215 | How To Make Money Through Your Content (Secret recording of internal call)
Published October 13, 2018
14 min
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    Have you ever wondered to yourself - how do these "influencers and experts make money creating content?" 

    Being a part of the transformation industry (whether it's weight loss, nutrition, personal development, finances etc...) your job as a coach is not only to give your audience the tactics. 

    It's to inspire belief and ultimately, action towards their goals. 

    It's the ONLY way they will take your content and actually apply it in their lives. 

    In today's episode, I bring you behind the scenes of one of our internal coaching calls and show you not only what we discussed, but how you can make A LOT of money from the content you create.

    It comes down to having the right frame of mind and positioning yourself correctly as the authority. 

    This is the first time I have done anything like this...so let me know what your thoughts on here: 



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