taking a nearly 10 year break from drumming. I had only played for 2-3 years prior and was looking for ways to get exposure to the drumming world. Mike and Mike keep it interesting and entertaining and have a ton of knowledge and experience to share. I recommend this podcast to anyone that wants to immerse themselves in the drumming world. The knowledge they share has surely saved me thousands on gear I would have tried unnecessarily, and has helped to make my practice time more efficient. Been going back and listening to all of the old episodes and look forward to new episodes every week. Mike and Mike, Thanks for doing this project and sharing it, and for the other contributions you make to the drumming world.
Great podcast
Great content, Mike and Mike keep the show flowing and really create a professional atmosphere while keeping the episodes light hearted. Always look forward to the next episode.
Great banter
I have not touched the drums in over 15 years. Listened to all the episodes and this podcast has helped me in getting back into stick swinging and enjoying the instrument. Thanks again Mike and Mike!
It’s a weekly must listen!!!
The chemistry between the two Mikes is great. The segments usually hit on topics from the MD mag, where they add their input and insight which is top notch, but it’s the sarcastic humor filled banter they have with each other that puts a smile on my face. They’re (usually) positive, honest, and I always look forward it every week.
I’m a metal drummer and wasn’t quite sure if this podcast was for me but man I’ve fallen in love. Inspiration to the max thanks guys keep it up
Great podcast!
This has become my default podcast. Driving to work, working out at the gym, it’s awesome having Mike and Mike to listen to!
Absolutely worth the time...
An hour well invested every week. They even answered the question I submitted! I’ve listened since episode 1. The bottom line is that you will accelerate your own learning by taking advantage of their experiences.
Awesome podcast.
Mike and Mike have a way of making me feel like I’m at their table just hanging with the guys. Not only funny but very educational and inspiring. 👍👍
An Absolute Must Listen For Drummers
***CAUTION*** Do not listen to this podcast while lifting weights at the gym. At any point in the show, Mike Johnston could say something so funny that you might drop a weight on your face. This is my absolute favorite podcast ever. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
Cannot Wait Until Friday
This podcast is another reason why Friday's are great. Amazing rapport 'tween the Mikes and the mics. Always fills my head and my notepad with ideas and inspiration. Is there a 6-star rating?
Best show for new and old drummers!
I’ve been playing for nearly 30 years on and off and I never knew about modern drummer until recently. Listening to all podcasts from episode one and just realizing how much I’ve missed and so much to learn. Great show, don’t miss a podcast now and has made me want to get practicing bad! Thanks guys!
A must for every drummer!
This is the perfect way to end each workweek, each Friday. A hang with Mike & Mike brings the drum community closer with tons of great info from 2 of my favorite drummers. Simply AWESOME!!
As good as music!!
I have never been a fan of podcasts until the Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike and Mike! I was stuck in a musical rut and just couldn’t find anything to listen to that helped me move on, but listening to these two dudes chat about life, music, and drums has really opened my ears back up and helped me grow as a drummer. Even if you don’t think you’re a “podcast person” just listen to a few episodes and you will be. Thank you so much, Mike and Mike, this podcast means the world to me!
The Click and Clack, Tappet brothers for drums
Mick - The Preacher
Mike and Mike's podcast is entertaining and full of humor and insight. They have a professional chemistry that gets better and better. I can't wait for epidote 500. I listen on the way to work andf back. A great way to survive and thrive in the traffic in Metro D.C.
Best drum podcast out there
I’ve listened to a lot of drumming podcasts, but none are as polished as MD’s. Mike and Mike are consummate pros, yet always manage to boil topics down to digestible concepts that can be integrated into your playing, regardless of your current experience or vocation.
Excellent and addicting!
Dat Guy 1
I've just binged on 75 episodes and still going! The Mikes keep it real and are very entertaining. I don't know what I'm going to do when I catch up to "real time."
Best Drumming Podcast
This is by far the best podcast about drumming out there. It’s a great resource of information delivered by two world-class educators and is always entertaining. The best parts are all the recommendations about new things to check out, listen to, and ideas to try. Also the humble discussions about the struggles of practicing and getting better make you feel like part of a close family. Mike and Mike are the best.
Jacob Agee
Anything from nerdy drum stuff, to in depth thorough reviews on gear, to mic techniques and recording gear, this is your place. I’ve listened to every episode and it doesn’t get old. Every Friday I listen to it just to take some time off from music and I’m still learning about it. Go listen!
Great podcast!
These guys are awesome, super informative, and very entertaining. It’s a must listen for drummers.
The greatest drummer Podcast available
Seriously, if your a drummer and not listening to this, your missing out.
I guarantee that this podcast will make you want to be drummer again
Lex of Cincinnati
I really enjoyed this podcast, these guys geek out on everything; drums. This podcast has sent me down so many drum rabbit holes; leading me to gaining new favorite drummers, music and techniques. You will binge listen to this.
If you're a drummer, you should be listening.
This is currently my favorite drummer podcast. I find the flow between Mike&Mike to be so effortless and conversational, I have found myself responding to them as I listen. Their commentary is spot on and they have a knack for breaking down the topics in a fun and interesting way. Totally worth your time.
Thanks Mike & Mike
Jason Willer
Best drummer podcast hands down. Covers all bases and is entertaining to say the least.
Modern Drummer Podcast
I look forward to this podcast every Friday and have listened to every podcast since its inception. Great chemistry between Mike and Mike that never tires and I'm always learning about something new in the drumming/music industry. These guys know their stuff! Thanks Mike and Mike!
Addicting Podcast for Drummers
I love this podcast. I started listening to it around the same time that I realized I really didn’t know anything about playing drums (after “playing drums” for about 10 years), and this podcast really sparked my passion for drumming and inspired me to actually practice and take my drum education more seriously. This has become a part of my weekly routine. It’s that good (and addictive). These guys are super cool, knowledgeable, talented, grounded, and honest guys who pack a lot of great info, education, and entertainment into each episode. It’s so good, I basically feel obligated to tell every drummer I know about this podcast. Fair warning, their “picks of the week” can get a little pricey, and you WILL want all of them (if you’re like me), so maybe limit your exposure to this podcast if you struggle with self-control. I have spent a decent amount of money on several of them, but I continue to use and enjoy every one of them (Beatnik, xclip, and green tea to name a few). So no regrets there. Happy listening!
drives me to be a better drummer
Mike and Mike have helped me further my skills and have helped me identify gear that is helpful to improve my playing and overall experience. In 2018, I started liatening from the beginning and have a great backlog to get to.
Excellent Coverage and Insights
Excellent coverage of a wide range of issues. The passion, enthusiasm, and humility of the Mikes is motivating. There are takeaways for all levels of skill and experience.
Don’t listen to this podcast!
sean durham, nh
Mike and Mike will make you love drums more, play better, more tastefully and focus on the stuff that really matters - aka groove and feel. And then you’ll take away work from the rest of us. ;)
The Modern Drummer Podcast
Rick Forzese
I've been listening to Mike and Mike for the past few years. I've been playing drums and making music for over 30 years and I always learn something new with each and every podcast. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Rick
Humorous, Entertaining, Educational
Dawson and Johnson click as a podcast team. Whether you want to know about drumming technique, new gear of all sorts for drummers, or be inspired by learning about the work of fellow drummers, every episode will have plenty of information for you.
Worth EVERY episode!
Having been a reader of MD since the Buddy Rich Issue no.1, I’m a fan of Modern Drummer. So, when Mike and Mike started doing the podcast, they had a ready-made fan. I’ve enjoyed every episode (some, more than once.) They are informative, entertaining, and provide content that helps this 62 year-old drummer want to try new things while improving on the old things.
Better late than never
I’m late to the party on this podcast, but that just means I have a ton of listening to do, which is great! I’ve been catching up constantly while traveling to gigs. Super inspiring and well rounded content here. Obviously these guys are vets and it shows in the wide range of knowledge and enthusiasm between the two of them. The pacing is great and the different segments are all entertaining and educational. It’s a nice change of pace from the interview based drum podcasts (which I also enjoy). Thanks for producing this!
My favorite podcast!
Feral Drummer
Love these guys. Love the evolution of the podcast. Love the lightheartedness, honesty & quality information from these seasoned drummers/teachers. It continues to be an inspiration for me to stick to my practice and enjoy my own evolution as a player.
One of the most amusing aspects of this podcast is the contrast between Johnston's bright and outgoing personality and Dawson's no-bs demeanor. Super entertaining and informative for all drummers. One of the highlights of my week. Five stars
Great podcast!
I’d personally hit a slump in my playing when I had heard about this podcast and checked it out; I owe Mike and Mike for rekindling my love of my instrument and staying informed of some killer players out on the scene, both new guys and legendary ones. Thanks again guys!
B. Buckley
B. Buckley
You guys are killing it! Congrats! Thanks for doing this. BB
Honest and Inspiring
Love these guys! They’re easy to listen, have solid advice bred from real world experience, and a contagious, positive attitude. Great weekly drumming inspiration.
I love this podcast and I love you guys
I like how The Bends was the “artsy album” -A guy who sincerely hates that album but loves Radiohead
Best podcast for drummers
I love this podcast. I’m on the road a lot and listening to Mike & Mike melts away the time and brings me back to experiencing all the excitement I used to feel when I was a kid and a fresh issue of MD arrived. These guys are both cool and they really know what they are talking about. The gear reviews are super helpful too - they often record various tunings of a drum so you can get a much better feel for how the drums sound. That’s just one of the things I love about the podcast - everything is top-notch. Keep it up guys!
Awesome Podcast!
Linda Costello
I love this podcast! I listen to it every week. I have learned so much. You guys are doing an amazing job!
Fantastic way to stay in touch
Anthony in Houston
I’ve only started listening since 2018, and have so much catching up to do! Luckily I’ve a job that affords me to play 2-3 episodes a day. Even right out of the gate, the early episodes are great and help me feel like I’m staying in touch with the drumming community and keeping up with what’s going on. Mike and Mike are a pleasure to listen to, I enjoy their friendship that clearly comes through in the conversation, and of course their knowledge and opinions on all things drums. Being the same age as these dudes, I can really appreciate their positions on the many subjects discussed. But bottom line, I feel that simply listening to this podcast helps keep me educated and continues to bring inspiration to an instrument that I’ve been playing close to 30 years now. I love it, and look forward to the knowledge and laughs to come- keep it up guys!
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