The best podcast I’ve heard
It’s amazing for your personal growth, he’s so direct with you but that’s what we need to grow, now people are too susceptible, it just changed me,
I’d give you 5 more stars if I could.
I absolutely love your podcast. I love that you are genuine and are courageous enough to share your flaws and be okay with it. You have discovered the greatest gift of all times. Hopefully I get to meet you one day.
Always Learning
I have been following Rob For the last couple of months. I have enjoyed learning new strategies to apply to my life. Scott
happy but sad parent
I have been following Rob Dial for awhile but just recently started following his podcast. I am glad all of his episodes are available since the beginning. I started with some newer ones but I now jumped back to the beginning and will be starting those! I am planning on getting up early every morning and listening and journaling about all that is learned and talked about! Rob you are amazing and I thank you everyday for your inspiration!
Favorite podcast does it again!
I quit watching the news several years ago as well. I’m so glad you did the episode on the corona virus! I work in a hospital and the over reaction has been amazing. Keepin’ it real!
Can you talk about actors more and that career
Can you talk about actors more and that career? You talk A lot about musicians and artists but I want to hear more about acting careers.
Helps greatly
Very happy to have found this podcast
Seek —> sought
Some people have sought medical attention when they contract the flu.
Amazing podcast the his words and lessons will seriously change your life for the better And give you more insight.
Become self aware
I am so happy that I was able to find this podcast and especially Rob Dial. Since I’ve been listening to these podcasts that are FREE! Actually and truly FREE. What he shares really makes you think and allows you to make changes and become self aware of how you are perceiving and attracting the life you currently have. He provides tools to help you make changes to create the life that you want. Do yourself and all those in your life and get on board with listening you won’t regret it!
Truly a must listen podcast!
I’ve been listening to this guy, Rob Dial for the last couple of years. I am not lying when I say that the motivation and positivity that his podcast have reflected on me are amazing. Not every episode directly related with my issues in my life but at least 70% of them honestly did relate to me. It gave me a more positive way of looking at everyday problems that many adults deal with on a daily basis. I can’t thank him enough and it never cost me anything. It’s free. How great is that? Listen to this podcast! You will not regret it. Cont. 02/25/2020 Still going STRONG. Been A LOT of bumps along the way, but thanks to Rob’s advice, I remain determined to fight another day. I know that making myself better is ALWAYS a daily habit for us all. I TRULY appreciate his guidance and support. I will ALWAYS continue to do my part to help others. I honestly do BELIEVE, it is the true source of my happiness. “I WILL NEVER GIVE UP❤️” on myself.🙏👍
Great content!
LizzyBee Yoga
I love this podcast for getting into/ maintaining a growth mindset. Many episodes are +\- 20 minutes, perfect for driving in the car. I find myself listening once in the car, then going back and listening a second time and taking notes.
Blows My MIND 🌟
Anahata Ananda
Rob delivers consistently valuable actionable strategies. Implementing his insightful pearls of wisdom has profoundly improved many areas of life. Rob walks the talk and is a leading expert in mindset mastery. TUNE in To LEVEL UP ✅ 🎯
love'n light
Rob Dial is such a motivational speaker. He encourages you to face the topics of your truth that much of us are trained by society to burry beneath excuses and instead bring to light and seek to understand who and what you are at your core. What makes you you...and then go live that life to your fullest well as the steps in the process to get you there.
Life changing
It’s life changing the way you make people look at life all the different subjects you touch if everyone in the world listed to this it’d be a better place
Next level stuff
Thanks for continually teaching. You actually inspired me to do my own podcast in your purpose podcast Please review my podcast too “Back in charge mindset podcast” Thanks brother!
#1 key to relationships
Fulton Quilter
This episode has just changed my life.
Raw and real
The truth you don’t want to hear but you HAVE too. Thank you. 👏🏼
Life changing
This guy is no joke. If you truly want to change who you are and dig deep you are absolutely in the right place.
Love it!
Very positive! My husband has been trying to get me to listen to Rob for awhile and I finally did it last summer. I think I listened to 20 plus podcasts that day! I find it crazy that there are negative reviews honestly. Do people go looking for that?? I find myself re-listening to episodes because I need to reiterate in my brain what was said. We all don’t change in a day. What harm can come from positivity and trying to better yourself? I hope you have a blessed day and as always make it your mission to make someone else’s day better!
After 4 months of listening...
B Money $
I’m unsubscribing. While I find his general messages are helpful, I really can’t get past his arrogance at times. He contradicts himself in episodes and I can tell that some content seems made up as he goes along. As time has passed, I’m having a hard time connecting to the content and finding his material to be genuine.
Life Changing!
This podcast is extremely helpful for developing a growth mindset and pushing yourself to be the best you can be. This podcast has helped me make many realizations that are enhancing my life. Highly recommend. 10/10.
Rob’s videos, podcast and content, definitely changed my life. I accepted one of his challenges and it was the best thing that happened to me… Thank you Rob for everything you share with the world!
Life changing
Thesis rabies
Since listening to this podcast my life has changed completely. If you apply the life hacks he gives you from diet to meditation your life will change too.
Overall good but...
I wish you would cut out all swearing. I personally believe it is too common place in society these days. That said, it’s your right but that is the single reason why I subscribed and then unsubscribed in the same day. You have great content and I would stick around if it wasn’t for that.
Changed my perspective
First podcast I came across that truly hit my heart. I’ve listened to pretty much every single episode now. I think I’ve always shared every single episode with at least one person, because there is ALWAYS someone who needs to hear what he has said. I wish the podcasts were a little longer! But most of the time it’s just the right amount of time as I enjoy listening to it on my way to work or from work. This has helped a lot with my road rage even, he really calms me down and puts me in a better headspace. He along with my weekly therapy appointments, has truly changed my perspective and made me mentally stronger. Thank you Rob, I don’t think you realize how much of an impact you make! I can’t even write it out in a review, because words can’t even express the gratitude I have for this podcast!
Challenge accepted
This podcast is so motivating. I feel like doing all the things that I keep on postponing in my life. Keep up the good job! Keep inspiring people. I appreciate you.
Great Podcast!
Steffany Ruby
My mind is in such a better place when I listen to an episode of this podcast! I really enjoy the short messages that I can listen to even while doing the dishes or when my kids are going crazy, to refocus my mind. It’s great for anyone and everyone!
Thank you!
This podcast changed my life! I was caught in a spiral of negative thoughts, anxiety, self-doubt, and worry that went on for months until I listened to this podcast a week-and-a-half ago (the 3 Keys to Power Self-talk episode). I started applying the principles as well as principles on positive thinking from Rob's YouTube videos, and within days I began to heal. Rob teaches you actionable principles on how to think positively and be empowered and he's an incredible teacher. Like another review said, whenever I listen to Rob I feel like I can take on the world. I feel like I can do anything. Thank you, Rob! Keep up the great work!
Please drop the music
The messages in these podcasts are amazing, but the fast-paced music that plays at a higher volume than his voice ruins it for me.
All I got was being pitched to and something about my mother not raising me right by “socializing me.” Absolute waste of 10 minutes
Best podcast EVER
Rob’s podcast is one of the best. I constantly find myself applying what he teaches to my life and it works! My mind is constantly being opened and I’m rewiring it everyday. When I’m feeling down, I’ll listen to one of his podcasts and instantly feel like I can take on the world. I highly recommend listening in and seeing what you can take from it! Keep up the awesome podcast Rob!
My favorite podcast
I started listening a couple of months ago on the recommendation of a friend. I love it and listen to multiple a day. It would be wise to take notes and reference back
Just what I need
I’ve been listening to Rob’s podcasts for while now. I love that they are not too long, so I can listen on the way to work. Even though they’re quick on your time, they’re stuffed with no-nonsense, to the point motivation & interesting information that will help you at some point of your journey. Mostly, I like that he can laugh at himself, and doesn’t take out all his ‘bloopers’ - helps me remember to not take myself so seriously all the time. Go listen & give him a follow! Thanks Rob! Keep up the great work!
Rob Dial’s podcast is amazing. I definitely feel the difference in my day to day life when I am able to make some time and listen to Mindset Motivator. If you take a few minutes of your day to listen to this podcast, it will be one of the best decisions you make. Rob is honest, empathetic, and authentic in everything he shares.
I love Rob Dial’s Mindset &Motivation podcast.
Rob’s topics are relatable & help me see things in a different, positive way. I tell everyone about his podcast!
Inspiring and motivating
As soon as I started listening to my first episode of Rob Dial’s podcast I was hooked. I not listen to him throughout my day and find it extremely motivating. I am going through a lot of changes in my life and Rob helped me realize I could get through it by viewing the situation differently and changing my habits. This is a must listen! Thank you Rob. Can’t wait for the next episode!
Real motivator
I just began my carrer in United States.its nice i found your thought in podcast
This podcast has helped me.
In the gym i’ll listen to this and then go home and make a small change. This reminds me to make an effort every day to be the best version of myself.
Awesome podcast! The only one that actually motivates me and I enjoy!
Thank you
verlonda s
I started listening to this because I was stressing out. My daughter in law told me to start going through podcasts. I Love your talks. It lets me know what I’m going through. I appreciate you.
Worth Every Second
I swear, I never write reviews for anything. So this is worth it, I promise. I’ve been listening to Rob’s podcast for over a year now and the impact he has had on my life has been mind-blowing. I listen first thing in the morning, on my walk to the gym, while doing the dishes, and even on work break. Mentally, I’ve progressed far more in the past year just listening to these 15 minute talks where it feels like he’s talking to you one on one. I know for a fact he’ll end up on top ten podcasts because honestly, he’s that good. Thanks for everything, Rob, you’ve helped me realize that the smallest changes truly make the biggest difference.
Absolutely Amazing Podcast!!!
I discovered this podcast two months ago and I’m enjoying every episode. His messages are on point and of every value for every human being. I love that they’re not too long and they’re perfect for my ride back home from work.
Wow! This is spot on.
I LOVE stud podcast. I just recently started listening and so happy I lucked up on this one while on Spotify. I start my work day off listening and taking notes on his great tips! He is spot on with his advice!
My new favorite podcast. Thanks for imparting so much knowledge Rob. You are simply amazing. Keep sending the positive messages they are greatly appreciated.
Ana mom of 2
I love reading self help books I love improving my mental but not everyday is a positive day for me being a mom of 2 sometimes life just gets hectic and overwhelming and my mental state isn’t the best but every time I feel that way I put my headphones on and just hear a podcast immediately you help me improve my mental and understand it’s all the way you think and react to life thank you so much you have no idea how much you have helped me today and every other day I feel overwhelmed.
Exactly what I need to get AMPED & inspired❤️
Lauren Smith RD
I came across this podcast after listening to many as a newer entrepreneur and business owner, and BOY OH BOY is it fire. I’m making it part of my routine now to listen to Rob’s podcast in the morning as part of my ME time before conquering my day. This podcast is therapy for me, and often helps me get my mind & motivation aligned to feel unstoppable and have faith that I can in fact be the CEO I dream of being. Love it🎉
Feel Good Nonsensical Dribble
Wolfy McWolferson
As an open minded atheist skeptic I was able to look passed some of the non-science & appreciate the positive “mindset” behind his messages in the short episodes, however 3 attempts into trying to listen to the “psychedelics” episode I gave up and am considering finding another positivity podcast. You have to realize you’re taking advice from a crazy person when they say they’ve “literally been to hell & spoken to god”
Thanks you for this podcast. you’re awesome!
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