Muamalat, Zakat and the Dinar & Dirham in the Islamic Money System
Muamalat, Zakat and the Dinar & Dirham in the Islamic Money System
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The illuminated City, Madina, under the noble Prophet, peace be upon him, and then under those who immediately succeeded him, is the true dynamic model on which any Islamic society must be based. This model has for centuries been brought to life in different places and in many different times. These include the Mahgrib, Andalusia, West Africa, Topkapi and Nusantara.. At the heart of this model are the everyday contacts and contracts such as commercial transactions, money and of course Zakat. Muamalat is the thing that encompasses all of that and the Imaret is the place.
Notes on preparing for Ramadan
Hajj Amal Douglas shares his personal notes and experience in on the Maliki fiqh position and preparing to make the best of the blessed month. Recorded at the Ihasn Mosque in Norwich
Jul 17, 2012
56 min
Islam & Real Money - Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley
A talk given by the renowned teacher, author and translator of the Qur'an, Hajj Abdaklhaqq Bewley, delivered in Norwich as part of the Muslims of Norwich exhibktion and provide courtessy of
Mar 27, 2010
32 min
Zakat - Questions & Answers with Hajj Abdussamad Clarke
Hajj Abdussamad Clarke brilliantly answers some common and other more technical questions connected to the re-establishment of the proper collection and distribution of Zakat in the modern age according to the Maliki Madhab. recorded in Norwich in the UK
Mar 27, 2010
31 min
Dinar, Dirham and Fulus Implementation: The Case of Indonesia - Pak Zaim
Delivered by Amir Pak Zaim at the 12th International Fiqh Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2009. This wonderful presentation shows clearly that the Full implementation of Silver Dirham, Gold Dinar and Fulus in Muamalat is on the way, and demonstrates that there is a Working and sustainable model available, replicable and amendable for any situation.
Oct 28, 2009
The Islamic Muamalat - An Interview with Umar Vadillo
(Rais) Abu Bakr Reiger interviews Umar Vadillo about the current world financial crisis and the necessary Islamic alternative. Umar Vadillo covers the fallacy of islamic banking, globalisation and the Islamic Muamalat
Aug 17, 2009
21 min
The Deconstruction of the World Financial Power - Habib Dahinden
Dr Habib Dahinden explains exactly how the modern financial works and its basis of fiat money and debt, He then explains how the only alterbative is a shariah based ecaonomic system and currency. This talk was delivered as part of the 11th International Fiqh Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa on the 18th October 2008. To see the full conference programme and hear other presentations go to
Oct 18, 2008
A Guide to Using the Zakat Assessment Form
A guide to using the Zakat Assessment form which can be dowloaded at
Sep 4, 2007
20 min
The Islamic Dawla - A Political and Social Necessity for 21st Century Society - Amal Abdalhakim-Douglas
Amal Abdalhakim-Douglas outlines the components and realities of the Islamic dawla in our time, that is the Islamic social order that includes, mosques, markets, schools, bath houses, soup kitchens and more, but in a truly modern context which makes clear that islam is for today, and is the only solution to combat the spiral degeneration of what has become a heedless and decadent society.
Apr 18, 2007
42 min
Understanding the Islamic Imaret and the Islamic Open Market - Abdulhalim Orr
A Just Islamic Society for the 21st Century. In this talk given as part of the Ramadhan Discourses, Abdulhalim Orr explains the thinking and practical realities behind the Islamic Imaret, touching on economics, politics and history. He also looks at the historical settings of this Islamic social and economic order and its relevance to today's society for Muslim and non-Muslim alike.
Apr 18, 2007