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Young Farmers Podcast
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The Young Farmers Podcast, a project of the National Young Farmers Coalition, is digging into the most critical issues facing the future of farming: land access, climate change, racial equity, water for the next generation, government access and accountability. This season, you’ll hear from policy makers, experts and advocates, and, of course, young farmers themselves, all fighting to make sure that the 2023 Farm Bill does what we need it to do: supports the future of farming in the U.S. Listen in and find out how YOU can join the young farmer movement.
The Farm Report: A Farm Bill for the Next Generation TRAILER
Join us for a special series of The Farm Report in collaboration with Heritage Radio Network that's all about The Farm Bill. Tune in to hear from farmers, policymakers, organizers, and food advocates about all the ways the farm bill directly impacts our lives - whether we realize it or not. We’ll break down farm policy and talk to young farmers about what hangs in the balance for them as another Farm Bill gets made. Join our coalition to shift power and change policy for the next generation of growers and land stewards. The future of good food depends on it. The Farm Report is Powered by Simplecast.
Jan 17
1 min
Building Climate Resilience: 2023 Farm Bill Part 3
This is the third episode of our 2023 Farm Bill series, digging into the farm policy that will affect the next generation of farmers and ranchers. We’ve been asking how 1,000 pages of federal policy can provide tangible benefits and support to beginning and BIPOC farmers, our communities, and the environment. And in this episode, we're joined by Mario Holguin and Julieta Saucedo of La Semilla Food Center, and Ana Moran, Water Organizer at the National Young Farmers Coalition. La Semilla Food Center, based in Anthony, New Mexico, has a mission “to foster a healthy, self-reliant, fair, and sustainable food system in the Paso del Norte region of southern New Mexico and El Paso, TX.” They do this work through a number of programs that Mario and Julieta discuss with Ana, including their Community Farm, farmer fellowships, policy and community development, and storytelling efforts. Throughout their conversation Ana, Julieta, and Mario explore some of the ways that the 2023 Farm Bill can directly address the climate crisis, and what building climate resilience looks like across the Southwest. We know young farmers across the country are motivated by conservation and social justice. In our 2022 national survey 97% or respondents said their farm or ranch was using sustainable practices, and 86% identified their practices as being regenerative. We end our episode today with a brief chat between Erin Foster-West, Policy Coordination and Management Director with the Coalition, and myself. Erin shares some exciting new bills recently introduced in Congress that would help small farms secure more accessible funding for conservation efforts and also support community support systems through farmer-to-farmer education opportunities.
Sep 15, 2023
45 min
Solving the Land Access Crisis: 2023 Farm Bill Part 2
This is the second episode of a six-part series focused on the one thing everyone in our network – from farmers to policymakers, organizers to corporate partners – is laser-focused on right now: the 2023 Farm Bill. In this episode, we're joined by Dãnia Davy, Director of Land Retention and Advocacy for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, and Alita Kelly, Land Organizing Director at the National Young Farmers Coalition. Throughout our conversation we’ll explore some of the ways that the 2023 Farm Bill can directly address the land access crisis happening right now in the US. We end our episode with Holly Rippon-Butler, Young Farmers Land Policy Director. Holly tells us why each and every one of us should be a land advocate, how young farmers are building powerful solutions to the land access crisis across the country, and a bit about what's next for our land policy priorities in the 2023 Farm Bill.
Jul 19, 2023
42 min
Making it Work for Young Farmers: 2023 Farm Bill Part 1
This is the first episode of a new six-part series focused on the one thing everyone in our network – from farmers to policymakers, organizers to corporate partners – seems to be laser focused on right now: the 2023 Farm Bill. We're joined by Billy Hackett, Policy Specialist for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), for a high-level overview of the farm bill. We know... 1,000 pages of federal policy, how exciting, right?! But we’re here to convince you that this bill is the most important piece of legislation shaping the future of food in this country, and that it affects all of us. The farm bill influences what you eat every day, who grows your food and how they grow it, what food you can afford to buy, and even what you put in your gas tank. And we want you to know that you can help us make sure that this bill supports all of us–our families, our communities, and the next generation of farmers and ranchers.
Apr 27, 2023
36 min
Young Farmers Are Losing Land to Wealthy Buyers
Access to affordable, quality farmland is the top challenge young farmers face, particularly BIPOC farmers, who today make up only 2% of farmland owners. Young Farmer's Land Campaign Director Holly Rippon-Butler talks with New York Times reporter Elizabeth Dunn about her recent article, “How ‘Fairy Tale’ Farms Are Ruining Hudson Valley Agriculture,” about the land access crisis and how the National Young Farmers Coalition is working to transition one million acres of farmland to the next generation of farmers.
Aug 23, 2022
42 min
Getting on the Land with the Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition
Today we're coming to you with a special episode from our Hoosier Young Farmers Chapter. The Hoosier chapter just released their own podcast series which shares the voices of farmers from across the state, farmers you might not think of when you picture the farmers of Indiana. This episode features stories about the challenge of acquiring affordable, quality land for farming, and some of the creative ways these farmers have managed to get on the land. You can listen to the rest of the Hoosier Young Farmer Podcast at
Dec 13, 2021
19 min
What does it mean to be accountable?
Jessica Manly talks with Equity and Organizational Change Director and Accountability Report author Michelle A. T. Hughes about what it means for the National Young Farmers Coalition to be accountable to its farmers, partners, and its racial equity commitments.
Jun 22, 2021
27 min
WAYFC Takeover Finale: Ariana de Leña on Tools for Dealing with Farmer Stress and Anxiety
This week is the finale of our 7 part series created by the Washington Young Farmers Coalition (WAYFC), "Farm Resilience and COVID-19." This week Elizabeth chats with Ariana de Leña, a farmer at Kamayan Farm east of Seattle, about some embodied techniques to combat stress and mental health challenges on the farm.
Feb 1, 2021
17 min
WAYFC Takeover 6: Ariana de Leña on Farmer Stress and Anxiety (Part 1)
This week Elizabeth talks with Ariana de Leña of Kamayan Farm about the stress and anxiety farmers confront and some practical tips for coping. This is the first part in a two-part conversation with Ari which will continue next week. In the first episode we focus on the ‘big picture’ and make connections between current conditions for farmers and how it affects our mental wellness.
Jan 22, 2021
42 min
WAYFC Takeover 5: Vero Vergara of Sweet Hollow Farm
Today Elizabeth chats with Vero Vergara of Sweet Hollow Farm in Woodinville, WA about equity, food access, and social justice. Vero Vergara is a nonbinary, disabled, brown, queer farmer and food systems worker based on Coast Salish territories. They work at the intersection of autonomous food systems building and liberatory community care.
Jan 13, 2021
49 min
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