Im Confused with the 1 Stars…
TFick 30
This show is SOOOO beneficial! I haven’t even finished my Real Estate classes and these guys inspire me with every Podcast. I mean Jackson Wilky, and some of the people they have on here are MEGA. These guys are REAL and provide insights that Realtors with the fake facade would never tell you. Let your guard down, be human, speak your mind…if you don’t think they are adding value to your life then you’re not listening! Better yet, if you don’t like the profanity, truth, or realness of the show…make your own called “Real Estate Censored” I bet that will flop. Keep coming out with the goods boys! Use these haters as motivation…
Fres Co
Profane, unprofessional, and I found no useful information.
Imagine if a consumer found this podcast
Schumi 7X
This is someone stated “the Bevis and Butthead” of real estate. Their 4th grade vocabulary mixed with a punk like behavior is embarrassing for our industry. This podcast represents the worst possible representation of our industry and should be reported to NAR
Awesome Podcast!!!
Clarisse Gomez
Greg & Matt, hosts of the Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast, highlight all aspects of real estate, success and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
My Rape Place???!!!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, and I felt like they had a lot of good ideas and were fairly entertaining. Before today’s episode I would have given them a 4 star rating, but today one of the guys described Mentally leaving a conversation as going to his ‘rape place’. They giggled (because rape is so funny) and talked about this for a couple of minutes before I stopped the podcast and deleted it from my Library.
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Greg & Matt, hosts of the Real Estate Uncensored podcast, highlight all aspects of business, real estate and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Get a better MICROPHONE
Hector Cabildo
Your podcast is great and you content is equally good. However, I am reluctant to keep listening to your podcast because of the audio quality. Get a better mic or edit your audio better because the quality is poor. I love listening to it but I probably won’t anymore because the audio quality bugs me so much.
Donna C. Kelly...Realtor 😄
Love this podcast! I have learned so much! I come from the lumber industry and the real estate lingo and ways are foreign to me....I am more knowledgeable and professional because I listen to your podcasts! Also get great ideas! Thank you!
These guys bring you a homer man. Just started listening to their content today. About to get my license and this just motivates me to hit it out of the park even more and START CRUSHING IT. Such good content. Man I’m talking a grand slammie....... We really are talking bottom of the ninth, bases loaded. It’s like Mike Trout playoff time with these guys. INSANE GRAND SLAMMIE DUNKIE. WOW 😱
Beavis & Butthead
The Beavis & Butthead of real estate.
This podcast prepared me to get my real estate license
I can’t say enough good things about the podcast. As a new real estate agent with less than a year under my belt, I started listening before I even passed my state exam. My husband is a 20+ year agent and needed assistance, so I found tons of great information to discover where I wanted to focus my efforts to help my husband continue to build his business. If you are considering becoming a realtor or if you are seasoned agent, there is always something for everyone on this incredible podcast.
Social media instagram
Sarah Johnston great podcast and she helped me with my instagram. She is awesome and absolutely stunning. You guys are awesome.
Your podcast has become a staple in my car, even my kids tune in from time to time. Thanks for the constant inspiration and amazing ideas. Your focus on becoming hyperlocal and relationship based has changed the way I think. I look forward to every new episode ❤️
Love this podcast
Thank you for your honest and up to date real estate advice! I have learned a lot and reached out to a few of your guests to thank them as well. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to an amazing and prosperous 2019!
Best Real Estate Podcastl
This podcast is by far the best podcast out there for Real Estate growth and marketing. The hosts a real and are not at all salesy or corny. I am always entertained and feel like I’ve learned something after each podcast. Way to go Greg and Matt!!
Love. Tons of great tips
Particularly loved Jordan talking about generating leads in LA and also Gail re: send out cards. New Fan is podcast and can’t wait for more episodes
Love it!
Tyler from Washington
Great show with very beneficial information and guests. I have been listening for months now and have taken notes to help me launch my career in real estate.
So thankful I was told about this podcast!
Amy Beachy
Matt and Greg are phenomenal at what they do, and I’m grateful they give of their time to share so much knowledge of the real estate business with all of us. I listen almost anytime I’m driving to their podcasts because I want to learn as much as I possibly can and be taught by some of the best. They also have amazing guests on their show, and some whose names I can remember are Matt Cubbler (one incredible guy with a powerful story!), Glenn Twiddle, Bernice Ross, Jeff Cohn, Kody Bateman (loved hearing his story and how he started Send out Cards-& I bought his book), Gene Volpe, Nick Sakkis, and Ray Wood. There were so many others who I heard and were fantastic, and I can’t wait to keep listening to REU! Thank you, Matt and Greg!
Long Time Listener!
Matt and Greg bring a relevant mix of real estate and sales knowledge, and combine that with humor and awesome guests to create the best real estate podcast out there. Keep it up fellas!
Great dynamic. Awesome podcast!
This is my favorite podcast. I’m new in the business and every time I listen to the show I get something out of it. Greg is generous with his time as he helped me out answering a question about RedX. Thank you for all the value and the book recommendations. I recently got the ‘building a storybrand’.
Never a dull moment
I started in real estate at the same time Greg and Matt started the podcast. There is rarely an episode where I don’t learn something new or feel that much more motivated for the day! Thanks guys!
Achieve Success at a Higher Level
Karen Briscoe, Author
Tune in to achieve success at a higher level in business and life! Guests and hosts have great energy, inspiration and information. Tranformative! Karen Briscoe, author and podcast host "5 Minute Success"
Great source of real estate knowledge!
I’ve been listening to RE Uncensored for about four months now and have been an agent for 3+ years. I wish I started listing to this podcast from day one of my career. I’ve even gone back and listened to every show available on this format. This show is packed with tons of real estate knowledge, tips, experiences and tools, in all facets of real estate. Greg and Matt provide an enjoyable and entertaining listing experience while at the same time providing an incredible amount of value. In addition to the hosts, the countless guests are outstanding. They all offer incredible value and tools that I’ve been able to easily implement in my business. This is an excellent source of information in all areas of real estate. I would highly recommend to any agent to listen, regardless of experience. I enjoy listening to them live if possible- Great opportunity to interact and ask questions. If not, I always make it a point to catch up on the podcast later. Great show guys... really appreciate the value you provide on a weekly basis.
David Gascon
This show is amazing. There are so many take away points. I would be a worse agent without this podcasts. I just wish I could find the podcasts from 2 years ago..
Valuable Content Delivered in an Entertaining and Accessible Format
I’ve been listening to the REU podcast since I became licensed in August 2017. Matt, Greg, and the Evil Bald Ninja have made many long drives to and from Live Oak, Florida much more entertaining, and even enlightening. They provide so much insight into current trends in the real estate industry, as well as innovative, truly “actionable” ideas that an agent can implement in his or her market. REU consistently brings high quality guests to the show, giving listeners access to even more advice, wisdom, and various perspectives in real estate. It was only recently that I realized how easy it is to actually watch AND listen live on Facebook. Now, when I get a notification and am able to do so, I am enjoying tuning in to listen live as these sessions unfold. These shows are really, really good. Thank you guys for all of the value you bring to your listeners. Keep up the great work!
Amazing is all I have to say
donna k112
I just found this podcast and been in the real estate industry I have to say is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t found it yet do yourself a favor and start listening.
Best Show for Real Estate Pros at any level
Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson teach a variety of skills that can assist an agent even before licensing. Their fun wit and humor make it exciting to learn new skills, build confidence and influince a positive outlook. The guest appearances also bring a level of professionalisim that makes you excited about tuning in.
Fun and Informative!
Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson take a fun approach to growing your RE business. Each episode is jammed packed with great and actionable information and tips. These podcasts are NOT boring! You will find yourself laughing right along with them.
Awesome show, highly recommend!
J. Barshop
Greg, Matt and their guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content geared to help everyone from the real estate newbie, to the seasoned vet become a better, more productive real estate agent and business owner. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Real Estate Uncensored if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to level up your real estate sales and marketing skills (and inch closer towards financial freedom as a result)!
Funny & Informative!
These guys are my favorite YouTube/ Podcast! They are soooooo funny AND have awesome real estate knowledge and tips! They are honest and real but also have years of experience selling so great stories and advice! They also interview cool guests who provided great ideas to incorporate into your business!
What would I do without Greg & Matt in my life?
This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. I am able to turn my time in the car into education and entertainment. Out of every episode I am able to take away at least 1 nugget of information that will work to make my business better! I'm not afraid to share with all my other Realtor friends because I hope everyone would use it to make the industry as a whole the best that it can be for our clients!
Love this show!!! Laugh while you learn!
Greg & Matt are the best! I’ve been listening for awhile now and each episode is filled with great info. that you can implement no matter where you are in your career. The guest are always so powerful, plus it’s funny as hell! Thanks guys!
Amazing Content
Amazing Content!!
This is my favorite real estate podcast! There are many good ones but these guys bring the best content and guest and deliver it in a real and authentic way! Keep it up guys!!
Must listen!
Great content for anyone who is interested in becoming a great agent!
Best Real Estate Podcast!
Wolf of South Street
I tried listening to every Real Estate podcast I could find for about 2 months straight. I ended up realizing that I could get EVERYTHING I needed from Real Estate Uncensored, and from guys who aren’t insanely boring to listen to. Some people have valuable knowledge but have no clue how to effectively convey it to others. Matt and Greg bring on the most successful and interesting guests from Real Estate and related industries to help give agents an edge. This is now the only podcast I listen to and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the laughs and invaluable advice that I’ve received and hopefully continue to receive as long as Matt doesn’t take on so many collaboration projects that his body literally splits into multiple pieces.
Awesome show
These guys have some of the best guests and best content to get people into action out there. Entertaining and fun and always a blast to listen to. Have listened to multiple episodes multiple times because the content has so much usable value. Thanks guys for helping us all out and keeping it real!
Absolute Gold!!!!
Matt and Greg bring unbelievable value in every episode. You will get gain new knowledge with each show and walk away with great nuggets to implement in your business. I highly recommend their show and look forward to it every week.
Amazing at both the big picture and actionable steps
Greg and Matt are awesome at delivering value in both the big picture and the actionable steps agents need to take to be successful. Plus their humor doesn’t hurt either ;)
Informative & Entertaining
Love these guys, always keep it interesting, real world advice and best of all it's entertaining!
Absolutely amazing
chen face
I recently found his podcast and it has revolutionized my viewpoint on real estate and how to market and become a top agent in my marketplace. I recommend everybody listen to the show nonstop it will change your game guaranteed
Amazing Show
I started listening to the show while I was still deciding on going into real estate, a little over a month ago, and it really caught my attention. In the last month I have finished my schooling and testing and have signed with a brokerage. This podcast has given me a lot of tips and things to do to start growing my business. If I am in the car driving, you guys are playing. Thank you for all the help you guys give.
Real-time Learning and Motivation
Keena Realtor
I love this podcast. I have learned so much real-time learning techniques and motivation that I can use in my business. If I want to get pumped before I get my day started, I tune in! I love you Ninjas and Johnson's obese babies LOL!
Great instruction and inspiration
These guys give great instruction and real work scenarios and tell you about it in a humorous but direct way. No punches pulled. Doesn't sound like a textbook and they hold your attention. Thanks for putting your time in to do this series! -Scott
Awesome Show
Keep Up the Good Work and Providing Great Info..
Love it!!!
Love the show. Getting my license soon and learning tons! Would love if you would make all your links and available in the iTunes details as well. Sometimes I can't always find them on the Facebook replays.
Amazing podcast
There's a lot of fluff and BS in the world of real estate podcasts/training/coaching and this cuts right through it all. I was looking for something similar to the Watercooler and this hit all the right notes and then some. If you're looking for an awesome real estate podcast that's second to none, give this a listen. You won't be disappointed.
Best RE podcast
You can stop looking for the best way to grow your busines because you found it with Greg and Matt.
Entertaining & informative
I've worked in the real estate industry for 14 years. Greg and Matt provide excellent tips and tricks to help people succeed in real estate that's also very entertaining. I love listening to these guys and I recommend them to new hires in my office. Definitely worth your time!
Huge golden nuggets to apply to all of life!
I greatly appreciated and enjoyed this Podcast even though I'm not a Real Estate Agent. It offers great golden nuggets that all professionals can apply to work life and personal. Huge ones I took home were: deal with difficult situation in person instead of email/phone, treat people with utmost respect and be honest, and take ownership and responsibility! Thanks so much ! Loved it ~
Las Vegas Realtor
Awesome show! Real, practical, information for agents to build their business!
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