Informative and Captivating
Easily one of my top favorite podcasts. The guests are consistently delightful to listen to, and possess a wealth of knowledge to learn from.
The news here about the corona virus are complete fake,
The only podcast I look forward to
alli habe
Thanks for consistently creating interesting content. I always talk about what I learn—your ideas are concise, clear, and applicable. Thank you!!!
Smart Podcast
Martha Rieger
Smart Host talks with Smart Presenters. Hidden Brain sneaks up on you and makes all sorts of topics not just interesting and thought provoking but entertaining. Shankar asks the good questions, not in a studious way, but in a curious way. The way I would want to ask it I could. Leaves me with a lot to talk and think about after the show. I recommend you give it a listen!
Great, but I have a question
Syntax Babe
Terrific podcast but why can’t I get more recent programs in my podcast “feed? One on our unreasonable expectations of marriage? The one on FOMO (Fear of Missing Our)? I would be very grateful!! Thanks for a great podcast!
Love Shankar’s voice and his mind
I could listen to Shankar talk about anything (apparently, as proven over the years) but more than that I am always interested in the topics he chooses to present. That’s solely because he’s a great story teller, because I can hear a similar topic somewhere else and not make it through 5 minutes, but the way Shankar offers up the subjects makes them attainable and enjoyable. Great listening for anyone. And the episodes are short and sweet.
Great for class!
Using this specific podcast for a world and regional geography is perfect for it!
So Inspiring
The work that the Hidden Brain team does is unparalleled. If you’ve never listened to an episode, I would start with “Compassion.” It truly changed my perspective on the world and I’m so thankful that Shankar and the team created such important content. I listen to it every few months because it has such a profound impact on me. Thank you all so much!!
A note about William the meme kid.
I usually enjoy these podcasts but this one was just irritating to listen to. What an act by William. He’s the “sloth” in his memes and he played you all to save his image. Even the host was fooled. You’re all shedding a tear for William the Privileged and listening to his dad do the typical defiant “you don’t know my son!” routine. No we don’t know everything about William, but I know enough. It’s unfortunate that they painted him as a sympathetic figure in this podcast. That was William’s plan. Otherwise great podcast, but this one was junk. CLICK SEND.
Hidden Brain is always fascinating, well written, and well produced. It continually expands my mind. Thank you for providing so much knowledge!
Smart and fun
Great delivery of a fun podcast that you will feel good listening to.
Show about the change in the Indian society
Ready to delete NBC App
Hello, Shanker our family loves your thoughtful and deeply researched podcast . All this coupled with your soothing calm deliver makes your show a treat! I am wondering if you are working on a show about the political situation in India. There is much to report as there is paradigm shift in the fabric of society in India in last few years
Excellent podcast
DL the Farmer
This is one of the most interesting podcasts I listen to. It is well researched and presented like a detective story— but it is fact based. Well worth your time!
A daily companion
Jane LW
Shantha’s voice is so soothing and yet cuts through and presents an order amongst the others. I consider this podcast part of my daily routine without which my day would be compromised.
Great Podcast!
I love this podcast!
To many repeats
Way too many repeats. Just don’t put out new episodes rather than upload a repeat. Or at the very least designate repeats as repeats in the title.
Too many repeats
I think its a great show, very interesting subject matter and interviews, I would give it 5 stars. However it feels like 1/2 the shows are repeats, not just from a few years ago, but from less than a year. I really wish they wouldn't repeat things so soon, I say new content or no content. At the very least they should forewarn you at the very beginningof the show.
Thought Provoking
I do a lot of walking and find Hidden Brain to be so engaging! I always come away with a new insight! Vedantam’s voice is so easy to listen to and his guests are fascinating. Thank you so much for enriching my life!
Too many rebroadcasts
I really enjoy content of the podcast and I listen every episode for over a year. But in recent months I noticed increased number of rebroadcasts. On the begging I thought that it is due to the Holiday season but it is March now and it still continues. I’m not against rebroadcasts but (as other NPR podcasts do) if as least on the begging there would be an indication that it is a re-run I would know to skip it - it would serve me some time and frustration.
The best
This is my favorite podcast of all time. The host is eloquent, funny and genuinely awesome. The subject matter is always interesting and enticing.
Practical, personal, engaging
Hidden Brain is my favorite podcast to listen to when I walk. I’ve learned something new about my own brain and my thinking every time.
Incredibly interesting
Tha Bonk
Found this podcast so captivating that I downloaded all the episodes and started from the very beginning. Quick and fascinating. Only a couple hundred to go! 😍
best podcast in the game
Brooks Mara
Im so addicted. Just brilliant.
A show worth listening to.. I promise
This show is so enlightening. Comes with all sorts of different topics that are really interesting. He goes really deep into so many subjects and it’s really one of the highlights of my week. Try one episode.. I got hooked I think you will too.
interesting, but could vary its structure a bit more
I have to admit that I find this podcast uneven, and unfortunately when an episode isn’t working for me—that is, when the concept under discussion is either something I know a lot about already, or don’t have a lot of interest in—the methodology of this podcast, which is VERY consistent and could maybe change itself up a little more, loses it any chance of recapturing my interest. And most every time the show resorts to literary references to put a sociological or neurological concept into a more straightforward context, I will find myself irritated at how much the reference is oversimplified. Still (and this will be odd to say after the previous scree), I do find some episodes very interesting and a good introduction to some intriguing findings on psychology or human behavior. Just that I keep my finger over the Skip button for the first few minutes to make sure I don’t get too bored while driving.
Man Zach
Listening to Hidden Brain is one of the highlights of my weekend. Not only am I intellectually stimulated and engaged by the discussion, I am entertained. The podcast offers a retreat for me amidst the cacophony of various other commentaries.
Best Podcast Ever
I love this show!! I love it more than This American Life. Nuf said! Shankar is so smart!!
Hidden Brain is fascinating and informative!
Jen Gann
I love love love this podcast!!! I found the Hidden Brain podcast a few days before driving from Alabama to Michigan and back . I was dreading 20 hours in the car by myself . The time flew by! I could not wait to share! My busy daughter in her first year of Med school, started listening a month ago and loves it !! I use the information contained in this podcast for my never ending quest to be a better human.
Love this podcast
Thank you for such professionalism. I love this podcast
Too many rebroadcasts
I’m not against rebroadcasting some of the past episodes, but there seem to be too many. And it would be good if this can be indicated in the title of the episode like other podcasts do.
Mostly good content.
Convenience factor—feed is contaminated with repeats, sometimes episodes appear more than 3 times. If I want to hear an episode again I will look for and download again.
By far the best Podcast out there.
I’ve been listening for about a year now. Every episode gets you thinking about the world in a different way. This podcast is a must listen for any of the thinkers out there.
Keeps repeating the same shows
no nickname BR 81
It’s a good Podcast- although sometimes boring - but it keeps repeating the same shows over and over again!
Good, but mostly reruns
Stacie eng
I really like the podcast, but I’m frustrated that at this point they’re mostly re-releasing past episodes. And they don’t even say that’s what they’re doing. I was very much enjoying it when there were new episodes.
My New Obsession
I recently discovered this podcast and it is fabulous! Even topics I didn’t think I was interested in, I have found fascinating. So well done, so intelligent and yet understandable to anyone! Can’t say enough good things!
Modi comparison unwarranted
Shyam Sundararaman
Great points in the chat with Favreau but the equivalency implied when modi was compared to trump makes me any Indian democrats reject content like this. Modi is in a different universe. He is erudite, pragmatic and has eradicated a lot of corruption in a country where that is the number one issue. Trump has encouraged corrupt behavior and is no where near as proficient as modi is on issues. I really request Hayes, favreau and Ezra Klein and the intelligent folks on the left to read up more about Indian politics and Modi so they don't alienate the Indians in america.
Must listen to
This podcast is amazing! Really helps you think harder about who you really are and how you got here.
Favorite Podcast
Comet Chick
Whenever the subject of Podcasts comes up, I recommend this one. It is educational, applicable to living better, and the host is always respectful in his questions and exploration. I do not miss a week!
Everyone should listen to this podcast
This is by far my favorite podcast (and I listen to quite a few). I can literally open the podcast, close my eyes, select any episode blindly, and thoroughly enjoy every minute. The episodes are incredibly insightful and cultivate empathy in a way I’ve never known before. I “plug” it on Facebook about once a month because I want everyone to listen! I feel that, with enough listeners, Shankar (and everyone behind the scenes) can truly change the world!
The positive start to a day where you supervise people
Ita Golden
I have an hour or so commute into work each day. This podcast reminds me that people are different ,learn differently and it provides insight to them.
I always learn something new and VERY Interesting - Thank You!!
This is a long time coming
This podcast with break your brain in the best way possible! I love the insights into how we operate as humans. I have learned a lot about myself and others which has helped me be a better person. This podcast is very well done and brings the highest level of information to listeners. I’m constantly entertained and blown away by the awesome lessons I learn in each episode.
Without a doubt, one of the best
I never write reviews for anything, but I am feeling very compelled because this podcast is just that good. This podcast will deconstruction your patterns of thinking and understanding of things we have thought to be simple or innate our entire lives. As another reviewer said, I have learned things about myself I didn’t previously understand before since listening to this series. Can’t recommend it enough.
So many repeat shows
I get that public radio can be a difficult thing to navigate in terms of funding, but there have been too many repeat episodes lately. Extremely frustrating. I’ve decided to unsubscribe.
Mind blowing
The content released on here is so fascinating. I have a huge interest in Psychology and this only makes me more excited to pursue a career in this field in the future
Getting to know me
I’m learning things about myself through this podcast. The episode on habits really made me rethink how I’ve been taught to have New Years resolutions that don’t really change from year to year
The Best, Most Original Content
...for any podcast or any audio content, including radio. Period.
My favorite podcast! Interesting topics on psychology presented and explained in an engaging manner. I especially like the unsung hero tribute at the end. Great job by Shankar Vedantam and the entire crew. Thank you for making my commutes to and from office interesting!
Consistent Excellence in Reporting and Topics
Todd Hatrison
I’ve been a constant listener of this podcast for over a year and haven’t missed a broadcast. This says a lot as I am a regular listener of podcasts but no other has managed to keep my complete attention. I find the content interesting and applicable to life. The smart reporting and questions are a delight and I have recommended this podcast to numerous people. Thank you for the wonderful weekly mental stimulation.
I love learning about all of the things that I’ve never pondered. These podcasts are a chock -full-of-insight into how we think and navigate life.
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