001: Mindset - The Key to Success in Law School?
Published August 3, 2015
29 min
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    The goal of this episode is to talk about one of the most important tools you need when starting your legal career – the right mindset. We discuss fixed and growth mindsets and talk about how having the right mindset can really influence your experience and success in law school.

    We became somewhat obsessed with the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck (a Stanford Professor) a couple of years ago. After reading the book, we both realized that a lot of surviving and thriving in law school is really about having the right mindset. Everyone is going to encounter challenges in law school, and in life – what matters is how you react to the road bumps. Do you have a fixed mindest ("I'm too stupid to be in law school") or do you see challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow?

    In this episode, we share our own stories of overcoming challenges, in law school and otherwise, and offer some tips for shifting to a more growth-oriented way of thinking, for those times when that might not be your first impulse! And, as an added bonus, when discuss when it makes sense to give up and drop out of law school.

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