Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi
Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi
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Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus talk about their favorite things!
Wild Wild West Wells
Today on YFT, Wells is updating us on his Worst Cooks in America trophy, Brandi is wearing her favorite item of Fall clothing (turtleneck vibes), and both hosts continue to be blown away by what we’re seeing on Clare’s very short season of The Bachelorette! We start off the episode by learning why Wells might be moving to Big Sky Country with Brandi but before that happens, Wells (and the chicks of The Bachelor franchise) need to figure out how to appropriately rock a Western hat Cyrus-style. We also learn something strange about Brandi’s sleep habits, Wells’ theory on car washes, and the pros and cons – mostly cons TBH – of bringing human life to this planet.
Oct 28
51 min
Gaiter guys & Harvard guys
This week on YFT, Wells is recounting the most dramatic travel experience ever. Well, not really, but we are still in a pandemic and that means double bagging and dealing with your previously unproblematic breath. Speaking of dramatic, Brandi is suh-over this season of The Bachelorette and the cringeworthy moments we all had to witness in the latest episode. It's pretty Clare that our hosts would rather continue to watch spooky content instead, including shows about hauntings, stories about death row, and even chilling social commentary that makes us question why we’re all fighting in the first place.
Oct 21
54 min
Eyes are the windows to the drunk soul
Wells and Brandi are really getting into spooky season this week. While Wells is still bleeping out this year’s costume and decor, he’s happy to reveal all his favorite Halloween movies along with Brand-eye, from The Shining to Beetlejuice. In addition to movies that will scar you for life, they’re also talking new favorite chick flicks, Hugh Jackman roles, and the actual lyrics to Fleetwood Macs’ song Dreams.
Oct 14
50 min
Sad club music & the three-minute fart
Things are a bit chaotic over in Nashville as Brandi’s house is the new go-to spot for the entire Cyrus family, their teams, and their manicurists (all of whom have had COVID testing)! Wells is on day four of quarantine sobriety (not an easy feat these days) and hopefully on his way to becoming an intermediate horseback rider.
Oct 7
58 min
Spud guns & triple names (plus, a special call with Sarah!)
Wells has recently discovered he’s dangerously good at poaching eggs, which makes sense since he’s already been crowned the best worst cook in America (wait, is that how it works?). Brandi has made her own discovery, but sadly it’s not quite as positive, after some recent make out seshes with her prominent-nosed lover (do any of you deal with this!?). The hosts have plenty of new faves to share with you this week beyond their traditional content, including illegal spud guns, Instagram filters for the best ~aesthetic~, tripled-named celebs, and Costco deals!
Sep 30
54 min
Pumpkin Spice Frat Star
On today’s episode, Wells is revealing the story of how he got kicked out of his fraternity which involves a doobie and tighty whities. Plus, he shares this all while wearing a Britney Spears tee shirt because, why not? Over in Nashville, Brandi is thoroughly enjoying the start of pumpkin spice season even though she’s not a fan of pumpkin spice.
Sep 23
52 min
Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s the DD glow!
Ry, if you’re reading this, Wells needs you pump the breaks when it comes to being a good boyfriend because you’re making every other man on this planet looks like an asshole. Speaking of planets, Brandi and Wells both have a new favorite TV show to share with you this week that takes place on another planet: Mars. We also find out what happened when Wells slid into the DMs of one of the main characters.
Sep 16
52 min
If the world was ending, you’d come over, right?
Brandi starts off the podcast with a VERY exciting announcement which we won’t reveal so that you can hear it straight from her, but it does involve shaving her whole body with her Billie razor and not leaving the bedroom for 48 hours. Wells is still sweating profusely after spending some time in Palm Springs, the land where old people stick to their seats and shopping “buggies” are out to get you.
Sep 9
52 min
Romantic felonies, creepy pick-up lines, and death-mixes
This week’s episode really took a turn from the typical positive nature of the show to reveal that Brandi thinks Jurassic Park is a FEEL-GOOD movie and Wells has already chosen which songs he’d like to play at his funeral. That’s ok, though, because we also have a lot of uplifting favorites too, like a new book by James Patterson (AKA the Coldplay of authors), fun conversations on dating apps (also a little creepy), and really exciting golf updates (is that an oxymoron?).
Sep 2
52 min
The Montana Bermuda Triangle
Brandi has been hanging in Montana for the past week where time just moves slower and rivers don’t only flow in one direction, much to her surprise. Meanwhile, Wells has been consuming a lot of content, including potentially the best reality TV show ever made and the worst. The hosts dive into some pop culture and music news, reveal why Wells is mad at one of Brandi’s fave musicians, and assess why Brandi is possibly the only person in the world who thinks being funny is a turn off (it’s OK though, Brandi, Wells is a monster who hates kittens).
Aug 26
51 min
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