Your Daily Prayer
Your Daily Prayer
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Thank you
I have many podcasts on my phone and yours is one of the 2 that I turn to daily and I listen to the joy and love that comes from your sweet soul and your beautiful voice. I’m 62 and a mother of 5 adults and 12 grandchildren and I learn so much from you daily. I strive to be as kind and humble as you. Don’t stop your ministry. Many of us women from all walks of life rely on you. Blessings to you and your Husband and family. Veronica 🌺
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Wonderful Kick Start
This is a wonderful way to start your morning and leads me to a deeper prayer time. It has been a refreshment for my prayer life.
Powerful Prayers
These are not superficial, but drawing me to a deeper, more thoughtful and intentional start to each day. Thank you!
I read these devotionals everyday and I post the prayers on Facebook but lately I’m not able to open the app on my server. I would get people who looked forward to these prayers. I’m not discouraged because I know God is in control and I’m able to still send them prayers from the Lord but I love your prayers most. Thank you for this app. I now listen to the podcast but I would love to share because they help me and God is telling me to share. God bless each and everyone of you because this podcast, this app is a blessing to many.
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Best podcast hands down but audio quality is not good
Update on audio noise: For the older lady that’s talking , I noticed in your episodes The volume on the audio goes down and then up to normal again and it does this every 7 seconds or so throughout the whole episode! please fix this and please listen to your episode before uploading, sometimes it’s distracting and I can’t fully ingrain the message across that you’re discussing. please try and fix the audio thank you 🙏🏼 I love this and I hope they continue this podcast every day! I listen to it in the mornings on my drive to work and it starts my day of so nicely. I love this and feel more connected to God and myself! I feel happier with myself and less stressed from the world! :) 🙏🏼 Thank you!!! Please continue and never stop!!
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Wonderful podcast!
I listen to this podcast everyday. I find it to be calming and the perfect way to start my day!❤️
Missing you
I start my day with you and the great inspiration. Please continue your podcasts. You are such a gift.
Daily medicine
Highly recommend this podcast.
Gives me peace
I love this podcast. It has brought me closer to God and helps me start my day peacefully.
Before I Even Get Out of Bed...
I listen to this podcast. I just discovered this podcast last month. Thank you. I find the prayers very meaningful. I love the quiet music at the end, and wish it would be extended at least another minute. I like to add my own prayer to lift up those in my life who need praying for. 30 seconds is not long enough and I’ve been hitting the back arrow for more, but that’s distracting to my praying. Thank you to everyone who puts this together. Well done.
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Helps my day
I Love this podcast and listen to all the other ones also. It helps to start out my day and keep faith.
Great way to start the day!
I listen in the morning, while I’m drinking my coffee. By the time we get to the actual prayer, I feel the spirit guiding me and supporting me in the start of the day.
Davideon Simmons
I'm thankful for the daily Prayer every day. God bless you!
Thank you
Thank you so much for your uplifting prayers and messages. 🙏💕
janessa Ariana Evans
I needed this so much like I’ve never related to a podcast so much. I’m just truly amazed on how you guys explain everything and I believe God send me this because I’m honestly distanced from God been wanting to get closer to him but don’t know how. I’ve been going through so much this lately ( this whole year) and I need my faith my back. I’m never going to go a day without this podcast. Thank you and thank God for sending me this podcast.
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Can’t go a day without this podcast. It’s as if each one is speaking directly to me. I thank God for this nugget of daily inspiration. Thank you!
Blessed everyday
This podcast is fantastic. It has really strengthened my bond with Christ.
What a Blessing!
Love this podcast! So much can be unpacked in these little verses. I am thankful to God for leading me here.
SCW Dell
Love, love, love this podcast!
God’s Pearl
Daily Dose
Without my Daliy Dose of Your Daily Prayer I am lost-thanks ladies
Beautiful verse, Awful read
Seriously! Is this reader high? This is one of my favorite verses so I wanted to hear it. It sounded like this lady was high on something. She could have said so much more in half the time.
So grateful for this podcast
To everyone that works on this podcast-thank you. The prayers and music lift me up every time I listen.
Zeke the 1st
Not updated
I loved listening to this every morning to start my day Now it’s not updated so I’m upset 😡
Wonderful way to begin my quiet time!
I sure miss these daily podcasts; they’re not coming in daily anymore even went I log into life audio. I think there’s a technical problem.
What happened to the daily update?
I listen to this one, Your Daily Bible Verse and Crosswalk Devotional every day but I haven’t been able to do that Saturday, Sunday Or today. Why isn’t every day’s episodes being updated for that day?
I get excited to listen every morning
I love this podcast. The messages are spot on and uplifting! I am comforted by listening to this every morning.
Daily prayer is a daily blessing
Great messages that continue to bless us with scripture and life application. I have never had technical challenges with the app. Works great.
Miss PTY
Your app not working!!
Why is there so much trouble with your podcasts. It may be someone’s stumbling block. Please fix. Thank you
mercy me 😍
Can’t download
Is something wrong with the app today? Says it’s unavailable.
Same.....hasn’t worked in the past 4 days!!!
I’m having the same issue, I haven’t been able to listen to the podcast in the last 4 days, I’m getting the same error message and I even deleted the podcast and re-subscribed.....and it’s still not working, I really looked forward to hearing this everyday and would share with my family😩😱
Not loading podcasts
??? Love these apps, however not loading ????
Please fix this podcast!
Not working anymore!!! I will rate again with 5 stars once fixed, I love this podcast!!
App not playing
This app has not been playing for me. I really need this in the morning to start out my day😢 Jen
Jen E E
Not working!!!
I need my prayers!!!! They haven't ben working the past few days.
Please fix this!!
I love this podcast! I use it every morning as a part of my daily devotional time. But for the last few days, when I try to open the daily prayer, I get a message that it is not available and to try again later. Please get this podcast working again, I miss listening to it every morning!!
I Miss This Podcast.
I love this podcast but it keeps saying that it is unavailable.
Episode Unavailable
I have the same problem. Details are showing but it will not play.
Episode not loading
I would love to listen but it reads unavailable whenever I click on an episode.
Prayer Request
Good Morning, I ask prayer for Yvonne LeBlanc was is alone during this time because of the loss of her husband. She is feeling sadness and loneliness. Please pray for Ofelia Cruz in the loss of her precious Mother in this time. Please for all those whose hurts are heavy and hurting over the loss of their loved one in this pandemic. God Bless you.
Prayer Request
Thank you for your Podcasts, what a blessing to read and hear these powerful bible stories and to learn we could look to God for all our answers. I am requesting a prayer for myself as I struggle loneliness in my life , a single mother I raised 2 sons on my own, I was rejected by my mother and father. My father pass away but my mother became a Jehovah Witness and she put me and my younger son out in the street which I had no money and no place to go all I had was our Lord Jesus Christ who I cry out to. I carry this pain in my heart it been hard on me living with this in my heart remembering those painful time in my life. I have put God first in my life and live as a honorable woman , I haven’t dated a man in twenty three years putting my son always first put him through school, he graduated with his four year degree, Finally I prayed I am ready to meet my soulmate but I had 2 accidents last year 3 weeks apart, it’s been over one year of accident and there been so much lies and confusion with my case and the attorney just seeking more money for themselves with my cases. Please pray for me that God will be the judge in these cases that I could move on with my life. I am recovering from my surgery now , pray God will heal me completely. Thank you Amen
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Best way to connect with God in such a busy life
Please pray for those who are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, stress, doubts, lack of faith, lack of strength, lack of hope during this hardship time because of COVID-19. May God continue protecting us from it and to please stop the spreading of this virus in Jesus Christ we pray 🙏🏽 Amen.
Amazing channel
This has helped me in ways I never thought it would. I’m forever grateful
Excellent podcast! I have one request
I truly enjoy the prayers I just have one request. Change your greeting the word Hey to Hi or hello or greetings my fellow listeners. For me the word Hey is for horses. Kindly consider changing your introduction. Thank you
Relevant, timely inspiration every day!
I love the messages to start off my day. It always seems to set me on the right path and calm me before I get lost in the daily grind. Inevitably, my reactions throughout the day are more grounded/rational when I start with God and gratitude. 🙏
Just the right podcast!
I enjoy the simplistic delivery of each message! No “ Christianese “, very relatable and relevant messages. Thank you!
Because I love you
Saw a really big star way up high and told it off “just take me I’m ready”. Seen so many fake shooting stars you’re all the same but I never seen a giant fake star above me before and WOW! One wife and my mom to be happy when I leave finally leave earth. That star wasn’t even enough for me to show off the wife how big and beautiful that star was but I winked at it and said let’s make this one personal. Driving home and 10mins later my wife points at a car with plate number that reads “ASKGODY” she thought of my nephew “Gody” and I thought different “!”...Ask God Y”...??? So I Googled it at home and came across your prayers/podcast “ask god why”. So the voice from this podcast, miss lady WOW! I’m touched how your soft voice soothed me you also made my heart melt saying 10 reason why from God and the prayer just locked it down from my deep lost soul and I couldn’t hold back tears and it was a good/sad tears but an understanding tears deep inside me. So from the bottom of my heart thank you for those tears I needed it. I’ll be listening to your soft soothing voice everyday and God bless you’re an angel vocal.
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Love Love These PodCasts!
These PodCasts are truly an inspirational to my life. I have enjoyed listening to them, and applying them in my walk with Christ Jesus. Thank You So Much For Sharing These With The World!
What’s happened
I enjoyed these for months. Now, sometimes they’re not up at all or they’re wrong dates. Is something going on with the podcast?
Gods greater purpose
Our God continues to knit us together for His greater purpose, I’m thankful for all my sisters and brothers in Christ. Thank You Lord. Father use us to do your work here on earth while we still have the time until you return for us, allow us to be the hands and feet of Jesus..
disciple making disciples
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