April 29, 2020
Teaching Personal Minimums is one of the best things you can do early in your students training.
March 25, 2020
Experience does not make you immune to accidents…
April 7, 2019
Does your students age really matter?
April 5, 2019
5 actual CFI check ride questions
March 1, 2019
What is the difference between an evaluation and a critique and which is more effective?
January 2, 2018
What should we look for when flying with rusty pilots?
December 16, 2017
What does it take to teach great landings?
July 22, 2017
What are some of the finer points of chair flying and why should we encourage our students to practice as often as possible?
June 20, 2017
What are defense mechanisms and what do we do once we recognize a defense mechanism in one of our students?
March 21, 2017
The FAA is using a lot of scenario based testing. How can we help our students in a scenario based way?
February 7, 2017
Is giving a flight review a one size fits all? What are some of the common pitfalls of pilots looking to stay current?
February 1, 2017
If you’re working on your CFI, you’ll have to do them. If you’re already a CFI, you may have to teach them.
January 9, 2017
How can we help students better understand complex subjects like textual and physical weather?
August 14, 2016
How can you teach someone better decision making skills?
June 20, 2016
With the FAA’s implementation of the ACS, how can we as CFI’s teach it?
March 11, 2016
We’ve all dealt with that difficult to solo student. But, is that a reflection of their CFI?
December 28, 2015
Even CFI’s can become rusty pilots.
December 3, 2015
As a CFI, its hard to give a student constructive criticism sometimes.
September 25, 2015
How do we work with someone who has anxiety towards stalling?
August 26, 2015
Spins are required to become a CFI, but when is the last time you or your CFI even did a spin?
August 15, 2015
In this episode of the Certificated Flight Instructor Podcast, Jason talks a little bit about Aviation Etiquette for you as a CFI and for your students.
August 6, 2015
It can be an awkward situation to have to let a student go. Jason shares with you 3 types of personalities he watches for that almost always have to be fired as a student.
July 27, 2015
In this episode, Jason shares with you things he does for his students and things he makes each and every student do.
July 13, 2015
In this podcast Jason shares his story about the best CFI he ever had and what were some of the things she did to make his flight training the best.
July 7, 2015
In this episode Jason shares with you a few tips that you won’t learn from your FOI (Fundamentals of Instruction) written test.
June 30, 2015
In this weeks episode of the CFI Podcast Jason reveals to you some of his secrets and tips for creating great CFI lesson plans.
June 12, 2015
In this episode listen to Jason as he explains what makes a great flight instructor.
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