November 5, 2019
If you feel like this holiday season came earlier this year, and the pressure is more pronounced, you're not imagining it. On this week's Spawned parenting podcast, we're (complaining) talking about the very real reasons this year feels more intense. BUT! It's okay! We've also got tons of expert tips for managing the 4 biggest stressors of the holiday season: Gifts, money, family, and external pressure. // Find all the links from today's show including our cool picks of the week on the Cool Mom Picks podcast page. // Extra thanks to our fantastic sponsors,, which offers helpful resources for raising smart digital kids; as well as Ritual Vitamins, who is offering Spawned listeners 10% off your first 3-month subscription of their Essentials for Women multivitamin. // Thanks SO much for listening, and for and all your truly lovely (sniff), thoughtful (sniff), very kind reviews lately. You're the best!
October 8, 2019
This week on the Spawned Parenting podcast, we're talking about a topic we all struggle with: Priorities. How do we make time for the things we love when are all just so busy? How do we fit family, relationships, friends, hobbies, passion projects and our own health and well-being into our lives? (Phew!) Liz + Kristen check in 9 months after our interview with Jake Knapp on making time for things you love, for a candid discussion about where we're succeeding, where we're failing, and what's helping. Or...not. // Show notes and related links on the Cool Mom Picks podcast page // Thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Candlewick Press and their new boxed set of Jon Klassen's hat trilogy. Your kids will love it! //Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode, and thanks for all of your kind 5-star reviews. Best. Listeners. Ever. 
October 1, 2019
With the recent news that Japan Airlines will soon be letting customers know where babies and kids will be sitting on the plane, it got us thinking about kids in restaurants. Will there be a kids-only sections soon? With Kristen's husband and Liz's ex both in the food industry, we decided to tackle this classic parenting topic and share why we think it's so important, and how you manage it. And as always, we close our show with our cool picks of the week. This week's sponsors: Kristen is loving her Plant Package, a super cool gift idea that delivers a mini-garden, with everything you need, right to your door. Use code COOLMOMS through this link for a free starter kit. And, be sure to subscribe to a new parenting podcast The Mother Load, with hosts Constance Zimmer and Missi Pyle. It's available on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to Spawned. Check our podcast page for all the links from our show! Follow us on social, we love hearing from you.
September 24, 2019
The new parenting panic du jour: Kids and social media. TERRIFYING! But...wait. What if social media isn't really the problem some experts will tell you it is? What if parents are essentially just handing car keys to kids and being shocked that they don't know how to drive? There's so much more we can do! We think you'll love this episode, full of helpful tips and advice that go way, way beyond "don't send nudes." (Which, duh. Don't send nudes!) Whether your kids have their own Snapchat accounts or seem years away from phones of their own, we think this honest, non-alarmist, positive discussion can help us all raise the next generation of responsible, thoughtful digital citizens. // Big thanks to our sponsors VSP Vision Plans and Ritual Vitamins (and their special discount for our listeners) for supporting what we do. // Find the show notes on the Cool Mom Picks podcast page, and join the discussion in the Spawned FB community. And don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. 5-star reviews are always welcome too! Thanks for listening, friends! = Liz + Kristen
September 17, 2019
Here's an obvious statement: Motherhood is hard. And often, we feel like we're doing a sh*t job at it. That's why I was so glad to chat with author Leslie Bruce about her new book "You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom." I just love her honest, hilarious take on motherhood that I think you'll enjoy hearing too. Our sponsor: VSP Individual Vision Plans allow you to give the gift of affordable eyecare. As someone who had a child with an undetected vision issue and no vision insurance, I would have loved this as a gift. You can find us on social media, and our website Leave us a 5-star review and tell a friend about us.
August 20, 2019
This week, we're sharing a thoughtful, revealing and intimate chat between Liz and author/single mom advocate Rachel Sklar about the term "single mom" -- who gets to use it, why it's a loaded phrase, why there's a single mom heirarchy, and how race, age, and income are a factor in how single or solo parenting is perceived. Liz reveals some personal details she hasn't shared on the show before, and Rachel helps all of us rethink the complex and nuanced world of single parenthood. // We are grateful to the support of this week's sponsors, BiOBUDDi eco-friendly building blocks (20% off through this link with code SPAWNED) and Ritual Vitamins (10% off your first 3 months through this link). // Full show notes on the Spawned podcast page or join the discussion in the Spawned Facebook community. // Thanks so much for listening, subscribing, telling friends (you are telling friends, right?) and all of your amazing five-star reviews!
August 13, 2019
Working motherhood has evolved since our kids were babies. How has it changed? How has it stayed the same? What can women do to make the transition back to work easier? We chat about all these questions and more with Amy Nelson, CEO of The Riveter and mom of 4 (including a newborn, who makes a cameo on our show). She shares her advice about asking for help, setting boundaries, and making time for yourself. And as always, we close out our show with our cool picks of the week. Our sponsors this week: Don't Wait Up, the new hilarious book about motherhood by Liz Astrof, available now wherever you buy books. And Osmo, a unique gaming accessory that brings healthy screen time to kids of all ages by combining both physical and digital interactions with play-based, hands-on learning. Try an Osmo Sampler for free! We love hearing from you! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or drop us an email: You can find more links from our show on our podcast page on Cool Mom Picks.
August 6, 2019
After Kristen spotted the pile-on that was Jessica Simpson's choice to let her oldest daughter dye her hair, we decided it was high time we chatted about sanctimommies. On this episode, we talk about how to deal with them, and how to quell your own inner beat. Hint: We all have one inside of us. And as always, we share our cool picks of the week. This week, we're thrilled to welcome back our sponsor Don't Wait Up, the new hilarious book by Liz Astrof, now available wherever you get books. Also, Ritual is back as a sponsor, and Liz is still taking them. We've got a special offer just for Spawned listeners too: 10% off your first three months when you order through this link. Thanks for supporting our sponsors! They help us bring our podcast to you each week for free. Yay!We love hearing from you. Hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Or drop us an email at And be sure to visit our podcast page for all the links from our show.
July 31, 2019
This week we're talking about birthdays with older kids -- the preschool party-every-weekend madness is over, but new challenges begin! Like, "Can I get tickets to Hamilton, Mom?" (Answer: probably not.) Join us as we laugh and share some helpful tips for parents of tweens and teens, about gifts, parties, birthday traditions, saving money, social media birthday FOMO, and Liz's nightmare lemon poundcake story. Shownotes: Cool Mom Picks podcast page. // Graciously brought to you by the hilarious Don't Wait Up by Liz Astrof, and by the Osmo learning toy, a Cool Mom Tech favorite. (This link gets you a free sampler!) // Questions or comments? Join our Spawned Listeners FB community. We're very friendly, promise! // Thanks for listening, subscribing and all your fabulous five-star reviews. You all rock. [insert rock sign hand emoji thingie here]
July 23, 2019
Could you use a little more calm around the house? This episode of the Spawned Parenting Podcast, we're going to help you reduce conflict in your family (also known as screaming and yelling) thanks to tips from parenting mentor and author Sue Groner. We think you'll find a few surprises here, We sure did. And if you can make them work? Well then we'll be coming to your home for playdates. // This episode generously brought to you by - Spawned listeners save 10% at // Show notes and links: Cool Mom Picks podcast page // Join our Spawned FB community to chat about today's episode...or any episode at all // And thanks so much for all your great feedback + 5-star reviews! They're a free, easy way to support us and make us feel all warm and tingly inside.
July 15, 2019
Planning your summer travel or looking ahead to your holiday vacation? We've got expert tips and tricks from Shellie Bailey-Shah, CEO of Kidtripster. Let's just say we had never heard most of the insights she shared with us. And they've already saved us money. This week's sponsor is Never Thought I'd Say This, a new hilarious parenting podcast from Jodie Sweetin and her BFF Celia Behar, a life coach. Each week they share the funny things their kids have said, chat with celebrities about parenting, and share helpful insights. Subscribe wherever you listen to Spawned. We love hearing from you! Be sure to head over to our Podcast Page to get all the links from our show. And follow us on social: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Thanks for subscribing and leaving us a 5-start review. Mwah!
July 12, 2019
If you're like us, then you're often confused by all the different research, reports, and news when it comes to feeding kids. More protein! Less protein! You get the idea. Well, our guest Nicole Turner Ravana, a nutritionist who's working with our sponsor Ready Pac Foods, has lots of great advice and insight into knowing who to trust, plus lots of great, practical tips too. And as always, we close out our show with our cool picks of the week. This week's sponsor is Ready Pac Foods Bistro Salads, a fresh, convenient on-the-go lunch option perfect for busy parents. You can find their class salads, along with creative combos, as well as their Ready Snax snack packs in the produce section of your supermarket, or learn more at Make sure to visit Cool Mom Picks for all the links we mention in the show. And be sure to follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
July 2, 2019
We've always said that if we weren't laughing about motherhood, we'd be crying. Hey, parenting is hard! And from what we learned from our chat with comedian and NPR host Ophira Eisenberg, we're not alone. So, ever wonder what it's like being on stage at 8 1/2 months pregnant? We can already think of all the pee-yourself jokes we'd make. Ha. We think you'll enjoy our conversation with Ophira as much as we did. And, as always, we share our cool picks of the week. You can find more about Ophira and where she'll be next on our podcast page, along with all the links from our show. Please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And don't miss our Spawned Facebook Group. We'd love to have you.
June 25, 2019
Today we're joined by Evangeline Lilly! And she is not just an Orc-defeating Tolkien elf and quantum realm-traveling Marvel superhero. She is also a super cool parent, and author of the fabulous new young series, the Squickerwonkers. Join us as we talk parenting, privacy, work-life balance, Scottish accents (hers is better than ours), our favorite children's authors, and what it means when your own kid thinks you're a (real) supeherro. This is such a fun episode, we could have talked all day...and almost did. // See the show notes on our Cool Mom Picks podcast page // Questions/comments: Join the Spawned Facebook community // Thanks for listening and subscribing and all your kind reviews! -Kristen + Liz
June 20, 2019
On this week's Spawned Parenting Podcast, we're talking with Emmy-winning staff writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Jill Twiss, about finding humor when times are tough, and how humor can be a great tool for imparting important messages -- especially to kids. And that's what she did with her best-selling picture book, A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo and in her brand new book for kids, The Someone New. It's all about choosing kindness over fear when meeting people (or...snails) who are different from us -- and yes, it's funny! // An easy way to support Spawned is to subscribe right now and leave us a nice review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. // Connect with us in the Spawned Podcast Community on Facebook so we can chat about this episode and more. // Thanks so much for listening! - Liz + Kristen
June 18, 2019
Parents love a tidy home, but that's a difficult task when kids are involved. On this episode of Spawned, we chat with organization expert Nikki Boyd, author of Beautifully Organized: A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home, who is partnering with our sponsor Tide. She shares tips and tricks to help us think about safety as we tidy up. And, as usual, we share our cool picks of the week. Want to win a free consultation with Nikki? Head to our Instagram page, share a completed Tidy Home | Safe Home bing board in your story and tag her, and you'll be entered.Find all the links to our show on Cool Mom Picks! And be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
June 11, 2019
This week's guest on the Spawned parenting podcast is Katherine Goldstein, award-winning journalist and host of the brilliant new podcast, The Double Shift. Ever since her viral New York Times article about anti-mom bias at work went viral, she's been investigating, writing about, and advocating for changes to make the workplace more mom-friendly. Because when parents get the support and resources we need -- at work and at home -- everyone wins. Whether you work out of home or not, this is a fantastic episode to help us all lose the mom guilt and help make change instead. Yes! // Show notes on the Cool Mom Picks podcast page, or join the Spawned parenting community on Facebook to discuss. // If you love what we do, please consider leaving us a positive review on Apple Podcasts. It really helps support us. And thanks! -Kristen + Liz
June 4, 2019
Is your phone glued to your hand? Do you need a break? Our guest Catherine Price, author of How To Break Up With Your Phone, shares the science behind smartphone addiction, and offers practical tips, tricks, and advice on how to untether yourself, and gain back control. She'll also talk about her 30-day plan that can help you curb your phone obsession. And whoa, she shares four picks in an unprecedented cool picks of the week segment. Our sponsor this week is The Floor is Lava, a new book filled with 100 games your family will love, no equipment or screens required. All you need is a brain and another person! It's great for road trips, vacations, or you know, summer (which is almost here). Find the links from our show over at Cool Mom Picks, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Hey, thanks for the awesome reviews. Keep them coming!
May 28, 2019
Parenting isn't something that's happening to us. It's something that's happening for us. Our guest Casey O'Roarty taps into her 20 year experience as a parenting coach (as well as author and podcaster) to share how to enjoy, not endure, your kids. No matter how old your kids are, we think you'll be inspired by this conversation as we were. We're happy to welcome Coding with Kids and Picture Play as sponsors of today's episode. Be sure to take advantage of the earlybird special pricing for Coding With Kids' online coding camps. And, save $3 off your purchase of Picture Play, a super handy e-book that will totally up your photo game. Use code SPAWNED at checkout.You can find all the links to our show on our podcast page! And please make sure to follow us on social: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
May 21, 2019
The end of the school year can get a little crazy, so on this episode, we're sharing our tips and tricks to help you stay a little more sane. All the papers, the projects, the theme days... you get the idea. We've got you covered with advice you might not have heard before. And as always, we close out our show with our cool picks of the week.Our sponsor this week is Corolle, who's a wonderful doll company we've loved for many years. They're French-designed dolls are beloved with parents and kids, with a beautiful look, feel, and scent. They've got dolls for every age and every stage, and they're giving away 40 dolls to our listeners (and to foster kids through our giving partner, Fiaria Project). Be sure to check our site for entry details. It's easy! Let us know what you think of the show! Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or drop us an email at
May 14, 2019
Did you know one of seven women are affected by maternal mental health? Those numbers are pretty staggering, which is why Jen Schwartz of Motherhood Understood is so dedicated to give new and seasoned moms support through her online community. On this episode she (along with Kristen), shares her struggle with postpartum depression, and talks about what we can do to help support this amazing cause during Maternal Mental Health Month, and well, every single month of the year.This episode is brought to you by our sponsor Hack, the only full-stack everyday laptop that teaches kids to code by inviting them to Hack. It’s safe, ad-free and virus-resistant, and comes complete with parental controls, as well as hackable games that teach kids how to code. Save $25 on your purchase of a Hack laptop at COOLMOM25 at checkout. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Follow us and reach out. We love hearing from you. Find all the links from our show on our podcast page.
May 7, 2019
We are such big advocates of family travel! Kristen has even traveled -- alone -- with her four kids from time to time. And since parents of little kids get all the attention when it comes to advice, we've got some great tips just for you parent of tweens and teens, whether you're halfway across the globe, or enjoying a staycation weekend in your own city. We'll help you save money, offer tips to get kids more personally invested in the planning and the trip, and help you stave off 95% of all eyerolls. GUARANTEED. \\ Shownotes: The Cool Mom Picks podcast page. More chat: The Spawned Facebook Community \\ Thanks for listening and telling all your friends and leaving us a 5-star review, because you're cool like that. 
April 30, 2019
Spring is here, which we know means spring cleaning for lots of people. But don't forget about all that digital clutter. You know, photos on your phone, files on your computer... you get the idea. We chat with digital clutter expert Josh Zerkel, whose got smart tips and tricks to help you get your technology organized without the overwhelm.This week's sponsor is Ritual, the obsessively-researched vitamins for women that get delivered right to your door! Spawned listeners: visit to start your ritual today and save 10% off during your first 3 months. For more information about the links from the show, visit our Cool Mom Picks podcast page, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also email us:
April 23, 2019
If you want to leave this country a better place than we found it, we think you'll love this inspiring, encouraging, wildly smart conversation with Sara Berliner, founder of Vote Like a Mother. You don't even have to be a political junkie, or activist...or even a mother to relate. || Thanks so much for listening to Spawned! Please subscribe and leave us a nice review which is an easy, free way to support us || You'll find show notes with links about the topics you heard here on the Cool Mom Picks podcast page || And don't forget to join our new Spawned listeners community on Facebook, which is the best place to find us, ask questions, suggest topics, and discuss what you heard here today.
April 15, 2019
If you struggle with picky eaters at mealtime (Liz is raising her hand), we think you'll be fascinated -- and encouraged! -- by the advice from our guest Jacky Lamenzo. She's a reformed picky eater turned health coach, who specifically works with families to make mealtime more positive for everyone. Her kid-centered approach is really different than anything we've heard. || Find show notes on the Cool Mom Picks Podcast Page, and be sure to join our AWESOME (we're not biased, really) community of Spawned listeners on Facebook! Thanks so much for listening and subscribing and keep those great reviews coming! 
April 9, 2019
Hold the skepticism for just a moment -- what if astrology wasn't "fortune telling" but could actually help you understand your strengths and weaknesses to give you more direction in life? Our guest Mimi Truong is a lawyer by background, a life coach and an expert astrologist, who combines all her insight and expertise to help clients -- and maybe you! -- better understand how we fit into the universe (and how the universe fits into us). Plus, she has a FASCINATING revelation about Kristen and Liz's relationship based on the alignment of their charts and...well, we kind of freaked out. As you'll hear. || Find show notes and links to a great astrology site to help you get more info about your own signs on our Podcast page on Cool Mom Picks. || Join the Spawned listeners community on Facebook here -- it's so fun! || And hey, thanks for listening, subscribing, and for all your wonderful reviews on iTunes. May you become something fabulous in your next life.
April 2, 2019
Why are female friendships so important? Turns out, research says those girls nights are actually good for you. We take a closer look at the power of female friendships, why they can feel so challenging to maintain them after we have kids, and ways we can all make them more of a priority without feeling overwhelmed by everything else we have on our plate. Is having online friends the same as seeing them IRL? We chat about all this, along with our cool picks of the week. Make sure to visit our podcast page at,  and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Got a show idea? Drop us an email at And be sure to join our new Spawned Facebook Community. We'd love to have you. 
March 25, 2019
Let's face it, parents: screens are here to stay. So why are we still so ambivalent about them? Maybe being unplugged isn't actually the best way to help our kids thrive in this digital world. Our guest, speaker, author, and cool dad Jordan Shapiro, shares a new way approaching technology with our kids in his new book "The New Childhood: Raising Kids To Thrive in a Connected World." We think you'll appreciate his refreshing and perhaps controversial perspective on this topic. You can find all the links from our show on our Cool Mom Picks podcast page. We love hearing from you! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Drop us an email and let us know what you think:
March 18, 2019
What if we lived in a society where the teen years weren't dreaded by parents -- but in fact, treasured as much as those baby years? Adolescent expert, pediatrician and author Dr. Ken Ginsburg joins Liz to share some seriously outstanding wisdom that blew us away. If you have a teen, have a future teen, or ever were a teen yourself, this episode is a must-listen. \\ Find the info you hear about today on our podcast page at and please join our new Spawned listeners Facebook community to share your thoughts on today's episode, show ideas -- or really, on anything at all. We're fun that way. \\Thanks so much for joining us, for subscribing (*hint*) and for all of your positive iTunes ratings! You're the best.
March 11, 2019
One day after battling a bad flu, Andi Buchanan walked out of her house and had a coughing fit. What happened next was the worst headache in her life. She later discovered that she actually had a Spontaneous Spinal CSF Leak. On this episode, Kristen chats with Andi about her diagnosis and recovery, all of which she chronicled so masterfully in her new memoir, The Beginning of Everything. We love hearing from you! Drop us a email at, and follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And be sure to visit our podcast page on Cool Mom Picks to get all the links from our show, plus information about our awesome sponsor.
March 6, 2019
It's time for another Spawned After Dark! On this episode, we use a random question generator and share our answers to some fun questions. From our worst habits and pet peeves, to the reason we were last in the emergency room (hey, we said random), you'll get to learn a little more about your favorite (we hope) podcast hosts. And as always, we'll share our cool picks of the week.We'd love to hear from you! You can visit us at, or follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
February 18, 2019
Raising creative, imaginative kids in a world where our kids are tempted by screens can be challenging, which is why we enlisted the help of podcasters and improvisers Peter McNerney, of Story Pirates and Beth Newell, of We Knows Parenting. They've got some helpful advice when it comes to using improv in your parenting, plus simple tips and tricks to do everything from change up your story time to making your meals more interesting. And, as always, we close our show with our Cool Picks of the Week. You can reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and be sure to email us with questions or comments at All of the links we mention in the show will be on our Cool Mom Picks podcast page.
February 11, 2019
Is there any new parent struggle that generates more controversy than sleep training? way. But can we finally stop fighting about what's right and wrong? Yes! Maybe? Sleep training expert Tamiko Kelly, owner of Sleep Well Wake Happy, joins us for a fun (really!) and incredibly helpful discussion that may change what you think you know about sleep training your baby. And stick around for a particularly lively Cool Picks of the Week segment, full of self-care ideas we love. And random Billy Blanks references.  Questions? Comments? Hit us up! via email, or visit us on Instagram @coolmompicks,, and Twitter @coolmompicks. You can also find more info and links to the topics you heard about on this episode on the Podcast page on Thanks so much for listening and subscribing!
February 4, 2019
We talk a lot about being the change you want to see in the world, but how do you do that? How do you get started? What if you're like us, crazy-busy parents who are already juggling a lot of stuff? What if the word "activist" doesn't really apply to you at all? On this week's episode, join us for a lively chat and some really helpful, useful tips from Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder of the Blogher Network, activist, business coach, and the co-author of Amazon #1 release, Road Map for Revolutionaries.  She discusses  how to narrow down the issues you care about, what you can do about them, and why it's not as hard as you think. You can visit our podcast page on to learn more about all the tips and ideas you hear today -- including our cool picks of the week!  Thanks so much for joining, and hey, hit us up anytime by email at if you have questions or comments, or find us across social media at @coolmompicks. We love hearing from you!
January 28, 2019
We've talked at length about how the future is female, hey, it's even on shirts now, but the jury is still out on how female power impacts femininity and the associated stereotypes. That's where our guest (and dear friend) Catherine Connors comes in, who is addressing just that in her new book The Feminine Revolution. We chat about what exactly a feminine revolution looks like, how it affects our children, and what part we all play in forwarding change. We'd love to hear from you! Please tweet us, say hello on Facebook, or drop us a message on Instagram. You can also email us at You'll find all the links from our show, including Catherine's book, and our awesome sponsor, on our podcast page.
January 22, 2019
If you've ever wished for more time like us, then you'll be so glad to listen to the wise words and experience of author Jake Knapp. He shares some of the techniques from his new book, Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day. He's got so many amazing tips, tricks, and thoughtful tidbits that you can implement right now. And as always, we share our cool picks of the week.Head over to our Cool Mom Picks podcast page to get more information about Jake's book, our awesome episode sponsor, and our cool picks. We love hearing from you, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and hey, drop us an email. We love hearing from you!
December 19, 2018
On this episode of Spawned, we chat with author Kate Inglis about her new book: Notes for the Everlost: A Field Guide to Grief, where she provides a roadmap of the grieving process through her personal experience of losing her young on Liam. This topic is of a sensitive nature, so please be advised before listening, though we hope you do as we feel it's such an important discussion. You can reach out to us at, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. And, for more information about Kate's new book, visit our Cool Mom Picks podcast page.
December 17, 2018
Only one week left until Christmas, but fear not! We've got you covered with our annual Holiday Gift Guide! In this episode, we share some of our favorite holiday gifts, especially ones from indie artisans, handmade artists, and small businesses. And, don't miss our amazing Etsy giveaway! You can head over to Cool Mom Picks to get all the links and our favorite picks from the show. Plus, hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Or, drop us an email at
December 11, 2018
We know that the holidays can be a busy, stressful time for lots of families, which is why we thought it might be helpful to discuss ways we try to make the most out of the holidays (and not lose our minds) with our own families on our latest Spawned podcast. In this episode, we've got tips for creating moments that matter (that don't have to be expensive by the way), and well, just lots of inspiration to help you find more opportunities for comfort and togetherness. Our goal: to help you have a holiday that's more enjoyable and less stressful. You can find more about us and our podcast over on the Cool Mom Picks podcast page. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, or email us at
December 8, 2018
If you're familiar with helicopter parenting, sorry, we're not talking about that. We're welcoming back the hilarious James Breakwell (aka Xploding Unicorn on Twitter) to talk about pretty much the opposite: bare minimum parenting. It also happens to be the title of his new book. He chats with Liz about school, social media, sanctimommies, and other things that don't start with the letter "s." We love hearing from you! Drop us an email at, tweet us @coolmompicks with #spawnedshow, and hit us up on Facebook.
November 29, 2018
As we head into the holiday season with video games (and Fortnite) gifts topping our kids' wishlist, we're sharing one of our favorite Spawned episodes when we chatted with video game expert and author, Dr. Rachel Kowert. She discusses the benefits of video games, and when, if ever, you should be worried.Check out Dr. Kowert's book, along with the other links mentioned in this podcast, on our Cool Mom Picks podcast page. And we'd love to hear from you. Email us at, tweet us @coolmompicks #SpawnedShow, or hit us up on Facebook.
November 26, 2018
We both have gratitude on our minds right now. At a time that there is so much abundance -- food, gifts, parties -- and conversely, so many of us struggling with the season in general, it's so valuable for us to consider ways to help develop more gratitude in our kids. And honestly in ourselves. So this week on Spawned, you'll find a really honest, helpful (we hope!) conversation about how to be more mindful everyday gratitude, as a way to ground ourselves this holiday season and beyond, and to connect to the things that really matter. // Thanks so much for listening + subscribing! You can find show notes with links to all the info in this episode, including our cool picks of the week, on the Cool Mom Picks podcast page.
November 14, 2018
The toddler years come with quite a reputation for putting parents through the ringer. But thanks to this week's guest, Dr. Heather Wittenberg, aka The BabyShrink, you might be able to maintain a bit more of your sanity. She answers questions our readers and listeners shared with us on social media and well, we think you'll be glad you listened whether you have toddlers or not. And as always, we close out our show with our Cool Picks of the Week. You can find all the links from our show on our Cool Mom Picks podcast page. And we love hearing from you! Email us at, hit us up on Facebook, or tweet us with the hashtag #SpawnedShow.
November 9, 2018
We promised you an Election Day episode and well, we delivered. On this episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we're chatting about the November 6 election and the big news: over 100 women in Congress! So what's next? How do we keep the momentum going? How do we keep our kids excited about civil service? We talk about this, as well as share our Cool Picks of the Week, in this week's episode.We love hearing from you! Drop us an email at, tweet us with the hashtag #spawnedshow, or come say "hello" to us on Facebook. And don't forget to visit us at!
October 27, 2018
In a much needed self-care break that includes laughing until we cry (for real), Liz and Kristen take on some of the greatest Halloween debates among parents -- like, the legal trick-or-treating maximum age, suburbs vs city Halloweens, the best candy-booze pairings and, well, Whoppers. We need you to break the tie, so take a listen now! || Questions? Comments? Hit us up at, find us on Insta, Facebook or Twitter @coolmompicks. Thanks for listening and subscribing! May you be blessed with all the Milky Way Darks this year. (Or, perhaps, Whoppers.)
October 7, 2018
Here's an episode just for those of you too busy to listen to podcasts (ha): Amiyrah Martin of 4 Hats and Frugal joins us this week to share the most brilliant -- and kind of shocking, honestly -- time-saving tips and hacks to help us prioritize our families a little more and put more energy towards what's important. Meal planning in five-minutes a week? Planning your whole year in a single day? Count us in! And of course you can read more about all the stuff we talk about on the podcast page, and find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @coolmompicks. Thanks so much for listening + subscribing! (NOTE: this is a clean episode but there's one gently used b-word at the very very end if you have little ones over your shoulder.)
October 1, 2018
If you know cookbook author and food writer Catherine McCord of Weelicious and the creator of the One Potato family meal delivery service, you know she's all about making it more fun and easy to help get families eating together. Join us for a really lively chat, filled with honest anecdotes and helpful tips for those of us who don't necessarily live to cook (that's us!) She even schools us on benefits we never knew about frozen cauliflower...and her daughter does what with salt? Listen to find out! || Thanks so much for listening to Spawned + subscribing! You can find more info about everything you heard here on the podcast page. And of course hit us up with questions any time at or find us on social @coolmpicks on Twitter, FB and Instagram. 
September 24, 2018
When work is online, communication is online, entertainment is online and it's all 24/ can be hard to get offline! So today, Kristen is have a smart, nuanced, truly helpful discussion with tech health expert Dr. Mike Brooks for lots of tips, advice and some of the tough love we might need. He's the author of and the new book Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World and we think you'll get so much out of his smart, researched-based ideas for how to model good tech behavior for our they can be healthy tech users too. || Find more info about everything you hear today on the podcast page, Questions or comments?, or @coolmompicks on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for listening! And for subscribing! (You are a subscriber, right? Of course you are!)
September 21, 2018
This week on Spawned, we're talking kids and nutrition. Which, TBH, is one of those issues that nearly universally stresses out parents of all kinds, whatever the age of our kids. Fortunately, we've got an expert to help us out: Dr. Tanya Altmann, who you may better know as just...Dr. Tanya from TV!Take a listen as she helps us with topics like parents' biggest nutrition struggles, how much protein kids really need, tips to avoid added sugars in processed foods, helping kids make better food choices when we're not with them, and why moderation is totally okay. Don't forget to subscribe and thank you so much for listening! You can find more info about all the info you heard today, including our cool picks of the week, on the Cool Mom Picks Spawned page. If you have questions, hit us up anytime:, or find us on Facebook and Twitter @coolmompicks.
September 16, 2018
Working mom guilt is useless -- or wait, is it? Well, consider us schooled! If you're a working mom (or even a working dad), we think you'll get SO much out of this discussion with Jessica Turner, author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt. She's got some terrific tips on why guilt can actually be a good teacher, how to make more time for yourself and your (non-kid) relationships, and one brilliant, simple, super quick way to help you overcome the guilt that inevitably comes with being a working mom. || Thanks so much for listening, subscribing, and just being you! You can find all the links you hear about today on our podcast page on Cool Mom Picks. And if you have questions, comments or show ideas, reach out at or on social at @coolmompicks on Facebook and @coolmompicks on Twitter.
September 7, 2018
If you've been wondering how much you should give your kids for an allowance, or when you should open their own bank account, hey, us too! Get the answers and a whole lot more on this episode featuring Beth Kobliner, a New York Times bestselling author, financial expert, and mom-of-3, who's tackling all the kids and money questions we could squeeze into 40-minutes. || Questions? Comments? Hit up up at or find us on Facebook and Twitter @coolmompicks. And find all the links from today's show on the podcast page on Cool Mom Picks. And hey! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode. Thanks for listening!
September 2, 2018
This week, as Kristen and Liz try (desperately) to get organized for back-to-school, we take a look at 5 top time-management techniques from experts, compare them, and analyze how they can be helpful to parents. Because we're all busy, yo! And anything that gets our to-do list done more efficiently so we can get back to the things we really WANT to do is good by us! Plus as always, we've got some great cool picks of the week. || Find more information about the info you hear in today's episode on our podcast page on or at || And of course if you have questions, comments, topic or guest ideas, hit us up!, or @coolmompicks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using hashtag #SpawnedShow. Thanks for listening, friends!
August 22, 2018
This week, we're so happy to be joined by NY Times Motherlode Sr Editor, and "How to Be a Happier Parent" author KJ Dell'Antonia to talk about....well, you guessed it! How to be a happier parent. Only there's no shaming here. No guilt. No OMG I AM DOING EVERYTHING WRONG AND WILL NEVER RECOVER! Just humor, great tips, a few honest confessions, and a reminder that we all do a lot of stuff right, so stop beating yourself up! \\ Comments? Questions? Hit us up at or visit @coolmompicks on Twitter, FB or Insta with hashtag #spawnedshow
August 16, 2018
With back to school right around the corner, or already here for some of you, we're chatting with Dr. Catherine Pearlman, author of Ignore It! How Selectively Looking the Other Way Can Decrease Behavioral Problems and Increase Parenting Satisfaction. She's got so many awesome tips and tricks to help parents deal with all those difficult behaviors that drive us all batty, and seem to spike right around back to school, aka now. Got questions or comments for us? We love hearing from you! Please drop us an email at, hit us up on Facebook, or tweet us with the hashtag #SpawnedShow.
August 10, 2018
Join us for one of our greatest hits Spawned episodes: Professional organizer Laurie Palau schools us on back-to-school organization tips and tricks that make this time of year so much more manageable. You'll love her! | Questions or comments? Hit us up @coolmompicks on social media or | And thanks so much for listening, subscribing to Spawned, and leaving so many incredibly positive reviews! It means a lot to us. (You guyyyyyys....)
August 6, 2018
You can imagine how excited we were to discover our old friend Robert Mahar, previous owner of Mahar Dry Goods which we featured many times on Cool Mom Picks, was a contestant on NBC's new DIY craft show Making It. So we had to have him on an episode of Spawned to give us the scoop on the show, but more importantly, talk about how to help your kids and you find creativity. And as always, we close our show with our Cool Picks of the Week. Get all the links and information from our show over on our podcast page at And if you've got questions or comments, we love hearing from you! Tweet us, drop us a comment on Facebook, or say "hello" on Instagram.
July 16, 2018
We've probably all dealt with at least one mean girl in our lifetime, but now they're getting younger, and well, meaner. Our guest Katie Hurley, therapist and author of the new book "No More Mean Girls" helps us tackle this topic with smart tips and advice. Whether or not you're in the weeds with navigating challenging social situations with your kids, you'll definitely want to listen to this show, and grab a copy of Katie's book. You can get all the links from our show over on our podcast page at Cool Mom Picks. And be sure to hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, and email: We love hearing from you!
June 29, 2018
Whatever age your kids may be, we know that managing screen time and finding the benefits (and boundaries) is a huge issue with parents. So we're THRILLED to chat with Angela Santomero, the successful creator of educational programs like Blue's Clues, SuperWhy!, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. She's out with the new book, PRESCHOOL CLUES: Raising Smart, Inspired, and Engaged Kids in a Screen-Filled World, and she is just filled with common sense advice, smart perspectives, and pro tips that help parents make good choices when it comes to kids and TV. Plus, we've got some outstanding cool picks of the week for the mind, face + body! || Questions or comments? You can find us @coolmompicks on Twitter, FB and IG, or hit us up at spawned! Thanks so much for listening!
June 26, 2018
They're not mythical unicorns! Couples who work together actually exist. Lucky us, we got to chat with one of them on this episode of Spawned. We had a blast talking about balancing life in a love and work partnership with Tor Hyams, a Grammy-nominated songwriter and Lisa Rothauser, a singer, actor, and composer, who are currently working on a musical adaptation of the classic TV show, Green Acres. We think you'll appreciate their funny, frank conversations about a topic we know lots of people (including us) are curious about. We'd love to hear from you! You can email us at, tweet us with #spawnedshow, or find us on Facebook. And make sure to visit our podcast page on Cool Mom Picks for all the links from our show.
June 14, 2018
School's out, which means most of our kids are heading out for sleepaway camp, a few for the whole summer, and a few for just a week or two. There's even one going to Japan! (That's Kristen's oldest daughter). So, how do you decide if your kids are ready? How do you survive when they're gone? We're sharing our experiences on today's episode of Spawned, plus a super important Cool Pick of the Week that you won't want to miss. We'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email at, tweet us using #SpawnedShow, or swing by Facebook. And head over to the Cool Mom Picks podcast page to get all the links from the show.
June 11, 2018
We're always fascinated by stories of women who have changed career paths after motherhood, and not just because that's our own story as well. We know lots of women who have found success in other areas, with the change often set in motion by having kids. We were so thrilled to chat with our friend Mallory Kasdan, host of the popular MILK podcast who shares her own struggles and challenges, along with her helpful advice. Let us know your thoughts! Drop us an email at, tweet us using the hashtag #SpawnedShow, or visit us on Facebook. We love hearing from you!
June 1, 2018
You know it's coming. The dreaded "Mom, I'm booooored!" But hey! We're here to help, which is what we hope you'll get from listening to this episode. We've got tons of suggestions for how to keep kids busy this summer, and if you are so inclined, off of screens (we've got suggestions for awesome screen time too). From family book clubs to scavenger hunts, to how to make family movie night educational (seriously!), we've got ideas you might not have even thought of. And ones that won't take a lot of effort on your part. Promise. And as always, we end our show with our Cool Picks of the Week! Got an idea? Want to say hi? We'd love to hear form you. Drop us an email at, tweet us @CoolMomPicks #spawnedshow, or come say hello on Facebook. Thanks for listening! 
May 31, 2018
This week, join us for a light, fun, super chatty episode! Specifically, online consignment shopping. Which are the best online resale sites for sellers? Which are the best for buyers? Which pay the highest commissions to you? Which will suck all of your time away from your children? We've got so many great tips and tricks from our own experiences -- especially Kristen. Plus...we've got a fun live fashion unboxing that's pretty hilarious. Then some extra-cool cool picks of the week. Thanks so much for listening and subscribing! And keep those reviews coming -- they make us happy! | questions/comments: Hit us up on social @coolmompicks or email
May 21, 2018
Where do you start if you have a career dream, a passion, or a business idea? Why is it important for all of us to have more women running businesses? How are women changing startup culture? And what's up with only 2% of VC money going to businesses with women at the top?! (GAH!) Join Liz and Heather Cabot, the former ABC News anchor, current investor, Forbes columnist, and author of Geek Girl Rising, for a really engaging, informative chat that could change the whole direction of your life. No exaggeration! | Thanks so much for listening and don't forget to subscribe to Spawned with Kristen + Liz!
May 12, 2018
Dog moms, single dads, the list of people trying to claim Mother's Day from moms goes on. So, we address it head on! Should moms get their own holiday? Do we all need to be able to celebrate everything? What about the folks who have a hard time with Mother's Day every year? We tackle these questions and more, plus share our cool picks of the week! Where can you find the links from our show, you ask? Head over to our podcast page on Cool Mom Picks. And we'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email:, tweet us @CoolMomPicks #SpawnedShow, or say "hi" on Facebook.
May 4, 2018
Do you think preparing 21 nutritious meals a week is the joy of your existence? In that case, might want to skip this episode. Today we're keeping it real with the delightful, funny, and down-to-earth Siri Daly, who you might know from her TODAY Show cooking segments (often with her husband Carson Daly) and her bestselling cookbook, Siriously Delicious. We're chatting about how to make food "happy," tricks for getting kids to eat better without stress, meal-planning tips, plus totally random banter about Junior Mints and the joys of online friends. We've got some extra-cool cool picks of the week today, too! || Questions, comments, show ideas? Hit us up at, or find Kristen + Liz on your favorite democracy-destroying social network as @coolmompicks using hashtag #spawnedshow. 
April 23, 2018
With 13-year olds getting recruited by colleges, and a lawmaker in New Jersey warning parents not to get physical at kids' sports games for fear of jail time, we decided to tackle the complicated topic of kids sports on this week's episode of Spawned. Have youth athletics gotten out of control? Kristen and special guest Lisa Barnes (who filled in while Liz was away) share their own personal experiences with a combined seven kids in sports of some kind, and offer their own advice. You can find all the links we talk about on today's show over on And we'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email at, tweet us @CoolMomPicks #SpawnedShow, or say "hi" on Facebook.
April 17, 2018
With the recent Cambridge Analytica data breach and myriad privacy issues, we're taking a closer look at whether it's worth staying on Facebook. And if we do, how do we keep our information safe? We're sharing various perspectives on the pros and cons of Facebook, as well as what you should do going forward if you decide to stay. Plus, we share our Cool Picks of the Week. Got thoughts? Comments? Questions? Drop us an email at, hit us up on Facebook (yep, we're still there), or tweet us using the hashtag #SpawnedShow. And head over to Cool Mom Picks to see all the links from our show.
March 25, 2018
With World Autism Day approaching (April 2, 2018), we chatted with Dr. Laura Klinger, Executive Director of the TEACCH Autism at UNC, and part of the team who helped develop the character Julia for Sesame Street who debuted last year. We asked her everything from how to correctly refer to kids with autism, to what research she and her colleagues are currently conducting about causation and treatment. And we discussed how families whose kids are not on the Spectrum can show support and empathy for those who are. Got questions, comments, or show topic suggestions? Drop us an email:, hit us up on Twitter (use #spawnedshow), or say "hi" on Facebook. We love hearing from you! 
March 13, 2018
This week, we're browsing the hot fashion trends of spring for a candid discussion about what we can wear, what we can't, and what the heck women ever did to designers to deserve some of this. Will we say yes to designer fanny packs? Fringed go-go dancer tops? Giant floral prints? Misspelled designer logos? Take a listen for a fun, light, totally opinionated episode that's well worth your 34 minutes! || Questions? Comments? Hit us up at or find us @coolmompicks on social. And don't forget to leave us a (really nice) review if you like Spawned! We'd like that even more than sparkly metallic ankle boots.
February 26, 2018
Today, in the wake of the tragic Parkland school shooting, we're talking about the positive: The courageous, amazing kids-turned-activists of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High -- and how their actions are influencing so many kids around the nation. (Including ours. And maybe yours?) It's a really great discussion about how we as parents can encourage our own kids to get involved in issues they care about -- education, animals, the environment, you name it -- and what kinds of things we can all do to help feel less helpless and more empowered in the face of tragedy beyond our control. Questions? Comments? Hit us up via, follow us on twitter and facebook @coolmompicks using the hashtag #spawnedshow. Thank you for listening!
February 12, 2018
We all get into cycles of negative thinking (raising our hands here), and fortunately there are some simple tips to help you get out sooner. Because more positivity means happier you, happier kids, more success, more love. Really! Take a listen to these tips about the power of positive thinking from the energetic Sandy Joy Weston, fitness instructor, trainer (she was the first female trainer for the Philadelphia Flyers!), mom, and author of the new book, Train Your Head and Your Body Will Follow. | Questions? Comments? Knock-knock jokes? Hit us up at or find us on social @coolmompicks using #SpawnedShow. Thanks for listening!
February 4, 2018
Did you hear the one about the pregnant woman who wasn't allowed to drink a glass of water on the job? If only this were an isolated story. That's why, for all of us working moms, working dads, and working moms-to-be, Liz is so happy to sit down with working families advocate and A Better Balance founder Dina Bakst. This episode, they're talking about our legal rights as working parents, which protections are guaranteed to us, which states are leading the way, and where we really need to do better for moms and dads. If you have questions or comments, find us at or on social @coolmompicks. Thanks for listening!
January 19, 2018
Happy 2018! We're back with our extra special, super awesome 100th episode where we look back and share our most favorite Spawned with Kristen and Liz episodes. We share the funniest, the most helpful, and yes, the most controversial, plus some never before heard back stories. We'd love to hear from you about what you'd like to hear in 2018! Drop us an email at, tweet us with the hashtag #SpawnedShow, or head over to Facebook. Yes, we're there too. Thanks for listening, subscribing, and telling all your friends about us.
December 21, 2017
Whether you're planning a spring break trip, a summer vacation, or a quick weekend getaway, you're going to want to hear these fantastic money-saving family travel tips from expert Shellie Bailey-Shah from Did you know there's a best day to book your travel? Wondering how to cut costs on your plane fare or rental car? You'll get a ton of helpful info to help you save money on your next family trip. We love hearing from you! Drop us an email at, tweet us #SpawnedShow, and make sure to follow us on Facebook.
December 15, 2017
Raise your hand if you struggle to put down the phone sometimes. Yep, us too. So...we're joined by "The Art of Screentime" author and expert Anya Kamenetz for an honest conversation about how to realistically balance all that online time with real life. For both you and your kids. She's got some seriously amazing tips that were new to us, and we're excited to put them to use . Hope they help you too! || Thanks so much for listening and all your kind 5-star reviews! Best listeners ever! If you want to reach out with comments or questions: or @coolmompicks on your favorite social channel. (When you're not in the midst of your offline time, of course.)
December 11, 2017
We have SO many questions for video game expert Dr. Rachel Kowert: Are video games hurting our kids? Are violent games making kids more violent? Are they playing too much overall? How do we manage all that gaming time? And geez... are there ANY positive effects for kids who game? We think you'll be surprised at the answers and her common sense advice. This is a great episode whether your kids are just old enough for screens, or already masters of Minecraft. || Questions? Comments? Hit us up! or @coolmompicks on your favorite social channel. Thanks for listening! 
December 6, 2017
It's here! Our annual holiday gift guide, and we're sharing some of our favorites from the hundreds of gifts we scoured the web to find. It's like an entire episode of Cool Picks of the Week. Whether you're finishing off your holiday shopping, or just getting started, we've got lots of suggestions. And opinions, of course. We love hearing from you! Drop us an email, follow us on Facebook, or tweet us (use #spawnedshow). And find all our holiday picks in our holiday gift guide, and on our podcast page.
November 22, 2017
Who likes paying retail over the holiday? Not us! Presumably, not you. So...join us for a fun, fast-paced episode with our very best money-saving holiday shopping tips culled from YEARS of giving this same advice in national magazines, newspapers, and shows like TODAY. You can use these tips, apps, and other helpful services on Black Friday or any day of the year, and don't worry about writing it all down -- you'll find all the links on our our podcast page at | Thanks for listening! And if you've got any questions, comments or show ideas...hit us up! or find us on social at @coolmompicks using hashtag #SpawnedShow
November 19, 2017
Wondering how to tell the men to do the dishes for a change? Struggling to feed 12 people with 14 different food allergies? Freaking over a 10-hour road trip with perpetually bored tweens? And how do we handle those political conversations everyone is dreading? You gave us questions...we've got answers! Join us for a fun, honest, carb-free Thanksgiving romp. And thanks so much for listening and supporting Spawned with Kristen and Liz! Questions? Hit us up: or @coolmompicks on social media with hashtag #SpawnedShow. *NOTE: Got kids around: This is a clean show with one lone f-bomb. What can we say; it's a favorite word.
November 8, 2017
Kristen just got back from an Imagine Dragons show with all four of her kids, because she's not like a regular mom...she's a COOL MOM. (Also, whoa.) Join us for a lively discussion about kids and concerts, tips and concerns. And earplugs. Definitely earplugs. Plus, we confess our own first concerts in which Liz gains a little indie cred and Kristen makes a confession you may never have guessed. || Thanks for listening! Questions? Comments? Episode ideas? Hit us up: or @coolmompicks on social with #SpawnedShow. Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!
November 1, 2017
With the "eating holidays" around the corner, we're looking at ways to keep our jeans from killing us with tightness. On this episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we're having a conversation about 5 of the most popular current diet trends, and we decide which ones might work for us (and maybe you too). Intermittent fasting? Ketogenics? If you've ever wondered about the buzz words you might have heard or seen on social media, now's your chance to get the scoop! (And of course, a reminder that we are not doctors -- duh -- so do not take our recommendations as medical advice). If you've got show suggestions, comments, or questions, drop us an email at You can also tweet us with #SpawnedShow or visit us on Facebook or Instagram. And be sure to head over to Cool Mom Picks to see all our show notes and links we mentioned.
October 24, 2017
Ready to laugh? Join us for our own version of Wait Wait WAIT Don't Tell Me (don't sue us, NPR!) As we try to discern the craziest beauty trends from a few fake ones. Which are also crazy. (Seriously, nose hair extensions? MAKE IT STOP!) | How many did you get right? Share with us at, or find us on social media @coolmompicks with hashtag #spawnedshow | And we're sorry we snorted into our mics more than a few times.
October 19, 2017
When it comes to our kids' education, we all want them develop good habits, self-direction, and autonomy, So what can we do as parents to best support them at home? (Spoiler: Nagging is not a good idea.) This week we've got BRILLIANT tips from Katherine Firestone of the Fireborn Institute -- which has nothing to do with Game of Thrones, we asked. Her ideas are so innovative and smart, many of them even brand new to us. We hope they help you too, whatever kind of learner you have at home. | Questions? Comments? or find us on social @coolmompicks #SpawnedShow and thanks for listening!
October 11, 2017
If you're having a hard time with the ongoing story about Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment and predatory behavior, abuse of power, and a complicit culture, are we. A really hard time. So we put together this raw, honest, unscripted conversation (no ads, no interruptions) with the hope that we can help more women to process your feelings, find the right words for your kids, and get the help you need if you're struggling with memories and experiences of your own. You're not alone.
October 9, 2017
Not every parent has the time (or patience or uh, interest) to play racecars for hours on end. GUILTY! So we're chatting with Meredith Sinclair, TODAY Show play expert and author of Well Played to get some much-needed tips. We discuss how to make play more fun (for parents too), why we all need more play right now, the great tech toy debate, and score lots of toy and game recos that parents should add to our arsenals. | Questions? Comments? Compliments? Find Kristen + Liz @coolmompicks #SpawnedShow on social media, or hit us up at Thanks for listening!
October 2, 2017
Are we comfortable saying vagina? YES! Having frank conversations with our daughters -- and sons -- about menstruation? YES! Telling our most embarrassing period stories? least Liz did. (And there's more than one, oh no!) Join us for a funny, frank talk about "the talk" you know you'll be having with your daughters one day if you haven't already. Plus, get lots of helpful advice from Naama Bloom, founder of Hello Flo and author of the upcoming Period Book. | By the way we shouldn't have to mark a podcast as EXPLICIT for the word "vagina" but we did because anatomy freaks some people out. | Comments? Questions? Got your own embarrassing story to share? Email, or follow us @coolmompicks #SpawnedShow on social. Thanks for listening!
September 23, 2017
Parents, if you listen to any episode it should be this one. Because we've got civilization=saving strategies here from James Breakwell (aka @xplodingunicorn), comedy writer and author of the new book, Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Wait, are you laughing? This is DEADLY SERIOUS STUFF, PARENTS. Discover tips for how to break the news to your kids in age-appropriate ways, how to turning toys and umbrella strollers into deadly weapons, and why parents have some surprising. advantages for post-apocalyptic survival over "smug, outdoorsy millennials" with no kids. | Thanks for listening, subscribing and leaving us a sweet rating! | Questions? Find Kristen + Liz  on social @coolmompicks with the hashtag #spawnedshow
September 15, 2017
When can your kids start watching more "adult" movies and shows? Do you care more about f-bombs or violence and gore? What about sex? What about themes like suicide or sexuality or war? And how come the ratings system seems so totally ridiculous sometimes? A fun, candid, and (ahem) somewhat NSFW discussion to help you decide when to let which kids watch what. | Questions, comments, show ideas or copious praise: email us any time at or find Liz and Kristen on social at @coolmompicks with hashtag #spawned show. Thanks for listening!
September 9, 2017
Is it okay to ignore your kids when they're being pains in the you-know-what? Family coach and LCSW, Catherine Pearlman, the author of the new book "Ignore It" says yup! But...with a few caveats. If your kids have ever acted up (mayyyybe once, right?) tune in and learn about her smart technique, and how ignoring is not the same as neglecting. We think you'll get some great tips out of it! We sure did. | Questions or comments? Hit us up at or find us on social @coolmompicks using hashtag #spawnedshow. Thanks for listening! 
September 3, 2017
Professional organizer and mom Laurie Palau of Simply B Organized saves us all with down-to-earth tips, tricks, and common sense advice to get us on track for the school year, manage the kids (mostly), and keep us organized and productive. So smart! We've also got some truly amazing cool picks of the week. Questions? Comments? Knock-knock jokes? Email Kristen and Liz at, or find us on Twitter or FB at @coolmompicks using #spawnedshow. Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a week!
August 28, 2017
Morra Aarons-Mele discusses her new book, Hiding in the Bathroom and shares incredibly helpful tactics and tips for overcoming introversion, battling social anxiety and FOMO, and living your best life when you feel like more like "leaning out" most days. (Also, turns out Liz and Kristen may be more introverted than we had realized!) || Questions? Comments? Follow us at or @coolmompicks on Facebook with hashtag #spawnedshow or email any time: || Thanks for subscribing to our podcast and for those generous five-star ratings! We give YOU five stars right back!
August 11, 2017
This episode we're joined by the hilarious Laurie Gelman, author of Class Mom: A Novel and we get allllll the dirt on the mind of a class mom: The pettiness and the perks, the nightmare parents, the differences between class moms and class dads, and just what kind of masochistic martyr takes on this job anyway. Plus, we're sharing 3 cool picks of the week. || Thanks for listening to Spawned! If you love the show, please subscribe to our feed, leave us a review on iTunes (five-stars is cool but hey, no pressure), and don't forget to download the episode so you can listen any time. || Find us on social media @coolmompicks using the hashtag #SpawnedShow
July 7, 2017
How do we keep our kids curious and interested in all kinds of topics? What do we do when we don't know how to answer their questions? What are some cool educational websites for them? Why is it so important to let kids know that we (sadly) don't know every single thing in the world? And WHY WHY WHY are kids all so obsessed with farts? We have answers! Join a fun chat with Kristen, Liz, and Molly Bloom, the host of the super popular Brains On podcast from MN Public Radio. And be sure to stick around for our cool picks of the week...and a fun little surprise at the end! || Questions? Comments? Topic suggestions? hit us up at or on social media @coolmomicks with hashtag #spawnedshow. We love hearing from you!
June 25, 2017
Liz is joined by Cool Mom Eats editor Stacie Billis -- and a special, surprise child guest -- to take on all your questions about that big parenting milestone (cue scary music)... sending your kids off to sleepaway camp! How do you know when they're ready? How do pick the right camp? What are the secret BTDT camp tricks for packing? How do you get your kids to actually write you letters? What about picky eaters or kids with food allergies? All will be answered! Plus, we've got some fantastic cool picks of the week. Questions, comments, episode ideas or lovely words of support: or find us on social media @coolmompicks with the hashtag #spawnedshow
June 9, 2017
Comedian, actor (Inside Amy Schumer, 30 Rock), author of Man V Child, and dad Doug Moe joins us to answer parents' most common questions about babies and toddlers. Do babies belong in bars? What do you do when you hate your kids' friends? Find out the answers - and laugh a lot - on this week's episode of Spawned with Kristen + Liz. Questions?, @coolmompicks on Twitter and Facebook.
June 2, 2017
If you're like us, you've got emails piled up in your inbox, photos eating up memory on your phone, and don't even get us started with all the documents cluttering up your computer. But that's all about to change thanks to professional organization expert and Director of Global Community and Training at Evernote, Joshua Zerkel. He's got pretty amazing tips and tricks that can really help you get a handle on all your digital clutter and help you actually find the stuff you're looking for when you need it. Plus, we've got a few pretty fun Cool Picks of the Week, too. You can find all the links mentioned on our show over on our Cool Mom Picks podcast page. Plus, let us know what you thought of the show on Twitter #SpawnedShow, Facebook, and email: We love hearing from you.
May 21, 2017
If you want to get your kids excited about science, or need help answering those impossible questions they ask about the world around them, join us! We've got a super fun interview with the hosts of Wow in the World, the brand new NPR science + discovery podcast for kids starring Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas. They describe the crazy questions their own children have asked them, offer tips and resources for curious kids, and join in on one of the funniest Cool Picks of the Week segments ever. ||| If you have questions, comments, or kind words of love and affection find us at or on social media @CoolMomPicks with the hashtag #SpawnedShow.
May 13, 2017
Today, Liz is joined by Lauren Smith Brody, the fabulous author of The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby. Join us for a fun, revealing, extremely honest chat about getting over mommy guilt (argh!), how to look and and feel human again, how to carve out me-time, and why single moms are our role models. | Comments/Questions? Find us on social @coolmompicks using hashtag #spawnedshow or drop us an email at | And fear not...Kristen will be returning next week!
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