Fair and Square is an Oxymoron.
Published September 30, 2019
50 min
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    Trips, keynotes, and last-minute surgeries! Everything's moving pretty fast with the exception of Chris' toe recovery (gnarly toe visuals ahead). And if Square's price hikes have you considering other Point of Sale platforms, here's a couple tips to make the transition a little less sucky! Coffee! catandcloud.com/products/subscription Related Episodes! How Do You Spend Your Money? | Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast: https://apple.co/2kHqYB2 Creating Sustainable Careers In Coffee | Chuck's SCA Expo Talk Broken Down: https://apple.co/2XOa417 Resources! We're doing a live podcast soon at the Crown with Richard Sandlin! Whatchya wanna hear about? Throw it in the comments 👊😻 Richard Sandlin: www.instagram.com/richardsandlin The Crown IG: www.instagram.com/royal.coffee.inc Square article from Eater: https://bit.ly/2nVNnvm Jared’s Culture Talk at Day Dream Surf Shop: Wed 10/2 | 7 PM Newport Beach, CA (https://daydreamsurfshop.com) People! Baca on the Gram: www.instagram.com/realchrisbaca Baca's YouTube: www.youtube.com/realchrisbaca JT on the Gram: www.instagram.com/jared_truby If you love it here a rating and review on iTunes or your podcast player of choice would mean the world to us. If reviewing sounds annoying, sharing with someone you care about also takes us to happy-town and allows us to help more people. We appreciate you. Corrections Corner! Carol accidentally confused Squarespace with Square, but we talkin about Square POS!
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