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Zen Parenting Radio
Todd and Cathy Adams
Zen Parenting is a weekly online radio discussion between a spiritual and emotional mom (Cathy Cassani Adams) and a logical and practical dad (Todd Adams). Anyone else living a life like that?
Accountability. Forgiveness. #583
Cathy and Todd discuss how accountability leads to unity, and how impunity or justifying something deeply harmful leads to more divisiveness, not healing. They discuss how this is true with our government and the insurrection, and also when we have challenges in our partnerships, parenting, and friendships. Forgiveness is what we do for ourselves, not others, and comes after a process and practice of realizing that we can’t change what happened (it often takes a great deal of time). Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation, condoning a person’s behavior, justifying the offense, or denying or forgetting the impact on our lives. It means cutting the cord and taking back the energy that is rightfully ours while never forgetting the wisdom we gained.
Jan 19
57 min
Our Many Colors Podcast #582
Todd and Cathy continue their discussion about how and why we grow and share specific colors that represent our stages of development (often referred to as spiral dynamics). They discuss how this effects politics, values, “fake news”, sports, leadership, and our need to belong.
Jan 12
1 hr 15 min
How Do I Get My Partner To… (Replay)- Podcast #581
Cathy and Todd discuss the question that they hear the most – “How can I get my partner to….” – they discuss why this question is multi-layered, messy, and not easily answered. They discuss why wanting to change others feels easier than changing ourselves, why true wisdom comes from quiet, and the life-changing advice Oprah has for all people.
Jan 5
1 hr 2 min
Why We Grow- Podcast #580
Cathy and Todd focus on Me, We, and Everybody, a teaching of moral development (or Spiral Dynamics) taken from The Robcast. They share why this personal growth model (similar to understanding the chakras or the Enneagram) helps us see ourselves, relate to others, and understand how we all evolve (and regress) in different ways.
Dec 29, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer- Podcast #579
Todd and Cathy discuss 1964’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and why the adults dropped the ball in helping Hermy and Rudolph understand their specialness – BUT, it’s still a great holiday rewatch filled with joy, learning, and nostalgia.
Dec 22, 2020
1 hr
Raising Whole Sons- Podcast #578
Cathy and Todd reference a recent post by Dr. Alexandra Solomon about how we are doing a better job raising our girls to be leaders than raising our sons to be caregivers. They discuss how to raise whole sons who respect every aspect of their humanity, and how failing to do this hurts our boys and society. They also discuss the opinion writer who wants Dr. Jill Biden to drop “Dr.”, what Shawn Mendes can teach us, and how to talk about invisible labor in the home.
Dec 15, 2020
1 hr 1 min
Handling Negative Emotions- Podcast #577
Todd and Cathy discuss the difference between a “bottler” or “brooder” when it comes to negative feelings, and why being curious about feelings allows us to be less reactive and more compassionate. They discuss why darkness is not always bad, and why there is wisdom inside all of our emotions.
Dec 8, 2020
1 hr 8 min
Healthy Human Beings- Podcast #576
Cathy and Todd discuss Susan David’s book and TED Talk about emotional agility and why the ability to be agile leads to healthy human beings. They discuss why we need the skills to deal with the world as it is, and why sharing our emotions allows us to pay attention to our values and notice what’s working in our lives and families.
Dec 1, 2020
55 min
Do No Harm- Podcast #575
Todd and Cathy discuss the double bind of “do no harm”, in that all decisions, even educated and well-thought out choices, may impact some negatively. They discuss the positive impact of empathy and the danger of gaslighting, and share Anne Lamott’s theories around hatred and self-understanding.
Nov 24, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Men Living- Podcast #574
Cathy interviews Todd, Frank Naugo, & Shaun Emerson discussing the relaunch from the Tribe Men's Group over to Men Living.  They discuss the resources available that will help men step up to make a more harmonious world.
Nov 17, 2020
1 hr 3 min
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