Young and Profiting
Young and Profiting
Hala Taha
𝐋𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧. 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧. 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐢𝐭. At Young and Profiting Podcast we investigate a new topic each week and interview some of the brightest minds in the world―turning their wisdom into actionable advice you can use in your life no matter your age, profession or industry. Our subject matter ranges from enhancing productivity, how to gain influence, the art of side hustles and more! If you’re smart and like to continually improve yourself, hit the subscribe button, because you’ll love it here at Young and Profiting Podcast.
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Best podcasts for recent graduates or anyone entering the field!
I have learned so much from YAP since I've subscribed. The content has been extremely helpful and motivating for me. The best part about this podcast is that the tips and advice actually help!
Awesome podcast, vital for people entering workforce!
This is an awesome podcast for anyone interested in professional development and personal growth. Hala cuts straight to the point, and has guests that will actually change people’s careers and lives. This is a VITAL podcast for me as a gen-z student about to enter the workforce. I would recommend this podcast to anyone: my mom, my classmates, my neighbor, my grandma! Her guests provide insights that could improve virtually anyone’s life.
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Hala Gets it Done and Delivers!
Hala is a fantastic show host and interviewer! She delivers insightful, engaging and entertaining content with each new episode. Every week I learn something new, from how to become a better public speaker, to the in's and out's of marketing, leadership and more! Hala is the best, period.-Josh from The CCC Podcast.
Best Podcast for content on a successful life
I’m a long time listener and subscriber. The content on YAP is real and extremely helpful. Me and other people have a applied things that many of the guests have said. Also things that Hala Taha herself has put out there. The advice here works for everyone. If you haven’t listened or subscribed... what are you waiting for?
So motivating and educational
After listening to a couple episodes I noticed I tend to listen to each of your episodes twice in a row, if not three times in a row. I like to hear it, then listen again to see if I missed anything, and then again to pause when needed to take notes. Thank you so much for producing the quality content that you do, it helps tremendously.
Kelly Porter | Barre Roots
Make Lemonade... Zack Friedman
Hala’s conversation with Zack Friedman was insightful and refreshing. Zack described the importance of having a vision for the clients you want to serve and why it’s so important to keep their needs first. I thought Hala’s questions brought out a number of life and business insights... Well Done!!
RA Jr.
Great Conversations and Unique Insights!
Young and Profiting is such an interesting podcast and I always learn something every time I listen to an episode! I loved the latest episode and hearing Cathy Heller’s story and all of her realizations on how to do what you love. Hala is always so prepared to ask new and inquisitive questions to get the best content from her guests. Can’t wait for the next episode!
Amazing guests and tons of value!
This was such a great conversation! I'm motivated to succeed by the desire to create a life of freedom and fulfillment. (Basically the ability to stay at home with my dog whenever I want.) Also, motivated by hearing people like you and Lauren Tickner who are hustling every day and providing so much value to others!!
Hooked On YAP!
Hi Hala, How are you? Well, you did it again! You have me hooked on YAP! Your recent interview with Peter Mallouk was so amazing! Both you and your team did an outstanding job in delivering relevant content on current issues affecting our country. Specifically, I love how you focused on the central issue, "Living in a Post Covid World". Both you and Peter provided great insight on the number one concern on people’s minds which is job security and financial stability. I highly recommend everyone out there to listen and experience the value that you can provide to their lives as you have created for me! Love your show!! Your new faithful listener, Joel.
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Joel Corpus
Great Podcast!
Hala is so well prepared and really connects with her guests! Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I have learned a lot from every episode. Go Hala!
Great episode 👍🏽
👋🏽Hi Hala, nothing stupid about this episode great content thanks 👍🏽
Found this by accident
Found this by accident and have loved every minute of what I have listened too. Hopefully I can learn so much to help me when I start my business.
Best Podcast On The Planet!
There’s not a lot of things that get me excited in life but listening to Hala Taha’s Young and Profiting podcast is one of those things! I most recently listened to her episode “Find Your Dream Job with Kristin Sherry”. It was such an inspiring and powerful listen and I have already implemented many of the things I learned into my own life. I honestly can’t wait to listen to more of Hala’s content because I’m absolutely hooked! Hala definitely has one of the podcasts on the planet! It’s the perfect balance of being impactful and relatable. I honestly can’t recommend this podcast enough! If you’re looking to move your life forward in a meaningful and positive manner make sure to subscribe. -John Kraski
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Absolutely brilliant podcast
Love the podcast and your style of asking inquisitive questions. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good podcast. I am a podcast junkie and this was one of the best one I listened to in a while. Keep up the great work!!!
Great content and very informative.
I have been thinking about to start listening to informative podcasts to broaden my knowledge and learn from successful people. Thank you Hala for giving me the nudge. I listened to your latest podcast with Jim McKelvey ( first time listening to any podcast), and I loved it. I can see why people speak so highly of your work. I am hoping to develop it in a regular habit. Keep doing the great work. 👍🏻
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Amazing Podcost
Recently discovered this podcast via LinkedIn and it is great! A motivational podcast that everyone should listen to. Adding this to my daily routine. I want to excel in my career and as a person and this is the perfect podcast for that. Hala is an amazing host who thoroughly is prepared for each guest and asks awesome questions. She is well spoken, smart and concise. Highly recommend!
Great show!
I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, but I saw a link to this one from Hala’s Linkedin profile and this one did not disappoint! I listened to the Evan Carmichael episode and it was very informative! Hala asks great questions and Even was a great guest!
So awesome!
This podcast has literally gotten me through quarantine! So well put together, thorough and insightful. Hala truly is a breath of fresh air to listen to. Highly recommend to give a listen to! You won’t be disappointed
Just found a new fav!
Love the podcast! Great guest and a great host!
Awesome podcast
Entertaining, insightful and fun to listen to
Zayed C.
Absolutely brilliant! Episode #62 is a must listen!!!
Hala Taha your Y.A.P. Episode #62 is pure fire!!! Great guest and subject! John Assaraf was awesome! You would be a fool to not have a pen and paper handy when you listen to this, it is pure gold for anyone trying to grow as a person, business man, ETC.
on! kai zen
Hala Taha - Bright and Revelant
I have had the pleasure of being a guest on Young and Profiting. I was impressed with the research the YAPteam did on my background and body of work which led to highly insightful and meaningful questions for the audience. Hala Taha knows how to get the best out of her guests while also adding her valuable experiences as illustrations. Highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants actionable advice to level up their life.
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Career Kristin
Favorite Podcast
I love your podcast. I helped start a SDR/BDR networking event in NYC. Always recommending your podcast. I love the types of folks you are bringing and really just allowing them to speak and share their wealth of knowledge. You find with other sales podcast the podcaster themselves have lots to say about themselves and not enough about their guest. So loved the way your podcast is set up!
Incredible Guests, Insightful Questions
One of my podcasts I have in rotation. Hala asks the best questions and always has a constant cycle of interesting guests. The podcast is well produced and full of insights from anything between business, productivity, and just pure inspiration.
Pure Fire
This podcast is straight 🔥🔥. From the guest Hala brings on, to the daily nuggets of wisdom dropped, it helps me power through the week!!
Cerebral Gymnastics
Absolutely love listening to Young and Profiting. Not only does Hala bring the Best-in-Class talent to her show, but she adds even greater value by her thoughtful questioning and crystal clear passion. The range of talent and deepness of expertise each YAP epi provides is invaluable to every Young & Profiter. True privilege and pleasure being a listener. Thank You for your insightful show and I look forward to being a listener for lifetimes ahead. -SSB
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Interesting topics
Informative and interesting content you can add to your lifestyle.
Excellent content!
Finishing up the interview with the author of “Profit First” and it’s an excellent conversation. What a gift to be able to pull so much value out of guests on this podcast. I highly recommend this content.
Excellent & Insightful
This is a very well put together podcast. I learned so much from this. It’s amazing how the mind can work against you at times. The time of day you decide to execute tasks plays an important role in its success. Timing is everything. This is great for entrepreneurs and new business owners. Knowing what brings success is vital to growth. Thank you Hala Taha for putting together such an amazing podcast.
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Podcast #46 — Benefits of Meditation
This podcast was an excellent introduction to mindfulness and meditation. The benefits seem enormous. I plan on starting to address the stress in my life.
Thanks for Not Wasting Our Time!
Your podcast presentation is a breath of fresh air in the podcast world. The research you and your Team does each episode is obvious and your selection of guests provides truly informative (read useful) information. Thank you. @gigi_maheux
Gigi Maheux
Hala obviously has tons of value to offer anyone who listens! Keep communicating and helping others, thanks Hala!
Great podcast series. Hala has a rockstar lineup of guests offering valuable insight. You should be listening to this!
Love the variety of this show.
I can't get enough of this show, constantly getting exposure to new ideas that I've never heard of before. I recommend this podcast to all my students as well.
Mike Rincon
Great topics for young professionals
This podcast has great content and is very well executed. Highly recommended!
Connected with message
I had my own experience of connecting to the abundance we are to experience, and felt what was talked about that I could relate. The guest, topics, and feedback were genuine. I will continue to listen.
Love this show!
Hala is awesome, and her interview with David Meltzer is really fantastic.
Granola Man
Very informative
Love the wide range of topics and information that’s relevant to rookies and pros. I also appreciate the great questions and very energetic interview style.
I enjoyed listening to the podcast. Hala asked great powerful questions during her interview.
Troy Talks
Hala Taha the Goat
I personally enjoy this podcast because there has not been one guest who hasn’t been entertaining to listen to. I’ve begin to use LinkedIn and other media as a means to follow these admirable individuals to keep my mind open and sharp. Hala was born for this! You can tell she was as each transition flows through quite smoothly and the complete/total respect her guests have for her as they speak is highly evident. It’s as if Hala makes them feel right at home, which makes for a great interview! Out of all of the podcast I listen to- Hala is and will continue to be at the top of the list. Thank you Hala/ Yap! You’re making a difference.
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Bula reppin
Awesome podcast with great content!
Love this segment Hala Taha! This is true in a lot of aspects because I’ve found that when I pause and think about things, I make better decisions. It’s just that simple. Everyone connected to me should check out this podcast!
Love It
As a new subscriber to YAP this was my first episode Hala Taha! I will say my jaw dropped because I love his podcast! Was an awesome interview and I’ll never tire of the fresh perspective and topics he brings to light. It was great to hear more of his personal journey! I loved the insight into the future of technology and humanity as a whole! Great job!!!
A must listen for every professional.
YAP is a fantastic podcast for every professional. The subjects always cover valuable insights and provide ideas that can be immediately implemented. Hala does a great job as an interviewer with world famous guests and extracting pearls of wisdom.
Young and Profiting is amazing!
I started listening a few months ago and now it’s my favorite podcast, perfect for my morning commute. Hala is an awesome host and her guests are top notch. There are a wide range of topics discussed, quite relevant for young professionals. Keep up the good work YAP team!
Great insights
Young and Profiting has a few things that result in great insights. The guests are quality and there to share, not to self promote. The production value is high and adds to the experience. Finally, the host not only comes prepared, but gives the guests the space they need to really open up and providebgreat insights to the audience. Keep it up, Hala!
Focused, concise and full of 🗝s (Read Below)
This podcast has no BS, nothing filler and off topic. It saves you time by being efficient. I can't thank these guys enough for all that you are doing to make these podcasts soooo amazing for me as an entreprenuer. Not only do you guys provide so much value in each podcast. The fact that you stay so focused, concise and value every minute is something I really do appreciate as a listener. To add on...the questions you ask really quenches my thirst for each topic that you take on. I can't get enough of YAP. It's so motivating to listen to start out my morning even when I repeat an episode, I feel that it only gets better in terms of ideas, retainment and motivation that I gain! I'll stop after this... I've listened to a lot of pdocasts and this by far is my fav. The future is soo bright for you and the team, keep up with what you're doing!! 🤩😊
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Not just for the Young and Profiting
Hala and her team are amazing! Each week they bring on innovators, futurists, motivational speakers who talk about fresh and relevant issues of the day. I share these podcasts with my college age kids, my fellow senior military officers and everyone in between. Please make time in your day to really listen and digest everything YAP and their guests are discussing, you’ll be better for it!
Content straight to the heart!
Currently listening to ep35 with Claude Silver about heart and empathy, and particularly loved parts about energy management & people over profits. Enjoying all of the episodes so far!
So far so amazing
Working through the catalogue of YAP and so far it’s all amazing. Each topic is very specific yet very applicable to many facets of life and business. Episode 34 was particularly great and timed perfectly with some things I have been working on - eliminating distractions! Keep up the good work YAP team!
Amazing Podcast
Wow! I just listened to one of Hala’s episodes and it got me so hooked I can’t stop! The content is extremely useful and the host she interviews are give you the most enriching info you’ll need in different aspects of your life. Totally recommend it.
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