The No Jumper Show Ep. 37
Published April 8, 2020
122 min
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    0:10 Rio Da Young OG crazy lyrics 1:03 8 Ball Tank, same vibe 3:00 Fenix tweets about leaving the group and Mack P Dawg passing 5:00 Adam reads Fenix second tweet for clarity 5:26 Adam recalls being around them a lot but noticing discrepancies and some members not really be around 7:19 People need to stop filming anything and everything for content 10:08 What's the future for Shoreline? 13:07 Remembering the TK Baron interview with Shoreline 14:51 Adam has a theory about signing a group 16:46 Questioning the label's intentions and how they handle the group's career 18:06 Journalist Jeff Weiss tweets about how the LA scene has become 20:49 You can't even have a memorial during these trying times 21:33 Adam talks about expecting with Lena 24:03 Adam thinks to maybe have a release party 26:26 Adam trying pineapple for the first time 30:59 Adam should have a girl or boy 31:22 Housephone daughter will be a slut smh 33:16 How Adam started to think about having a baby 34:52 Encouraging someone to have kids 35:55 Should you drink lean after you have a baby? Or do anything for that matter? 36:45 How Adam envisions his new life not being on top of things enough like Lena is 38:53 Taking daddy classes? 40:00 What do you do when you leave your baby w the babysitter 41:42 Housephone regrets influencing people to take drugs 44:40 Adam gives the breakdown of how Lena told him she was pregnant 45:43 Cam girl tryna smoke weed to relax 46:30 Desto Dubb van got broke into 48:41 Lil Dicky Show is the funniest show ever on earth according to Housephone 1:00:48 Nickerson garden vlog 1:02:18 Young Chop firing a gun outside his house 1:07:18 Sukee Ana beef with Young Chopp 1:10:30 Is Young Chopp having an episode? 1:11:19 Young Chop doing the dirt in a uber? 1:12:52 Bhad Bhabie black-fishing? 1:14:40 Housephone didnt know Kim was involved in prison reform 1:17:32 Adam is a scary person who was unfazed by being ran up on 1:21:32 Housephone remembers Celina was trying hard to dismiss him 1:23:35 Smokepurpp and Jesse Taylor 1:24:50 Adam thinks the label might be behind this viral moment 1:29:19 Rappers getting Covid 1:34:00 Housephone reiterates on Celina and doesn't want anything to do with her 1:38:22 Adam will be online playing final fantasy 1:41:44 Justin Bieber from Africa and Housephone in a Dashiki 1:45:19 Going back to shows or festival will take a long time before going back to normal 1:49:33 Facebook brings back the oddest memories about people you forgot about 1:53:31 Adam recalls these two bombshells when he was a teenagers 1:56:40 Housephone dreams about being friends with NBA Youngboy 1:57:39 Adam compares Shoreline to team Seshollowaterboyz 1:59:40 Talking about the BlueBuck interview FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media: JOIN THE DISCORD: Follow Adam22: and adam22hoe on Snapchat
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