Definitely one of the greatest podcasts of all time, hilarious, crazy, and filled with unexpected moments, the show is just astounding. Shaq, Kincade, Jenners, and B-Dog all do amazing playing off each other and if you’re an avid sports fan, the show also does that very well too! (Albeit with its own twist). Lastly the gang play some amazing games, sometimes with listeners, that are wacky, and not cringy and forced like other podcasts. All in all, its a definite listen for someone who wants a good laugh.
Lost of Basketball star
Big Basketball fan
Sorry about Kobe, I to lost my sister in 2018 . I have cerebral palsy But you have wonderful of Kobe and they will last a life time.....Your Basketball Fan...... Alan
100% greatness
Shaq is my favorite player of all time and when I found this podcast it changed my life! Absolutely phenomenal...#shockthemonkey #ripkobe
Shaq is funny period. I’m 17 year old girl who loves shaq cause he’s funny and is a legend ! rip KOBE BRYANT . #24 #8
First off, I’m so sorry about the loss. Kobe made such an impact & so have you. You’re an amazing HUMAN BEING, before a basketball player. Your love for everyone is magnetic. Love all the guys & your laughs. KEEP THEM COMIN Football>> Eagles Eagles>> Football
rayford c
I love the podcast except for John Kincade. He is a blow hard and rides on other people’s coat tails. I wish the next time he says something about Shannon Sharpes parking skills Shannon walks in and busts John right in the mouth. John says the same crap over and over. Everyone else on the show does an awesome job. Drop John and get someone that is humble and has talent. This is not just my opinion because I hear Shaq always saying how people complain about John all over the country.
Airplane mechanic
Love the show listing at work always
Love this podcast and really funny
Players we remember
I had an idea and wanted to ask Shaw about it if it’s possible and he gets a chance can he contact me Jermaine Mccaulley 5862723789
Sorry for you loss big guy
This was an incredibly written and touching tribute. Thank you for reminding me that people still have passion for things outside of them. Although it is a sad loss I feel some will draw inspiration from this.
Brothers in arms
It was really nice to hear Shaquille O’Neal pay tribute to someone who was like a brother to him. It is so true that those with whom we are closest are oftentimes those with whom we have the most serious “fights”. Brothers that do battle together never forget each other, and I am sure that Shaq will never, ever forget his brother Kobe. I am truly so sorry for your loss Shaq. A saying that is so true at a time like this is the following: “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” I am praying right now for Shaq to find some peace and for God to wrap him in his arms. God is the only one with arms big enough to be wrapped around you Shaq, so accept his love and peace.
Just started listening
This is the best podcast ever. I was thinking about Shaq after what has happened. Just wanted to tell you Shaq that Shaq nation hears you and we are here for you . Remember be you - be true - be fearless 😊
Never listened to this podcast before but my goodness what a touching tribute. Shaq, I am so sorry for your loss.
Best podcast hands down
Love listening every week you guy make my mornings much better ! Keep up the good work !
Shaq and Kobe
Still one of the Greatest to EVER DO IT! In my 32yrs if life there will never be another like Shaq and Kobe. #DieselAndMamba #BallOnMambaAndMambaCita
jusy saying
I know most people are these annoying super fans. It’s a pleasure just to sit back watch you move through these people. I watched you go in to a luggage store in Sugarland, Tx not to long ago. I just admired from afar. I have the utmost respect for you brother. I pray that God grant you comfort and comfort for Kobe’s family. Much respect for I am a FAN.
Thank you!
Hearing Mr O’Neal with Mr Bryant again is a lasting memory!
Shaq is great but ....
Shaq is about the only thing that is good about this show. Can’t listen to it because of the other noise going on for the rest of it.
Tired of Kincade
This is from someone that never writes a review. I love Shaq, and would listen just because of him. I got so tired of listening to John Kincade referencing race on a repeated basis, It’s not a dynamic, it’s messed up. I read somewhere on the reviews that they all joke about races. Shaq references his own, and will respond to Kincade. It’s completely different. Lose the dumb shock the m song, It’s not appropriate. This is Kincade’s song. I can’t tell you how many times I listen in my car wondering, what is Kincade thinking? Shaq needs an Ernie Johnson personality. When Kincade is gone, I will be back.
Gotten worse
Tron Jelly
This was my favorite podcast until about maybe six months ago, and I think the content and quality have went down significantly. John Kincade has been downright homophobic at some points talking Dwight Howard, and I have gay friends, so that's not funny. Also, the jokes at B-dog's expense aren't funny any more, just mean. Shaq seems to have the instinct to disagree with anyone even if they are discussing facts. Listen to "No Dunks" if you want a good, funny basketball podcast.
Great show
RyAn R30
I’ve been listening since the beginning. It’s hilarious and just fun. For anyone who says John kincade is racist don’t really listen to the show. They all joke about different races. And just have fun and respect for each other’s and there upbringings and beliefs. I will say John does push his opinion a little to much and a little too hard. But if you just listening from for the first time from where they left off vs the beginning I promise John use to be way worse.
Shaq Attaq paq
I just got a Shaq attaq paq for Xmas! Pepsi cola from 1993!!!!! Anyways, I love Shaq, always have since I was a kid. But Shaq, I would have rated this a 5 if you stop eating on the pod. All that chewing and lip smacking is gross. Other than that, great chats and fun show.
Shaq is funny
Longtime listener no more.
Shaq is funny but he is not enough for me to continue to listen to the show. John Kincade is tone deaf and sounds racist with his stereotypical jokes and views. Shaq usually agrees with him or it's not addressed. There needs to be some national attention brought to some of the things Kincade has said.
Best show their is
Y’all are all so great and funny as hell makes my day go by super quick at work wish yous would do 2 shows a week y’all are definitely the best podcast their is!!!! And Shaq attack when you gonna bring a big chicken to Colorado? We need some chicken places😩😩😩
Love this podcast but stop eating while talkin
Shaq is hilarious. His supporting cast is enjoyable. They are a great team and work well together. They approach each week and tie in topics that are relevant topics and interesting news items. I wish it wasn’t a week behind sometimes. Maybe that is fixed now? It seems like they tape it one week and release it the next. Finally can you get Shaw to stop eating on air? It is disgusting. I skip forward until I can’t hear it anymore. Sometimes I go to another podcast. Please please get him to stop. It would make it so much better.
Can’t do it
Love the show but can’t listen to the constant chewing into the mic
John makes it hard to listen to sometimes
Closed minded and tries to just yell over everyone as if that makes him right
Really?? Unsubscribing
Tell Shaq to stop chewing while recording the podcast! I couldn’t even listen to the episode because of it! Show some respect to your audience!
No place for barbaric opinions from John
Quiet Noise
John is funny from time to time, however he is always taking shots at Mann by comparing them to women. And he’s always taking these dualistic approaches when it comes to race issues. The Colin Kaepernick episode about him selling out his cause for a check is the lamest opinion I’ve ever heard in my life. I’ve been listening since the beginning of the big podcast and John has never sat right with me.
John is a racist after the last pod I’m convinced. I know he says the N word
JOHNNNNNN!!! John rob and Bdog are essential to the pod! Keep the resfreshments flowing fellas
Great but please improve sound quality of mics
Hi, I’m a big fan of Shaq and always look forward to NBA on TNT shenanigans so seeing a Shaq podcast, I couldn’t pass it up. The content is great. But the quality can be so much better. I couldn’t even finish an episode because I just couldn’t take the static in the background anymore as well as the low volume. I have to turn up my phone’s volume to near max to hear the podcast ‘normally’. Maybe I’m spoiled from listening to Conan O’Brien’s podcast because the sound on his is superb. Even Joe Rogan’s podcast sound isn’t the best, but still decent. Please please get better mics or a better composed studio for your recording sessions. I don’t know how podcast recording sessions work but please do what you can to improve sound. I want Shaq to listen to the Damian Lillard rapping episode for just 2 minutes, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s like the quality is watching 480p instead of 1080p or 4K. If you’d like more feedback from me I’d be happy to talk! I’m trying to be constructive, not a jerk. Also, see me in a 3 point contest (please). It’s been a dream of mine lol. Sincerely, Gabe’mstr’ Diaz
Was a fan but John needs to go
Listened to Thursday’s 10-3-19 episode and it was filled with laughs but then John felt the need to protect Amber Guyger the woman who got 10 years for killing a man in an apartment she thought was “hers” when asked did she give him any cpr she replied “yeah I gave him a little CPR” and he felt the need to defend her hair being played with after her sentencing. This is disgusting don’t know if I’ll be tuning back in....
John Needs To Go
Shaq, Rob, and B-Dog are great, but John is out-of-touch with today’s culture, tone deaf, and complains too much about “political correctness”. It’s tough getting through a podcast when John takes it off the rails with his out-of-touch comments.
3 fake laughs at once
doty fan
Love shaq, the fake laughs by sidekicks is way too much!
Shock The Monkey
Could possibly be the funniest podcast I have ever listened to on a regular basis. Got introduced because I’ve been a HUGE fan of Shaq, but Kincade, Jenners and B-Dog are great as well. Keep up the good work!!
It’s good but......
John Kincade is horrible!!!!!
I’m here for the Refreshments
Eddy Kool
A great podcast to start the week off right.
If you want to laugh...
Some light hearted fun but you better not listen if you are sensitive...
Double-D Dos
Lots of good laughs with this one!!!
You guys really know how to make people laugh and forget what frustration they have been dealing with during the work day
Get rid of John
Shaq is great, but his co host is the worst.
Grab Your Refreshments
My favorite podcast to listen to while eating my refreshments.
Not Enough Content to Interest Women Who Don’t Love Sports
I don’t love this podcast. Shaq is a nice guy though.
Been listening since day 1. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!
Keep it up.
John kincade, Shaq and the crew work well together. Nice work gentlemen!! Thanks for giving us a behind the screens view on things. I do think Shaq needs to take a step back sometimes and think about what the hell he is saying but that also makes him who he is too...
Kinkaid the Goat
Scoot bob
I love the show guys keep up the great work. Based on some of the most recent comments looks like a lot of the fans that listen have some sensitivity issues. I for 1 love Kinkaid and he’s a big part of the success of this show. I love to go for drive and enjoy some refreshments while I’m listening to this podcast !
Had to stop listening and unsubscribe because John Kincade is tone deaf and insufferable. Sorry Shaq. You’re great. Get a new co-host and I’ll be right back.
Has really digressed
Pretty disappointing podcast overall. Used to be really funny but now seems so repetitive. Used to love shaq but the podcast has made me like him much less. His responses to so many topics early in the episode are so shallow and half the time it’s honestly bc it seems like he doesn’t look into them, so John goes off on some narrow-minded tangent. John epitomizes privilege, he is so ignorant and Shaq’s Uncle Tom lack of disavowal only emboldens it. 2 stars only bc most of the interviews are decent and bc bdog is the only one with a brain.
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