May 21, 2020
Like everything around us, we’re all over the place!Between new routines with the fam, working out again & eating a lot, it's been tough trying to balance motherhood, kids, school, work, home & intimacy during these wild times. We found that sticking to routine aint easy but having “alone time” helps, and we hope it can help you too. This episode is about staying positive! Life will get back to normal one day, but for now let’s be kind to ourselves & take it one day at a time visit. http://superm
May 14, 2020
Anyone else worried about how much screen time our kids have had during quarantine?! This week we have Rocio Lopez from Common Sense Latino talk about how we can have a healthy balance of tech during our time at home. We talk about setting up screen time schedule and tech free zones, online child safety, and easy tech tips everyone can use while social distancing. Every situations is different, so there’s no need to feel shame for extending tech time; luckily Rocio will help us learn how to balance it al
April 30, 2020
It is so hard to stay calm and positive during this crazy times that we needed to call in some help, this week we have Life Coach & Zen-Stoic Master Victor Pierantoni chatting with us about different tools to direct our mind toward a more positive state. He tells us what it means to be Zen-Stoic and the outmost importance of self care and priming yourself at the beginning of the day! You will feel much better after hearing all he has to share with us sisters. Breath and fight on visit
April 23, 2020
With everything happening around us, taking care of our finances has become imperative during this time, but how and where do we start?! We have our friend and finance expert Ramona Ortega from @mymoneymyfuture talking to us about some basic steps we should be taking to make sure we are maximizing our resources.  We also talk about the opportunities available to grow both financially & intellectually so we can start getting ready for the future! Grab pen & paper and take notes! Visit
April 16, 2020
Another week of quarantine went by, and with it came all sorts of feelings. We have LMFT Joanne Koegl back on the show to help us sort this through We talk about the stages of grief & the collective loss of our normality. How do we make sense of this new reality, and how do we even explain that to our kids?. Is it ok to be sad, angry or mad or happy and positive? Know that there is no right or wrong way of feeling about this, whatever you feel, you have the right to feel 🙏🏽❤️ visit http://cdc.g
April 9, 2020
Another week in quarantine, & we are making the best of it by turning to the kitchen to fulfill our hearts at home. We’re bringing you a pre-quarantine interview with @kpcc reporter and advocate Mariana Dale, who came to educate us on the importance of being counted in the 2020 Census. Now more than ever we realize the importance of representation, and this is one very important way to make our voice heard. Take notes, share, & get counted - we are home, there is no excuse! Visit http://supermamas.c
April 3, 2020
Quarantine Life continues, so this week we speak with Dr. Ilan Shapiro about the CoronaVirus . With so much information going around Dr. Shaps breaks it down to help us get through these next few weeks. We talk about why it’s important to stay home, the safest way to go to the supermarket, how to protect our families and so much more. Social distancing has been tough, but as long as we’re informed and doing our best to stay safe & healthy, we will get through this! visit for more
March 26, 2020
Social distancing isn’t going to stop us from a new episode! This week, we’re catching you up on our lives during this first week of quarantine-Eddie turns 5, Zixta is potty trained, being paranoid about covid vs allergies , and stressing why it’s important for everyone to stay indoors!!We’re also sharing the ways we’re staying positive during a time that can seem scary.  Will you join us in our #supermamasgratitudechalenge and stay grateful through this trying times? Visit for
March 10, 2020
This week on the show we give you an update on how morning routines have help motivate a lot of changes in our Super Mama's lives, from physical, mental to spiritual changes we see how small changes today can make a huge difference in us tomorrow.  Bricia also gives us an update on her pregnancy and how she preparing for her new baby this time around.  For  full notes, visit
March 3, 2020
This week we're kicking off Women's History Month & International Women's Day with two special super mamacitas - Yarel Ramos & Jessica Molina, co-hosts of Wait, Hold Up podcast. They spoke on why they are passionate about sharing inspiring on their podcast, the difficulties of making & keeping friendships as adults, and how they're helping each other in their spiritual journeys. Do you remember your life pre-kids?  Well, listen to this episode and laugh.. or cry with us.  visit
February 25, 2020
This week we interview Amy Saravia, founder of Gourmeletas. This mama tells us how she & her husband started their business by switching from pizza to paletas, shares tips for turning a side hustle into a career (aka save a lot of money & don’t quit your day job just yet!) and how to communicate with your spouse when they're also your business partner. Amy is a go-getter who puts her trust in God to make sh*t happen, and she’ll make you feel determined to make your dreams into reality.
February 18, 2020
Time for a new episode and this one is GRANDE! This week we interview Lalo Alcaraz, award-winning cartoonist, consulting producer & cultural consultant for Nickelodeon’s animated series, The Casagrandes. We talk about Lalo’s contributions to the show as a writer & what it means to be a cultural consultant, plus the importance of featuring a Mexican family and other diverse ethnicities & societal groups on mainstream TV today. We also laugh about nicknames and why all Latino families love birds.
February 11, 2020
This week we cover a serious and important topic. We invited Dr. Ilan Shapiro to speak about how to talk to our kids about personal & public safety and  teach them to say something if they've seen something dangerous. He also talks about how adults can be better listeners so children trust that they are safe. We also share a lot of laughs in this episode talking learning all about 15 minute vasectomies !! For  full notes, visit
February 5, 2020
Happy February! We’re keeping it real & catching you up on our crazy lives. First, Paulina is talking about mastering life with four kids - and no she isn’t pregnant, she was watching Eddie while Bricia was out of town. 🤣 Bricia  recaps her time at Sundance and how “the other half” lives. 💰 She shares a hilarious story about an awkward moment with one of her fave celebrities, and we learn what “aprés ski” means. Do you "apré ski" ?  For  full notes, visit
January 28, 2020
This week, we speak with Angelica Salas, Executive Director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). She talks about how she got her start with the organization after her own family’s experience with deportation and how we can help other immigrant families. Angelica also talks about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the resources the organization offers. Get ready to be moved by Angelica's resilience - you'll be inspired to make a difference!
January 21, 2020
The year just started and it feels like it’s flying by! This week on the show, we interview Blanca Gonzalez: mom, sneakerhead, and GM/VP of NIKE LA. We talk about how making clothes for her Barbies as a kid sparked her passion for product, being an advocate for children with disabilities, and the importance of having access to sports & play. She also stresses the importance of using your voice & being authentic in your work environment. Take notes, this is an interview you'll want to replay over & over!
January 16, 2020
We loved our  Walt Disney World trip so much we are already thinking about the next one!(universe, are you listening?) There is a few things we would do differently next time and we wanted to share it with you so you can have the best time ever! We also share two more interviews with amazing Disney Cast Members, like former Olympic Gold Medalist (bucket list: check) & Director of Creation at Cirque du Soleil, Fabrice Becker & Stephen Lim, Walt Disney World Ambassador, which is our new dream job!  Enjoy
January 14, 2020
Happy New Year Super Mamas! We’re back with a brand new episode and this is a big one. This week, we recap our family trip to Walt Disney World. 🏰 We talk about our favorite rides, the delicious food & the memories we'll never forget. We also share tips & tricks we learned during our stay, like why it’s important to listen when the weather says rain. 😂 Stay tuned til the end of the episode because we’re sharing the Disney magic with an exciting giveaway you won’t want to miss! visit supermama
December 17, 2019
It’s our last show of 2019 and we’re ending with a bang! This week, we speak to Michelle Gomez, Career & Life Coach. She talks about what imposter syndrome is and how to turn it into a positive by identifying your unique cocktail of needs. Michelle also talks about the best methods for setting your goals in the new year and why it’s important to celebrate when you achieve these goals. There are so many gems in this episode, you’ll want to take notes! Get ready to set your intentions and make sh*t ha
December 10, 2019
Happy Holidays! This week’s we’re sharing our favorite picks for your holiday gifts. 🎁 We have beauty picks, kitchen items, and even some *ahem* x-rated presents, so whether you’re shopping for your mom, your amigas, or yourself (#treatyoself), there’s a little something for everyone. Before the episode, we laugh about gingerbread houses and airport water bottles. Don’t forget to send this episode with your partner, friends, and Santa 🎅🏽 to make sure you get something you love this year!
December 3, 2019
This week, we talk to Gardenia Ramirez, founder/owner of LOLA Y TULA, a collection of handmade Mexican folk art. She talks about her “little” business she created out of love, passion, and necessity, plus all about her family and how her mom showed her that you should always go further, learn more, and get what you want. Before the episode, Bricia shares about her surprise wedding anniversary trip, its a story you don't want to miss!
November 19, 2019
We’re back from our book tour and we missed the mic. The three of us, including Fernando, had such a great time traveling together to new cities and meeting everyone who came to our signings - shout out to the Super Mamas Sisters ✨ who made it out too! We ate at so many delicious restaurants, walked everywhere, and even had a scary encounter at our latest stop. This episode is filled with so many laughs and stories from our adventures , so turn up the volume and listen up! visit http://supermamas.c
November 5, 2019
This week, we sit down with Dr. Joanne Diaz-Koegl, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. We asked her about issues that cause stress in relationships, how we can be better communicators, and how to take care of our mental health with the stress of the holidays. We know that speaking about mental health issues can be taboo in the latinx community, but the more we recognize the normalcy of having a healthy mind, the easier we can make the conversation. For  full notes, visit
October 29, 2019
This week, we sit down with Carmelita Ramirez-Sanchez, executive director of Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory in LA We talk about the classes & careers that students are exposed to through the program, how to explain a career in the arts to parents, and how the program is helping change the lives of incarcerated youths. Carmelita is everything we strive to be! This episode will warm your heart, and we know you’ll be looking up this program before the interview is even over. visit
October 22, 2019
Our family cookbook, OAXACA: Home Cooking From the Heart of Mexico, is out today! We’re celebrating by talking to our friend and co-writer, Javier Cabral. The Glutster has been writing about food since he was 16 years old and now he’s the editor of LA TACO. We talk about how his obsession with food began and how he took something negative in his life and turned it into a career, the year long process of writing the Cookbook. This episode will make you laugh hard, your heart swoon, and your stomach hun
October 15, 2019
This week we are catching up! We are super busy with birthdays, trips and the Oaxaca cookbook release (one week countdown starts now!). We discuss the importance of retraining your mind to be positive, especially with all the negative content we consume on social media & tv on a daily basis, and how you can empower yourself to end the year strong. Why start next week, next month, or next year when you can start being your best you right now? Let’s finish the year as the best super mamas that we can be.
October 8, 2019
This week we sit down with Rosie Rivera - entrepreneur, international speaker, author and the youngest of the Rivera Dynasty.Her life turned upside down over night and we talk about how big changes can really put a strain on a marriage. With her husband, she started a podcast called “The Power of Us” to share their experiences and show listeners that a successful marriage takes effort and intention on both parts. Rosie’s interview will inspire you to hold on to your faith even in your darkest times.
October 1, 2019
This week, we speak to returning guest, Dr. Sylvia Meléndez-Klinger. We’re talking about healthy living at every age and the benefits of eating fruits & veggies with lutein like delicious aguacate. Want to learn more about how to keep your brain healthy and help your kids perform better in school? You’ll want to listen to this episode! You can find more avocado recipe inspiration and read more about the benefits of lutein for every age at Full notes visit http://supermamas.
September 24, 2019
This week we’re talking to T Lopez, recording artist and entertainer with 20 years of experience. This mama of two gave us one of the most spiritual interviews we have had in awhile. We talk about how T needed to take time to figure out what her next business venture was, how she exercises her faith, and how she’s helping her daughters shape their identities and sharing her journey of her new podcast. Our interview with T came at the right time in our lives, and we hope you feel the same clarity we did!
September 18, 2019
This week we speak to Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls, founder and CEO of findSisterhood. Ana created a new social network for women to share stories anonymously. We talk about her two incredible birth experiences, her postpartum depression that inspired her to create this safe space for women to connect, and the empowering but super juicy app that turns one year old this month! This episode is funny, spicy and will leave you feeling inspired to just go for your dreams  just like Ana did.   http://supermamas.
September 10, 2019
This week we interview our very own Jennifer Lopez, founder/CEO of Camila Creative, a communications agency in LA. If you didn’t know, she is our PR manager and makes A LOT of Super Mamas magic happen. We talk to Jennifer about what it was like to be the one-woman show of her company (founder, accountant, investor, HR - you name it, she does it), why it’s important to be confident in your choices and why knowing your self-worth can make the biggest difference in your career. visit http://supermamas.c
September 3, 2019
New month,new episode! This week we have Leah Guerrero of Brujita Skincare, a Latina owned brand from LA. Brujita Skincare focuses on making essential skincare with ingredients sourced from mercado’s throughout Mexico. We talk about the basics of skincare, the importance of selfcare, how she found her niche in holistic skincare and became a brujita of skincare. We were in awe of Leah throughout this entire interview, and we know you’ll be under her spell ✨ when you hear her speak http://supermamas.
August 27, 2019
We’re back on the mic, back to school and back to the grind! It’s been a while since we brought you an update because yes, we forgot to upload an episode last week 🤦🏽‍♀️ but we’ve been pretty busy. We announced our new family cookbook (pre-order it on amazon now!) Bricia has been traveling to Las Vegas to prep the new bar opening next month and Paulina is back from Oaxaca and her daughters have started school. Basically, it’s been a whirlwind and this isn’t even half of it Visit htt
August 13, 2019
This week we talk to Evelyn Jimenez of Harlow Planning. Now a major part of team Super Mamas (she turns our SM Social dreams into reality), she was one of our first guests on the show and now she’s back w/ updates. Evelyn talks about how she made the jump from corporate life to running her event company full time and how you need to be confident & relentless when it comes to following your dreams. Plus she shares tips on how to throw your own event! For full notes, visit
August 6, 2019
This week we interview Patty Delgado of Hija de tu Madre. She’s a #SuperMamacita a plant-mom who created Hija de tu Madre to be a safe space that is empowering and represents latino culture. We talk about how her upbringing in between two different worlds influenced her in creating her Latina Lifestyle brand, how hard it can be to build a team & work with different personalities & her support system that is her parents & the Jefas Crew. Plus, we find out what a Mall Punk is!  Visit http://supermamas.
July 30, 2019
it’s a new episode! This week we interview Chef Ida Rodriguez, corporate chef at Melissa’s Produce, the largest distributor of produce in the country🥕🌽🌶 Hatch Chile season only comes once a year and Chef Ida is teaching us all about it - the history, its heat levels and the BEST ways to eat them Stay tuned til the end of to find out how you can experience a live chile roasting, and make sure you listen to the episode with snacks, because it’s going to make you hungry! 🤤 visit http://su
July 23, 2019
This week we’re interviewing Lizet Alvarez of Chiqui Social. She talks about how she created the bilingual social club & event space that is Chiqui Social, the courage & dedication it takes to work on your passion project (spoiler alert: it’s not easy), and the shame that some latinos receive for not speaking spanish. Lizet is also sharing tips for practicing spanish with your kids at home, and we know we’ll be putting our kids to work! For full notes, visit
July 19, 2019
Surprise! It’s our 200th episode… again. We got a little sidetracked last week 🤷🏽‍♀️ so we’re giving you a bonus episode on the exact date we released our first episode four years ago. We’re reintroducing ourselves, talking about the growth within ourselves & our families, and interviewing each other about the biggest misconceptions our listeners have about us and more. Stay tuned at the end of the episode where we talk about what’s next for us! For  full notes, visit http://superm
July 16, 2019
This week, we talk to Sisanie, co-host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles. She’s a busy, working mom just like a lot of us - co-hosting with one of the biggest personalities on the planet, raising her one year old twins Aiza & Maxon, and hosting her own podcast. She lets us know how she balances it all and on what she still needs to work on. You’ll definitely want to listen to this real, down-to-earth chica! For  full notes, visit
July 9, 2019
It’s our 200th episode!We’re celebrating this major milestone w a special guest-our favorite 😉 brother, Fernando! We talk about how much his life has changed, from his recent surprise wedding to realizing he’s ready to prepare for a secure financial future (#adulting),Fernando has basically grown up in a month and we’re very proud sisters! Also, Bricia talks about her successful Hawaiian vacation and Paulina shares how she survived being stuck in the car with her kids for 5 hours crossing the b
July 2, 2019
A new month is here and so is a new episode. This week we talk to pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Mercedes Gonzalez about all things baby skincare. We also ask her your Instagram questions about baby acne, dry skin & other skin conditions we can’t pronounce. 😂 Bricia talks about her embarrassing deodorant moment and Paulina realizes maybe she is the cause of her girls’ skin issues. Plus we catch up on our holiday pans, You won’t want to miss this informative episode! Full notes, visit http://superm
June 25, 2019
A new episode is here! June is National Safety Month and this week we’re talking to Dr. Kendi, Medical Director of Safe Kids Worldwide, about the best ways to keep your home safe & organized for your little ones. We also talk about why it’s important to start baby proofing BEFORE the baby arrives and we ask her to answer your Instagram Story questions. Have pen and pencil ready sisters because she has lots of great safety tips for us.  Remember safe kid, sane mommy!  Full notes at http://supermamas
June 18, 2019
SUMMER IS HERE and we’re back with a brand new episode!This week we talk about summer plans. While Bricia is planning a trip to Hawaii (shout out Delta!) & a full immersion musical experience for Eddie, Paulina is scrambling but planning her time off without the kids  We also talk about how our super mamas “lost their flow” after the Social but are determined to be kind to themselves and get back on track. Remember that you can get knocked down but all you got to do is get up again! http://superma
June 11, 2019
Today’s episode is the final installment of our 3-part series of our Super Mamás Social with WORDAFUL’S Liz Hernandez! We break down the word REFLECTION and what our respective reflection journeys have been. From loving to what we see in the mirror, to choosing cooperation over comparison and learning that the best work we can ever do is the work on ourselves 👏🏽 We also open the floor to the audience members to share their own experiences with how they reflect in their daily lives. http://super
June 4, 2019
This week we have the 2nd part of our serie from the Super Mamas Social panels, we are sharing our conversation with the iconic Myrka Dellanos, a two time Emmy award-winning journalist who has gained credibility and the love of millions in the United States and Latin America.  We talk about her spiritual journey and the importance of keeping our faith through hardships as these only make us stronger. Doing things with excellence and breaking all stereotypes.   For  full notes, visit http://supermamas.
May 28, 2019
We are back with our 3-part series of our Super Mamás Social panels! This week we are sharing our conversation with Two-time Grammy Award winner, Melanie Fiona. Her distinctive, powerful voice and tone has captivated the hearts and minds of countless souls. As a new mother, Melanie is passionate about creating supportive spaces for women and mothers to be educated and inspired by one another. We discuss her birth story video on YouTube, how she navigates expectations & so much more
May 21, 2019
After a 2-week break, we are officially back to talk about our past couple of weeks of highs and lows. After an absolute success of the Social, our family received devastating news a couple days later. Our fellow Super Mamá suffered an immense loss.This past week has been one of the toughest for our family and we had to take a moment away. For the women who are currently going through something similar, this episode is for you. You are not alone. Even now, through the darkest times, God is with you.
April 30, 2019
This week we interview Lisa Roth, executive producer of the highly successful franchise, Rockabye Baby. Since its debut in 2006, Lisa has helped launch close to 80 studio albums packed with Lullaby versions of songs by artists from The Beatles and Jay-Z to Rihanna and Adele. She’s on the show today to share what inspired this idea, how she got it started, all the ups and downs of her journey and Rockabye Baby’s newest and exciting release! Any guesses on what, or better yet, who it is?
April 23, 2019
This week on the show we have Briana Valdez, aka “Breezy” Chief Queso Ambassador of HomeState. Prior to opening HomeState, Briana had never run a business but that didn’t stop her from carving her way into the restaurant industry with one goal in mind- to share her and her families’ story of Texas through food. Briana takes us through her journey of opening up her restaurant, the value of mentorship, staying true to herself, time management and self care. For  full notes, visit http://supermama
April 16, 2019
This week on the show, Bricia and Paulina discuss working mom guilt. Why do women feel that at all times, we want to thrive in our careers but that means more time and that at the sometime means more guilt with the family.  Also, would they even be having this discussion if they were men? Or is it society’s negative outlook on women wanting both a career and motherhood? We discuss!  For  full notes, visit Double tap on
April 9, 2019
This week on the show, we have Zoila Darton- NY native turned LA resident and Head Dot Connector of WORD Creative. Zoila is a born connecter and believes fostering community creatively will save the world- basically an incredible human. We talk all about her birthing story and the grueling aftermath, her journey in finding community in LA as an outsider, how she practices selfcare and her other baby, her thriving business. Also, stay tuned for our POT of the week, you don't want to miss it!
April 2, 2019
This week on show we have #MomBoss Leslie Antonoff - creator of the @Hautemommie blog, co-creator, executive producer and star of Aspire’s culinary series, Butter + BROWN and Founder of Sweet Knowledge Clothing Company. We talk entrepreneurship, her incredible mindset that has lead her to live without fear, accepting help without shame, the important lessons she’s instilled in her three daughters, the most important lesson she learned from her own mother & so much more.
March 26, 2019
Apart from March being Women History month, it’s also Nutrition month!We have pediatrician Dr. Shapiro dropping knowledge on all things nutrition. We talk the 9 nutrients that are essential to our kids diet, the ways we can keep our children healthy & fun ways to incorporate milk into both our and our children’s diets. Also, "Dr.Shaps"  helps Paulina overcome her mom guilt and helps us all debunk old Latino health myths This episode is brought to you by For More visit supermam
March 19, 2019
This week on the show we have the lovely, Elsa Marie Collins- social impact leader, activist and all-around powerhouse of a woman. She is the co-founder of social impact consulting group, The Ideateur and lead LA organizer of #ThisIsAboutHumanity. She talks to us about pivoting careers, turning her passion for social impact and politics into a business, being the mother of three multiracial children, talking to her children about race & so much more. For  full notes, visit
March 12, 2019
This week we have the co-founders of Latinx Parenting, Leslie Priscilla Arreola-Hillenbrand and Lizeth Toscano. Rooted in social justice, this bilingual organization curates parenting workshops for intergenerational families to practice nonviolence towards themselves, self reflection & connection and overall community wellness for every generation. We unpack the common traumas in our community, how it affects our parenting, explain terms like “Marianismo” ,"Familismo” & more visit www.supermamas.c
March 7, 2019
This week on the show, Paulina catches us up on her past 2 weeks and her 9 days in the hospital after baby Zixta was diagnosed with pnemonia, brochitis and RSV. She's here to unload and process what happened, how she dealt with everything, how she and Zixta are doing and what she learned about her own instinct as a mother from this experience. For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on
February 19, 2019
Struggling with stomach issues? Well, this episode is for you! This week on the show, we talk all about our digestive health with registered dietician and poop aficionado, Sarah Greenfield AKA Fearless Fig. We learn key strategies to improve our poops, aid constipation, ways to decrease bloating, the magic of enzymes and how our mind plays a HUGE role in gut health. If this doesn’t make you serious about your poops, we don’t know what will. For  full notes, visit
February 14, 2019
Happy Valentines Day, ladies! We are bringing you a very special V-Day bonus episode with dating coach, TV personality and Dates & Mates podcast host, Damona Hoffman to answer YOUR dating/relationship questions. We touch on single mom dating tips, warning signs to break up with someone, casual vs. serious dating, flirting/dating tips, dating after a break-up, sleeping with someone on the first date, how to date your own spouse, plus so many more relationship/dating gems. visit
February 12, 2019
This week on the show we bring you a very special segment where we discuss YOUR super mamá moments of the month presented by We also catch you up on what’s going on in our lives- from Krista’s girl scout cookies (& Bricia’s “mole-quitas” proposal), an update on Eddie’s birthday party and we share the perfect recipe for any classroom on Valentine’s Day. For  full notes, visit Double tap on
February 5, 2019
This week on the pod we tackle teen mental health with Latinx Therapy’s, Adriana Alejandre. Adriana is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Speaker that specializes in teens & adults who struggle with anxiety, depression & trauma. We talk social media, how to talk to our kids about bullying, what teenagers need from their parents, troubling signs to be aware of, body image, gender identity, what therapy looks like & so much more. Moms to teens, this one is for you More on
January 29, 2019
This week on the show we have TEDx speaker, award-winning author, financial literacy & mental heath advocate, Natalie Torres-Haddad MPA, AWA. We talk all about personal finances- from how to have a conversation about money with your partner, what to ask in that conversation, best way to budget, what “runaway spending” really means for you, eliminating debt, real estate and fun tips and tricks to cut unnecessary spending. Be sure to take notes, ladies. For  full notes, visit
January 22, 2019
Vaginal steaming, ques eso? This week on the show, we have water healer, Vaginal Steam Hydrotherapist, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Counselor, Energy and Sound Healer - Rocio Navarro. She takes us through her journey in becoming a water healer, the water healing experience, the benefits of vaginal steaming, the lowdown on cramping, cranio-sacral therapy, the importance connecting with our womb-self and the value of gaining a state of surrender within oneself, plus so much more. More on
January 15, 2019
With her purple hair and all her realness, we have the incredible and unapologetic Claudette Zepeda Wilkins back on the show this week! This past Friday we drove down to San Diego to share our moments of tradition with Milk and got down on THE most delicious breakfast at her new restaurant, El Jardín. We sat down and talked about realizing her dream, learning how to accept compliments, embracing our traditions and food, to her recipes and we relived moments about our childhood that we LOVED.
January 8, 2019
Happy 2019! Paulina and Bricia are back and ready to take on the new year. Did you notice how minimal we posted during the holidays? Well, we’re here to give you a full recap of what happened in those two weeks. We share both Bricia and Paulina’s dream Christmas vacations, their new perspective on overcoming anxiety/fear and their 2019 resolutions. Plus a homework assignment from Bricia and an awesome book recommendation from Paulina. What are your goals this year? More on
December 18, 2018
Today on the show, Paulina and Bricia talk all about Christmas. Sabinas holiday performance, realizing they don’t have “traditional” traditions, Christmas gifting and creating new traditions within their own families. It’s also our last episode in 2018 and we want to thank you all again for being with us on this motherhood journey! See you all in 2019. For more info and full notes, visit Double tap on
December 11, 2018
This week on the podcast, we talk all about our FIRST-EVER baby holiday gift guide brought to you by Target! Paulina walks us through each pick and discusses why you should grab this gift for your friend, sister or even yourself. We also talk all about the #SMPosada18, how it all got started, what happened behind the scenes & Bricia’s Christmas PJ Party the night before. It’s was one fun and inspiring-filled weekend ⚡️ more info and full notes, visit
December 4, 2018
This week on the show, we talk all about our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! We’ve reviewed and selected some of our year’s favorite picks (plus a few new ones) and created a guide that is perfect for your fellow super mamá/sister/comadre. Before getting into it, we also talk about the spirit of Christmas and tree decorating. More info and notes, visit like us on Double tap on
November 20, 2018
This week we have our dear friend Cynthia Perez to talk about the power of giving. Since Cynthia was young, she knew she wanted to be a donor and this year, Cynthia’s dream was realized. She donated her kidney to a family friend without any hesitation. She takes us through her journey and talks about some of the challenges she faced, her husband’s undeniable support, her family’s reaction, her recovery and the misconception around organ donation in the Latino community. visit
November 13, 2018
This week we are honoring all those who have given their service to our country with an interview with business owner, mom and veteran, Blanca Bribiesca. Blanca served 15 years in the United Stated Marine Corps and is now a business owner of the boutique HABITAT in Joshua Tree. We talk about how her time in the Marines manifested into motherhood, why she decided to serve, her experiences with deployment and her journey as a new business owner. Thank you for your service, Blanca!
November 6, 2018
Happy Holidays! It’s finally November, Thanksgiving is two weeks away and the year is almost over. Where did the time go?! Well, returning guest and life coach Wendy Amara will help us answer question. Today we talk time management, strategies we can apply to our own lives to increase productivity, how we can change our perspective of time to create and build a healthier relationship with it, how everyone should start their day, the difference between urgent & important, & more. visit http://supermamas.
October 30, 2018
Boo! It’s Halloween and the Super Mamás talk spooky stories and picking out supplies for their DIY costumes at their favorite store, Target. From Paulina’s Disney family inspo, to the King of Pop, we got Halloween on lock. Also, Bricia talks about her scary/weird story with lil Eduardo and Paulina talks about her Halloween story with “Amanda” at her old apartment back in the day. Happy Halloween Super Mamás! More info and notes, Double tap on
October 23, 2018
This week we talk Sleeping! how can we get the kids to sleep? How can we deal with the upcoming time change? Ideal Sleep routine? These and more questions are answered by Sleeping expert Kimberly Von Slomski founder of Sweet Dreams LA.  Kimberly has worked with babies and children for the past 23 years and is a Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, and Lactation Educator Counselor who believes that babies and parents alike need sleep for happiness and wellbeing (Yaaass!)  Visit http://supermamas.c
October 16, 2018
This week on the show we get the opportunity to interview Rudy Valdez and Cindy Shank from the powerful HBO documentary "The Sentence" which  explores the devastating consequences of mass incarceration and mandatory minimum drug sentencing through Cindy's story,  a mother of three young girls serving a 15-year sentence in federal prison for her tangential involvement in a Michigan drug ring years before. An amazing story documented over 10 years by Cindy's younger brother Rudy Visit http://supermamas.
October 9, 2018
This week on the show Paulina and Bricia sit down with returning guest and financial guru, Ramona Ortega and talk entrepreneurship. She covers the first questions you have to ask yourself before opening your business, monetization strategy, business finances and structure, the differences between a sole proprietorship, LLC, C-Corp and the benefits of opening up an online business checking account. If you’re thinking of making your side hustle a business, this one is for you. visit
October 2, 2018
This week on the Show Paulina sits down with Bricia to talk about her firs year as a mother of three.  Time flew by and baby Zixta turned One year old already! We talk birthday Party planning, how this celebration is Paulina's way to celebrate herself more than the baby, the ups and downs of the past year and how after all this time she is finally getting the hang of life with her three girls.  We also discuss the different ways she has mothered all three girls For more info , visit http://supermamas.c
September 26, 2018
This week on the show we have Autism Speaks Family Representative and World Autism Ambassador,Kameena Dawkins speaking to us all things Autism. She is a resilient single mother of a 16yo on the spectrum and she answers our many questions, What’s the earliest age we can see signs of Autism in our kids? What is the best way to approach a family with a child on the spectrum? & more. We also talk disparities in care that families of color receive and resources available to us More info
September 18, 2018
This week on the show we have our friend, political commentator, speaker, writer and best-selling author of My (Underground) American Dream, Julissa Arce. Julissa is a leading voice in the fight for social justice, immigrant rights and education equality. We talk about her & our experiences as undocumented immigrants, the most valuable lessons she learned from her parents and her new book, Someone Like Me- which is now available.
September 11, 2018
This week on the show we have #MomBoss Alina Peralta, founder of Global Gift Foundation USA, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to working on projects that benefit women and children.  We talk about her Journey in building this multinational organization, why it is important to teach our children to give back from a young age and the many ways that we can give back even when it is not within our budget.   For more info and full notes, visit
September 5, 2018
This week we have our friend and co-host of the Somos Padres Podcast, Yesenia Mendoza-Menchaca. We discuss Yesenia's 6-episode Summer Series podcast project in which she deconstructs the meaning of parenting. We ask her questions such as: what is your definition of discipline? How do we set limits on our child in a healthy way? Is parenting a selfish act? We also do a dive deep into quotes from the ultimate conscious parenting expert, Dr. Shefali Tsabary. More info & full notes at http://supermamas.c
August 28, 2018
This week on the show we have mom boss Cielo Castro, Chief of Staff at Fairlplex to speak on how she navigates mommyhood of TWINS and her new job/ career move. We also speak on work-life balance with a 10-12hr day, putting her mom guilt aside and how she makes it all work at home with her hubby's help. We talk about all the new exciting things at this year's LA County Fair in Pomona. Also, Bricia and Paulina reminisce on our Super Mamás Night Out event! For full show notes visit http://supermamas.c
August 22, 2018
Our keeping up with the Super Mamás episode is back w/ a special back-to-school themed episode. The 1st day back to school is right around the corner and we discuss Paulina’s experience with Sabina’s school, Bricia’s efforts to get more involved, uniforms & school lunches, the ratio of kids to teachers & our school year goals. But first, Paulina talks about her weekend with all 4 kids (is baby #4 on the way? LOL)and Bricia fills us in on Nashville. For more info & full notes, visit http://supermam
August 14, 2018
This week on the podcast we have the ultimate mom boss, Mari Ronquillo from Lyme Light Media to speak on the challenges of single motherhood, building her very successful business from the bottom up, her pure hustling mindset and the motivation behind achieving her dreams. Mari keeps things very real and opens up about all the struggles she faced to show us all that no matter what obstacle you face, you can & will overcome.   For more info and full notes, visit
August 7, 2018
This week we have Stacie M de Armas from Nielsen to shed light on the power of the Latina community and how we can leverage hard data to empower ourselves. Stacie is a single mom of 2 and is the Vice President Strategic Initiatives & Consumer Engagement within Nielsen’s Diversity & Inclusion practice. If you are interested in marketing, advertising and brand building- this one's for you! For more info and full notes, visit
July 31, 2018
Hey ladies! We have an episode that'll make you keep a gallon of water right by your side. We have the amazing Natalie Aguilar- Human, Woman, Nurse, & Aesthetician in the studio,we talk EVERYTHING skincare. From the absolute necessities, serums, facials, dark eye circles, micro-needling, botox & much more! But before we get into all that, Paulina's kids are back, Bricia speaks on the passing of LA Times restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold. You'll for sure have all the tools you need to get your GLOW on tonig
July 24, 2018
Happy Tuesday, ladies! This week on the podcast we have Veronica Monroy-Ferrer, better known as “Veronica M”. We talk about how she built her “Veronica M” brand from the ground up & to being recognized by PeopleStyle watch as having the most flattering, perfect jumpsuits. We talk about her journey, how her mom influenced her work and her passion for the industry. But first, we address a sensitive topic that we thought it was necessary to discuss For more info and full notes, visit http://supermam
July 17, 2018
This week on the show, we answer YOUR questions! Inspired by Instagram’s new “questions” feature, we open up and give advice on what to do before starting a family, share our best travel tips, walk you through our very different morning routines (and lives), give tips to aspiring mommy bloggers, explain how (you think) we “do it all,” and so much more! Didn’t get your question answered? Stay tuned on our IG story 🤳🏽 For more info and full notes visit
July 10, 2018
This week, we are focusing on maternal mental health & how to strengthen our marriages with licensed clinical social worker, Denise Vite. We talk about the research-based workshop called Bringing Baby Home that guides couples through their transition to parenthood, how to get our partners more involved in child rearing (because sometimes we moms feel like we need to do everything), postpartum depression/anxiety and the levels of a sound relationship.
July 3, 2018
This 4th of July week we sit down with Actor & Activist Kendrick Sampson to talk political correctness in today's America.  With everything going on in the country today, we always wonder what should we be teaching our children.  How do we explain everything going on around them. In this episode Kendrick schools us on this subject and many more.  Lets all get educated for a better tomorrow! For more info, visit
June 26, 2018
Summer is here, and if you are determined to get fit like us, we got you! This week we talk fitness w personal trainer Arthur Smith Jr.,founder of Training Ground Zero an online fitness and nutrition platform that specialized in helping women find their true superpowers,We talk about his 5 steps to starting your fitness journey, the influence women had in his life and the importance of learning how to overcome our limiting beliefs by having a healthy lifestyle  For more info, visit
June 19, 2018
This week's guest is Liz Hernandez, creator of WORDAFUL. Liz is an Emmy-nominated television host and journalist born and raised in SoCal. We talk career, her purpose in creating WORDAFUL, a video series that showcases the power of words, the importance of the words we choose to identify with, her morning ritual and the value of practicing gratitude and affirmations on a daily basis. She drops absolute GEMS along the way, so be sure to have your notes on hand. For more info, visit
June 12, 2018
Happy Dia de los Padres to all the Super Papás out there! This week we have a special conversation with our own Super Papá/ Super Abuelo, el Don Fernando Lopez.but first Paulina & Bricia reflect on their emotions from the past week regarding mental health. We talk so many different subjects with our dad- from how he decided to move to the US, his childhood, the secret to raising strong women, marriage advice and how his connection to God changed his entire life. For more info, visit
June 5, 2018
This week the Super Mamas are back to their regular schedule with guest Millana Snow.  Millana is a Reiki Healer, Wellness Speaker and Entrepreneur who comes to teach us the Reiki Healing basics, Chakras, Energy and Meditation.  If you are interested in starting a mindful practice this is the show for you!  Also, catch up the story of Paulina's crazy trip and why she had to change her flight once more while in Mexico!  For more info, visit
May 31, 2018
This week, we close our Series with part three, the last of our Super Mamás Social Panels! This time with the incredible, Marcela Valladolid, an Emmy nominated celebrity, chef, lifestyle personality, designer, author and businesswoman.  She has appeared in different popular shows for the Food Network and her last book CASA MARCELA was a national best seller.  She is currently working on her 4th book ! For more info, visit
May 22, 2018
Part two of our Super Mamás Social Panels is here! We are so thrilled to relive our MOMboss Life interview with celebrity stylist, Monica Rose. Monica is a self-made entrepreneur who continues to create and curate signature looks for some of the industry's most-watched A-listers and influencers alike (such as Chrissy Teigen, Chanel Iman, Miranda KerrmKaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid to name a few). She shares with us her career trajectory, her first big break in the fashion industry, overcoming self doubt, how she manages her busy days all while having 3 kids and of course, some fashion advice.  For more info, visit! like us on Double tap on 
May 17, 2018
We have a very special mid-week episode for all you sisters who are expecting! We welcome back registered dietitian Sylvia Meléndez-Klinger, spokesperson for Aguacates Frescos – Saborea Uno Hoy to speak on the benefits of eating avocados during your pregnancy.  But first, Paulina discusses her not-so-very great travel disaster 🙈
May 15, 2018
Rachel Gomez, founder of Viva La Bonita and fitness model and actress Gemma Marin joined us at this past weekend's #SMSocial18.  This panel, "Mamahood: The hardest hood and balancing it all" is the first of three consecutive panels we will be sharing in the coming weeks.   We are beyond grateful to all you sisters for allowing us to continue to create.  We love each and every one of you.  Please let us know what you thought of the social.  We love hearing from you!    Visit for show notes Like us on  and double tap the gram on @_supermamas
May 1, 2018
This week, we are answering all of your Swim Questions (and fears) with Master Swim Coach Lisa Cook. We cover when’s the best time to introduce your child to swimming, the truths and misconceptions of dry drowning, how to deal with kids being afraid of the water, pool/ocean safety tips and pool toys. Whether you have a pool at home or visit the beach and/or community pool, you will takeaway tons of valuable information that will help your child (and yourself) become more comfortable with swimming.
April 24, 2018
The Super Mamás dynamic duo is back! Bricia has returned from Oaxaca and she and Paulina catch up on the last 3 weeks. Like, what is up with Paulina’s hand? & did Eduardo adapt to speaking Spanish while in Mexico?  We also read an email from a fellow super mamá about the pressures and judgement of not being fluent in Spanish. As Paulina and Bricia share their own experiences with being bilingual, they realize a lot about themselves and put their own Spanish to the test which will make you LOL. Also, the winner of the Delta Giveaway is announced! For full show notes visit Double Tap on @_supermamas Give us a like on Super Mamas Podcast Facebook Page  Get your Tickets for the Super Mamas Social !   
April 17, 2018
This week on the show, we sit down with Natalia Koegen the #MomBoss behind Sueño Shop. Natalia is an entrepreneurial force of nature and she provides us with valuable advice that you can apply to your own business. We cover how sueño got started, her strengths, her greatest business mistakes and how we all can’t do it alone For show notes visit Double Tap on @_supermamas Give us a like on Super Mamas Podcast Facebook Page  Get your Tickets for the Super Mamas Social !
April 10, 2018
This week we have the incredible dynamic duo from Mom Life Yo, T Lopez & Breegan Jane. We cover A LOT of different topics with these ladies Bricia, Paulina, T and Bree talk sex, pregnancy glow/blues, what the ladies are excited for this year, the unexpected way T & Bree became friends then creative partners. Their friendship is the perfect example of why we all need our mom tribe and a mommy best friend(s) Be prepared to laugh and say, “this is mom life, yo” Full show notes at  http://supermamas.
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