Young and Profiting with Hala Taha
Young and Profiting with Hala Taha
Hala Taha
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Already on the prowl for more.
Great content and approach to getting to the roots to positive, overall growth. Great conversation and panelists. Hala really prepares and it resonates in each episode. Im a new listener but as I said…Im on the prowl for more!
DaRaw JahWay
Powerful and insightful podcast
Hala is an incredible interviewer and asks really great probing questions. You almost feel like your in the studio with them when she chats with her guest!
Only Podcast to Listen to
Hala, Pretty sure I owe you this review from 2 years ago, finally got an Apple account since Google podcasts does not allow reviews. For anyone that wishes to enrich themselves and acquire actionable advice, YAP is the only podcast you need. Main takeaways from my point of view, Hala does not make this podcast about her, she brings together the best and brightest minds in the world (literally) and lets them teach her audience. The way Hala has built this podcast, and holistically the YAP brand, is selfless. She provides free value and gives her guests a platform to share their knowledge. Second, Hala and her team have to be the best researchers when it comes to these interviews. It is comical when even the guests get caught off guard by how well versed she is in their history. This leads to some of the most thoughtful questions and insights, questions that the audience listening is simultaneously asking themselves. Last, Hala is entertaining and authentic. If the person reading this is an avid podcast consumer like me, you understand how rare it is to find a podcast that you literally cannot get sick of. Most podcast are a lot of the same content and the host, eventually, wears out their welcome with the audience. Hala is enthusiastic, engaging and above all authentic; the interviews do not seem scripted and this conversational dynamic adds to the accessibility of the content for the audience. Hala, well done, keep up the unbelievable work; it has been fun to watch you grow the YAP brand from the beginning.
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Awesome Podcast!!!
Hala, host of the Young and Profiting podcast, highlight all aspects of how-to, education and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
5 Star Podcast!
Such an amazing podcast and excited to listen to the great guests every week!
Claire Rosenberg
This podcast is so amazing and inspiring. This is a great listen for young adults. I am 22 years old and each podcast I am able to take so much out of it and use it to help me build a better future for myself. I have gained so much knowledge to become more successful and I would not be where I am today without all the useful tips and stories that have been told in the podcast! AMAZING!
So inspiring!
I love listening to YAP. Always learning something new.
Katja Benz
Hala is a true professional. The amount of work that goes behind the every single episode is unmatched. Each episode offers tremendous value and insights to improving the quality of your life and mindset.
Favorite podcast I discovered this year
This is a great listen I haven’t missed a show since the Seth Godin interview. The host Hala dives into interesting topics and doesn't ask the same questions I've heard popular guests get asked hundreds of times in other interviews. I actually discovered this on YouTube and not Linkedin like lots of other reviewers, and I recommend the video version for those on Youtube it's really well produced and has connected me to other interesting content on there. Looking forward to more shows, thanks Hala!
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Zee Mokes
Practical, applicable information
What initially drew me into the show was Hala’s personal story on LinkedIn and then as I started listening to the show I realized how much value I was able to get for my own show in such a short amount of time through YAP podcast.
honestly changed the way I see my business
so I started out by listening to the hundredth episode, and the first half but I was very devastated about what happened, because obviously the first half of the year last year we all heard a lot of stories that were like that, but that was what made it all the more inspiring how Hala turned it around and actually made a masterpiece. she mentioned skill stacking but you have to listen to it to know what I’m talking about but when she mentioned that I realize that I’ve been going about this all wrong or maybe not all wrong but anyway the point is I have some reframing to do and this podcast is fire
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Resources & Tools applied for everyone
I stumbled on this podcast from listening in on a clubhouse talk. Tala was interviewing one of a Jach Schaffer who is abehavioral analyst expert and it was very interesting topic because the tips and examples, you apply to personal life and work life. I love the way Tala will Reiterate the answer that the interviewee has responded, so we can understand on layman’s terms. I’m still going back to all her old episodes and listening to them. So far I’m very pleased with everything and she is amazing in clubhouse as well! Thanks - Mali
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How to Launch a Business or Side Hustle Podcast
Hala, I really enjoyed the podcast episodes with Josh Kaufman for launching a business or side hustle and how to learn a new skill in 20 hours. It was very informative and helpful for my brother and I to start our business. Thank you, Hala. I appreciate it. Sean
Love this Podcast
Hala is great. She’s very knowledgeable, asks really good questions that pick the brains of her guests well, and is a fantastic listener. She has a great voice that is fun and easy to listen to. I’d encourage anybody to take a look and see what she and her guest have to offer!
Young and Profiting interview with Dr. Caroline
The show with Dr. Caroline was AWESOME!!! So much GREAT information. Still a lot to take in but very informative. You are a GREAT interviewer wow! Great job Hala!
Learning Through Stories
I enjoyed listening to the stories. Hala and her team did a great job with questions and providing agendas for conversations. Highly recommend!
Boon Yang
Great listen!
Definitely enjoy this podcast. There is so much free knowledge shared with us all and who doesn’t enjoy something free and beneficial to us all. Keep them coming Hala!
Great Content!
This is a really informative show that has guests from all walks of life. The knowledge and perspective that can be gained from listening to this podcast is awesome! Definitely worth the time!
Great listen!
Very informative and enlightening!
Mo elzaky
A Podcast for Everyone
Don’t let the title fool you. Young is relative. All of us are young in some areas. Hala has a unique talent for teaching us and inspiring us, regardless of what age we are. Her wisdom and ability to draw the best out of others inspires me each time I hear her talk with anyone. Subscribe. Learn. Love.
Voices of Change
Cap your day with YAP!
Ok, so this is the real deal! I signed up for the YAP podcast and listened to the amazing interview with Jay Samit about his Super Proof Your Future book. I was impressed with the setup of the podcast and the interview. I loved the time stamp list of what is in the interview. I loved the summary/intro that Hala did about Jay and when the pod cast started I knew I was going to hear some great info. Thank you for this alternate view, Hala and keeping hope alive for the 99%!
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Lizzie G-A
Future Proof Yourself with Jay Samit
Hala’s podcasts are insightful, entertaining (you're never bored!) and I always learn SO much! Thank you for another amazing episode!
I Loved Your Podcast Hala!
Hi Hala, I think you are amazing!! Your recent interview with Josh Kaufman was phenomenal! Both you and your team did an extraordinary job of putting this together. I listened to both the first and second parts of your interview with Josh and took several key points as great learning opportunities. I love how you focused on those key pertinent points affecting our daily lives with the pandemic and provided solid expert solutions through Josh's field-tested experience. There is a lot of key points to cover but just to name a few: I love how you expounded on what to focus on when starting a new business. Using one's own passion to start a business. How to find a viable market. 10 ways to evaluate a market. Investing in something now that does not require additional effort to maintain and 20 years from now will still remain a relevant business. The 4 steps to rapid skill acquisitions (My favorite). I highly recommend everyone out there to listen and experience the value that you can bring to their lives as you have for me! My compliments to you and the YAP team! I wish you much success! Joel Corpus
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Joel Corpus
Amazing and insightful! Highly recommend!
I just started listening to your podcast! I am blown away by your interviews and everything I’m learning! I feel like I should pay you for this information!
Great Info!
I always learn something when listening to Hala. There are few entrepreneurs willing to share their time and expertise like Hala. Must listen! - Mark Savant, Host The After Hours Entrepreneur
I so needed this, Hala! Thank you!!!
I just listened to Episode 100 and Hala, you blew me away. You’re vulnerable in your sharing about the loss of your father (you brought me to tears), and you got me to see that any gatekeeper who rejects me is simply a redirection to go elsewhere or do something differently but don’t stop. And yes, I agree with you. I keep death ever present and close to my heart so I’m sure to remember that there is no dress rehearsal for life. Go after it now! I’m really digging this podcast. Thank you!!
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Big Card
Top notch, highy recommended show! <3
One of my favorite shows!!! Such great insights, tangible tips, and so inspiring! Man, if you are looking to elevate your life and/or business this show is for you. Don´t look further just hit that subscribe button and thrive! :)
GREAT podcast
So many good things to say about Young and Profiting! Hala’s in-depth research and sharp questions for guests rival that of James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio. Her warmth and enthusiasm make for an environment where guests feel comfortable sharing deep parts of their lives. Everything you want out of your time. TV talk show hosting must be next on her list! If you want thought-provoking content, great guests, and life lessons, look no further.
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Awesome Host!
Hala is so kind on clubhouse. She shares her insight, tips, and tricks! I appreciate her work and passion for podcasting and helping others.
Hope's Cast
She’s Such a Boss
I’ve known Hala Taha for a very long time and all I can expect from her is greatness, just like this podcast.
Great content!
I love at the end of each episode Hala asked the same question! It’s cool to hear each guests different perspectives on the same question!
juliet n h
Delivers every time
Hala is a master interview and carries amazing content from some of the best minds on the planet. It’s no wonder this podcast continues to surge all the charts. Give it a listen if you haven’t!
Crisp and Clear
I love how clean and crisp the podcast quality is; this podcast is very specific in its episodes which makes it very comprehensible! Keep them coming 🎙
Very Motivational, Must Listen!
This podcast is very motivational and inspirational, you always learn something in each episode!
Fergie Brig
A Lesson in Every Question
Really like the format and deep questions. Learned a ton from others who’ve been through similar struggles and now pass on advice that resonates no matter where you’re coming from.
Love YAP!
THIS is my “GO TO” podcast for a daily dose of wisdom and motivation!
Cienna Ace
So good!
Loved it Hala!
Must listen!
Every episode of YAP is super beneficial and leaves me wanting to learn more each time. Hala does an amazing job, and her and her guests are always insightful and inspiring. 5 stars!
So inspiring!
YAP is a great listen! Hala and the guests she has on provide such insight and give great advice for going through life. I highly recommend it 🌟
Inspiring and Informative
Amazing podcast!!! Hala is so talented and the best host. She asks all of the right questions to add value to her episodes, and all of the guests have so much to offer. YAP is the most motivating and inspiring podcast I have ever listened to. Every episode leaves you feeling confident that you’ve learned something valuable. It’s equally entertaining as it is educational. Love everything about this podcast and I highly recommend !
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Always a great listen!
There is so much valuable advice to be gained from this podcast. Hala structures each episode very well and I’ve already learned so much just by listening to a few. The guests come from all different backgrounds so it’s so great to be able to hear so many different perspectives!
Moving and inspirational!
Hala asks all the right questions, plain and simple. Every episode leaves you with that feeling that you walked away learning something new and valuable - whether the overall topic relates to you or not!! I think this is a podcast that any professional of any age would enjoy and grow from✨
One of my favorite podcasts
Everything about this show is amazing! Every time I listen to a new episode, I’ve learned something new and feel inspired and motivated to incorporate that learning in my life. YAP is both informative and entertaining and Hala does a great job of pulling out value from each guest. On top of that, the production quality is top notch. I highly recommend this show!
Clayton Lawrence
Can’t Stop Listening
I am generally NOT a podcast person and I am suuuuuper picky about what podcasts I will listen to. I first listened because my husband’s best friend from college was a guest on the podcast. I had no plans to listen further but she did such a great job on that interview I poked through the past episodes and ended up hooked! I admire how well prepared Hala is for every guest, and how well she curates her questions and leads the conversation. She gets incredible value out of her interviews within a short timeframe, and asks the questions I would want to ask. I also like that she engages in the conversation and doesn’t just fire off a question and then move on to the next one - the back and forth is so much more enjoyable and relatable. Not a “complaint” per se, but the content feels very geared towards entrepreneurs (which I am not at all lol), so there are a lot of episodes I haven’t listened to yet because they seem very tailored to someone who wants to launch a side hustle, grow a business, etc. But the ones I have listened to have been very inspiring and had such valuable content that I’m sticking with 5 stars. Keep up the great work, Hala!
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Diamond in the Rough
I found out Hala's podcast through LinkedIn and I'm so glad I decided to check it out! The guests she has on all bring so much value and you always learn something new from every episode. It truly lives up to its name of "Young and Profiting", but people of any age could learn more about business, negotiation, entrepreneurship, persuausion, etc.
So proud of you - from mom
I just figured out how to leave a review. You give me great company and joy listening to your podcast. It’s informative but not overwhelming, it gives purpose, guidance and encouragement. It can light a path for listeners. You work hard for each podcast and it comes naturally from your ❤️. I know because you love what you’re doing. Keep it up the sky is the limit !!! Love, mom
Hala will change your life!!!
I got introduced to Hala through a friend who recommended her and I never realized how much I missed out on!!! You need to check out the latest episodes she has, especially where she interviews John Lee Dumas 🙌
Podcast Marketing
Informative, Entertaining and FULL OF VALUE!!
I love everything about this show. Hala really knows how to structure things so that every episode provides MASSIVE value! It is no wonder why this show is a success! Keep rockin’ Hala!!
Hala is amazing!
I saw Hala on the cover of Podcast Magazine! I love all of the amazing guests you have! Keep inspring us all!!
How inspiring!
I connected with Hala on LinkedIn and decided to check out her show. I love the depth she goes into with her guests, every episode has great takeaways. Hala also shares her own takeaways. Her monetizing the podcast episode is next in my to listen queue!
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