Your Move with Andy Stanley Podcast
Your Move with Andy Stanley Podcast
Andy Stanley
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Always practical!
I never go away without something to use for my life. Biblical truth made practical.
Colorado Counselor
I love your teachings. They are so in depth and relatable.
If you are skeptical about religion/The Bible/Christianity, listen to this Podcast
Andy does a great job of not forcing Christianity on others while making a phenomenal case for God, Jesus, and the importance of Christianity. He disagrees with the idea “the Bible says it, that settles it”. It is refreshing to hear him speak about God, Jesus, and life from a healthy Christian perspective. If you have always wondered about God and faith, but have been turned off in the past by your Church, childhood version of Christianity, or hypocritical Christians in the past, take a listen to him. Listening to Andy Stanley might be the breath of fresh air that will bring you towards God in a way very uncommon to most pastors and Churches. Highly recommend!
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Schill Bill
Very good
I like these podcasts. They sound more like a Ted Talk than someone preaching at me. I’ll keep listening. Thank you.
So incredibly helpful!
After listening to these messages from Andy Stanley I nearly always forward them to my children - ages 13 to 25 - who I know will also benefit profoundly from this teaching. Andy’s ability to present truth in such a unique and understandable way is a gift - to him and to us! Thanks for this wonderful resource.
Such an anointed man teaching God’s Word!!
Andy is just amazing in his ability and discernment to communicates God’s Word in such a way that the average person not only understands it, but can apply in their daily life! I can’t get enough!
Serving the Master
So good, but why are the episodes recycled?
I adore listening to Andy, but finding new lessons and teachings is impossible because the content is like 20 episodes recycled over and over. Is Andy no longer preaching new lessons??
Great but needs variety
Awesome - both truthful and relevant - but not a lot of new content. For example the current series was also featured twice in the past few years. He has many great series but many don’t make their way into the podcast and they just put a few on “repeat.” This just keeps repeating the same sermons on a two year or so cycle. Mr Stanley is the best but we should hear more of him.
MJO 007
Some ideas...
More people & podcasts are talking these days about the things Jesus taught (in the 4 gospels), but there are a few of his teachings that almost never get serious coverage. Several references (EXCLUDING the “rich young ruler”) are made in Luke about selling all of one’s possessions & giving to the poor and then this teaching is shown to be taken seriously by the time we get to the book of Acts (end of chapters 2 & 4). Another powerful & often neglected paradigm-changing (IF taken at face value) teaching of Jesus is found in Mt. 6:24; Lk. 16:13-14). This has been called the “Two Masters teaching”, one being God/Love and the other/opposite one being money. What would Christianity look like, both inside its confines and to the world at large, if these teachings were given much more serious consideration and application? Take a leap of faith and dive deep into these teachings! ✌🏼
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Strong teachings
Andy Stanley makes God’s teachings easy to understand, without compromising or watering down Biblical truths.
The Heart of the Matter
I love these podcasts. They get directly to the point - the heart of the matter. Also makes you think and see things in a different way - from God’s perspective not our own.
D. Mumma
Hands on, life applying messages
Thank you so much Pastor Andy for being a Jesus Follower and sharing clearly with us, how to be a Jesus Follower too! My 9 year olds grandson Trey and I listen to your podcasts daily, and discuss where God is growing us! Thank you so much for reaching others with The Good News! Love your Sister in Jesus M
Practical way to live Biblically
All I can say is Andy speaks with such clarity on ways to implement Jesus ultimate command in all areas of my life! I replay episodes, make notes and share with my adult children. Thank you Andy
Lori/SC Teacher Assistant
Practical Biblical Truths
Andy provides simple Biblical truths that can easily be implemented in our daily lives that brings freedom and clarity.
Joe diggs
Great podcast
Andy Stanley is funny and down-to-earth. Every podcast feels relevant, wise, and entertaining. Great guy and great messages.
Loved his book, now I love his podcast
Andy’s book Starting Point helped me find my faith for the first time in my 20s when I was merely curious about Christianity. Now, I try to bring my awareness to God as often as I can to live by His will. Having this Podcast helps with that.
Crafty Otter
So good
Andy has a gift of bringing the Gospel in an engaging way. Love it!
My favorite pastor
Andy’s teachings are rich and deep, and he isn’t afraid to dive into scripture. My family and I absolutely love his teachings!!
What’s in my box
This is an outstanding message thank you Andy
spiritual vision
Great messages for all
Andy speaks openly and honestly and non-judgmentally to all, believers and non-believers. I take away something from every message.
Come To Order
Discredits the Word
Great speaker, but dangerous and misleading messages.
It’s like it was written for me
I absolutely love this podcast! It’s uplifting, encouraging, reassuring, and gives me hope. There are times when it hits on the truth that hurts but still leaves me knowing that I am loved by the heavenly father who gave his only earthly son for me.
Awesome I just love how Andy is able to relate to others !
Win at life
This was very interesting and I shared it tonight because I found it quite helpful. Just started with these podcasts and thoroughly enjoyed all of them so far. Will keep listening!! 😀👍
Who knew me too
Thanks Andy
I’ve listened to the Nehemiah story at least 10 times already. It was exactly what I needed to hear and you described me all the way. I subscribed to website and podcast immediately.
Leaving Andy
I have listened to a couple of the podcast I did enjoy but with his recent opinion on the lockdown I don’t think he has a real belief in God that a pastor should have let alone his listeners.
Eye opener
Andy always gives me a lot to think about. I consider his podcasts as an integral part of my life’s tool box. Thank you for your commitment to bring truth Andy.
Addressing relevant questions with amazing wisdom and sensitivity. I am so thankful Andy isn’t afraid to address what people are asking.
Great preaching!
This is the only preacher or preaching that has made sense to me lately! I went to Bible college and have heard a lot... Thank you Andy Stanley for making sense!!
Misrepresents the apostles teaching
His teaching is heretical to the true teaching of the apostles. He says they unhitched Christianity from the Old Testament and that the OT isn’t reliable. However, there are many passages in the New Testament that directly quote the OT written by the apostles as they affirm the entire scriptures (ref. Romans 1:17, 3:4, 3:10-18; 1 Corinthians 2:9; and so many more). His assertion that science and scripture are so juxtaposed and incompatible is nonsense and shows that he values science heavily over scripture and is willing to bend and twist scripture rather than science.
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Tuned in...
Pastor Andy tackles the tough stuff and keeps Christ in the center!! I look forward to smart, powerful, no nonsense sermons that strengthens my spiritual walk with God. Grateful!
Carole 26.2
Such good practical advice for Christian living in this modern world
Really good stuff. Love Andy Stanley
Just listened to The Who Needs God series and LOVED it! Just an FYI, on the two most recent episodes, the intro plays again partway into the message and it’s overlapped on to Andy speaking...
First time listening
This is sooo goood i recommend taking out your paper and pen because this is something we all need to hear!
Jus makes sense..
He has a gift for breaking it down for the common man. When he is done I get it and feel hopeful.
Cannot get enough!
Andy you always get the message across exactly the way I need to hear it! I thank God for your gifts!
MoMom on the MOVE
You told a story about me
Thank you! You are gifted! This is the only way to LIVE.
Human race
Very honest and moving message about real world problems facing us today.
Engaging, Practical, Relevant, and Inviting
I love how Andy unfolds the truths of Scripture and applies them to everyday life. If you are a believer, not a believer, or skeptical of the Christian faith, I’ve found his sermons intelligent, thoughtful, and very helpful for my growth as a person. Unique and fresh yet authentic to the Word, inspiring!
💜💜💜💜LOVE 💜💜💜💜
This is a practical podcast that helps you think through life!
Practical wisdom
Practical wisdom and teaching, old and young, long time believers or those questioning their faith. Great listens, each episode!
Mighty man One ..
Thank you!!!
I gain so much from your podcasts. Thank you!!!
Me who?
Andy I sincerely want to thank you for the growth in insight, knowledge, and wisdom I have experienced by listening to your insight, knowledge and wisdom via your podcast channel. Without a doubt your teachings have been a great blessing for my life and walk with the Lord. Thank you and may the Lord grant you with many more years of teaching, big hug!
Somebody in Az
Free will to follow Jesus
Andy has a gift for sharing the Gospel message. I love how he typically opens a message with an invitation to “believe what you will” and then finishes every time with a compelling message to be a Christ follower. Very applicable to daily life and uplifting to carry you through the week and reflect on how the topic measures in your own life.
Want to be wise? Listen to Andy!
I first heard the Guardrails series from Andy Stanley in 2014 at a church Sunday school class- he gave amazing, practical, biblical advise that has spoken into my life and helped me be a better Christ-follower. Now I listen to the podcast regularly and Guardrails is still my favorite series. It’s amazing how the mind forgets and needs reminding of truth. Thanks for making it fresh and new, Andy!
Practical life application of Scripture
One of the best presentations I’ve ever heard of applying scriptural teaching to real life, love and leadership. Can’t wait for each new episode!
Love it
Love your podcasts and messages from your unique perspective Please review my podcast “ back in charge mindset podcast”
“Bible for Grownups”
PTL! I appreciate Andy’s approach with the Biblical themes! Much needed! In Jesus Name! Amen!!
Grandmere's Gang
Andy always makes me think
Andy has an awesome gift to share scripture while being inclusive and relatable to everyday life ❤️
Real and easy to follow
Andy has a very clear way of communicating his messages. They are easy to understand and he forces you to use your own common sense. He’s very realistic and scripture-based.
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