Yvette, Unplugged!
Yvette, Unplugged!
Yvette Henry
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So down to earth!
After listening to the How Married Are You Podcast, I thought to listen to Yvette’s podcast- as a Mama myself, wow...the things she thinks and talks about are so relatable. Episode 7 (‘Yvette Needs Friends’ I think?) really helped me get through a rough patch with friends and feeling isolated. This time is a season; it is part of a bigger story...thank you for reminding me Yvette!
I love these convos that you have where you just get out your personal thoughts. I really enjoy this podcast and would highly recommend it. Also, watch or listen to the How married are you podcast!
Ep. 2 was a complete blessing to me! Thank you
Huge fan
I’ve always been a huge fan of the Henry family and I love Yvette’s podcast! Thanks for all you share!
A real person
Thank you for sharing thoughts that we all think from time to time but may fear to share because of perceived rejection. I love seeing you and your family!
So good, so rich
Where do I begin! Yvette, thank you. I have truly enjoyed hearing your voice, your perspective, through this platform. I appreciate your openness and the range of subject matter covered. I come and listen to this podcast and it feels like I’m having a really good conversation with one of my closest friends. And by really good, I mean one of those conversations where you walk away feeling more defined about who you are, more comfortable in your own skin, and really excited about what life has to offer next. Thank you for sharing with us all. I pray that everyone who needs to hear these words will find them.
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BMF 36
Major Respect!
Authentic, thoughtful, insightful and inspiring. I love what you’re doing. Keep up the great work Yvette!
So Encouraging!!!
Yvette is so encouraging and REAL! She helps you put into perspective your feelings with how she talks about her feelings or experiences. She helps you realize how loved you are by God and how much you need him at the same time! Thank you Lord for Yvette and her voice❤️
Thank You
Thank you for sharing your feelings and your journey with all of us. This is helping me so much in my own journey.
So far, so great!!
I love how relatable Yvette is! The topics she covers are so relatable, it’s like listening to your own consciousness, only with a much more soothing, grounding voice! I’m looking forward to listening to future episodes!
My oh my!
Thank you for your obedience. You are a light, and girl you shine so bright. God bless you!!
Oh Em Gee
How REFRESHING is it.. to hear the heart oh someone you’ve never we met, talk through their feelings and thoughts and their heart... and RESONATE SO MUCH with the season you’re walking through as well. This podcast reinforces the notion that I’m not alone in this walk through womanhood and motherhood. From what Yvette perceived as awkward rambling, to the real life examples of trying to talk herself out of feeling her feelings.. this podcast is a rhema word in its own right.. these episodes are definitely kairos moments.
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People pleaser
This episode was spot on in sooo many ways!! Yvette, thanks for taking on the awkwardness of this journey but stepping out in faith to do it anyways! This is a topic I feel like people don’t really talk about, especially the church, but it’s so needed- God bless you!
I very rarely post a comment BUT your episode today regarding you expressing versus you doing something...I felt that in my toes. I DO the same thing and often struggle with letting people in and being vulnerable even with my husband. (girls the garbage thang is ALL ME TOO🤣) Mine is rooted in feeling the most pain from the people closest to me. It is easier to keep people at an arms distance because then they can’t use it against you which means I am unwilling to express because that would be a greater investment which translates to INTIMACY in my relationships! OMGOSH! Girl you said a WHOLE WORD, let God use you to break open these strongholds. P.S. I love Chocolate Babies 👶🏾 God bless! 🙏🏾
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I need to tell you thank you! As I listened to Ep 1 I repeatedly said to myself and sometimes out loud “I am her, she is me!”. It was so reassuring to know that there is someone out there that thinks like me and has the same internal struggles as me. Please keep up the great work and know that you are encouraging me to dive deeper into myself and work on me as well.
So exciting!
You are so right on how we as mothers lose ourselves in marriage and family life. Being everything to everyone just sort of happens and one day we realize we don’t recognize ourselves outside of our titles anymore. Thanks for this and I’m looking forward to listening in and following along as you go on this journey.