Zero To Travel Podcast
Zero To Travel Podcast
Jason Moore
Transition to Travel: Single Mom + 3 Kids Move to Mexico (Jenita’s Story)
1 hour 43 minutes Posted Jan 25, 2024 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Looking for inspiration to make your travel dreams a reality in 2024? We're republishing some of our Transition to Travel episodes to kickstart the new year!

Do you think you could sell your house, quit your job, and move to a new country? Tune in to learn how my new friend Jenita Lawal did just that, with her three kids too! You'll hear what it was like before Jenita left for her trip and the process of getting ready to make this huge change. Then, we'll time-travel eight months later to see how it all turned out and what it's been like living in Mexico.

Tune In To Learn:

  • If some of her fears came true
  • How life is going down in Mexico
  • Ways to open up new information
  • If it's really worth moving to become an ex-pat
  • How you can adjust on the fly to a new situation
  • Options to homeschool your children
  • What you can do about creating income while living in Mexico
  • How much it actually costs to live in Mexico
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • And so much more


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