Very insightful!!
Beyond great law school tips, there’s great life advice (not being too hard on yourself, importance of vulnerability, having a growth mindset). Lee and Alison have a great spirit and enthusiasm for helping people. I’m so lucky that I discovered them before I started 1L.
Great show
This podcast is hilarious. The personal statement segment is really funny when people boast about their terrible work
Great tips, a lot of things considered
Not a law school student, but I intend on it. Still gearing up for the LSAT, but these tips are even relevant for someone who’s just considering it. Well done.
Incredible Guide to All Things Law School!
I have only recently subscribed to this podcast, but in the couple of months since then, I have listened to almost every podcast from the Law School Toolbox. While there are plenty of written resources for law students, few places take the initiative to convert these lessons into easily-digestible, relevant audio format. Their podcast covers a whole array of different subjects, from giving tips to 0Ls thinking of making the law school leap to professional development strategies and guides for networking that I will take well into my law career. I especially enjoy the OCI podcasts and learning some of the ins and outs of BigLaw recruiting from both the student perspective (the hosts) and the law firm perspective (knowledgeable guests brought onto the show). Every law student, traditional or non-traditional, T14 to TTTT, should listen to their advice!
Incredibly informative
This is a focused, informative, fun podcast on ALL things law school! I’m in the middle of applying to law schools and I love binge listening these episodes- they make me so excited for this upcoming life season! Thanks for all the hard work!
Incredible resource for students before, during and after law school
Franny Lee
It is hard to over-exaggerate how much this podcast has enhanced my pre-law school and law school experiences. It succeeds in its goals of demystifying law school and preparing you for every aspect of the experience, from networking to academics. Providing this podcast for free is truly a public service. I think it is a particularly valuable resource for students who come from a community or background where they did not have social exposure to lawyers or the legal profession. Lee and Alison help to bridge the gap between “insiders” and “outsiders”; there are no stupid questions. For already motivated, passionate students, this podcast helps point you in the right direction and teaches you how to effectively channel your energy, transforming your desire to succeed in law into actual success as a young lawyer.
Love it!
This podcast has been super helpful and exactly the kind of law school podcast that I was looking for as a 1L.
Covers every aspect of the law school experience
B Waugh
The best law school podcast, hands down.
Sun on Banks
Really helpful to hear the transition as a 1L is tough for everyone especially non traditional’s coming from the working world. Please keep up the interesting shows and try and do a show on diversity: older students, parents as students, someone disabled, a non white person,etc. Would be great to hear diverse perspectives and experiences from future guests. Just a suggestion
Hugs. AmericanCanadianBecameBuddist?!thatsfunny.somehow! IcommentHerelikeLivestreamSometimes!thatmeansyourPodcastisgoodToo!likes!
200th episode is amazing!!
This entire podcast is so necessary and has such great content! I usually tend to leave a quick star rating on something I like, but the 200th episode made me have to put it down in writing! I think the content is so important for anyone at any stage of this process and so reaffirming for anyone already incorporating or exploring these topics and skills in their “toolbox” for life. Absolutely worth a subscribe and listen.
We love listening
My wife and I listened to your pod cast for an entire afternoon trip home from Atlanta (5.5 hours). Keep up the work we both learned a lot!
Athena Atwill
Whether you intend to stay or leave the world's second oldest profession, this is the podcast you need!
Love the LSTB
I am a 2L and have been listening since the summer before 1L. This podcast has helped me so much as a law student, and listening to this in conjunction with the bar exam toolbox podcast, I feel much less anxious about the impending bar exam. Thank you!
Started with episode 174 and thought this must be a prank. "LSAT expert Nathan Fox" knew nothing about the LSAT going digital despite that this episode was specifically to talk about the LSAT going digital. REALLY a perfect example of "if you have no content, don't post garbage" ignored. Oh, but Alyson and Nathan waste 45 minutes of our lives laughing about how lame the LSAT is for going digital - "Are they going to drive these Microsoft Surfaces around in armored trucks to each testing?...hyuck, hyuck, hyuck..." Seriously thought this MUST be the ONE bad episode so started listening to others...but I was wrong...after struggling through a couple dozen they just don't get better. The two non-practicing attorneys (and what does that say about their credibility?) spend most of their time laughing at each other and offering the same droll time and time again... "So Lee, do you think it's important to get a good night's sleep?" "Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck, yeah I think so Alyson." Funniest comment that's worked into nearly every episode I listened to before throwing in the towel is from Alyson: "Yeah, I don't believe in Ivy League status..." (five minutes later)..."but I DID graduate from Columbia and was on the law review...(yawn)...yeah clerking for a federal judge, so beneath me..." LOL...just don't think the 45 minute waste of time that *just might* offer 30 seconds of something useful is worth it. Pass, seriously pass.
tiredof gettingrippedoff
Probably a good listen for 0L or 1st semester 1Ls, but as a current 2L hoping to find real, practical advice/tips to improve.. not worth the listen. It’s all generic advice that I’ve heard from professors/school resources over & over again which doesn’t necessarily work well for me. Also, the podcast’s tone/attitude is eerily similar to the toxic law school attitude of many professors & students that makes it hard for underperforming students to seek out help & improve
1L Job Search Help
M. Gunn
I’m in the middle of the job search for my 1L summer and the ladies here have been extremely helpful to know what more I can tweak to get a legal-related clerkship this summer. Thank you Alison, Lee, and Sadie!
Basically the only law school advice I listen to anymore!
Ramen Forever
I listened to several of the Law School Toolbox episodes over the summer before starting my 1L year and I found them incredibly insightful. I was going through a huge life transition in moving across the world to start law school. They helped me form realistic expectations so that, when I got to law school, I was not as overwhelmed as I would have been otherwise. I cannot emphasize enough how appreciative I am that this podcast exists!! Now that I am nearing finals and have heard nothing but generic advice from law students and panels of people for the past 4 months, I truly can’t handle any more “information” or “tips” from fellow students or school resources because it is such an anxiety-producing environment. However, listening to the brilliant women of this podcast talk calmly and casually while I am cooking dinner or taking a walk is a time when I can happily take in advice. I look forward to continuing to listen to future episodes!
This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful for Alison, Lee, Sadie, and this podcast! This podcast made me feel so prepared going into law school this fall. I knew that I needed to start my outlines early, despite all the “advice” I was given by my peers. I was also well equipped with strategies to create a study schedule and stick to it! Now on Thanksgiving I am spending the day with family without guilt because I am in a good place on my final exam studies. I also have job application materials ready to send out on 12/1, which was never even mentioned to me by my school’s career office. This podcast is a GAME CHANGER if you’re starting/preparing for law school.
A Joy to Listen To
I started listening to this podcast after my business law professor told me I should consider going to law school. While I’m still unsure if I will go or not, this podcast has really helped me understand what law school entails. Additionally, it has advice that is relevant to me even now as an undergrad.
Best prep for law school
Brand new 1L
A sincere thanks to Alison and Lee. I took the June LSAT that very quickly led to a July law school acceptance. I had very little time to prepare for the start of school. And then I found this podcast... I just completed my first week of classes, and the tips and wisdom have been invaluable. The time management skills I have learned from the podcast have set me up for success. I never thought I could sit still for very long but find myself engrossed in my cases for more than an hour, escaping the traps of the "just checks". I've learned so much from this podcast that have, as the intro says, "demystified the law school experience" and feel much more relaxed and confident about what I've gotten myself into.
Very informative and encouraging
I’ve recently started listening to this podcast and coming in, I had very little confidence that I could handle the LSAT; much less law school, but after hearing these ladies talk (and their guests as well), I feel much more confident in myself and when the time comes to take the test and apply for schools, I know I’ll come in much more prepared than I ever could on my own! Keep it up, y’all! 😁
Great but
I love the old episodes but recently it feels like there is no new content it is the same thing over and over again. Also, it bothers me that if listening through their website there are usually glitches and Spotify doesn’t have all the episodes.
New Content Needed
I’ve listened to most of the episodes and the information is decent. Many episodes discuss the same thing just under a different title. Alison continually tells the same stories, even to guests that she brings on and has already told that story too. For these reasons I wouldn’t recommend listening to all of these episodes. Once you get whatever you can from it, then move on. I also particularly dislike Alison’s interruptions of her guests. She often interrupts people when they are sharing really good information to share a personal anecdote that doesn’t necessarily add to the conversation.
Audio delay unbearable for OCI episode
publius 2018
I recently subscribed to this podcast and listened to today’s podcast about OCI strategy. Was really looking forward to it but as soon as the guest came on there was a noticeable audio delay between the host and guest. Not helped by the fact that the host would keep talking over the guest instead of waiting for the guest’s response to come in after the delay. Unbearable. This issue should have been caught during sound editing before posting the pod. Not good. A shame because I really wanted to listen to this podcast once it appeared on my feed. Hope all episodes aren’t like this
Some the lady's opinions and advice can sometimes can seem it's a little bit of a personal bias and not factual. Nonetheless, it's all based on their experiences so it yet still a great foundational thoughts and advice. By far some of the best pre-law school advice that I've heard.
Wide Variety of Interesting and Important Topics
An excellent podcast. I'm really enjoying the most recent episodes like "Leaving the Law," and others that go into what law practice is really even like, and how to find what you want to do. The bar prep ones are great too. Thank you Lee and Alison!
Preparing for bar exam studying episode
Worth checking out if you’re law school student or past bar taker
Great Info for Potential Law Students
I started listening when I started studying for the LSAT. Lee and Alison explore many topics I had questions about and many that I didn’t even know to be curious about. Better than a mere introduction, I plan to keep this podcast and their other resources in my favorites, because they have helpful tips for the entire law school experience. I really appreciate their insiders perspective and their accessible style.
I have a hard time listening to Allison... she criticizes other people’s mistakes and scoffs instead of giving valuable advice. It is condescending and arrogant. The topics are helpful but the tone turns me off.
Very helpful
Great insight on offer! Thanks
Barbie Meets California Surfer
This podcast has a ton of good information. Yet, I find myself having to pull the pencil out of my ears every time I listen to Alison speak. She sounds like your stereotypical Californian...only missing the snapping bubble gum and "Ugh! As if!" or "like totally!" (although, I'm pretty sure she's actually used the latter phrase). She makes my ears bleed. I wondered if I was the only one or was being hypercritical when I saw there are other critical reviews commenting on the same thing. If you can get through that, you will find this podcast useful. If not, you better hide sharp objects.
Very Informative
Matt Butts
I just applied to law school and the insight provided here is pure gold, especially for someone who has no idea what to expect.
I want so badly to love this podcast, because the substance is incredibly valuable and accurate. I have a hard time listening to the show, however, because of the condescension and arrogance that finds its way into every episode. Even worse is the draining vocal fry and the constant "just likes" and "you knows" and "yeah, nos" that Alison Monahan drops throughout the show.
Alison and Lee are fantastic. They have great ideas and a fun approach. I love to listen on my way to law school. Their advise and tips put my mind at ease going into 1L year.
Are you an invisible? Conversation with author, David Zweig
Peer Spectrum
Very interesting podcast. Have worked in healthcare for many years with many 'invisibles' who had a tremendous impact on quality of patient care. Agree with David - focus should be on the best care you can provide not your own notoriety or financial reward. These employees will get their rewards & recognition in time if they continue to put their best foot forward. Would love to read David's book. Thank you Keith Menkin & Colin Miller for this enlightening podcast!
So helpful
I subscribed to these podcasts and have found them so helpful. They are so easy to listen to and understand. Also, the information is super helpful. Give it a try.
Great information!
Perfect for a 1L (or soon to be 1L) and of course for those taking the bar.
Condescension & Occasional Tips
Less irrelevant banter & and a less arrogant tone might bring this podcast a little closer to fulfilling its stated purpose. Judging by their statements on air, the co-hosts appear to have little respect for their former law school classmates, employers or you, the listener & prospective law student. Why else would they give advice on topics like "dealing with your pet dying while you're in 1L"? Do they assume that a significant portion of their listeners are immature (or emotionally unstable) enough to justify offering this type of advice to their audience? By and large, the information dispensed here is drivel. Awful, awful drivel.
Very informative podcast
Anthony Metivier
Excellent podcast for aspiring lawyers. I'm not a lawyer myself, but I work with quite a few lawyers and was curious to hear some of the details about what goes into studying for (and passing!) the bar. Great work Allison & Lee :)
I recommend these podcasts to my students. They are a great resource to reinforce key concepts and study habits.
Love this podcast! I recommend it to my law students regularly. The topics are varied and timely and the guests are wonderful too!
Great diverse subject matter.
This is a helpful podcast. No issues/bugs either. Overall I recommend!
Extremely Informative and Useful
EG 1181
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It's extremely useful for anyone either thinking about law school, in law school or even with someone in your life embarking on that journey. This feels like a unique voice on this particular area. I would highly recommend!
Condescending and little advice
These women mostly criticize other people's mistakes rather than offering constructive advice. The titles of each episode seem like they'd be helpful, and I was ready to take notes, but I was frustrated to hear them just gossiping about how people don't take law school seriously and making huge mistakes. It's basically whining disguised as advice. It's more about what NOT to do (which is mostly common sense) rather than what TO do. 1/5
Loved the episode on immigration!
Very interesting for lawyers + non-lawers alike.
Friendly and Informative
Hey,hey! Long-time listener, first- time reviewer. I really appreciate the easygoing, conversational tone of this podcast. Alison and Lee present good info with down-to-earth dialogue, and they cover topics that are relevant to people in every stage of a legal career. As a prospective law student, I especially enjoy their episodes about law school admissions, the LSAT, and the realities of law school and the legal profession. Great to casually listen to any time.
Time Management
Ismail ibn Ibrahim
I'm just glad I still have the desire to go to law school after listening to three episodes.
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