You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford
You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford
Hilary Rushford
Ep 80: How to Do Nothing (+ why it matters deeply)
1 hour 10 minutes Posted Sep 22, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

What is in between laziness and productivity? This is the question I’ve been pondering myself during quarantine. And in some ways the core of a more sustainable lifestyle of rest I’ve been cultivating since a sabbatical in 2016. Reading the book How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell this year has given me further language for this unique journey, as well as clarity as to why it is truly imperative for our society and humanity that we choose to embrace it.

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PS - Cheat sheet inspiration for your Edifying/Present brainstorm list:

lowers anxiety, lowers envy, little financial benefit to you, little financial benefit to other people, increases thinking, increases listening, increases relationships, increases connection to nature and/or art, anchors you in the present