Thoughtful, Insightful, and Delightful
Well done!
Reasoned, thoughtful discussion on current events
Victor Davis Hanson is the kind of professor we who attended college would have wanted; the kind of professor you’d take the class almost-regardless the specific subject matter. And for those of us who did not attend college, Victor Davis Hanson is the kind of professor who makes college classwork worthwhile. He is knowledgeable, he is thoughtful, and he is interesting to listen to. Nowadays, anyone with a smart phone can essentially sit in on his talks, via this Classicist podcast... whilst commuting to work, or doing housework, or exercising, etc. It’s actually quite a remarkable thing.
Was it worth it?
I'm burrito
Was it worth it to sacrifice your integrity for a president that keep Mexicans out of your backyard? This podcast is an exhibit on white supremacy.
Dr. Hanson provides a deep, reasonable, point of view on so many domestic (U.S.) as well as in foreign affairs. He’s got a rich, yet plain way of conveying ideas clearly. Whether you agree or disagree with him, his opinions are provocative and will make you think. Can’t get enough podcasts from Dr. Hanson. Please keep it up, for the sake of reasonable conservatism!
Hack and worse yet a
Hypocrite. Lifetime welfare farmer railing about the need for unfettered capitalism. Keep cashing the checks and stick to the classics.
Brilliant insights.
I’ve been following Dr. Hanson for years on National Review, The Federalist, his web site and on Uncommon Knowledge. It is wonderful to find a podcast of his wisdom. Highly intelligent views on current events from the informed viewpoint of an Historian.
Have been reading everything Dr. Hanson writes for at least a couple years. His podcasts are on the target and he speaks from personal experience. Common sense! I love to hear him speak.
Great show!
Very illuminating
I'm enjoying this podcast and appreciate the detailed reasoning being shared.
The Classisist
I am not an academic but people like VDH cause me some regret for not pursuing higher education. This is a good podcast though I propose that whatever medium Dr. Hanson is involved in would be worth your attention.
VDH makes Sense
If you need to understand a rational conservative viewpoint, VDH is a great guy to bring it home. He will help conservatives understand why they feel the way they do, he will show you historical examples and evidence that the voice inside your head and heart is right and just. He will also give you plenty of ammo next time you have to show a liberal why he is so wrong and naive.
China podcast
Be a Triz
When I want to yell at my liberal, brain-dead children who actually believe cows are bad, the best thing for me to do is listen to or read something by VDH. He is placid, intelligent, armed with battalions of facts that help me relax in the knowledge that, still, there are some reasonable people in the world.
To find an authentic intellectual who can anchor his arguments in extensive study of millenia of history and decades of rich human experience, who makes his concise arguments as a gentleman, is tremendous pleasure. Where are you VDH? Months now without a podcast. Please come back. Troy you’re doing a great job keeping the level of discussion at very high level. Stay with Victor. I’ll pay well for this privilege! I so enjoy this podcast.
VDH is the Best!!
The best wisdom and insight of any public person that I know!
Cutting Insight
As a professor and farmer in California, Dr. Hanson finds himself a witness to a lot of life's contradictions and hypocrisies. As a scholar he has written histories on Greece and the Civil War and World War II. But most importantly, Victor Davis Hanson is a national treasure.
Intelligent & Humble
Victor DH is such a gentleman— truly an old school intellectual. He’s so incredibly decent and knowledgeable— a powerful combination.
A Celebration
of freedom of speech and diversity in viewpoints.
Clear and logical
Don in McKinney
VDH is able to marry the matters of the mind with the practicality of actually living in an imperfect works of you yearn for traditional allies used in explaining this crazy world then this is the man to listen to when he speaks
Very Thoughtful
VDH is the kind of person who I imagine our founding fathers to have been. He has a rare combination of practical and intellectual knowledge that sadly, is no longer the norm in our society. We seem to have cultivated a class of intellectuals with no real world experience who then go on to govern in total ignorance, and a second class of workers who are so highly specialized that they seem to have relegated politics to those who are supposed to be as specialized as they are. We are now discovering that the so called political experts have exported our wealth while importing a permanent underclass while we were busy chasing the American dream! Can we stop the destruction in time? VDH gives me hope as well as a much needed perspective!
Best insights into cuture, history, politics.
Dr Hanson has an amazing ability to put modern day events into an historical perspective, and make it alive on a personal level. He brings forward basic facts and examines events based on these facts and the arc of history. Honest, easy-going, knowledgeable. Excellent podcast.
The Wonderful VDH
Recovered Blackaholic
Always desperately seeking VDH.
A must listen podcast
I enjoy reading everything I can that Dr. Hanson writes. His podcast is a must listen too as it is informative and concise. My only complaint is it is not weekly podcast but it is worth the wait for every single podcast.
Chiam Yahuda
As always AMERICAS foremost intellectual brings historical context to our post modern American experience with profound insight clear rhetoric and precise commentary - Thank G-d we have Profesor Hanson
Profound Thinker VDH
Victor Davis Hanson is 1 of the best thinkers alive today. The many is thoughtful, logical, truthful, articulate & unafraid & America needs more of him. As intellectuals go, VDH obviously has a bent, but, it’s for us & him. He isn’t accepted in the Manhattan cocktail parties & doesn’t have a verified on Twitter, that tells you all you need to know. Love VDH. God Bless America🇺🇸
Great insights
VDH provides terrific perspective on today’s events and trends. His comments are unvarnished with tremendous analogies. I particularly like his comparison of Trump to the outlaw sheriff that some towns desperately need, but no one wants to befriend.
Dr. Hanson is the greatest historian of our time.
VDH of The Classicist Podcast has a knowledge of history that seems limitless. His sheer genius, impeccable credentials and unique life experience as a lifelong farmer at the top of American intellectual thought make him the greatest historian of our time. If you only read or listen to one intellectual or cultural/political commentator the logical choice is Dr. Victor Davis Hanson.
A little louder please
Love the show! Can Victor Davis Hanson talk into the mike a little louder? I can’t ever hear him that clearly. I listen to your show on a city bus in Chicago and it’s really difficult to hear him a lot of the time and I’m in my twenties....
Victor Davis Hanson, More Please
Professor Hanson clears all the noise and clutter of what ever issue he discusses. Happily for me it is of the conservative tilt. I could listen to him all day. As Dickens said through Oliver Twist “Please sir, I want some more.”
Brilliant Thinker
I just wish VDH would puhleeze write more podcasts. Each one a shiny object to be turned over and studied again and again.
Super Smart Thinking
I wish that the majority of democrats in the state legislature had one tenth of his common sense. I fear that it’s due too the use of alcohol,drugs,and medical marijuana usage. I don’t think it’ll get any better in the state till they start doing random drug testing like is done in my profession. I love listening to this guy. Wish it was a daily show
My favorite historian
Walk my way
And thoughtful commentator on current events. I recommend this podcasts to my nephews, nieces and college students who desire more depth than a tweet.
Consistently awful audio
Moderators volume is different from Victor’s. Noises in the background. Almost unlistenable. Buy this poor man a decent microphone! From silicone valley, no excuse for this.
Modern Paradoxes: Victor David Hansen
Batchelor Fan
Another in-depth presentation of what is happening in our USA Society today. There is a self serving attitude that the ends justify the means on the left. Many institutions have been corrupted; Media, Constitutional Government, FBI, DOJ, CIA, Immigration. Even Religious Institutions have been corrupted by the rotten immoral behavior of the left. The average law abiding US Citizen wanting to do good is under constant attack. Victor always brings a perspective that helps me understand these evil forces.
Neither Especially Interesting nor Insightful
I've listened to this podcast for six or seven months, and am disappointed. The degree to which VDH will act as an apologist for Trump is startling; I find his monologues only marginally less myopic in their themes of "Republicans good, Democrats bad" than Fox News. VDH cherry-picks his facts to fit his worldview, and builds entire arguments on the foundations of these falsehoods. It’s disappointing that he goes to such great lengths to find fault in the Obama administration (almost two years after Obama left office) and virtue in that of Trump. I much prefer the intelligent arguments found in conservative thought podcasts such as The Federalist, The Editors, and The Daily Standard. VDH is less conservative and more Party of Trump loyalist, which again, I get enough of on Fox.
Need to improve sound
Content is great but sound engineering leaves a lot to be desired. VDH has a soft voice and it needs to be amplified
1st rate scholar of Greece and Rome
Victor Davis Hanson is knowledgeable in many areas.
Philosopher prophet
Throughout history, during eras of great social struggle, God raises up guiding lights, men of exceptional insight and wisdom, to remind us of the truth. We live in such an era now. Where virtue is regarded as vice, and vice - virtue. Where the left disdains all laws, written or otherwise, and the sense real government is being shredded, as the liberals labor to undermine our constitutional rights even as we are inundated with tens of millions of foreign born. Yeah, that’s where Victor Hansen steps in - Logically Making sense of the chaos. Adroitly exposing the truth of how things, “really are” Without hysteria and drama. Matter of factly. So, he’s good to go. One of the two guiding lights of our times, Victor Hansen and Jordan Peterson. You can’t go wrong listening to either....
Essential Listening
Mark Henri
Professor Hanson bridges the gap between the rural soil and the ivory tower.
Very weak on facts
I was hoping for true conservative-minded conversations, and factual analysis, and after listening to several episodes I feel comfortable in saying this podcast is weak on facts and full of the regular racial drivel you’d come to expect from any other random “conservative” video on YouTube or random podcasts these days. You can check for yourself by googling many falsified “facts” he throws out, such as the claim that the FISA court was mislead by those seeking a FISA warrant, verification of the fact is an easy google search away. You’d be better served by shows truly concerned with conservative principals like the Jamie Weinstein show, “Excursions into libertarian thought,” anything by the Cato institute really, instead of mulling over the everyday social fights almost aimlessly fought by everybody, unless that’s what you’re into. But having factual information is imperative for knowing what’s really going on, and truly strengthening the conservative movement, and thereby strengthening America.
Historic Perspective Conditioned by Reality
Nick P 3
Always worth listening to, as VDH provides his unadulterated point of view. He's thoughtful and punctuates his points with concrete examples from his everyday life. Sure, I agree with his core politics, but I always learn something from the podcast. He states directly what the more political man might dance around, which is refreshing and helpful.
Outstanding Conversations
Great topical thoughts and observations from an accomplished historian and truth seeker whose life experiences provide a grounded and honest perspective.
Orange farmer
Victor is spot on. I am a valley resident, and his analysis couldn't be more correct.
Best podcast
Thank you for a factual intellectual discussion.
The last grown-up in the room
Trenchant and erudite. Where the hell else do you find that these days? Only here, with VDH. It helps that Prof. Hanson has someone of Troy Senik's caliber to facilitate the dialog. No one who claims to be conservative should miss a single podcast in this series. My only complaint is there are not several episodes per week instead of several per month.
Hanson’s THE best!!!!
OMG I wish this was on more often, SO wonderful!!!!
ND Native 7
I find Dr Hanson wise and well balanced. Much appreciated.
VDH is the BHL of the USA. Brilliant!
Opinions and half truths presented as fact
Unfortunately the episodes I listened to all billed themselves as being an honest debate on their respective topics. What was actually discussed, however, were largely opinions backed up by partial truths and misdirections with a healthy dose of NIMBYisms.
A Question for iTunes editors
News carver
Why do you bring to the top a two year old review one of the few negative reviews of VDH without referencing a SINGLE positive review. Can we have less stifling of conservative thought please?
Erudite, logical and level-headed
An oasis of quiet, reasoned analysis. No “hair on fire” screaming or drama: Just good solid analysis.
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