(Rebroadcast) Pt. 2: E.M.P. - The Day the Earth Stood Still w/ guest Dr. Peter Vincent Pry
Published January 8, 2016
33 min
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    Ben is a little sick this week, but he'll be back with a new episode on Monday.  In the meantime, enjoy this rebroadcast of Part 2 of his expose on E.M.P.

    In Part 1 on E.M.P. or the phenomenon known as an electromagnetic pulse, guest Dr. Peter Vincent Pry (director of the Task Force on National & Homeland Security) warned that an electromanetic pulse, either caused naturally by a solar flare or by a high altitude nuclear detonation by our enemies, has the ability disable the entire U.S. electric grid and send Americans right back to a time before electricity.  And not just for weeks or months but for years.  The scariest part is that right now, the U.S. is completely unprepared and defenseless against an E.M.P.  We are a sitting duck.

    In Part 2, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry will discuss why the U.S. government refuses to take the neccessary steps to protect the grid against an E.M.P. attack, the powerful lobby that is behind a misinformation campaign in the media designed to convince you that E.M.P. isn't even real, and how some states aren't waiting around for the Feds to act but instead are protecting their citizens against the very real threat of an electromagnetic pulse.
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