I listen to this podcast every morning on the bus ride trying not to laugh out loud. Joe is hilarious and when he has friends over it’s even funnier. I fully recommend this podcast to anyone.
Hilarious but be careful
Matty fantastic
Was listening to ep215 and eating yogurt and oatmeal, would not recommend.... All other times it's ok
I adore y’all. Also love podcasts on YouTube even more
I absolutely love how genuine and down to earth this podcast is! I love your friends just as much. Y’all are all so funny and weird. If I’m on a road trip or just bored, I can could on this podcast. ALSO!!! I ESPECIALLY LIKE THE PODCASTS ON YOUTUBE EVEN MORE
Just listen
The two most relatable people. I couldn’t image my Monday without this podcast. Great topic. Great humor. Basement Yard, Other Peoples Lives and The Stank are the highlights of my week
Top Notch
This podcast is a great way to relieve stress and escape the toll of everyday life. These guys make me laugh out loud every episode. I listen to this podcast over everything thing else, this is my go to number one. Joe and Danny, if you see this please know - I am a Registered Nurse, I take care of very sick people. I can be dreading going to work but that changes when I hear your positive energy. I try to listen to your comedy on my way to work which always puts a smile on my face and that helps me put a smile on the face of my patients. You truly have no idea how many lives you have touched.
I totally get what Joe is saying about delegating, I struggle with that as a manager myself. It’s so important to do it, but it’s hard when you know you will do it the right way the first time, but to teach someone to do it as well as you do with the same passion is tough. So many times I’ve said “it’s ok I’ll do it” just so I know it gets done right. But that’s also exhausting when you have so many other responsibilities to uphold. It’s hard to trust people to keep up to the standards you expect. Love the podcast guys! I can’t wait to hear it every Monday! Keep it up!
Supppper trippy! I sometimes go back and listen to old episodes and I happened to be listening to the episode where you guys talked about the Beyoncé thing, and then I start listening today and you bring it back up and it was mind blowing 😂😂 love the show !!!
Love it
Love both y’all hunks.
Love ya goofs!
I’ve been watching Joe for 4 years and I absolutely love this podcast and his podcast with Greg, Others People’s Lives. They always manage to keep a huge smile on my face and I’ll be forever grateful for that
5 out of 5
I was a big fan of Joe from way back on YouTube, but listening and watching the basement yard has introduced me to his friends and others. This show gets me through the day and makes me feel apart of their lives in a sense. Just a awesome show!
I love this show it makes me laugh
I download it every week. I laugh so hard.
Best Show Ever.
I have been listening to this podcast since it first came out, and I have genuinely enjoy every single episode. I look forward to not only listening to it every week, but knowing for certain that it will make me laugh.
Best show ever!!!!
I just want to thank you guys for lifting my mood when I’m down. I know I will always get a laugh when I watching/listening to the podcast. Love you guys keep up the good work.
This is the best! Always gets my mood up when I’m feeling down. You guys are hilarious!
My favorite podcast about nothing
Actually, this is my favorite podcast. As many people say it’s hilarious, but also these guys keep it so real and honest. They’re willing to have such vulnerable conversations about life and Joe is quite inspirational at times. Really has changed my opinions on certain things. Please keep on keepin it real—that’s what makes this podcast so unique. Oh yeah, and we want Davino back!
I literally have to pause in order to drink something. I feel like I’m gonna spat if I dont😹
Best Podcast!
Baby and Momma Love This
Y’all have to make Louisville KY a stop on the tour! I listen to y’all every Monday! I rewatch past episodes all the time! You guys are great!!!!
2020 TOUR
DR Alice
Please come to Detroit when you tour!!!
I cry laughing
I actually cannot listen to this at work because I burst out laughing too hard. These guys are too funny with their no-holds bar conversations. They cover all the things, even the things you didn’t think people would ever talk about. Every episode I laugh-cry at least once. Thank you for the laughs and tears!
Piss-your-pants hilarious!
I legitimately listen to this podcast every single night. I put in headphones and it keeps me occupied while I’m feeding my baby. On a very regular basis, I end up silent laughing so hard that I almost wake up my sleeping boyfriend. Recommend to everyone I know!
Not enough Keith and Frankie
Here’s the thing, I’ve been a listener since the early days. Recently we have had a lack of Keith and Frankie. Love Danny besides his take on Walt Disney World. Joe is basically that guy Jeff from David Dobrik’s Vlogs but like the original version because I’m pretty sure Jeff was in jail when this started. Bring back Keith and Frankie. 5/5 would podcast again
Please bring Frankie and Ahmed and davino on the show again!
the besttt
literally the best thing about monday’s
lipsi needa fix
I listen to this every week and i love it all I recommend is to bring back davino its weird i love this show so much i swear it seems like i know u guys
The best
Best podcast, on Monday, around 5am, eastern time. Love it!
Beyond Funny
They take funny to a new level
Funny! Funny! Funny!
Love these guys! Keep me laughing episode after episode.
Great show
You guys are hysterical and keep me laughing every time. Danny is my favorite. Keep it up
Never miss a Monday
I’ve been a fan for years and I don’t know why I’m only just now reviewing but this show is SO GOOD plain and simple. You guys are so fun and goofy and hilarious. Thanks for always brightening up my Mondays!!
In love
Cait V.
I have no idea how anyone could ever speak negatively about Danny. He’s genuine and hilarious without even trying!! Joe, I’ve loved the podcast since the beginning! (Invasion of privacy days too) lol Adding Danny to the mix has made it even better. Love you guys!
This is the best podcast on earth
Danny and Joe... name a better duo..... I’ll wait
It is a terrible show and I want to die when watching
thicc king
Jkjjjkkjjjjkjkjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkk favorite thing to do on mondays is watch the show love you guys😘😘
My favorite activity
My favorite thing to do it get super high at work after lunch and listen to this podcast. I’m starting to get in trouble for my random bursts of laughing😂😂
Best podcast ever
Emilyy 💙💙
For sure my favorite podcast. I look forward to listening to joe and Danny every week. I’m a Patreon because I’m a real supporter 😉 anyways I highly recommend. I recently have been listening from the has been quite a ride.
Best podcast ever
Emilyy 💙💙
For sure my favorite podcast. I look forward to listening to joe and Danny every week. I’m a Patreon because I’m a real supporter 😉 anyways I highly recommend. I recently have been listening from the has been quite a ride.
Don’t like podcast like this usually but i can’t stop listening. I’m a welder and it’s hard af to make good welds when I’m bustin up laughing 😂😂😂
Nikki Rozay
I listen to the basementyard while at work and the office thinks I’m crazy cause I laugh out loud so much lol best podcast ever .. can’t wait for 2x a week 😏
No Homo!
I love this podcast. The nonsense is amazing and I love the points they go off on and then disappear into something else completely different. Lol plus the homoerotic behavior makes it even more entertaining, I love straight men that go off on homo things. Lol
Loved it since day 1
I stopped listening to music and just play the podcasts on repeat. Only podcast i listen to. LOVE IT❤️
Not my fave anymore
tori l*
This used to be my favorite podcast but anymore Danny just annoys me with his stories and I think he’s trying to be too funny but it’s not working.. When Danny goes on his rants most of the time he doesn’t even make any sense. Sorry Joe, I still love you though!
Multitasking at its finest
Literally the only podcast (besides the stank) that I listen to. I listen to it on my bike, in the car, when I’m doing dishes, playing video games and even trying to sleep. May seem weird but I feel like this podcast has somehow improved my life. Always looking forward to Monday’s.
I just love you guys! The best part is when you guys argue with each other it’s just so funny! -Damaris
Lost the charm in ep 200
In the latest episode Danny is a person I don’t want to listen to speaking at length on anything. Lost the appeal for me.
Best and most underrated podcast
T Stats
Love listening to the podcast! Joe and Danny are hilarious and it’s amazing how they always have great content!
Favorite podcast
Sweetness *1000
I’ve been listening to Joe and Danny for awhile now and they have yet to disappoint me!
Feels like home
I was born and grew up in New York and just recently had to move to the Midwest for work. This podcast honestly makes me feel so at home and Joe and Danny feel like my best friends. Sometimes I even put on this podcast to fall asleep when the insomnia kicks in. One of my favorite podcasts about nothing.
put down the burger
make a basement yard t shirt or hoodie that says “put the burger down”😂 that would be incredible!!!!
Audio issue
Turn your volume up on your microphone I cant hear you over my air-conditioning in my car. Great show though!
I love these guys, their conversations are so simple yet so real and really bring back so much nostalgia from growing up in such a hilarious way. Keep doing what you’re doing!
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