You're Really Out There
You're Really Out There
Go Fast Campers
You don't have to go far to get 'really out there'. In this podcast we'll interview all kinds of people, explore what it means to be 'out there', and give you an opportunity to be a part of the conversation live on the air. Brought to you by the outlandish people behind Go Fast Campers, where the number one goal is to help get people 'really out there'.
I Just Can't Wait to Get Off The Road Again
This week on YROT is our first ever podcast cross over collaboration episode! That's right, our host Taylor got himself on someone else's show and got to be the guest for once. Off The Road Again Podcast (OTRAP for short) is a podcast that "covers...
Oct 29
1 hr 6 min
Two Conversations About the Wildfires Out West, and a Too Long Road Trip.
Most of this episode was recorded on the road! Why? Because our host Taylor had to drive 24+ hours to and from South Dakota to pick up a broken down F150...the same F150 he recorded the last episode in (yep, it didn't make it home from Iowa). But at...
Sep 24
1 hr 12 min
Superlite Questions Answered From a Farm in Iowa
On this episode of YROT, our host Taylor recorded the show from the family farm in Iowa. We requested questions about the new SuperLite RTT on social and he answered all of them while inside his Go Fast Camper parked next to a corn field. Earlier on in...
Sep 3
56 min
Type 2 Fun (Part 2)
This episode is a continuation of a two part series all about type 2 fun! It contains more stories of misadventure from some of our listeners. Later in the episode, Taylor calls an old friend to discuss a type 2 adventure that they shared years ago, and...
Aug 17
1 hr 23 min
Type 2 Fun (Part 1)
Did you know there's two types of fun and that one of those types of fun isn't at all enjoyable until after it's over? On this special two part episode of You're Really Out There, our host Taylor bothers a bunch of his coworkers to try and figure out...
Aug 3
1 hr 2 min
In The Weeds with The Founders of Go Fast Campers...They're a Little Weird IMO
On this VERY SPECIAL episode of You're Really Out There, our host Taylor interviews the two founders of Go Fast Campers, Wiley and Graeme. This is the very first "introspective" episode of YROT, but that doesn't stop them from getting way out there....
Jul 20
1 hr 17 min
An Exciting Announcement From Our Friends at Go Fast!
There's big news coming this week from the people that make You're Really Out There possible. Later today our host, Taylor, will sit down with the founders of Go Fast Campers to discuss the origins of GFC, adventure, and some details around that super...
Jul 13
59 sec
Van Life, but Make It 90's
On this episode our host Taylor talks with adventure couple Candice and Jordan. They've traveled a good chunk of the Western Hemisphere in their right-hand drive, no a/c '97 Mitsubishi Delica, and chronicle their travels as @beoldlater on Instagram....
Jun 29
2 hr 5 min
It's a Group Ride and No One Is Going to Get Dropped
Nam and Ronnie Romance might just be our most "out there" guests to date. They have traveled the entirety of the US of A by bicycle for a collective two decades between them, and recently purchased a (secret) van. Like many of our nomadic guests, they...
Jun 14
1 hr 52 min
A Pre-apocalyptic Mexican Wedding (and Wiley Fights a Bear)
Wes Siler of Outside Magazine and his wife Virginia McQueen are on the podcast this week. Recorded live from their home in Bozeman, Montana they discuss dogs, guns, online discourse, and hosting their wedding at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Wes...
Jun 1
1 hr 47 min
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