Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi
Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi
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Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus talk about their favorite things!
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Love wells Love Brandi Love YFT
Love the show I need more reviews or voicemails from Granny wells miss those segments, thank you for putting the laughter in our lives we need during these times, also I need longer shows guys can’t get enough!!!
Love y’all
Seriously you are the only pod that didn’t hype up Clare for no reason. I couldn’t believe how horrible she handled Brandon and Bennett. We all know she ends up with Dale can’t she just leave and give us Tayshia.
Wells how jealous are you of the “Sorry We’re Stoned” into recorded by Blood?!? Come on Brand-I get YFTers an original theme song by the one and only Billy Ray!
Wells is fire
Wells is totally hilarious... Brandi can’t really keep up with his banter and Jokes
Keep it comin’!
Thanks for giving me quality recs for all the stuff! Loved the musackks this week.
Love Wells & Brandi
I look forward to listening this podcast every week. Also, 5 stars for Wells singing Dreams. Made my week! Thanks for making me laugh.
Horse Farts
Just wanted to let you guys know that I was having a rough day and went to sit outside to have a bite to eat and clear my mind. To my dismay, 2 ladies plopped down near me and proceeded to talk about Trump and Covid non-stop. Not today Satan. So, I pulled out my headphones and popped on your podcast. Finding my Zen again, I was able to enjoy a nice peaceful lunch, sans politics and Covid. That is, until Wells started telling the story about his horse pooing and farting. When Wells demonstrated the 3-minute horse fart, I literally spit my chips and salsa across the table laughing out loud, which definitely got some disgusted looks from the 2 ladies that picked the wrong girl to sit by today. Love the podcast and thank you for turning my pissy mood around.
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L. Fizzle
My all time favorite podcast! Always makes me smile and laugh no matter what! Thanks for coming in clutch every Wednesday!
Bryce Ellison
Makes me happy!
I just love this podcast, it is happy and uplifting. Thank you so much for your positive attitude’s in these crazy times. I look forward to each episode.
JR from Minnesota
Action Park
Definitely a real place. We have a friend nick name “one ball Paul “. After going down one of the slides there. 😀
I don’t know, man
May we all of the confidence of Adam Wells telling Brand-i that she is pronouncing Nev’s name incorrectly.
Much love for ya
Anyone writing a review bashing on these two for being celebs can take a hike. I’ve been listening since the beginning and have loved hearing your life stories grow. From your love lives (now both thriiiiiving) and everyday life, you guys are great. Wells always has strong opinions and is great to listen, and I genuinely love Brandi’s animal stories she has. For being in the celebrity world, you guys are a great balance between the high life and the everyday life we’re living down here. Keep it up, and keep killin it. Love ya both.
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Spud Gun (aka Potato Cannon)
Totally know what you’re talking about and may or may not have made a giant potato cannon last year. Also may or may not have it still and could video us shooting one upon request (allegedly).
Addicted but annoyed, help
So how could you??!? Spud-guns hurt. Kidding - love the podcast and keep doing your thing. 😍
Last night I dreamed I was helping Brandi out with all the animals on the farm and I got bit by a snake! Despite this terrifying nightmare, I love this pod. Wells and Brandi always have a good book or tv show recommendation, and their friendship is so cute. I’ve been listening since Wells started dating Sarah (what an iconic episode) and it is so great that both hosts are in love and happy! Feel like they are my friends too—this pod is definitely one of MY favorite things🛎
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Great show
Love you guys!!! Look forward to it every week :)
Billie now means “DEEP DICKIN”
Love this show. Literally I’ll make sure I’m caught up on this podcast before any of my other podcasts because it makes me laugh, gives me good shows and movies to watch, offers great music choices - but let’s be real here. Not a good reader, so I don’t tend to remember the book recs. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyways... I started using the Billie razor because I was hearing the ads everywhere. Like any good YFT fan, the first time I ordered it, I used the YFT code for a discount. I LOVE my Billie razor. I buy the shaving cream to use too. BUT HERES MY PROBLEM. I can no longer use my Billie razor without thinking of Brandi shaving her entire body for some deep dickin with Ry! Whenever the ads are playing for Billie, the sole focus is how great the razor is because it makes Brandi so smooth and bare for her time with her Tarzan! Get it girl. You do you. I’m just disappointed that my good shave is someone tainted by your sex life. Whatevs. Still shaving with this beauty. Ding for the Billie razor and ding for this podcast! 🛎
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Alix Walker
Like peanut & jelly...great pairing
If you want to laugh and enjoy some light hearted playful banter (much needed in 2020), I recommend this podcast. While they both are connected to some very high profile famous people, they are down to earth and share funny stories of their lives.
Work with me people
I have a few podcasts that I listen to and it has work out that they all post new episodes on different days. Therefore, I’m able to listen to a podcast each morning while I’m getting ready. Well this podcast’s episodes come out on Wednesdays, but not early enough for me to listen to because of how early I have to wake up. I love this podcast, but wish it was posted at like 2am. - Signed a Teacher who needs this pick me up during her week.
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First off. This is my favorite podcast and I look forward to a listen every week. What I’m really here for is to tell you that everything you had played in that Utah recorded clip is MY LIFE. Utah is FILLED with brainwashed anti mask wearers and it’s like I’m actually living in a KARIN HILLBILLY HELL. It’s actually super embarrassing to know that these are my friends, my kids friends parents and coworkers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but everyone here is SO SELFISH. There is a global pandemic it’s not a movement against your rights. Anyways. I’m here to say all of us in Utah aren’t this way. However, most of the population here is so my words aren’t going to matter! Again, love the pod.
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Love listening to you both! Y’all keep me so entertained during long hours eat work!
Tasteless commentary on CC
Most of the time I laugh but it was very tasteless commentary on the Colton Cassie situation. Did you guys not read the full court reports? I mean even a good amount of it came out a week ago... it came off like excuses were being made for Cotton since he was in Colorado. Rubbed me the wrong way. I hope you guys took some time to read the court documents and maybe shift your victim blaming :/
Joking about abuse is not funny
Disappointing to see how you made excuses for Colton saying he “lives in Colorado” and making light of a situation that is not funny. If you’re not informed than don’t speak on it because your viewers can listen and go oh so Cassie is lying. I would think Wells would be more sensitive to this topic I guess not.
Fun but irresponsible
I love the banter y’all have and have enjoyed listening for a long time, but the defense of Colton this week was gross. I get that he’s your friend, but this is a very serious legal matter and the events took place before Colorado. Please don’t speak about these issues if you haven’t done your research first, and have some empathy for victims.
Done listening
Making jokes and breezing over Cassie filing a restraining order is really not it. I’ve been feeling over Wells and brandy’s trash opinions and privileged problems for awhile but this is the straw that broke the camels back. I’m sure I won’t miss anything important.
Wells is so brainwashed and out of touch with the average American. I’m so tired of these bachelor people thinking that everyone should believe in one narrative and if you don’t you should be mocked and ostracized.
Keep doin you, Brand-eye.
This is one of my favorite weekly listens - and I just want to say that after reading through your reviews after Brandi talked about the Wayfair stuff, I’m just horrified at how terribly everyone treated her!! Screw the haters and screw the 1 star reviewers - I hope they enjoy wallowing their own life’s misery. Both Brandi and Wells get solid 5 stars from me - thank you for keeping us all entertained and smiling every single week during this world wide pandemic of Coronavirus, stupidity and ignorance.
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Love the chemistry
Love the friendship between these two. So relatable. Adam is so funny and Brand-eye is very grounded. Great recommendations.
LV,NV new fan
Super speed
Was this entire episode in fast forward? 😂 Okay.... lol I’m updating my review because i just noticed i literally hit the button making it 1.5 speed 😂😂😂😂😂
jesssssssica p
Gerald and Janice & the burgundy Caddy
Probably my favorite- like talking to friends. So thrilled for Brandi that her love is here! You can talk about nothing, and I will come listen. Wells and Brandi are decent humans ❤️
Brandi not bringing it
Have to agree with the other recent reviews. Brandi complaining each week about fitting in 1 hour of podcast work into her endless days of rich white lady hobbies is growing tiresome. Riding horses and driving to and from various barns is a hobby. Collecting more and more dogs is a hobby. You’re not busy. Working to make a living is being busy. Put a little effort into your 1 hour a week of “work”. I used to look forward to this show but I’ve been skipping through it lately. Wells, you always rock.
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My favorite podcast (minus the music parts)
Love love love Wells and Brandi! The only thing I don’t like about this podcast is when they discuss the music they’ve been listening to - we want to hear your banter/discussions! Not portions of songs
Some diamond status recs, hidden in a pile of nonsense
I’m here for recommendations like Gary Gulman, Love on the Spectrum, and Mt. Joy. But if you want these gems, you have to be willing to sit through a lot, and ignore chauvinistic statements like—everyone wants boy babies—or some generally made up information on COVID or sex trafficking. I would love more of the gems, and less of the latter! Also Wells—I heard an interview with Michael (Love on the Spectrum), and he said Modern Family was one of his favorite TV shows. So maybe he’s a Sarah fan—either way invite him on to hear his honest opinion🤩
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Best music
Y’all have the best music to introduce!!! Half my playlists come from you two hahaha great podcast! Always fun to listen to
Love them, interesting good chemistry. Movies tv pop culture. ❤️ love Wells!
ComeOn Brandi
Love the show because Wells is hilarious, yet super professional and prepared to host a podcast! Brandi on the other hand...I get being busy with her farm, but everyone’s busy. If I showed up to work unprepared and just said oh sorry i was feeding my dogs, I’d be fired! Like come on, either make this priority or let it go. It’s getting a bit awkward to listen when it feels like she doesn’t want to be there.
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mrs 305
One of my top favorites
Look forward to this every week. Just want a little more effort/enthusiasm from Brandi.
Been listening for a long time now
And I still love it! Just listening to 117 and obsess over their love of Band of Horses. Love the concept of this show and enjoy hearing their recommendations in what to watch, what to listen to and what to read!
Love both of you, but...
I like both of you, Wells & Brandi. Wells, you always bring it 150%. Brandi is always exhausted, and seems that she doesn’t prepare , or make time to bring content. This podcast seems like it’s tedious to her, an interruption in her day. It’s awesome that she has animals & a farm. Just work on your farm & if you don’t love doing this podcast, then stop doing it.
F*ck you very much
Brandi has to go.
Brandi sorry for your lost 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️
awsome skeleton
Sorry for your loss Brandi. Just love listening to your podcasts. I could listen all day. Love Wells and look forward to Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.
You Two Are Awesome
Montana native here ~ plzz quit telling everyone how awesome it is! 🙅🏻‍♀️😉 Love your appreciation for it though, and no people are hardly wearing masks lol it’s about as normal as you can get in 2020. * * * You want to listen to a podcast that talks about virtually nothing but actually does it right? Listen to these guys. You’ve become one of my favorites! I love the sound of Brandi’s voice and Wells is just made for this. You two have a great dynamic. Thank you for bringing the good vibes every week!
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Just a little FYI about Utah, Mormons & Polygamy. First, Polygamy is NOT legal in Utah. Second, it is not the Mormons of current day that practice polygamy. It is a group that have removed themselves from the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Dat Saints aka “Mormons”. Most of these groups live near the Nevada/Utah border. If they live in and around the Salt Lake City area they are not out in the open with their living situation. I just hate how everyone assumes that all Mormons practice and believe in polygamy. I usually really enjoy listening to you & Brandi but today was frustrating. Okay, rant over. Condolences to Brandi & her family for the loss of her Grandma.
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I started from the beginning when the world forced me into Quarantine. I just made it to the 1st 2020 episode where Wells and Brandi talk about good vibes and big things for 2020. Wah, wah, wah. Thanks for quarentertaining me. I dig it. Also, naming my next baby Miley in a few weeks, so I’m loving the Cyrus secrets. 👏
Well is awesome, we want more Sarah. And why won’t Brandi ask Miley to be on... awkward that wells wants her to ask but Brandi just calls Miley to ask about something nobody cares about.
Favorite and only podcast I listen to honestly
Love listening to you 2 every week to get recs! I’ve watched and read so many things thanks to you!!!! Btw you mentioned Limetown. Already was a show on Facebook TV and Jessica Biel starred in it and it wasn’t all that great. A lot different than the podcast! Anyway keep it up!!!!
Stop flying everywhere Brandi
Love Wells & what he brings to the pod- but can’t stand Brandi being hypocritical and traveling so much whilst complaining about the spread of a pandemic. Own up to your contributions to this mess instead of complaining that your bf can’t cisit bc of COVID. So frustrating. But love you wells
First time reviewer
Love it!
my faves!!!
Love when Wells has the most un-athletic stories about obtaining injuries and Brandi just laughs😂 But for realz, you guys always give me new shows to watch and books to read and I live for it! Much love!
nicki lynn14
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