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Zen Parenting Radio
Todd and Cathy Adams
Zen Parenting is a weekly online radio discussion between a spiritual and emotional mom (Cathy Cassani Adams) and a logical and practical dad (Todd Adams). Anyone else living a life like that?
What To Do When We’re Out Of Rhythm- Podcast #622
Cathy and Todd discuss why order, disorder, reorder is a natural parental rhythm, and why getting out of rhythm is an opportunity for new learning. They also discuss why not knowing what comes next keeps us human nd why it’s OK to not be good at everything.
Oct 12
46 min
Getting To Zero- An Interview With Jayson Gaddis- Podcast #621
Todd and Cathy talk with Jayson Gaddis about his new book Getting to Zero, and how to manage conflict in our most important relationships (partnership, parenting, even work!). Todd & Cathy walk through a few of their challenges and Jayson offers reframes & considerations that focus on compassion toward ourselves & each other. Available today!
Oct 4
59 min
Difficult Conversations- Podcast #620
Cathy & Todd discuss why difficult conversations are necessary and allow for deeper connection and intimacy. They also answer a listener question about how to talk to our young teens about relationships and sex.
Sep 27
41 min
Rob Bell Is Back- Podcast#619
Todd and Cathy talk to Rob Bell about his new Everything is Spiritual Tour and how our creative impulses and willingness to speak up keep us true and connected.
Sep 20
1 hr 1 min
(Bonus Episode) Zen Parenting, The Book- Podcast #618
Cathy and Todd discuss Cathy’s book (now available for preorder, available everywhere 2/1/22) and the process of condensing 10 years of podcasts, 20 years of clinical practice, and 50 years of living into one book.
Sep 14
46 min
Different Types of Empathy- Podcast #617
Todd and Cathy discuss an episode of We Can Do Hard Things and the difference between feeling deeply and feeling cognitively. They discuss how each style has its benefits, and why the blend of both can help us take action and create change.
Sep 13
54 min
Women’s Rights are Human Rights- Podcast #616
Cathy and Todd discuss the new Texas law that strips women of their privacy, their dignity, and their physical and mental health.
Sep 6
40 min
Decluttering Our Parenting Mind- Podcast #615
Cathy and Todd discuss how to declutter our parenting minds so we can really be with the child who is in front of us. They discuss how parenting is rollercoaster, how life is a toggle between fear and joy, and how life is not a linear journey like a train, it’s a sailboat ride filled with adventure.
Aug 30
58 min
Anxiety, Experienced Podcast # 614
Todd & Cathy discuss the difference between saying “I have anxiety” and “I feel anxiety” and the difference between anxiety and fear. They also discuss three different stress responses in kids and how we can better support them when they are feeling overwhelmed.
Aug 23
50 min
What Do I Need?- Podcast # 613
Cathy & Todd discuss self-betrayal, taking breaks, and how to share our opinion while respecting the inherent dignity of others. They discuss how to keep going when we feel stuck and the pillars we can rely on in the midst of a crisis.
Aug 16
58 min
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