For he's a jolly good Merrow
Banana Fosters
I love the podcast it gets me through my rough days at works. The players are hilarious and the role-playing is amazing.
Takes me back.
This podcast is one of the best things I’ve found accidentally. It reminds me of my old gaming days, and makes me want to find a new group to start playing again!
We’re havin fun
The Young Squire Pettypants
This show is hilarious, interesting, educational (if you’re into the Pathfinder RPG), and all around THE BEST. The levity is matched by the great acting and genuine drama.
GCP makes the world a better place
GCP has renewed my decades dormant love of TRPGs. I’ve recently started Fall of Plaguestone with 2 of my former players and their kids. Thanks guys.
Don't Leave Town
Mick Kasemeier
Do you like incredible storytelling? Comedy? Drama and intrigue? Action, adventure, and swashbucklery of the highest order? The Glass Cannon Podcast has all this and more. Once you join up with this merry band of heroes from the small town of Trunau, it'll be hard to imagine how you got through life without them. All 5 members of this podcast are outstanding people, gentlemen and scholars the lot of them. They put so much time and effort into everything they do, it's easy to forget it started with 5 nerds sitting in an NYC apartment. Do yourself a favor and download this podcast. Then find their other podcasts and support them on Patreon. I promise it'll be worth every second, I know I can't stop listening to them. Oh, and one last thing: Don't leave town.
Love it!
Love these guys. They keep so true to the story and don’t get too tripped up by the rules. Binge worthy for sure.
This Cannon blows everyone out of the water
The best rpg & DnD podcast there is. Love the character concepts and how the boys dive right into character. Voices and all. Love the bottle cap concept and home rules!
Simply awesome
how is fish already taken?
I’ve been playing RPGs for almost 3 decades, and it doesn’t get better than this!!
This is what tabletop gaming should be!
Henchman Speedy
I listen to a lot of D&D podcasts. GCP is by far the best. Great story telling, some of the best characters I have heard roll played, and a DM that knows how to bring out the bring out the best from his players. If you have been playing tabletop games for years or you are just learning how to kill an orc with math, this podcast is for you. Thanks GCP for all the 1’s and 20’s.
A must listen to Podcast for anyone!!!
By far the most entertaining and amazing podcasts I have ever listen to. The guys and gals on the podcasts take you through an emotional roller coaster that does not stop from heart wrenching moments to rolling on the floor laughing. Well done and keep the role playing coming.
I have been playing Pathfinder with a few friends casually for about a year now. My GM kept mentioning this podcast and I kept saying, "yeah I'll have to check that out, sounds pretty good.." then when I finally did actually remember to write down the name of the podcast, and look it up.. I was immediately hooked. I am getting ready to start episode 33... I'm only 4 years behind on episodes so my goal is to catch up by the end of next year! XD ...But seriously, I love this podcast, and you will too! It's so entertaining and occasionally educational. :)
So much awesomeness!
Fairly new listener, played dnd years ago, but had to move for the military and never found a new group. Got invited to a pathfinder group last month and have been loving getting back into it. My new GM recommended GCP to me and I can’t thank him enough. Good stuff gents, I love it, keep it coming!
The best!!
I’m addicted.
I have been listening to these guys during my commute to work and it is amazing. Great story telling combined with the groups humor make this the best pod cast I am listening to.
Love these jerks!
Listening to the GCP has absolutely rejuvenated my love for TTRPGs. Keep up the good work!
So good
These guys have the best actual play podcast out there, hands down. Absolutely hilarious plus proper dramatic. Thanks GCP!
Best actual play podcast I’ve been able to find.
I’ve been listening to these guys for about 3 years and it’s been amazing. I always look forward to new episodes each week and it is a nice break away from life to just enjoy the story they are creating.
Top notch entertainment
If you enjoy listening to friends be serious when needed but have an absolutely blast playing TTRPGs you will thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. It only gets better as the show goes on. Thanks for hours of entertainment fellas! Joe.... please roll better my dude.
Great rpg show
I play a bunch of d&d and have listened to a few shows. Even though I have never played pathfinder, this show hits all of the rpg notes that mean something to me. Great role playing, fun banter, deep mechanics, this show really has it all. I am 188 episodes in and I can honestly say I haven’t been bored yet. Check this show out!
Best show on TV. Dudes are super funny and everyone should subscribe to their patreon. 11/10
The best actual-play podcast out there. Plain and simple.
I cannot even begin to say enough good things about this podcast. These guys are the best of the best. If you love tabletop RPGs or you just love unparalleled storytelling in general, this is the podcast for you. The DM, Troy, is a master at crafting a world that is as vivid and alive as any movie or video game. The players dive deep into their characters, blending master role-playing and commitment with more than a slight dose of humor and hilarity. Long story short, I absolutely recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone. Since binging literally every episode, my love for tabletop gaming has been re-ignited, and I have started DM’ing my own campaign. Seriously, do yourself a favor and give it a listen.
Amazing show
These guys are the best. Consistently funny with great content. I have binged this show over 2 months since episode 1 and it has always been great.
An amazingly fun journey
Bazooka Mouse
[EDIT]: 100 episodes later, still going strong. I'm at 170 now (and I didn't plan for this review update to be 100 episodes later wow) and things have just gotten more and more exciting. I feel like I've gotten really attached to the characters now and I'm dying to know where the story goes! I have a very long commute to school, and I put on episodes for my drives to and from. Keeps me sane and entertained even stuck in LA traffic. I wholeheartedly throw my support at these dudes, this podcast, and this game! Picked up the Pathfinder 2nd Edition rulebook, and excited to eventually start games of my own with my friends! Thanks GCP! [/EDIT] I haven't listened all the way through yet, but 70 episodes in feels like more than enough to heartily recommend it to those who like actual play podcasts. The characters are likable enough that I'm invested in seeing what happens to them, the story is engaging, and the players have a chemistry that makes it all come together well. There is some mature content and humor, so the sensitive types may get offended, but honestly, it's never anything that feels grossly bad or out of place given the context of the world. It's a great podcast, and I'm excited to listen further!
Just thought I would do my due diligence
This review is going to match the other 27,000 reviews for this podcast. These guys are AMAZING. I listen to this podcast at work, at home, when I’m traveling, and ANYWHERE else. These guys are hilarious, entertaining, they love their listeners and very involved in the community. I’m honestly only writing this review to support these guys in anyway I can. They deserve to have such a highly ranked show and if you are even remotely considering listening to this podcast or playing any sort of role playing game or just want to be entertained. Listen to this podcast. Start with episode 1 and work your way. GO GLASS CANNON NATION!
Great Stuff
Gotta say these guys are the best. Continually producing high quality content week after week. The most consistently funny, imaginative, and great let’s play podcast out there.
Just the best
I am in love with this campaign! I. Am. Hooked. The players really make you feel involved. I find myself laughing, crying (you know the episode), holding my breath with my heart beating fast. It is easy to binge listen to and keep wanting to hear more. I feel as involved as I do while watching a movie/tv show or reading a book. I’ve tried listen to another RPG podcast, but it just wasn’t as enticing as this one. Thank you for the great content!
If you like the Adventure Zone you’ll love Glass Cannon
Jiffy Lu
This is the only podcast review I have written but I just love these guys so much. Has a vibe similar to early Adventure Zone, which I had finished and was looking for a D&D/Pathfinder podcast of similar quality. I tried a dozen before I found GCP. They have the perfect mix of “serious” RP and comedy. Cannot recommend enough, especially if you’re a fan of TAZ.
Makes me want to play again
I’m only on episode 20 after about a week of listening and I’m really enjoying it. I think this is a great way for anyone to learn how the game can be played and as a person who hasn’t played in more than a decade, it makes me itch to find a role playing video game or group of players to mess around with again. Top stars, 10/10 for would recommend. I’m glad I have 200 more episodes to go.
Laughing while driving
Comidian bacon
This podcast is my favorite! I’m a mom of a young DND player and was turned on to the show by a mutual friend. The fun is infectious. I’m almost ready to give Pathfinder a try!
My new favorite podcast. These gents are hilarious!! Love the content!!
Like old friends
I’ve been listening for about 6 months now. I’m still about 100 eps behind but I’m catching up. I have abandoned my audible subscription and rarely listen to music anymore. These guys make it feel like I’m playing pathfinder with old friends and it’s just a good time. I couldn’t recommend it enough. Just start from the beginning!
Best pathfinder play
I love it!!!!
Screw Thursdays, is it Tuesday yet?
Better produced than Critical Role. Funnier than Adventure Zone. I wish I wasn’t caught up so I could binge it all over again.
Best intro to pathfinder!
The first 50 episodes are the best how to play crash course. I played D&D when I was a kid and we made up the rules as we went along but it was great to be taught the game alongside Matthew and Grant.
Just started, already love it
The podcast began in June of 2015. I started listening to it at July 2019. I’m 200 episodes behind, I have a long way to catch up but I’ll be damned if I don’t at least try!
Love everything these guys put out
The best thing in history.
Rob McFadde
After a brief but complete review of history, I have confirmed the GCP is the best thing.
What a punny group of guys!
This podcast is phenomenal. They’re all so funny and entraining! I’ve learned so much from them about how to play D&D/Pathfinder. I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried. I’ve been downcast from member loss. I can’t wait to see them live in Aug 2019!!
New listener
I love this podcast. It is so engaging and the storytelling is fantastic. Starting a bit late but loving that I can binge the episodes.
I hate it only happens once a week!
I only recently started listening to GCP (5 months ago), and I am completely addicted. I have developed the habit of listening while I work out. The show makes my runs fly by. The biggest problem is that I end up laughing so much that I get lots of funny looks, and weight lifting ends up being a little dangerous :). Thank you for creating this. I enjoy it so much I’ve started listing to Androids and Aliens so I can get at least 2 doses of fun each week. Thank you, -Scott
Well done in all areas. NOT family friendly
I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is not sensitive to language or crude language.
Favorite Podcast
Quite possibly the most entertaining podcast I've ever listened to. It's an amazing mix of comedy, roleplaying, action, and storytelling unlike anything else I've heard. The crew really makes you feel like you're there at the table hanging out with them. They also do a fantastic job with the sound quality, unlike most other TTRPG podcasts I've tried out. It's always crystal clear, and their selection of background music and sound drops really take them to the next level. This show just continues to get better and better!
Thank you, BananaCleric 😍
So my internet friend sent me a Snapchat yesterday, inviting me to a GCP event later this year that she's hosting. I told her of course I would go, stuck it in my calendar, and opened up the Podcast app and searched this bad boy up and started listening to the pilot at the gym, about an hour later. I'm currently on ep9, and cruising through these, never having consumed any sort of pen and paper rpg before, loving the entire thing regardless. Awesome job, everyone!
Best Role playing podcast out there
Honestly, never played pathfinder, but I’m a huge fan of role playing podcasts and this is honestly my all time favorite. It’s a perfect balance of humor and drama. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. The characters are so great and well rounded. Highly recommend. I can’t remember the last time I binged a podcast this hard.
Started with no experience and now I’m a D&D nerd!
I started listening to the GCP because my buddy was listening to them at work. I was never big into table top RPGs. Over time, I started to get more in to listening. Because of you guys I am hooked. I love listening and now I’m big into playing 5e. Working my way through the entire series to catch up as fast as I can. Only 195 episodes to be current!!
A great listen
I have only recently started to listen to the glass canon podcast. I am crazy hooked I am only 47 episodes in and I fully plan on listening to them all
Really good
I recently started listening to this podcast, and this whole thing has been really enjoyable. The cast is funny and they get along very well. I definitely recamend it!
Love these guys!
I've never played any table top rpgs, but I love listening to audiobooks. A work friend recommended the GCP to me and I decided to give it a listen. Instantly loved it! These guys do a great job interacting with each other and telling a hilarious and interesting story.
Listen now!
This show is absolutely wonderful. 5 hilarious guys do what they love and it shows. It's funny, engaigng and exciting. Don't worry if you've never played pathfinder or D&D before, they explain the rules as they go. And don't let the nerdy-ness push you away, it is a blast to listen to. It makes my commute so much better!
Been trying to catch up!!
I started listening to this podcast for a couple of months and I can’t stop!! I just got to the start of book 4.
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