I’m late (not surprised lol)
I’m on my first episode and I absolutely love this podcast already!!! Looking forward to listening to them!!
Hands Down The Best
There are so many reasons why this show is important and they’ve all been listed on other reviews. What else is left to say? The hosts talk about topics nobody else wants to discuss, they cover films and directors that NEVER get attention from Hollywood OR the film community. This needs to change and this podcast is part of that change. And they manage to make it funny and engaging at the same time? 10 out of 10. I also appreciate that they engage with their fans. I work in a factory, I listen to around 15 podcasts per day while doing manual labor, so y’all really are making my day better. Sometimes I want to shout out about something I thought was funny, and to my surprise, y’all shouted back. I love it. Some of these (white) podcast hosts truly don’t appreciate their fans who give them a platform by listening. You three don’t take that for granted, and it’s nice. A lot of popular podcasts absolutely take their fans for granted, and that has always irked me. I listen to so many I get vibes from people and this podcast has the best vibes, the best laughs and the best talks. Can’t wait to see y’all on my tv! Also maybe do Beloved one day. I know it’s intense and weird but Toni Morrison just passed and I’d like to see more love shown to her work. Thanks guys, love
Love Y’all
I love this show because I can listen to it anytime. When I’m sad it cheers me up. When I’m goofy it affirms me lol. Also Jerah is my favorite 😜 I love his criticisms! Keep up the good work guys!
You guys are hilarious
You guys had me at “The King of Scotland” review. I would’ve walked out of that movie after the first 10 min of I wasn’t with a group. We all know why that movie got so many awards... Also screw you guys for getting me interested in Soul Plane. Good Lord.
Honest, funny and unapologetically black!
I came across this podcast by accident but so glad I did! From the way Braylock sometimes awkwardly transitions, to Jarah’s passionate arguments to James the 3rd’s hilarious love for the Hancock universe, I am constantly entertained yet also giving critical thought to the movies. May not always agree with the ratings (most of the times I do) but glad these young men are calling out Hollywood! Wish you continued success and hope to see you guys in movies!! Also , love when you have ladies on the podcast! 👌🏾😊😊
I’ve never laughed so hard listening to a podcast. I love you guys so much. I can’t wait to hear more!
I Love to Diversity of Opinions and Approaches
I don't like the length - but only because I want to hear each person's opinions fully. I have to either dedicate time or listen over two days which makes it inconvenient.
Show you should watch!
Better Than Us on Netflix. It goes great with what y’all where talking about robots walking around with humans.
Tales from the Hood, Too?
I poked my head in on your podcast after hearing the Detroit episode of Blank Check. After listeing to the Tales from the Hood episode, which is a classic I grew up with, I started listeing to episodes on movies I had seen and even hunted down movies to enjoy with the episode. From the grusome effects in Meteor Man to the seldom heard of The Spook that sat by the Door which is one I will never forget and have already recommended to people, both the episode and film. I hope eventually you get around to doing what is sure to be a quality episode on Tales from the Hood 2 or even Watermelon Man. Keep on keepin' on!
Black Excellence
Ive been listening to you guys for a few months now (my first podcast actually) and I love everything you three bring to the table. I came across you three when searching for ethnic podcasts to listen to (I live in ME now which is like 90% whites so I needed to hear some blackness real quick like) and you three not only were the best but keep me laughing at work in the daily. Please keep it up brothers the media needs this amount of black if the want it or not. So you know “Hear Me out.”
You guys are slipping
It has been a great
Love you guys, but how come you guys never review a Robert Townsend he has classic film doesn’t make any sense.
Only good thing about Mondays!
I absolutely love this podcast! I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts that can be heavy, so this podcast is such a breath of fresh air. Movies are a big part of my life and I always try to support the cause no matter how bad they may seem because I don’t care what anyone says, representation DOES matter. As a black woman I love hearing analysis on movies that other film review podcasts overlook. It is also nice that they not only review “black” movies but also ones that star a woman or person of color lead (Coco, Wonder Woman, etc.). When I first found this podcast I only listened to the movies I had seen but now I make a point to watch the others that were either just released or older, just so I can listen to you guys feedback. I am such a fan of this podcast I finally broke down and subscribed on Patreon. I wait eagerly each week to see if they will review 2 of my childhood favorites, Daddy Dare Care or Johnson Family Vacation. Keep on Keeping on. And yes, the first HALF of Hancock is a good movie.
Black men can’t jump...without this podcast
I found this podcast about two months ago, and instantly fell in love with it. As a black actor in Texas I completely relate to a lot of the topics that you al bring up on the podcast. Cheers to you guys and I hope you keep getting work in the acting world! Do you have any tips for a guy trying to break in? Thank you all keep up the real talks and funny times. Also a Patreon subscriber! Y’all need to do Get Rich or Die Trying if you haven’t yet!
Stay Listening!
I was at the live show for Hancock in Manhattan a few years back and since will tune in each week to catch the new episode. Love the podcast and hope you three keep it going! Also, I like the Hancock bit James III does every episode but bruhhh... Hancock wack.
Can't get enough
First heard these guys on Blank Check and now it's one of my favourite weekly listens. Always manages to make me laugh and teach me something new at the same time. These guys are fun, funny and insightful and have given me a whole different way at looking at films I've seen and have frequently convinced me to give a chance to movies I had written off as not for me but ended up really enjoying (Baywatch is awesome!). Thanks so much for all that you do guys! P.S I'm from New Zealand originally I would love it if you guys could do a movie from my homeland. I don't know how easy it would be to find a Māori/Pasifika guest but one of Taika Waititi's films would be amazing (What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople are both great and have POC in lead roles).
Love Love Love!
I love every bit of this podcast and the host’s Jonathan, Jerah, and James. Hilarious, insightful, with great chemistry, they all bring different perspectives on the movies they discuss. I really appreciate that they bring on guests who can speak better to the experience represented in movies with LGBTQ+ leads and/or other cultural backgrounds. I love all their recurring bits, especially more recently when James tries to trick Brey and Jerah into comparing the movie they are reviewing to Hancock. I’ve been listening since they came on High and Mighty, and really enjoy their Patreon episodes as well. Check that out too! I’d love to see a crossover between BMCJIH and Culture Kings or Yo, Is This Racist?
Love the podcast endlessly
I love this podcast so much. It's one of my faves along with Yo Is This Racist, Las Culturistas, and Off Book (which you all need to be on) but today as I was listening to this podcast y'all all said Elton John sings can you feel the love tonight in the original Lion King which he doesn't until the credits, in the movie it's Josepy Williams and Sally Dworsky. I had to tell y'all because it was driving me nuts but I love this podcast so much, before listening to this episode I was gonna wait for the Lion King to hit Redbox but now I've gotta go to the theatre ASAP.
Thank You!
I didn’t know I needed this podcast. I love movies. I wish I could talk about them like y’all do but no one watches movies like I do so I’ll just listen to you guys. In episode ‘Us ft Rachel Program’ I feel like you made some people old when you said “Have you seen those classic scary movies like ‘Scream’” I thought you was going to say ‘The Shining’. I was like *gasp* Scream is a classic? I’m old. I’ll be old and listen to you guys discuss movies. Love that you have guest. Awesome job.
Shark Tale Gateway!
Just started with the 'Shark Tale' episode after listening to the BMCJ[IH] hosts' appearance on the Blank Check podcast. This is great! XOXO
Funny and engaging.
My favorite movie review podcast
I love this podcast. All three hosts are a joy to listen to. I enjoy the style in which they break down a movie. I feel like many film review podcasts can wind up talking in circles about their thoughts on a film but by going through the events of the movie chronologically it allows the hosts to discuss their thoughts on individual parts of the movie and what did and didn’t work about it for them. One thing that I love so much about this style and how the hosts implement it is that it feels like a conversation with your friends. They have an initial opinion but by breaking it down scene by scene and talking about it with each other sometimes their opinions can shift. This may not sound like much but so many film podcast are just “this movies great!” “This movies bad” and hosts on many shows rarely allow their opinion of a movie to change during a discussion about it. I also love the theme of the podcast. It has exposed me to many films that (as a white dude) I didn’t really know about and weren’t on my radar. By covering films staring only people of color it often leads the podcast to cover smaller new releases when other podcasts are only covering the massive blockbusters. Literally no other podcast (that I listen to) covered Escape Room or Ma but Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood did and I am so grateful for that. Love the show! Always excited to see what movie you cover next.
Thank you
This was the first podcast I ever listened to. It was for an English assignment freshman year about diversity and representation in the media. Here I am 3 years later going into my senior year in undergrad... who knew homework could be fun! This podcast has the perfect balance of comedy and important conversations. As a black woman it's so refreshing to hear 3 men of color standing up for women and other things they believe in. Keep being great and I look forward to seeing their names in even more projects!
Love it
How has this taken so long?!? This show is my weekly go to. I initially found it when I was looking for engaging black reviews for Black Panther and have been hooked ever since. There is a balance of hard honesty, and lightheartedness that makes you feel like you are a part of a real conversation. I appreciate that they bring in guests when they step outside of their cultural realms of knowledge. Almost every episode ends with one host (who shall remain nameless) pushing for Hancock the way that mean girl Gretchen kept trying to make “fetch” happen. I think I am putting it on my vision board to be a guest on this show especially for a musical cuz they really need help reviewing those (no offense but they’ve stayed that it’s not their thing and it’s definitely mine lol). Keep this going, it brings me such joy!!
Cannot recommend enough
Incred Pod
Pretty sure I’ve already commented a few times but I love this podcast so much so I gotta say it again! These guys are funny as hell and crazy smart and I share this podcast w all my friends. Loved you guys since the beginning (shoutout in the heat of the night w keegan michael key!! I listened to the episode before I watched the movie and I gotta say, didn’t understand most parts but it was still a great listen!). You guys rock PLEASE review Like Mike! Also, James was my improv 101 teacher and he was truly one of the best teachers I had. Much love!! Like mike forever!
One day
One of the few podcasts I genuinely look forward to listening every week. As a young black actor making it in New York myself, I really feel myself being seen (or in this case heard) with their differing opinions on both race, culture, and how we would should see ourselves in films today. Since listening to this podcast I’ve vowed to only watch/pay for movies that feature people of color in leading roles. (They better be on the poster) And if it’s a supporting role they better affect the movie some how. Keep up the awesome work and hopefully one day you’ll being reviewing one of my films.
Not three white guys.
Translator Dlique
I wasn’t specifically looking for this, but I have to say it’s nice to find a comedy podcast I really enjoy that isn’t three white guys for a change. These guys are fun, smart and thoughtful, definitely worth listening to.
Here’s a random title line to see if you actually read it on the show.
The BRD-22
I found you guys on accident a couple months ago while I was trying to find a song from the A Low Down Dirty Shame soundtrack and I was hooked from that episode on. I went through all of the episodes and listened to the movies I watched growing up and y’all shared my same sentiment and even made me think you were reading my mind. Then I found your sketches and put the voices to the faces and it’s made the podcast even funnier to me. Keep up the good work and if you take requests, can you guys do The Players Club?
Waaaay Overdue
I’ve been meaning to review this podcast for a long time now. I’ve been listening for the last couple years and it’s honestly the “can’t miss” occurrence of the week for me. I appreciate the way these three add humor, fun, and actually really good analysis of whatever film they are reviewing each week. To the guys: your chemistry and seemingly strong friendship is a credit to how exceptional the podcast is. Jonathan - your corny (and at times creative) openers make me laugh every time! Jerah - Even when you inevitably start initial thoughts with, “I don’t think I liked this movie”, I know you’re still going to have some good things to say. Also, props for that Black Mirror Episode! James III - You’re hilarious, man! And to finally answer your question: Hancock IS a good movie! Thanks for a great podcast, guys! Excited to see what new episodes you do in the future. P.S. - When are y’all coming to do a live episode in LA?! Your fans out here would love to see it.
I was looking for something that I could enjoy as a black woman; this is it!!!! I listened to the Save the Last Dance episode and immediately started making a playlist of other episodes to listen to. I had to stop myself from going overboard bc I’m sooo excited to listen!
Only 2 reason I podcast!
Tre in Pearland
Grant Cardone to get my money up and Black Men Can’t Jump to get the insight on the movies. I stumbled across you guys when I was looking for The Wood on my Plex Server and your podcast game up. I thought it was a 1 off commentary. Then I looked you up on and I am about 10 movies in! I love your insight into the back story of movies... call me what you want but Green Book was okay and Aladdin was hard to watch. 😂 Keep doing your thing! I don’t have any suggestions on movies because if you review a movie info watch it and listen to the review the next day while going about the day. This podcast gets - ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Phenomenal podcast!
I’ve only just listened to ‘The Hate U Give’ episode, but there’s a very strong chance that in a year’s time I will have listened to all the other episodes. (When I find something this good, I don’t want to binge it all at once!) Digression alert! As an ally, one of my greatest fears is that I might say something offensive or hurtful and not even be aware of it. As such I really value works by black Americans about life in America, since these almost always give me insight that I don’t otherwise get into what life’s like for black Americans. (Worryingly, in my country this insight is incredibly low: most people wouldn’t even know about colorism until you told them it was a thing. But then again, it was only a few years ago that I realized that when a cop pulls me over in my country, the thought that I might be shot doesn’t cross my mind. If for a couple of years as an adult I didn’t even know that this is the exact opposite experience for black Americans, then ditto for other people, so I can understand why the ignorance is widespread. Obviously, I’m not excusing the ignorance itself, but I digress.) I really valued the film The Hate U Give for this insight, but I only saw it by myself. Listening to the podcast episode felt like a long awaited dream discussion about it with friends who are also passionate about movies. (And lord knows I’m passionate about good films.) On the technical side, the sound quality of the podcast is fantastic, and the energy the hosts have, as well as their awareness for each other mean that the the show contains a constant stream of intelligent, insightful commentary and personal experiences with excellent pacing, but is astonishingly also delivered in a tone as casual as just a bunch of mates hanging out at home or over beers. It’s pretty much everything I could want from a podcast. I’m extremely looking forward to listening to your Dear White People and Moonlight episodes. But seriously guys, you need to stop watching trailers! Do you want to purposely let marketers trample over, spoil and spin movie plots for you which the filmmakers have spent years agonizing over? 🤨
I love this podcast.
I found this podcast after hearing the hosts on Blank Check (after discovering that podcast just a couple months ago), thought they were funny & insightful, and decided to go through the back catalogue. The first episode I listened to was the Green Book episode, because that movie enraged me when I saw it, and literally every other (white) person in my life was praising it, and I felt like I was going crazy. When Jerah started with “F**K THIS MOVIE, MAN!” I felt an immediate wave of relief wash over me. I have now listened to approximately half of the episodes and I couldn’t love this show more. Also, as I was listening to a couple episodes while driving today, I thought “I love this intro gimmick where they just talk until Jonathan interrupts with the movie title.” Then when I scrolled to the reviews to write this review, the first one that came up was a 4-star that says “it would have been 5 stars but I hate the intro” and I couldn’t fathom it. Anyway. Thank you for this show. I love it. Every episode, you provide me with new insights and things to think about and I think it’s a very healthy way for people to grow into understanding. I’ve been recommending it to everyone (Especially the people who liked Green Book).
Would be 5 stars but...
The brookz
The intro kills me. Everything else about the podcast is great. Wish they would say when they actually start the show in the notes. Listening to Blackkklansman episode 24 mins in, they just got to the opening thoughts. lil annoying. Great work otherwise.
Bad Boys II
I agree! Bad Boys II was not good at all.
Perfect start to every Monday! I’m a bi-racial queer nerd who loves film. So happy to hear thoughtful reviews of childhood favorites (meteor man, a low down dirty shame, don’t be a menace) Had to keep the support going, joined the Patron! Money well spent! Love you guys keep talking to Hollywood!
Fantastic discourse
I’m not even sure how I came across this podcast but I’m truly so happy it exists. I love looking at films through lenses other than my own and these guys do such a great job at bringing up various viewpoints even if I sometimes disagree with them. They’re hilarious, insightful, and respectful of all the work that goes into filmmaking even if it turns into trash. I highly recommend it to anyone who will listen. Thank you for making this show, the world needs more of these dialogues, and I throw up a black fist for this mf podcast. P.S. I know y’all throw a lil shade at Tarantino but I’d love if you reviewed Death Proof cus I truly believe that movie is incredible and was absolutely SLEPT on. As a black woman, that film gives me so much life and I watch it regularly for cathartic release
Review Native Son
Hey you guys are funny and do a great job at reviewing black movies. I think you guys were a little too hard on lottery ticket. But I think you guys should review Native Son on HBO. Stay blessed black men
Not your target demographic
turner, d
I’m a middle-aged, upper middle class white male - I’m making a big assumption here, but I assume I’m not the audience they initially set out to reach. However, after spending more than 80 hours listening to these gentlemen, it’s safe to say they have captured my attention and earned my appreciation. I’ve come to sincerely value the show; even though it often challenges me to reconsider some of my most deeply held perspectives on the world. Both the Blazing Saddles and Glory episodes shock me up for days after listening to them. I highly recommend this podcast
Smart Analysis, But
This is some of the smartest film analysis you will find in a movie podcast. These dudes always pick up on details I missed and I usually come away feeling differently about the movie than I did before listening to the episode. However, they often overlook issues of homophobia and transphobia in the movies they like (see: Baywatch, Little). They need to work on being more intersectional. I also think they are too quick to give the actors they like a complete pass when they’ve done something problematic.
Reminds me of home.
I love the podcast. I’m currently living in Indianapolis , and everything that these guys discuss reminds me of where I grew up in jersey. And had I known then what I know now or were younger I’d probably be on your same path. So much respect. I like this pod so much that this is my first official I tunes review and ratings ever . And I love podcast so ... worth a listen if you like comedy, a window into black everyday culture growing up black I’d love if you would review the movie “Blood in Blood out” staring Benjamin Bratt, and except for Billy Bob Thornton , who I didn’t even remember being in the movie , an all Hispanic cast. Even one of the characters who’s Mexican but looks like a white boy to the point everyone calls him milk weed. I saw it as a kid visiting my grandmother in Luisiana, and it became my favorite movie. Even though I’m black. Probably because most of my friend are Latinos. If not that lean on me with Morgan freeman. I grew up I. Paterson Nj , They’re opinion on either of these movies and the role they played in Hollywood, and the cause would be a good episode.
Y’all got such contagious positivity I almost forgot there’s racism in the world. For real though... dope show. Y’all are hilarious. Can’t overstate how important it is to have some representation in the podcast world.
Great podcast
BlacknKinky Lifestyle Podcast
I did not know I needed this podcast and once I started listening, I dont know what I would do without it. It feels like I am in the room with the dudes when they do their reviews, and I cant find anything online that reviews films in quite this way. But I realized our community has been probably having this discussion on basketball courts, dinner tables, bars and everywhere else we congregate. Please keep this going. Andour podcast is quite different from your own in content, but has a common theme of sharing our Black perspective in an otherwise, very White world.
Enthusiasm, insight, & comedy
The best mix you can ask for in a podcast! Saw them in Austin months ago but it took me a while to follow up and wish I'd done it sooner. Matrix episode is an instant classic. Just nerdin out while still offering perspective on race and social issues: love it!
You guys crushed my white bf
My white bf kept talking about how he saw the green book and I played him this podcast to show him why it was so problematic. It was great! He took the “L” gracefully though! I’ve always listened to you guys and you’re awesome!! I love your view and your wit. Ps. I was listening to the Malcolm X episode and like James the Third my mom also isn’t a fan of Angela Basset but that’s because my dad dated her in high school 😳😂
Hollywood city
These brothers do an amazing job discussing movies and especially analyzing or dissecting black actors and actresses in Hollywood. I didn't really think of the importance of seeing people that look like us on the screen and have representation in Hollywood. This podcast gets a black fist from me.
I love this podcast and push it hard on my white friends. I think the hosts are warm and inviting, and genuinely love each other. My favorite episodes are the ones where the movie isn't that great, because you get to drag the hell out of them. Hancock would 100% listen to this podcast if it were part of the Hancock universe, which it actually might because Hancock is that good of a movie. Keep it up.
Please do a review on Hav Plenty
First off... I want to say I absolutely love this podcast! You guys best me every week! But can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE *James Brown voice* do a review on Hav Plenty!?!? I was introduced to this movie as an adult but it premiered in 1998 and I love it! It would make my life complete if y’all did a podcast on it!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
So good. Wake up people! Wake up Hollywood!
Papaya Papi
I love listening to this podcast in addition to any mainstream movie review podcast. It always adds a much needed perspective to the conversation and has opened my eyes so much. Even as a person of color that tries to be aware, this show always makes me consider things I hadn't before. The guys and the guests are also always entertaining AF. The only negative thing I have to say is that the "Forever Dog" intro and jingle is trash and hurts my soul. I always have to skip past the first portion of the show to avoid it and it sometimes makes me miss a significant portion of the cold open. I hope my straightforwardness isn't taken offensively, I was just born and raised in West Philadelphia and on the playground is where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared And said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air" So anyways guys, keep up the good work
One of the best movie podcasts right now
Massive fan of the show, these guys are the best. Funny, extremely insightful, and they take things to task when they deserve them. Thank you guys for all you do!
Redefining How I Watch Movies
Ever since I became aware of the Bechdel Test, judging movies by how they represent women has become a significant part of my viewing experience. Ever since I started listening to this podcast, judging movies that feature people of color as the leads on whether or not they even make race an issue (like Night of the Living Dead) has become equally significant. I call it The Braylock Test. Thank you for broadening my mind.
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