Z & M MediaCast
Z & M MediaCast
Leigh Zeitz
This podcast is a weekly podcast created by Dr. Leigh Zeitz and Professor Joseph Marchesani. We are doing this to provide connection with our students in our online courses: Emerging Instructional Technologies and Media Planning and Production.
Copyright and Creative Commons for Teachers
Dr. Z and Prof M spend some time talking about copyright and creative commons. This is an important topic because you will be responsibile for citing your materials for your final project.  It will be best for you to look for material that is licenced through Creative Commons.  Don't know what that is?  Experience this podcast. This podcast is supported by the EIT RWLD.  This is a source where you can find docouments, videos, podcasts and overall information about how you can be legal when you do multimedia work. This podcast is a unique presentation because they decided to create an "enhanced podcast."  As discussed earlier in the class, an enhanced podcast includes an audio track but it is enhanced by still visuals.  It is primarily a Slideshow presentation.  On second thought, this might be more of a screencast because it includes a video and an online tutorial in how to search for creative commons resources using Google and Flickr.
Jun 8, 2012
32 min