Zac Poonen Sermons
Zac Poonen Sermons
Zac Poonen
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Thank you
I have been listening and reading sermons from Zac Poonen for years and years and they never stop teaching me something important thank you for sharing the Word of God!
Showing my appreciation of the word of God by saying Thank you !
To Go be the glory .. I have to give God all the prayers for my brother Zac poonen . His humble way of teaching amazes me.. also humble me my self .. I learn so much of the Bible from him .. and still learning … Thanks again my brother in Christ .. May the Lord continue to strengthen you in teaching And spreading his word.. Thanks again ..!
sister Molly
Very heart broken
My husband and I lost our daughter and listening to your sermons and your sons helped us understand Gods ways are so much higher. Thank you Bro Zac for guiding me through the scriptures to know God more. The Truth changed my life. To be more like Jesus everyday. Love you all.
Modern day Elijah!
I have learned so much from listening to messages of this man of God , his wife and their sons! May God use them mightily to open the eyes of many by these anointed messages! The truest bible messages!
Brother Zac Poonen
The best Holy Scripture teachings that I’ve ever heard! Ever!
Victory in Jesus is taught here.
I have heard many sermons from CFC’s Zac Poonen, whom I do not know but God has reached my heart through his words. It is difficult to find a man speak biblical truth challenging me to examine myself and humbly give thanks to God and boldly seek and confess the truth of God’s word. Please listen with an open heart and desire to know and obey our Lord and King, Jesus!! Jesus has Victory and wants to share it with us!! Let us live knowing we to have Victory in the name of Jesus!! Amen
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Victory is His!!
Rock Solid Biblical Teaching
Rock Solid Biblical Teaching
Thank you
Thank you for this podcast
Helps us read the Bible diligently and understand God’s heart for us.
Thank you Br Zac, for helping us read the Bible diligently and understand God’s heart for us.