Great Show, in 1.5x
They really express their love of Presidential history in a non-bias way. I have a side job doing odd jobs and I discovered this podcast a year ago, started binge listening every time I worked, 3-5hrs a day a few times a week. About 3 weeks in I realized that the Podcast App I was using was set at 1.5x speed, and when I started listening at normal speed...what a surprising difference! The cousins like to small talk for a good amount of the podcast, but still a great listen, love how they have an episode for every 1st Lady.
Love the topic but...
I would love a podcast focused on each election staring with context of the major events leading into the election, the nominating process and course of the campaign. Listened to the first few episodes hoping this was it and it was kind of brutal. Hoped it was just because the hosts weren’t in a groove yet and assumed as it went on it would get better. It really didn’t. These guys are probably really smart but they make themselves sound like laymen. If I wanted a layman’s view of elections, I would go read Wikipedia. There is a significant need for an academic look at elections in the podcasting world, not two guys who sound like middle school history teachers without a plan and way too many ads to plug. I really hope these guys take another stab at each election going far more in-depth. You may not think there is an audience for more academic election talk but I guarantee it’s there. People do not want to be talked down to, especially by guys who don’t exude a ton of confidence of what they are talking about. Two stars because I really have hope that this topic will be better covered one day.
Great concept for a podcast!
I wanted to know more about American history but didn't know where to turn. Election College provided me with the layout and material I was looking for. Their content is great, covering a range of topics from every presidential elections to the story of each president and much more. I look forward to new episodes and hope to see this podcast reach 1,000 episodes!
Great listen!!
A very enjoyable podcast on Presidential politics, including the individuals who became president, VPs, First Ladies and others. I came late to the podcast, but have now listened to the first 300+ episodes and highly recommend that you start from the 1st episode. There is a nice mix of humor and facts that have kept me listening. I waited to write this review wanting to see if it would last longer than the fortune cookie podcast! Great job guys!
Election College
Very interesting and informative. The length of the podcast is 30 minutes . It is difficult to listen to a podcast for an hour or more. Jason and Ben are excellent speakers!
Aaron Burr Aaron Burr Aaron Burr
One of my favorite history podcasts. They take a fun view on what would be an other wise boring topic by sprinkling fun facts about those involved in the founding and shaping of this country. I originally listened to just the presidential election episodes and came back a few months later after realizing the quality here is higher than other American history podcasts. Most importantly they give a truly unbiased view.
brandon Nau
Great podcast. Lover listening along when on my long commute.
Fun & Educational
This is a fun and educational podcast. Just long enough to share the massage and not lose interest
Fun and Informative U.S. History
Craigery the Great
This is such a great podcast for anyone, but particularly for high school and college students who may only get a “survey” course. This takes a more thorough look at the people and events that make up the unfolding story of our collective past. Great work!
Patience is virtuous
I am certainly late to this political party. The first dozen or so episodes were not to my taste and I almost gave up. My patience paid off as they eventually started going into high gear during the middle of the 19th century. The overall low-key tenor may turn some off, but this is like listening to two knowledgeable cousins banter about the elections. Oh wait, it is. A great podcast and I am enjoying catching up. I am only 56 episodes plus the recent ones into the series.
Learn and Laugh
Easy listening and learning abounds at EC. The cousins have a delightful banter throughout each podcast. Keep it up!
Manifest Bestiny
I stumbled upon gold with this podcast. I take pride in being a weirdo who binge-listens to presidential podcasts, and it didn’t take me long to make it through episodes once I started. From His Rotundity to Eugene Debs, Ben and Jason do a great job of entertaining listeners while providing great background and info on elections and important people. My favorite part is that they bring obscure historical figures out to the spotlight who deserve more attention. 5 stars all the way!
You sure make learning fun. I’ve just started at the beginning and haven’t caught up, but I love all of the nicknames for the historical figures.
President Taft's Bathtub
Incredible work. Really interesting and engrossing.
Makes learning history fun
Mike Z - 1776
I always wanted to learn about past presidents but never had the time. I found these guys back in January 2018. I downloaded a few episodes before I went on a trip so I could listen on the plane. Well I got hooked and now it's May 2018 and I'm up to episode 207. I know you guys are not experts in history, but you do your research on the subject and make it fun to listen to. The only problem is now that I'm about to catch up to your recent episodes, I will have to cut down from the dozen or so I listen to each week to the 2 you put out each week. I'll get withdrawal symptoms. Maybe you can push them out faster ;)
These guys are great!
Lucius Goose
I’m a big history nerd, so I really appreciate that they have not one, but two episodes on John C. Calhoun!
Love it!
Muckdog Pat
I am a former podcaster and Presidential historian and I’ve kicked around the idea of doing a podcast on presidential history. The good news is, with this podcast, I don’t have to! I found it a couple weeks ago and have blown through the first 100 episodes. I love the length . It’s perfect. I love that it gives an overview, if I want more info, I’ll do the research on my own. The podcast peeks my interests and gives me the opportunity to look for more info for myself. Great to binge and can’t wait for more.
two thumbs up
Well-researched podcast with a good, narrow focus on how presidents have chosen to run for office and how they've gotten elected. Also, the hosts are cousins, which explains their great chemistry, plus one of them is a real-life American mayor!
Great Podcast
I started listening to this show sometime during the 2016 election and I am still interested more than a year past the election. It offers a good mix of politics and history, the hosts also strike a great balance between being casual, entertaining and informative that prevents the podcast from falling into one of the common podcast/radio pitfalls of being directionless, boring or inauthentic. The episodes are short but many subjects are revisited in later episodes turning a cursory examination into something deeper and within the pacing of the show placed in a greater context. The hosts are also largely silent about their own political opinions but do so in a manner that doesn’t seem evasive and instead feels focused on history. The sound quality is also almost always good, a problem which has been a barrier to me enjoying some other podcasts. I would recommend this show highly.
Stuff I Know Little About
B. T. Newberg
I like this show because it fills in a lot that really is very poorly known by the average American, including myself. While the hosts could inject more energy into the show, they do a good job on the history and fill a niche.
Entertaining and educational
Two guys who obviously care about American history review presidential elections and the people who ran in them along with other interesting people you may not know about.
I personally love the nicknames
Coming from a person who once yelled “F*#$ History” during a round of History themed catch phrase. I love this podcast ( I’m on episode 117 right now). I have zero problems with the nicknames, in fact it makes History more approachable. My favorite part is that it provides a non biased view of our nations history during a time when everything feels SO very messed up politically. Also, I’m going to see Hamilton next week and have loved listening to the episodes around that topic.
Educational yet fun!
I enjoy listening to these guys while driving around town. Much better than the radio.
Jackie Uchiha
Love this podcast! I always listen to it during school and home. Keep up the good work!
Fun and interesting history podcast
PNW History Geek
I enjoy history and listen to many different history related podcasts. This one is my favorite - it is very informative yet light and fun to listen to each episode. The nicknames they give the American political icons are hilarious - The Q, Andy Jack, Marty, etc.
Great Show
This show has gone from being a good podcast to being a great podcast. Their work on the actual elections was a little superficial, but once they started delving into the characters, orginizations and issues that gave elections their character, I think the podcast got a lot better.
Love the show, although...
#AOTT PoliSci
Hey Ben & Jason! I have been listening to the show for quite a while now. I am a current poli-sci major and history minor about to finish school & I love to delve into the history of our country, something you all do very well! While I find you guys' commentary extremely informative and quite humorous from time to time, I must say that every now and again when some of the more controversial issues pop up (which is bound to happen when discussing our nation's history), some of your comments can be a tiny bit insensitive. I would never peg you all for racists or anything of the like, however I do think that when discussing issues such as the Civil Rights movement, Pres. Jackson's Indian Removal Act, African Slavery, forcing out the Chinese etc, it wouldn't hurt to be cautious that some of your more comical remarks don't come off as insensitive to those who may be descendants of these peoples and take the plight of their ancestors to heart. Other than that one tid-bit, I love your show! I've donated a few times, and I hope that you all keep up this awesome podcast because all of my AMHistory major friends really love it down here in Virginia. Keep it up!
Bite sized
Robert Logier
A great way to fill in little gaps of American history. Gives you a greater sense of the narratives in the White House. Toes a good line between detail and not getting bogged down. Love it. Great job guys.
awesome podcast!!
Insightful and Fun
Justin Gentry
Jason and Ben share the facts while having fun. Subscribe to the show to walk through history in a new and fresh way! -Justin Gentry from
I expect a happy dance
After 200 episodes, I finally decided to take the 65.897 seconds to leave a review for Election College. I listen to A LOT of history podcasts. Many are hosted by PhDs or other experts, and although they are chocked full of information, they can be a bit dry at times. There's something about two cousins having a conversation that just works. And I even get to learn a bit too. Plus, the guys are great at interacting with fans on social media (trust me, I've tweeted/posted). Overall, a great podcast and another that has been added to my "must listen" list. Keep it up guys!
Dudes who are legitimately interested in teaching history
They make the history of the U.S. political process interesting. They found away to move beyond presidential elections and cover U.S. political rises, falls, tragedies, deals, and follies. Love it!
Learn while you laugh
Election College feels a lot like Ben Stein meets Jim Gaffigan - a great look at the history of the United States through the trials & tribulations of our forefathers with enough light-hearted fun to make each episode a must-hear. Thanks, guys, for making US history tangible & enjoyable for American history buffs! Vote Henry Clay in 2020!
Great show
Started listening to this show a little while ago and it's quickly become one of my favorites. Interesting and informative topics. The hosts are a great couple of guys.
Love this!
The pug life
This is a great podcast! If you love drunk history you will love this! However I don't think Ben and Jason are hammered???
Great lessons Learned
Patiently awaiting the next phase: VPs, First Ladies and Sec of States. I'm pressured into leaving more 5 star reviews.
Humor and History - 2 times a week - what could be better
If you like history, but don't want to slog through a boring lecture, then you should listen to Election College. They have brought their irreverent humor to American History. They bring your boring US history class back to life. So listen and enjoy!
Get smart!
This podcast should be required listening for everyone who votes. You know what they say about history repeating itself . . . let's make it stop. Well done, serious and funny.
Fun and Informative
James Early
This podcast presents a lighthearted look at all of our presidential elections, as well as the lives of key figures in American history and significant events. It both fun and informative at the same time. Everyone who wants to learn (or brush up on) US history should listen.
Great and entertaining history lesson
This is quite late but I've started listening recently, this a great podcast, very informative and funny. Well done!
Awesome Podcast
Shows American history in an unique, fascinating, and comical way unlike any other podcast. These guys rock! Keep up the great work!!
great show!
He that follows instructions
This well produced, throrgoughly researched, and humorously delivered podcast. Is the best example of a podcast. Seriously, I am a big history and this podcast is perfect my commute they are perfect far as timing. Everyone should listen to Election College I tell all my friends to listen as well and then we debate it later at work its awesome.
Can't say enough great things!!!
Not only are these podcasts highly informative but the content is delivered in such a fun manner that it really sticks!!! I'm in college studying American history and I often find an episode that correlates with my lessons as an extra reassurance. I've learned SO much from listening to you guys, I often know information that my professors do not!! Keep up the great week! Thank you for everything!
This podcast = Portlandia + VEEP + AP US Election History
V.E.Beary from Cincy/DC
I never thought I would ever choose to run to a podcast (over music)... Jason and Ben, you guys keep things funny and interesting. I dug out a now dated ruler that has all of the Presidents' faces on it from the gift shop on the Hill in order to reinforce our Presidential timeline. Thank you for not rambling, and for keeping things relevant.
Speak with conviction, guys
The "likes" and "kindas" and "sortas" make you sound like you only kinda sorta know what you're talking about. Unlistenable if you're over the age of 35. Two stars because at least you're putting yourself out there.
Started at episode 1 now I'm through episode 101 in just over a month!
The 4th bash brother
This is such a fun podcast for a history lover. Whenever I'm in a "podcast mood" while at work I download the next handful of episodes and love listening while I work away. This is a fun and quick podcast that gives great insight and facts on elections and other topics as well. This far and away is my favorite podcast of any genre and I'm subscribed to over 30 different podcasts. Anyone with any interest in American history or politics would love giving this a listen. I cannot stress enough how fun of a listen this is.
Elsa Knight
I've started binging on these episodes, and I love them all. I'm currently listetening to the episodes on the era of His Accidency, so there's still a long ways to go! I can't wait to catch up on everything. Keep up the good work! Thanks!
Lamonte M.
Just found the podcast a few weeks ago and trying to get caught up by listening to all of them on 1.5. Informative and funny. Can't wait to hear all of them. Keep up the great work.
A little bit of everything
This podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorites. While they always talk about American history and hit the big points we all learned in school, they also talk about less popular topics in a fascinating way. They also throw some great interviews in there too which makes it more fun. Their sense of humor might seem a little quirky at first, the more you listen, the more you feel like you're talking with friends. Thank you guys for all the work you do!
I'm a history teacher who never a misses a podcast. What an entertaining, informative, intriguing look back. Thanks for always giving me something to look forward to.
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