Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura
Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura
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Intuit turbo tax
Don’t promote theses rip offs please I beg you! Look into it (Hasan Minhaj) 5 stars
Cody Norris.
Thank you
Ymh has literally kept me company for years way better then shmoe Rogan
Hope u can make it to Wisconsin
These mfs.
I literally can’t believe some of this 😤... WTF😱
You think a change of scenery is going to change anything ? Can’t get normal by just surrounding yourself with it
Mispronunciation topic from the latest episode
Totally feel Christina on this one with the words she never knew she was saying wrong- growing up wayyy outside of Pittsburgh with a mother from Pittsburgh I never questioned my pronunciation of certain words because that’s how my mother said they so I assumed she was right until my boyfriend at the time who’s family was from Cali pointed out 2 things that just made my 30 year old brain cramp up. 1: that apparently “Nebby”, a word I’ve heard my entire life (meaning a nosey person) was Not a real word or “Pittsburghese” as I came to find out is a thing and 2: that I was pronouncing the word “drawing” with an L like “drawling”. And now since I moved back to Pittsburgh I hear it Everywhere! Even my 9 year old says it and I’m always telling her “draw-ing baby, no L”. And the list goes on. It’s definitely shocking to find out you have an accent you never knew you had even when you didn’t grow up in that region 🤯
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My Favorite!
I’m an OG mommie. Started around episode 50, then went back and listened to all the previous episodes and have never missed one since. The show just keeps growing and getting better, know what I’m sayin’? Try it out. Just get 2 or 3 episodes in you and you’ll be like “I’m proud of myself.” Just ask my friend Salome. So give it 5 stars, don’t be stingy.
Dr. Feltersnatch
Hit or miss, mostly hit though. I like Segura
We ❤️ YMH
My King above 18 and I are obsessed with everything YMH Studio! I relate so much to your stories - especially childhood stuff, gotta love mentally ill, dysfunctional parents from the 70’s. From one cool mom to another, thank you for everything you do for your fans! We own a small business and the last year(+) has been very challenging. YMH podcasts bring me so much joy and take my anxious thoughts away for a moment in time. Anyway, my desperate plea is for you to come to North Carolina (Wilmington ❤️) so my King and I have a reason to keep our jeans high and tight for date night! Three kids keep us busy and would love to laugh with our favorite Queen above 18! Thank you & keep featherin it! Stephanie
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Dear Tom and Christina,
That’s how I got my nickname—SNAKE. 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
I love you the mostest. Tom is such a trooper, love this pod cast. I rep my Nadav hat almost everyday at work.
Great show in spite of annoying wife
Plz cut ChrissyPs mic.
Best Pomcast hands down
Hey jeans, big mommy here! Love the show, best pomcast on the inter webs! Cool stuff, slick stuff, neat stuff
Here’s the deal man
This page definitely follows proto
My favorite podcast..
That I can’t talk about with friends or family. Never stingy
The show is funny, but for all the funny stuff Tom does Push ruins it. Also, all their live shows have technical problems. Totally not worth it paying for the live stuff.
Love y’all
Just keep featherin it brother. You guys are doing great. Just all in all best podcast and even greater people.
Top dog
One of if not the best shows on the planet and this is only because of the charm and candor of the one and only Top Dog.
The smug man
It’s really not that bad
Christina and Tom love each other and their children very much and it promotes a strong family unit. Also Bert is disgusting and fat and not athletic like Tom. Christina drinks way more water than Tom, that’s why he broke his humorous and had to go to rehab. Starbucks baristas DO get it wrong SOMETIMES. It’s ok to feel anger as long as it doesn’t consume you. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t gamble unless you’re really good at it.
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Keeping our jeans high and tight
Norm Summerton.
Uncle Tom
I was a little hopeful when I saw the DJ Premiere episode, however you can tell the type of human being this dude is when he asked DJ Premiere about the “East coast vs West coast” beef what a turkey sandwich Segura is. Now don’t get me wrong Tom is funny, but also a huge coon. Tom fits really well w the ignorant and racist Boston bro crowd. 😂✌🏾
The Day Ones
It’s where the dudes are
Not to mention the cool guys and the main mommies.
Keep Nadav off the mic.
Chrystal always goes to Nadav for advice on like dating and such. I’m pretty sure that guy is a virgin. Her and Tim should call King above 18 for love advice. Get well soon Tim we miss you. Barts trash. High and tight for life.
High and tight
Keep em high and tight. That’s all
Good morning
Good morning Julia, I hand built all this stuff myself, it's where I let Garth brooks hide all his bodies. So I'd love to make you happy for the rest your life.
Clips show
No longer a podcast it’s a pay to watch people watching you tube videos.
The Primo episode
I got goose bumps
The best
I was looking for a podcast to keep featherin’ it to and found this place.
The best
Of all time
A Disappointed Yakker
Cool guy
My jeans have never been higher! Thanks for teaching me proper proto buddy
Cole Haughton
DJ Premier
So pumped to listen to this episode! ✊🏼
Tom Talks - NRE love
Please keep doing these! It’s everything I love about Tom’s appearances on the JRE without the 9-12 month gap. The NRE is real with this one!
Tom Talks.
Is my new jam.
All heart and smart with No Fart
Keeps it high and tight
When you’re featherin it- what a rush! There’s literally no podcast. In the world. Ever. Or to still come.
A message from Burnt Chrysler: The fattest man on errf
I am Burnt Chrysler and I am the fattest man on errf. Being as fat as me can make you feel pretty vurnrble but this podcast provides me with such joy on a weekly basis. I often enjoy listening while sucking down a gallon of kool aid (red flavor, low calorie obviously) and laughing at Christine and Ted’s curations of wacky characters and mouthwatering poutine recipes!
My sister went down, down into the mountain
Holistic approach to adrenal rejuvenation by smoking meth
Teach the Valley
My favorite podcast since 2012
Always high and tight
Drumline deserves a watch
Finally started listening. Maybe I shouldn’t because “Drumline” made waves in my neighborhood.
Coach Pinot
Love the talks!
Keep up the Tom Talks! He’s such a good interviewer and conversationalist. It’s so nice to hear him just be real and talk to someone that he’s interested in.
Tom can speak?
Ohhhh this is what tom sounds like. Weird not having some Chrysler dude butting in
While the clips are what brought me and the jeans are what kept me around for all these years, Tommy Bunz is killing these longer solo interviews. Keep it coming!
Big Calmedy Fan B
Tom talks
Trying to talk politics with a one sided slant is not good. You were doing what you accused others of doing, providing content for one side. What do you expect when people go elsewhere to here fair content.
Tommy and Waks Show
Tom Talks are dope
Keep them coming
Tom Talks
Thank you for not stereotyping Trump supporters. You’re right...there’s 73 million of them and they’re not all bad. That being said...the other side isn’t all great. Trying to understand is the key...great talk with Yang.
Tom Talks
Been a fan of years, and I cannot wait to get more Tom Talks. With more sports related content
Outstanding Content
Todd & Christine keep it high and tight like no other. They do a great job representing the four strokes gang while simultaneously providing the best up to date news in the game. No one quite captures today’s current events like those mo’s. Love you Jeans!
Been downhill lately.
I mean if ur gonna do these “serious” episodes with politicians as guests it would be nice if they did 4 minutes of basic research instead of kissing the guests button and not pushing back at all. Like just agreeing with baseless lies is lame. U guys come off really outta touch.
Gene Everett 187
Love the Tom Talks
Great complement to YMH with Tom doing serious but light-hearted interviews with his classic style. Keep em comin!
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