072: Seeking Accommodations in Law School and on the Bar Exam (with Dr. Jared Maloff)
Published November 14, 2016
40 min
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    Welcome back! Today we're talking with Dr. Jared Maloff, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Beverly Hills, California, about helping students get testing accommodations for tests such as the LSAT, law school exams, and the California Bar Exam (to name a few).

    If you're struggling in law school or with the bar exam or know that you have a learning disorder, listen in to find out what accommodations are available, and now to request them.

    In this episode we discuss:

    • The different accommodations available for different tests (LSAT, Bar Exam, Law School Exams)
    • The types of tests used for diagnosing learning disorders and disabilities
    • How are these tests evaluated?
    • What are the common diagnoses that lead to accommodations?
    • What type of accommodations are available to students to level the playing field?
    • Reasons why students don't want to get tested
    • How to identify if you are struggling with a learning disorder
    • The biggest mistakes students make in the accommodations process
    • Where do you need to go to get evaluated?
    • The costs associated with accommodations
    • Coping mechanisms for common problems
    • The importance of being proactive about seeking accommodations


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    Thanks for listening!

    Alison & Lee

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